Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 9

Sufi : I am so happy you are back safely
Bulbul : It happened because of my mom blessings
Sufi : You are really lucky that your sister risked her life for those innocent people
Bulbul : I know

At reporters office
Anjali : i can’t believe you just risked your life like that without even thinking twice that if something happened to you then what shock your mom and sister would have got
Pragya : I can do anything to keep them safe and even if I have to fight with death I will fight to bring them back
Rajveer is furious at Pragya and Abhi for foiling their plans
Max : this is not any ordinary girl who will be defeated by anybody
Rajveer : But now she has to face consequence of messing with Rajveer Singh
Max : You just order me, i will bring those two on your feet
Rajveer : To defeat enemy we have to first know everything about them, I want each and every info about these two and after that we will wait for the right time to attack
Tashu : That also will be soon
Rajveer: what do you mean?

Tashu : Do you know that saying, always attack on enemy’s weakness, and Pragya is still unaware of Bulbul and Purab’s closeness, and I am sure there will be big rift when she will find out, she will not accept Purab’s love for Bulbul that easily
Rajveer: Never underestimate enemy’s power, we will wait for the right time to strike
Arora house
Sarla is breathing heavily and cannot find the medicine. Pragya reaches at time and panics seeing her mother. She quickly finds the medicine and scolds her for being careless
Pragya : Mom, you cannot be so irresponsible
Sarla : You will have to control your anger now, would you fulfill my last wish
Pragya : Mom, please don’t talk to me like this, you know I can do anything for you
Sarla : I want both of my daughters settled down
Pragya who is against marriage and love tells her mother to not ask for something she cannot give
Sarla : why not? you are getting age now, I don’t want my daughters to suffer like me at early age,
Pragya : You know how much I hate with this institution of marriage and on top of that you are telling me to get married
Sarla : don’t you want your mother to die peacefully

A glass drops at the door which make Pragya scared and realizes that Bulbul heard everything
Pragya : Bulbul (stammers)
Bulbul : Sis, what were you talking about ?
Pragya : Nothing Bulbul, you must be tired, I will get juice for you
Bulbul makes Pragya swears on her to tell truth
Pragya : Bulbul actually
Bulbul : Please tell me the truth
After gathering lot of courage Pragya reveals to Bulbul about their mother’s cancer which devastates Bulbul completely
Bulbul : what (shocked)
Pragya sits down while Bulbul does not give reaction and sits near her mother. She shouts at both of them for hiding the truth from her
Bulbul : What did you think? I will never find out, mom you cannot leave us like this in the middle
Sarla : Silly girl, who told you I am leaving, I will be with both of you like shadow and my blessings are with you
Bulbul ; No you cannot do this to us, we don’t have anybody else now, what will we do
Sarla : No (says sternly) don’t ever say you have done enough, you still have lot to do in your life and you both have to promise me that no matter what happens you will not leave each other
Pragya and Bulbul look emotionally at their mother
Sarla : Come on promise me that you both will become each other’s strength (both puts their hands together)
Sarla takes Pragya and Bulbul in hallway and ties an amulet on both of their elbow
Pragya : Mom

Sarla : This amulet will protect you both from all evil things
Both cries their heart out thinking what would they do afterwards
Sarla : Take all your pain out, I know my daughters are not weak and will face everything with their willpower. (put hands on their hands)
Abhi offers Pragya to a candle light dinner with him, while she agrees reluctantly after her sister convinces her
Pragya goes to his farm house for dinner. She sees candles on the dining table around dinner
Abhi : Hi (says softly)
Pragya : Oh hi
Abhi : Thanks for coming
Pragya : Its okay, I was gonna come to meet you
Abhi : really?
Pragya : No need to be happy, I wanted to thank you for your help
Abhi : Well you are most welcome but I know you would have been successful without me
Pragya : Its not that, actually I was very much scared about Bulbul and I cannot see my family in tears
After dinner Pragya shares her inner feelings with Abhi
Pragya : You don’t know how much bad is spread around in this world
Abhi : Well it depends on everybody’s destiny, you cannot change it
Pragya : See, thats why I hate this society who has this thinking, don’t worry I am not talking about you but the real person is who makes his own destiny rather than doing nothing
Abhi recalls his childhood of living in a chawl when he had the same thinking like Pragya
Pragya : By following this instinct I reached at this success
Abhi : You won’t believe, I used to believe this same but as it is said who can fight with the time and luck
Pragya : I can’t believe you are saying this, I thought you know will understand the situation
Abhi : Okay fine, if you really think that you can change the norms of this society then I will not let your hopes down
Pragya : what do you mean?

Abhi : I want to see that when in all these years nobody could change this society, how would you do it
Pragya sternly says that she is capable of doing it and nothing could stop her from accomplishing her mission
Abhi : Well, all the best
Pragya : You just watch how I show the world that if a women want then she can take Goddess form to destroy every evilness
Abhi : Remember one thing, God resides in every person even if the people does not believe him
In the headquarters Commissioner and the other people calls Abhi and Pragya.
Commissioner : This nation is very proud of you both
Pragya & Abhi : Thank you Sir
Sameer : Sir, as I told you these you are really brave
Commissioner : But we have one complain for both of you
Pragya : what Sir?
CM : you both risked your life when you knew that we would send our troops to save people
Abhi : Pardon me, but just like you we also have some responsibly towards the people of this country
Pragya : Sir, these days people forgot the name of humanity and I hate such people
Commissioner : Were you both not scared?
Abhi : Sir. people whose life is revolved around people like them, they are not scared of them
CM : I am very much please to meet you both
Commissioner : So tell us how can we honor you both
Abhi : Sir, it is really okay
Pragya : I have one concern Sir

CM : Go ahead
Pragya : I think this incident happened due to the some carelessness, somewhere fault in our security too, I am sorry but I am very much frank in everything
Abhi tries to stop Pragya but in vain
Pragya : Some people consider your silence our weakness, no matter what you do but until we do not improve the situation, the threats will still wander around this nation, today they hijacked plane, maybe they will do something else
Sameer : Are you not speaking little bit more (whispers)
CM : No she is right, for first time somebody dared to show us the mirror and I will look over few things
Rajveer: You both should be given a good honor for doing this brave thing
Abhi : What do you mean?
Rajveer : I am having a party for my success recently, now I want you both attend there with your families, the whole world should know about your bravery right?
Abhi : Thank you so much (looks suspiciously)
Later Sameer tells Pragya to attend the party
Abhi : who are you asking to attend party? did you ever see a journalist attending a party
Pragya : Excuse me
Sameer : Actually you are right, by the way Pragya don’t you think your tongue was too sharp
Pragya : Really? you know me from childhood that I am very frank for everything (leaves)
Sameer : God knows, who will handle this big headed girl
Abhi looks on and thinks something
Tashu calls Purab to meet him
Purab : why did you call me suddenly

Tashu : Actually dad hosted a party tomorrow, he wants to meet you
Purab : Me?
Tashu : Yes, after all he would want to meet his future son-in-law
Purab is very much depressed after hearing her words. He calls Alia as he know only she can help him out.
Alia : whats wrong?
Purab : Alia, I don’t know what is wrong with me, I cannot concentrate on my work, now Tashu called me to party
Alia : Look, I told you this before, repeating again, just follow your heart
Purab : I am trying that since long time
Alia : Okay fine, close you eyes and recall about the memories you spent with Tashu and Bulbul, whose face you can see
Purab remembers the beautiful the face of Bulbul and journey with her in Malaysia. Even though he intended, he could not recall Tashu.
Alia ; Purab?
Purab : You are right, I am in love with Bulbul
Alia : what? (shocked)
Purab : Yes Alia, I can’t even tell you that how much I was scared for Bulbul in the flight and everytime when I am with her, I forget everything around me, I know it is very hard to fall for a girl like Bulbul who is big headed but I still love to be with her
Alia : But Purab, you know the price for this ?
Purab : what do you mean?
Alia : You know, there will be big drama if you want to be with Bulbul, I am not trying to scare you but you have to calm Tashu first and explain her
Purab : You are right

Purab : Alia, you are sure that she will understand?
Alia : Don’t worry everything will be fine, I know she will understand your problem that you love somebody else, but what about the engagement
Purab : I will tell her after the party today
Tashu overhears Purab’s conversation with Alia and misunderstands that he is indeed ready to get engaged with her. She gets excited and informs her father to announce her engagement.
Purab calls Bulbul somewhere to meet him but she denies initially and later goes on to meet him.
Bulbul : Look I am very grateful to you for saving my life but it is better if we do not meet now
Purab : But why, did I make any mistake?
Bulbul : You did not, but you are making mistake now, you are committed to somebody else now
Purab feels irritated hearing Tashu’s name. He decides to talk to Tashu after the party.
Bulbul : What happened?
Purab : Nothing, I know you are very concerned about Tashu but we can remain friends right
Bulbul shakes hands though not wanting to keep any kind of relation with Purab.
Abhi tells Alia he cannot attend the party of Mr Rajveer as he has the concert the same night
Alia : But Bhai, as far as you know he called you and Pragya to give honor to both of you
Abhi : Yes but you know how important my concert is
Alia : Okay bhai, I will tell Tashu about this
Abhi : Tell her I will try to come after the concert
Alia : Alright, all the best bhai, I am sure you will rock this as always
Abhi : Alia, this is very biggest concert for me, my lifelong dream and see how I make this memorable for whole world and myself
Alia : I know bhai, mom dad might be so proud of you today that you fulfilled their promise of becoming rich
Abhi is in tears while talking about his childhood
Alia : you are crying?

Abhi : No I am not, something went into my eyes (laughs)
Alia : You cannot fool me bhai, I can feel your pain
Dadi overhears their conversation realizing Abhors pain
Alia : dadi, I don’t know what is wrong with him, he has million of fans around him but he still feels alone
Dadi : Sometimes the love of whole world seems less, one person is enough to give immense love whose heart is full of gold
Alia : If that is the case then we should find a girl who can fill the emptiness in his life
Dadi : I will pray to god that till I am alive I want both of you get the best life partners and settle down
Alia hugs dadi emotionally and asks why their parents are not with them
Dadi : Dear, I know I could not take your parents position in your life but there is something called destiny where everybody loses and gains something
Alia : don’t ever say that you could not take you parent’s place, you know that bhai and me give you the position near god, some people who grew up without parents do not get shelter like we got in form of you who gave us the good value
Dadi is in tears hearing her words and prays to send an angel in Abhi’s life.
Arora house

Sarla : why are you not going to the party?
Pragya : I don’t feel like going there, I have a feeling something uneasy will come
Sarla : stop thinking negative and get ready, don’t forget you will have to still listen to me (says sternly)
Bulbul : Wow mom you seem dangerous
Sarla : You both are my daughter and I am more stubborn than you (holds Bulbul’s ear)
Bulbul : Its paining (rubs her ear)
Pragya ; are you not coming mom?
Sarla : you both go
Bulbul : No you will have to come with us, it is special day for sis
Sarla : I told you both to go and get ready now (again sterns)
Pragya : Bulbul before mom erupts like volcano lets go
Both leaves to their respective room to get ready for the party. Dadi gets to know about Abhi and Pragya from Alia.
Alia : I saw them yesterday at farm house, I feel she is perfect for Bhai
Dadi : but what if she has somebody in her life
Alia : As far as I know she don’t have anybody in her life, what do you think about her?
Dadi : when I met her first time, I was very impressed by her but you know how your brother is when it comes to marriage
Alia : You won’t believe even Pragya is same

Dadi decides to go at Pragya’s house with the marriage proposal. Meanwhile Abhi gets read for his concert but he is informed that it is cancelled due to some technical problem at the venue.
Alia : why what happened?
Abhi : the concert is postponed due to some problem
Purab : then lets get ready for the party
Later in the evening everybody gather at Ranveer’s party including Arora and Mehra siblings while Dadi visits Arora house.
Sarla : I am sorry but I did not recognize you
Dadi : I am Abhi’s dadi
Sarla : Oh I got it know, he saved my daughter earlier
Dadi : Not only your daughter but both of them saved the name of humanity
Sarla : I know
Dadi : Today I came with some important matter
Sarla : what is it?
Dadi : I want your daughter for my Abhi

Sarla is surprised to hear her words not knowing what to say
Dadi : I was always in search of a girl who can give some solace to Abhi, in all these years I never saw anybody to stand up against this society
Sarla : I will have to talk to Pragya about this
At the party
Abhi : Hello Ms Journalist, I thought you were not coming
Pragya : Rockstar, the whole world can change in a second why would a person’s mind won’t change
Abhi : You know you should be a politician instead of a journalist since you like to solve people’s matter
Pragya : A journalist’s work is not just to expose wrongdoers but also to remove evilness from them
Abhi : Inspiring hun
Bulbul : Hi Abhi
Abhi : Hey how are you? how did your shows go
Bulbul : I am fine, they were fantastic, you know nobody can beat me in designing
Purab : Overconfidence (whisper)
Bulbul : I heard it
Purab : Wow, I did not knew that

Tashu does the announcement on the stage for her father’s success.
Rajveer : I want to thank all you for your support, today this party also has other two reason, both are very happy for me
Everybody applauds
Rajveer : I want to give this honor to Mr Commissioner so he can announce this
Commissioner : As you all know about the hijacking plane few weeks ago, though we want to thank our force for rescuing those innocent life but there are two special people who thought that risking their one life can save million other lives, now I want to call those brave fighters on stage, please give round of applause for Pragya Arora and Abhishek Mehra.
Both of them goes to the stage.
CM : I want to say that you both are perfect example for today’s generation, I wish you best luck for future
Abhi : Thank you so much, it is our honor to be here today
Pragya holds the mike and thanks her mother and sister who are her strength and motivation.
Bulbul looks emotionally to her sister
Pragya : Today, I am here just due to my mom, she is my guide and philosopher, thank you mom for everything
Sarla watches it on TV and feels very sentimental seeing both her daughter together on screen. Tashu seeing both sister’s love decides to play her last trick.
Tashu : Now I will give mike to my dad who will announce one last important news which will blow off some people here
All of them looks at her suspiciously.
Rajveer : Today another reason for my happiness is that my daughter will be starting her new life
Everybody applauds when Rajveer calls Purab on stage.
Rajveer : Yes, I want to announce my daughter Tashu’s engagement to none other than Purab Khanna
The last word comes with a huge blow to everybody especially to Arora sisters and Purab and also Mehra sibling.
Tashu : I want to invite all of you to our engagement. Thank you
Bulbul controls hardly her tears and hides from her sister but Pragya notices her reaction which makes her doubt more on the situation.
Purab tries to talk to Tashu but she does not listen to him.
Tashu : Actually I heard your conversation with Alia and understood that you are ready for the engagement
Purab cannot think straightly what to do.
Pragya : Bulbul, whats wrong

Bulbul : nothing sis, I want to go home
Pragya : are you okay?
Bulbul : I am not feeling well, can we please go home
Pragya : Okay you go ahead to parking lot, I will be right back
Bulbul : Alright di
Purab follows Bulbul who is heading towards the parking lot. She tells him to leave her alone but Purab does not leave her hand.
Bulbul : Purab, it would be better if you stay away from me
Purab : Please try to understand, I know I realized lat but now I want to tell you everything, I don’t know when I fell for you, the time I spent with you in Malaysia, I realized I cannot live without you and I know you love me too
Bulbul is very much astonished hearing his confession while Pragya is coming towards parking lot
Purab : Please Bulbul, give me some time to make everything right, I can fight will everybody for you
Bulbul : Do you even know what you are saying? you are getting engaged soon, it is wrong for you think about anybody else (says look ing down)
Purab : Really? then why you cannot say that seeing in my eyes
Bulbul is about to leave when Purab pulls her back
Purab : Fine, if you have no feelings for me then I will go away from you then will never show my face again in life (starts to leave)
Bulbul : No (starts weeping hugging him) I am sorry Purab, I was scared that something would go wrong but now I am not afraid of anyone
Pragya is fuming in anger when she remembers Tashu’s words of harming Bulbul. Purab and Bulbul hugs intensely and breaks the hug seeing Pragya turning in red in rage.
Bulbul : Sis, listen to me (stammers)
Purab also tries to say but Pragya who is not ready to listen them drags Bulbul in car taking her home which worries him.
Abhi : what happened Purab? what are you doing here
Purab tells him everything

Abhi : What was the need to stop her right now? you don’t know how hot tempered that Pragya is
Arora house
Pragya tells Bulbul to go to her room and does not talk to her.
Bulbul : Di, please listen to me
Pragya : Bulbul, its too late now go to your room, we will talk later
Bulbul is broken from inside realizing how much her sister is hurt due to her betrayal. Pragya remembers everything she saw in the parking lot. Her mind is in dilemma about what to choose her sisters happiness or her safety. While passing from Bulbul’s room she sees her sleeping with book open on her chest. She realizes her sister was crying whole time and notices the dark circles under her eyes.
Purab goes to Tashu after the party to tell her the truth.
Tashu : Purab, remember you have to meet me at mall tomorrow
Purab :Tashu, i need to talk something important to you
Tashu : Yeah we are meeting tomorrow, look I am very tired now
Purab : NO! I need to talk right now
Tashu is surprised to see the behavior of Purab and asks him if he is hiding something from her
Purab : I can’t marry you
Tashu is completely shocked as this news comes with huge blow to her which causes her fit of rage.
Purab : I met that girl few months ago and
Tashu : Ana you fell in love with her, can I ask you who is it
Purab stays silent for few seconds but Tashu forces him to tell the name by grabbing his collar angrily
Tashu : Answer me
Purab : Bulbul
Tashu slaps him hardly hearing the name she cannot even bear. She angrily grabs a gun from the drawer to kill Bulbul. Purab tries to stop her but in vain.
Purab : I said put your gun down (pushes her to floor)
Tashu : You did not do this right Purab Khanna, till now you saw my good side but now you will see my worst and not only you that girl will suffer with you, just wait and watch
Purab : You will not harm her or else you will face my worst side just remember that, and Bulbul has nothing to do with all this
Tashu : Do whatever you want to save that girl but nobody can save her now
Purab plays a video of Max bribing the goon to tamper the break of Pragya’s car he found from the cctv of the parking.
Tashu : what nonsense is this?

Purab : This is not nonsense, it is true now you have two options move on in life and save your brother or harm Bulbul on the risk of losing of your dear brother, choice is yours. if something happens to her then not Bulbul but your family will definitely suffer it
Tashu : Do you think i am an idiot who believe you threatening? if you wanted to show this then you would have done this long time ago
Purab : You know why I was quiet till now because of you, I thought you were innocent in all this but when I found out that you crime in partner with your brother I realized that you are not less, and not only this only I know all your father’s corruption deeds till now and his upper hand on hijacking
Tashu : what are you talking about?
Purab : You consider yourself smart but you don’t know I am Purab Khanna, during that hijacking I stole Vikrant’s phone to call and guess what I found your brother’s number and my doubt was confirmed when I heard him talking to your brother
Tashu feels trapped around and decides to stay quiet for sometime.
Purab : So, now you have to decide what you want to do, and as far as Bulbul is concerned till I am alive nothing can happen to her and she can alone handle anyone, bye sweetheart (leaves)
Tashu starts breaking things in anger in her room when Max tries to calm her down.
Max : relax what are you doing? you think anger will solve our problem
Tashu : No bro, that girl will have to pay for messing with Tashu and now her whole family will see the result (smirks)
Max : you will do nothing, understand there is certain time for everything to strike on enemy
Tashu (in her mind): No Mr Purab, you don’t know what this Tashu can do for revenge, you are not familiar with me yet
Mehra house
Alia : Bro, why are you so upset

Abhi : Alia, I am worried for Pragya, I am sure she might be hurt after knowing about Purab and Bulbul
Dadi informs him about her visit to Pragya’s house
Abhi : Dadi, you did not even inform me without taking such a big decision
Dadi : shut up! I know if i stay on your words then you will never get married
Abhi : Definetly that girl will reject this proposal
Next day
Bulbul tries to talk to Pragya but she constantly avoids the topic. Sarla tells Pragya about Dadi’s proposal of marriage which she denies directly.
Pragya : I clearly told you that I will not marry at any cost
Sarla : why not? do you want me to see you suffer like this
Pragya : Okay you tell me what did you get after marrying dad, he left us alone to suffer
Sarla slaps Pragya for being rude to her father as she never told truth to her daughters the real reason their father left them.
Pragya : you cannot change my opinion
Sarla : If you cannot respect your father then at least don’t insult him like this
Pragya : why not?
Sarla starts feeling dizzy which panics Pragya and Bulbul.
Pragya : call the ambulance quickly
Bulbul : Yes di,

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