Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 8

The terrorists named Ali and Abbas and Vikrant hijacks the plane and make it to land at Saudi Arabia airport

Bulbul tries to protest one to goon but Vikrant slaps her
Vikrant : Don’t force us to take a drastic step
Bulbul : You cannot keep us like for long time
Ali ; Really? who would stop us
Bulbul : You know people who do like this stuff what names are called to them
Vikrant tries to slap her again for abusing them but stops at the moment when he sees the picture of Pragya falls from her purse. He remembers how she was the one who foiled his plans last time.
Ali : what happened?
Vikrant : look this is the same girl who messed up with me last time in Vadhavpur and she seems like her sister, now I will settle the score with her
Ali : No you will not do anything wrong, we took this step for some other purpose not for this girl
Vikrant : You are right but I will not let this chance go easily
Abbas tells Vikrant to announce the news on the channel
In Mumbai Pragya is worried about Bulbul and goes to headquarters with Abhi
Sameer : I heard they landed the flight to Saudi Arabia
Pragya : Do you have the copy of the list of passengers in the flight
Sameer : here it is (gives her the file)
Pragya is broken down when she sees Bulbul’s name in the list so is Abhi seeing Purab’s name too
Everybody turns on the TV when Vikrant tells their demands
Vikrant : I think all you have received the news that we hijacked the flight A118 from Singapore to Mumbai, we will not harm the passengers if our demands are met properly, we want our leader Sahir out of jail in a private helicopter and if we sensed anything wrong then the first one to die will be this girl (shows Bulbul by grabbing her hair)
Pragya in anger takes a gun when she sees Vikrant and loads it with bullets when Abhi tries to stop her
Abhi : what the hell are you doing?
Pragya : I said leave me

Sameer : Don’t panic, do you think our government will sit quietly?
Pragya : Really? if they had a tight security then today those innocent people would not have been victims
Sameer : listen, don’t worry we will do something and save everyone
Pragya is still not convinced with Sameer’s words and decides to do something
The government is in dilemma to release Sahir or not
Sameer : Sir we cannot put those 5000 people’s lives in danger due to one person
CM : You are right but how can we trust them if they will leave the people
Sameer : I have a back up plan for it (tells CM alone)
Unknown to everyone Rajveer is related to the terrorists links and all the illegal stuff going on around the city
Max : dad, they hijacked the plane, amazing, what is the news, did they agree to release Sahir
Rajveer ; Not right now but they have to, no choice for them
Pragya : what happened Sameer
Sameer tells her that they are still thinking over the decision
Pragya leaves the headquarters and go to home to check her mother
Sarla : Pragya (says painfully)
Pragya : What happened mom?

Sarla : Bulbul, I want my daughter back
Pragya : Mom, she is alright, you know she is a fighter, nobody can harm her when she has your blessings
Sarla : Please bring my daughter back (says pleadingly)
Pragya who cannot see her mother and sister in tears decides to take the challenge on herself and bring her sister who is the light of her life back at home safely
Pragya : I promise you that I will Bulbul back even though for that I have to do anything (wipes her tears)
Mehra house
Alia : what? Purab and Bulbul are in the same flight
Abhi : yeah and if we do not
Max : Now it is the time to execute our next plan
Tashu : what do you mean?
Max : Pragya is the same girl who messed up with Vikrant and now Bulbul is on the same flight
Tashu : Really? (says happily)

Max : don’t be so excited because we will leave all those people immediately after Sahir is brought back
Tashu : do whatever you want but that girl should not come back at any cost and nothing should happen to my Purab
Rajveer : More than Purab our business is more important get that straight
Tashu : You have promised me that nothing will happen to Purab, I don’t understand why Purab got this flight to board on
Max : But then they will not listen to our demands
Tashu ; do you think for only person they will risk those millions on board
Max : Fine then I will do something
Tashu : Your counting begins now Bulbul Arora for messing with Tashu, don’t worry I will fulfill your wish to meet your sister before you die
Purab hides from the terrorists and getting chance he snatches the gun from Ali
Purab : I said put your guns down or I will blow his brain
The people put their guns down when Bulbul hits Vikrant on face and puts gun on his face
Bulbul : what did I tell you? people who dig grave for other people they often fall in that grave
Vikrant tells Bulbul to put the gun down
Bulbul : You wanted to scare us with our brainless face but I can see that fear in your eyes, look at these people (grabs his collar) you made them experience the terrible even they can ever imagine
Purab : who are you explaining all this Bulbul? these people are an insult to their religion
Abbas grabs Bulbul in nicktime and holds her while the other goons holds Purab and pushes passengers back who were trying to protest
Abbas : Now I will tell what courage is (drags Bulbul)
The goon hits rod on Purab’s head making him unconscious
Bulbul : Purab… (shouts for help )
Purab trying to get hold of himself and help Bulbul but is not able to save her
Alia : Vikrant, take her away on the other side
Bulbul is pushed on floor hardly by Vikrant
Vikrant : I warned you not to mess with me, your sister did the same thing but she was lucky she escaped
Bulbul : What?

Vikrant : Yes I am talking about your reporter sister, she likes to mess up with people, but nobody will save you today, I will settle all scores with her today
Bulbul : do whatever you want with me but please don’t do anything to my sister
Vikrant : Too late, I will not spare her (leaves)
Bulbul starts to get worried about Pragya and remembers Purab fighting for her. Ali orders his people to keep Purab on the other side where Bulbul is kept.
Abhi : what happened
Sameer : We are gonna take Sahir day after tomorrow in a helicopter, our force with go with him
Pragya overhears their conversation. She talks to Abhi to reach there
Abhi : Are you crazy? we cannot go there
Pragya : we cannot trust those people, and if you cannot help me then fine I will go there alone, I just told you because I thought you are concerned about those people
Abhi : Aren’t you going there just because your sister is there
Pragya : i am not going just because Bulbul is there but for those innocent people who are suffering for no reason
Abhi : Fine, I will arrange everything and we will go there
Pragya : Are you sure? we will be able to reach there
Abhi : don’t worry, I promise you I will not let Bulbul anything
Max informs Pragya about his involvement in the hijacking and asks a favor in return to take all his cases back but Pragya refuses to do it.
Pragya : how should I believe you ?
Max : you have to because I can convince Ali to leave your sister
Pragya : And what if I tell you to convince him to release all the people
Max : do I look like an idiot from face
Pragya : then how did you think I would agree to this, that brother like you wants to ruin his sister’s happiness
Max : what are you talking about
Pragya : don’t be so innocent, you know exactly what i am talking about, I am sure Tashu would be nine cloud hearing Bulbul is on that flight and she would not want to come back alive and you think I would take help from you to bring my sister
Max is completely shocked on hearing Pragya’s sharp mind
Pragya : don’t worry I will not let anybody know about this secret ( leaves)
Abhi and Pragya reaches the nearby place where the plane is landed next day. Bulbul tries to wake Purab who comes into senses
Bulbul : are you okay?

Purab : forget about me, are you fine
Bulbui : yeah, we have to do something to get out from here
Purab : but how? we don’t even have a back up for this
Abhi : look I am going inside
Pragya : But what if somebody recognizes you
Abhi : don’t worry about me, nothing will happen, look that helicopter in which CM is coming when they are talking I will take the chance and sneak inside, you stay here
Pragya : No I am coming with you
Abhi : don’t be stupid, you stay here
Pragya : did you call me stupid?
Abhi : can we save your fight for later
Pragya : Okay be careful
Abhi sneakingly goes under the plane while the CM and his people goes inside to talk with the Ali, Abbas and Vikrant.
CM : I am sorry that all of you had to go through this much, but now I came everything will be fine
Ali : when will Sahir come?
Sameer : don’t worry he will be here in few hours
Abbas : Alright, till then you all are our guests here
Abhi goes underground where Purab and Bulbul are captured who are shocked to see him. Pragya follows him from behind
Purab : Abhi, how did you come here
Abhi : are you both okay and why are you here
Bulbul : Sis (goes and hugs Pragya)
Pragya is very relieved to see her sister safe but notices the injury on her face making her more furious
Abhi : what are you doing here? I told to stay there
Pragya : why should I not come here? I am not scared of anybody
Purab : Please both of you don’t fight and think how would we save people
Abhi explains his plan to trio to which they agree
Purab knocks one of the goon and snatches the gun from him. Vikrant comes and grabs Bulbul out of the plane. Meanwhile the helicopter comes with the military people bringing Sahir khan down from stopper.

Sameer : Now you should fulfill your promise and release our people
Ali : don’t think we are fools, first send him here or you know my gun is always loaded (points at Bulbul)
Sameer : don’t do anything to her, (sends Sahir)
Pragya hits Ali and the gun falls on the floor and frees Bulbul from his hand
Vikrant : So you finally came here to save your sister?
Pragya : Wow, our thinking is so similar (laughs) but little mistake I came to save those innocent people too which includes my sister too, seems like you forgot that beating from other time all ladies, I warned you to not consider the power of woman not weak
Vikrant : Now that you came into this dangerous pit, you will not go alive from here
Pragya : Well I am used to visit snake pit every time and I enjoy when I see fear in you cowards eyes
A fight starts to occur. Pragya grabs Bulbul on her side but a goon tries to catch her, Bulbul punches him on the face hardly making him unconscious
Purab saves her from getting shot and gets injured little bit
Bulbul :Purab, you arm is bleeding
Purab : its okay, I am fine, you go inside the plane
Abhi : Tell the captain to take off the flight
Purab : Are you sure Abhi,
Abhi : Yes, we will handle everything here
Bulbul fights with the people inside and tells the captain to take off.
Pragya and everybody runs around fighting with the terrorists. Ali tries to get into the flight but the captain is successful to take the flight off before he gets inside it. After a big fight them police capture all the terrorists. Bulbul rushes to Purab panicking seeing his arm bleeding. Pragya notices the concern and remembers Tashu’s words about Bulbul. Abhi realizes what Pragya might be thinking
In the concern of Purab, Bulbul does not notice people around her and hugs him intensely for saving her. After thanking Purab, Bulbul is taken by angry Pragya
Sarla is very much happy and relieved to see her daughters back at home safety
Bulbul : Mom (cries while hugging)
Sarla : You are alright
Bulbul nods and goes to hug her sister who does not reciprocate it thinking about her lie. Later in the evening Pragya decides to talk to her sister and goes to Bulbul’s room who is in thoughts of Purab. Pragya is in dilemma about how should she inform Bulbul about their mom’s cancer.
Tashu meets Purab showing the concern for him
Purab : I am fine

Tashu : I did not knew you were on that flight, you know I was so worried about you
Purab : don’t worry, you were going to tell me something
Tashu surprises him by telling about their engagement making him very astonished
Purab ; What? engagement but don’t you think we should wait for some time
Tashu : Okay I got it, you need time because you just came from this terrible situation
Purab nods negatively not wanting to reveal his true feelings of Bulbul to Tashu
Tashu : don’t worry, take your time because I know you are upset right know (smilingly hugs him)
Purab shares his feeling to Abhi and Alia who suggests him to listen to his heart
Alia : You are realizing now but I understood this from long time ago
Purab : Now you both tell me what should I do
Abhi : look I don’t know what happened in Malayaia but whatever decision you take just think carefully
Purab : Abhi, you know if Tashu got hint slightly about my feelings towards Bulbul you can’t even imagine what havoc she will create
Abhi : Create? she already started
Purab : what?
Abhi tells about Tashu’s threaten to Pragya
Purab : Oh my god (rubs his hair)
Alia : Purab, it is good you took time from Tashu but if you said no then she would have done something terrible
Abhi : first you have to decide who you want to live with, if you want to be with Bulbul
Pragya : If I go to ask her she will not tell me directly (goes into Bulbul’s room)
Bulbul : Sis, you?
Pragya : Why? I cannot come here?
Bulbul : why are you saying that?
Pragya : you did not sleep yet
Bulbul :Well, I was not sleepy thats why
Pragya : take sometime out for this sister, tell me how was your trip to Malaysia
Bulbul : It was great, the clients were very happy with my work and we got the contract
Pragya : Thats great, I am know nobody can defeat you in the designing
Bulbul : Of course sis
Pragya : Is there anything you want to share with me
Bulbul does not tell Pragya about Purab since she is not sure about her feelings yet
Pragya (in her mind) : I will see for how long till you hide this from me (leaves)
Next day Sufi is happy with Bulbul for getting the contract from international company
Max : What? Purab refused for the engagement
Tashu : Bro, its okay I am sure he will agree soon, he needs time
Max : what is wrong with you? didn’t you find it weird
Tashu : I trust him bro, he will not break my trust
Max : Its your life but be careful because I feel something is wrong is going on
Tashu thinks about her brother’s words and decides to get engaged soon with Purab

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