Abhigya &Rabul FF : Journey of Hatred to Love Intro


The plot follows the journey the relationship of two warring families. Despite of the hatred the circumstances forces Abhi and Pragya to get married who hate each other to the core. The story depicts how Pragya cope in a completely different environment. Abhi and Pragya have to go through the roller coaster ride of emotion, joy, love and hatred to bring their warring families together and save their marriage when their past comes haunting.

Arora family who is a very rich family of the town. The family where the children’s raised with lot of freedom.

Prakash Arora : Father of Pragya, Bulbul and Sid. He struggled a lot to give his family a luxurious life but never showed off his pride. Loves his 3 children a lot. A cool as well as strict father to all his children.

Sarla : A loving mother who loves her children equal and fair to all her children. She does not tolerate nonsense but at the same time cares for the well being of her children.

Sid: A fun loving and cheerful guy who falls for every beautiful face. Gets everything in hands and never struggles in his life until someone comes and gives him tough time. Always looks for short cut ways to live life. Loves his family more than anything

Pragya : Second child of Arora family. A vicious and smart girl who sets out to make her dream come true. Very fun loving and childlike nature who is not aware of the cruel world outside

Bulbul : Youngest child of Arora family who is always in her own world. Very lively and bubbly living, never takes life seriously.

Mehra family is another rich family of the town. The family is completely opposite of Arora family where children are raised veryconservatively.

Rakesh Mehra : A very conservative father who believes it is his duty to maintain the dignity and the pride & name of his family given by his ancestors. Never tolerates any type of carefree behavior. Controls his family by his tight rules but also looks for his family’s happiness

Arpita Mehra : Devotee wife who obeys her husband and tells her children to follow their father’s steps. Loves her family a lot but never tries to against her husband.

Abhi Mehra : The guy who has been raised by lot of love by his parents but always felt a lack in his life. Very protective towards his younger brother and sister. Fulfills his responsibility with whole heart. Never got time to love in the midst of his responsibility.

Alia Mehra : Raised in the very conservative family, Alia is terrified to love anybody or live life by her own. Never tried to pursue her own dreams.

Purab Mehra : Second child of the family. Follows his father and brother’s steps so his brother can be relieved from his work and responsibility.

Other characters

Tanu : Abhi’s girlfriend who a carrier oriented woman and chooses her career over love. Sister of Rajeev

Rajeev Agarwal : Love of Pragya whom she loves to the core. He dumps her on the wedding day for his job in London
A young girl is sitting at the airport waiting for the announcement of her flight. She writes in the diary her journey till she got married to the person who she hated more than anything in the world.

“Those days when I was a young, carefree girl when life was full of fun without any restriction (flashbacks when she enjoyed time with her friends. There is a certain point in life when you are forced to accept something which you hate to the core. They say you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, unexpected things can happen in your life and show the reality of people you love”

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  1. This drama is going in circles and such a bore. Wake up you guys actually its time to end it. After such a long time you have lost the plot – same like your other dramas….
    So glad our main TV network has decided to discontinue working with Zee so goodbye KUMKUM BAGYA.

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