Abhigya &Rabul FF : Journey of Hatred to Love Part 1

The scene starts in Goa with a young girl named Pragya heads to Mumbai in flight. She is returning back to her to her hometown . After being heartbroken when she was left at an altar by her boyfriend on the marriage day, she deserted herself from everybody. She gets to know her flight has been delayed for five hours due to the inclement weather. She starts writing her diary and goes into a major flashback.
Mehra house

At sharp 7 the alarm rings in the house when all servants start their routine work. The day starts Arpita doing the prayer in the temple. She keeps her husband’s clothes on bed and goes to kitchen to prepare the morning breakfast. After a while Rakesh come to the table and waits for everybody to join him. A young handsome guys enters the dining room followed by Purab.

Abhi, Purab : Good morning mom, dad
Rakesh : good morning everybody
Abhi : dad, I had a talk with the client and he liked our proposal for project
Rakesh : thats great, you go ahead with the deal and prepare for the presentation
Abhi : okay dad,
Rakesh : And Purab why don’t you handle the conference for Tokyo and where is Alia
Arpita : don’t mention work on dining table
Rakesh stares at her with little bit anger when he does not find Alia on time. Alia come to the table with terrified face
Rakesh : Alia, what is the reason for your lateness today
Alia : sorry dad, I was just finishing my project, it is the last day to submit final portfolio

Rakesh : great and you chose today’s day to finish
Alia : sorry dad, it won’r happen again
Abhi : Mom, I am leaving for office, I will see you in the evening
Arpita : okay dear, go carefully
Later after Purab leaves Arpita talks to her husband about Abhi’s marriage
Arpita : our Abhi has grown up, for how long he will be bind to our responsibility, its high time we should get him married
Rakesh : you are right, I will talk to him soon
Arpita : this year even Alia will graduate and I feel we should let her stand on her feet

Rakesh : we will think about that later, in this family no girl has step her feet out to work outside, and god forbid if something wrong happens we cannot take that risk
Arpita : but
Rakesh : lets end this discussion right now, I am getting late for work, see you
Arpita sees Alia standing at the door listening to their conversation. She follows Alia to her room
Arpita : Alia

Alia : mom come on in (says organizing her clothes)
Arpita : are you upset with your dad’s words, dear I know you have your own dreams
Alia : dreams? mom dreams looks good only in sleep, when you wake up its reality and dad is not wrong either, I know he cannot think about me, you both have seen world more than me
Arpita : your dad has seen very bad days in his life, so he does not want you all to witness something like that
Alia : don’t worry mom, even birds does not have their own destination but they still fly everywhere (wipes her tears) I am going to college mom, see you later
Arpita feels bad for not raising her children with much needed freedom in their life.

At 9:00 am
Arora house
The day starts with birds chirping and house is filled with morning prayers by Sarla echoing in the house. After serving breakfast to her husband so he can leave for office, Sarla sets the dining table for her three late morning children and heads to each of their room. First she goes to Pragya’s room as she is the one to wake up first in all three children’s. She enters the room removing the curtains. The bright sunshine falls on the beautiful face.

“Pragya dear, wake up you are getting late for work, come on dear” says Sarla removing the duvet
“Just few more minutes mom, let me sleep” Pragya says like a small child
Sarla : no more sleeping, come on get up, if I see you again like this then you know i have good trick to wake you up
Pragya gets up from her sleep suddenly and asks her mother to opt the trick to wake her other two children
Sarla : those two are lazy bones, you get ready, breakfast in on the table, I will go wake up those two
Pragya runs to the washroom taking her clothes and towel. Sarla enters to Sid’s room who is as usual in his beauty sleep.
Sarla : Sid, its already past 9 come on, get up and run for your job hunting
Sid : job can wait mom but my sleep cannot (says in his sleep)
Sarla : so you will not wake up like that, okay fine when your dad come back home in lunch and ask you then don’t come to me running, I will tell your dad what were you upto last night (teases him)
Sid: NO wait (immediately holds her hand) mom you cannot do this thats not fair
Sarla : everything is fair dear, now before I open up your secrets, run into washroom (whispering him)

While Sid runs to his washroom Sarla laughs at his antics and finally has to do the biggest task of waking up her youngest princess which is more difficult than anything in the world.

Sarla : Bulbul, my princess the half morning has already passed, at least now wake up
Bulbul does not move even a bit after hearing Sarla’s shouting. After all her efforts gets in vain of waking up Bulbul, she is about to leave when she hears a voice. Bulbul wakes up lazily and dancing.

Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain Vaise Raheinge … (3)
Ab Koi Khush Ho Ya Ho Khafa
Hum Nahin Badleinge Apni Ada
Samjhe Na Samjhe Koi Hum Yahi Kaheinge
Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain Vaise Raheinge … (2)

Hum Dil Ki Shahzadi Hai, Marzi Ki Mallika…(2)
Sar Pe Aanchal Kyun Rakhe
Dhalkaa To Dhalkaa
Ab Koi Khush Ho Ya Koi Roothe
Is Baat Par Chahe Har Baat Toote
Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain Vaise Raheinge… (2)

Humein Shokh Mehandi Ka Na Shahnai Ka Hai…(2)
Humare Liye To Apna Ghar Hi Bhala Hai
Sunta Agar Ho To Sun Le Kaazi
Lagtaa Nahin Kabhi Hum Honge Razi
Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain Vaise Raheinge…(2)
Ab Koi Khush Ho … Vaise Raheinge

Later all three of them enters the dining room of breakfast. Pragya notices their mother’s tense face while serving the meal.
Pragya : whats wrong mom, you look upset (says with seriousness)
Sarla : nothing, your dad reminded me that Sid and Bulbul still have not found a good job, you both are grown up now you have to get some responsibility.
Bulbul : mom, your princess will definitely grow up one day (hugs her)
Sarla : leave it (removes the hand) I will not be wooed by your antics, and listen carefully your dad wants to meet all of you in the evening, so come back on time sharp 7 alright
The trio nods positively and leaves to their respective room.
Pragya : Mom I am leaving for work, I will see you in the evening, love you (leaves hugging her mom)
Sarla : take care and drive safely

Pragya : yes mom (shouts from outside)
Sarla feels proud of their children thinking they will never cross their limits with the freedom they receive.
Pragya drives the car in full speed chasing the bus and stops in front of it. She helps a lady get into the bus when the woman was getting late for her work
Pragya : I am so sorry, you left in hurry from the bus stand
The bus driver smilingly takes it easy when Pragya moves her car from out of the way. She gets call from somebody
Pragya : hi love (says lovingly) when are you coming back
Voice : very soon sweetheart, my work is almost done I will be back straight to you
Pragya : I am dying to meet you, anyway gotta go love you
Voice : bye love

Mehra office
Abhi meets his assistant who is none other than Tanu. She belongs to a middle class family but is very ambitious about everything.
Tanu : good morning Sir I mean Abhi
Abhi : good morning, Tanu I have very important to tell you, our foreign delegates are coming soon I want you to handle them
Tanu : are you sure Abhi? I mean this is a very big deal, what if I mess anything
Abhi : you will not, I know you better than anybody else alright now get going all the best (working on computer)

Tanu ; okay see you in lunch bye
If anybody with whom Abhi can share his feeling after his mom is Tanu. Both of them know each other from past 6 months. Tanu joined company as a receptionist and due to her high skills and business knowledge gained her to get personal assistant post in the company.

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