Abhigya and Rabul FF : Changes in relationship (Intro)


College is an inspirational time, particularly for novelists: there is an entire genre based on the campus novel, including books about professors, students, and anyone else who spends a serious amount of time on the hallowed university grounds. The FF depicts the life of college students in BSS college, their happiness, peer pressure, pain, love, sacrifice, dreams desires and lifetime friendship. The story revolves around seven friends who are poles apart but are still bonded together. The story also follows the life of two friends who were seperated in childhood and how fate brings them together.

Abhi Mehra : The fun-loving, cool dude, yet one with true and clean heart and hero of BSS college excels in sports and outside activities . Basketball champion of college .Girls drool over him except Pragya whom he wants to befriend. Love interest of Pragya.
Pragya Arora : Strong, smart, confident girl who has her own charm. hides her talent and focuses more on studies, does not show her cool nature and suppresses her passion of playing instruments. Best friend of Purab. Likes to read novels and dream to become writer. She has idealistic and romantic notions of love. Grown up as a tortured child in an orphanage
Bulbul : Vivacious girl whose dream is to become successful RJ, a happy go lucky and cheerful who carries a spark of beauty with her. Outspoken and adventurous who is fearless to face the challenges, Roomie of Pragya, best hockey player of college
Purab Khanna : Studios and focused on studies,wants to achieve great heights of success. Falls for girl who is completely opposite to him. Very straight forward and don’t get time for love. Love interest of Bulbul.

Sonia : Queen bee of college who is a stunning beauty. Enjoys life to the fullest , manages all the programs in college, roommate of Purvi and sister of Tanu who is completely opposite from her.
Samarth Oberoi : Fondly called Sam by his friends, a very career-oriented guy but also likes to chill with his friends. values his mother more than anything. Best friend of Sonia. Dream to become a superstar, the guy who can’t stop flirting but can’t find true love
Purvi : An ambitious new comer in the college, spunky, outspoken and smart witted who set out her mission to win the Fresher of the year. Loves music & dance and friendly with everybody . roommate of Sonia. Inspiring photographer for making a big documentary.
Tanu : Talented actress and stylish girl of the college who is jealous of Pragya’s and Abhi’s friendship and tries to woo Abhi.
Neil : One of the bad guy who has a secret crush on Bulbul who does not reciprocate his feelings.

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