Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 7

Purab gets in deep thoughts of Bulbul when Tashu calls him
Tashu : Hi sweetheart, were you thinking about me
Purab : why are you asking that
Tashu : I know you were missing me, anyway when you will be back
Purab : Tashu, I still did not reach Malaysia yet, I will reach tomorrow and maybe a week or so
Tashu : Please come back soon, I have surprise planned for you and I know you will love it
Suddenly Bulbul comes there calling Purab. Tashu recognizes her voice and is irritated
Tashu : Purab, was that Bulbul’s voice ?
Purab : yes, she is also traveling to Malaysia with me
Tashu : okay i will call you later and beaware of that girl

Purab’s hand cuts when Bulbul came from back
Bulbul : Purab, you are too much, can’t you see (puts bandage on his hand)
Purab : Sorry, I did not see
Both of them have an intense eye lock while Bulbul come to senses when they nearly come close and runs away
Purab : what happened?
Bulbul ; I think we should maintain distance till friendship
Next day in hospital
Doctor : Mrs Arora, I am sorry to inform you that you have very less time now
Sarla : how much time
Doctor : least is 1 month, you are at last stage of cancer
Sarla gets worried about she will inform her daughters about her health
Abhi spots Pragya sitting on a bench with a tensed face and tries to cheer her up
Pragya : Hi

Abhi : I can’t believe a journalist is sitting quiet with no report
Pragya does say anything and is in deep thoughts
Abhi : are you listening, what happened
Pragya : Sorry, I was thinking about yesterday
Abhi : I know you are tensed about it but don’t worry he will not dare to touch you again
Pragya : I don’t know I am scared
Abhi ; This scare thing does not suit your character, you are second version of queen of Jhansi (says teasingly)
Pragya : I always misunderstand you and you are still sitting with me here
Abhi : You know whenever you talk like this I can feel there is an innocent girl behind this arrogance
Pragya : I am sorry for being rude to you
Abhi : you don’t have to be sorry, I am actually happy that I came across my competent
Pragya : If that is the case then, I will not let your hope down
Abhi : what do you mean?

Pragya stands up: Don’t forget that I am still that arrogant Pragya Arora and nobody can mess up with me, understand
Abhi gets relieved seeing the old Pragya back
Bulbul and Purab starts packing their back to leave in evening
Purab : Bulbul, I want to talk to you something before we leave today
Bulbul : Yes go ahead
Purab : I don’t know if we will meet again, but if I did anything wrong I am sorry
Bulbul ; It’s okay
Later in the noon, both of them reaches Malaysia where their perspective colleagues come to receive them
Ruby : Hey you are Bulbul Arora right
Bulbul : Yeah, you?
Ruby : I am Ruby, I came to pick you up, so lets go
Bulbul : Wow, this city looks so beautiful
Ruby : Right now you did not see the full city yet
Varun : Hey Purab, welcome to Malaysia
Purab : How are you Varun
Varun : I am fine yaar, lets go to hotel
Coincidently both Purab and Bulbul land up on same hotel but does not see each other
Ruby : You can take some rest now, we can start work from tomorrow

Bulbul : Its okay I am not tired, when is the fashion show, its on tuesday right
Ruby : Yeah, alright settle down today and start work from tomorrow
Varun : Purab, the client want to meet you tomorrow morning at sharp 9 am
Purab ; don’t worry I will reach there at time
Pragya gets an anonymous call who threatens her to meet that person but she refuses to meet. Bulbul informs Pragya about her arrival to Malaysia
Pragya : Did you reach safely?
Bulbul : don’t worry, I reached safely and will start working for tomorrow, how is Ma
Pragya ; She is fine, but you take care and come back soon
Bulbul : bye di (hangs the phone with huff)
Bulbul clashes on Purab again outside the hotel
Purab : you?
Bulbul : should I think you are following me
Purab : why do you girls always think we follow you, the situation can be reverse too
Bulbul : don’t you think you are way too filmy
Purab: well thanks for that lovely complement
Bulbul ; should we call it a coincidence
Purab : I would still call it a destiny which makes us meet everywhere
Bulbul : I don’t know why you believe in destiny
Purab : Try to think it once and you will start believing it

Pragya gets an extortion call from somebody
Stalker : Are you Pragya?
Pragya : who are you and why are you troubling me
Stalker : If you don’t come to meet me then remember what I can do to your sister
Pragya : don’t you dare do anything to her, tell me where do you want to meet
Stalker : Meet me at an old factory tonight at 9:00’o clock
Pragya : Okay
Bulbul goes to the company she is supposed to go for designing the clothes for fashion show
Ruby : this is fabulous show stopper I ever saw before
Bulbul ; thanks but I still need to do some touch up to it, it is not completely ready now
Ruby : Then make it fast, I cannot wait to see it
Bulbul : It will be ready by tomorrow don’t worry
Later in Mumbai Pragya at night goes to meet that person who is none other than Tashu
Pragya : who are you?
Tashu : My name is Tashu, Max’s sister
Pragya’s blood starts boiling hearing the name
Tashu : I know you what my brother did to you
Pragya : what do you want from me
Tashu : Nothing, I just want you to explain your sister to stay away from my Purab
Pragya : what do you mean
Tashu : Don’t act so innocent, I know from beginning your sister set her eyes on Purab but I will not let that happen
Pragya : Listen, if you called me hear for this nonsense then I am not interested and if you both brother sister have problem with me then deal with me, but don’t even try to drag my sister into this mess
Tashu : I don’t have any interest in your sister but if she tries to mess up with me then I will not spare her
Pragya : If you think you can threaten then it is your illusion and regarding my sister, I am still there to protect her and then even if you bring other Tashu in front of me, we won’t even care
Tashu : I am warning you last time, you both sister will have to pay a heavy price for this enmity and then you will get to know the real Tashu
Pragya : do whatever you want but I trust my sister and the values in which she is raised, she can never do this disgusting thing to anybody
Tashu ; you don’t even know what your dear sister is doing, if she come in between me and my Purab then she will lose her life
Pragya : And I am warning you, I am Pragya Arora and whoever messes with me and my family then that I make sure that person burns in fire and then I will show you my real nature (leaves)

The clients get really impressed by Bulbul’s design and gave the contract to her company
Clients : Ms Bulbul, I must stay you are really an awesome designer and in this fashion show people are praising your designer more
Bulbul : Thank you so much
Clients : And this exclusive has been hit by your design and mostly the show stopper dress
Purab : Congratulations Ms Perfection
Bulbul : Oh hi, thank you
Purab : May I have the pleasure to spend time with you
Bulbul : Okay
Purab : lets go, by the way when are you leaving for india
Bulbul : tomorrow night
Purab : great, even I am leaving tomorrow
Purab and Bulbul goes out for dinner when Bulbul shares her inner feelings with him
Bulbul : you know my success is because of my sister and my mother
Purab : really?
Bulbul : there was a time when we had nothing
Purab : how are you so good at designing
Bulbul : when mom used to stitch clothes to make the living, I always got interested in doing that and helped my mom in that
Purab : what about your sis
Bulbul : Actually she used to tutor other children in the chawl and help them at the age of 10 and remembers people’s taunts to her mother and gets emotional
Purab puts his hand on Bulbul’s hand to console her making her uncomfortable. Bulbul starts to leave but is stopped by Purab who wipes her tears. Both of them share an emotional moment ends up having an intense hug. Bulbul realizes what she is doing and runs away

Pragya is walking on road and remembering Tashu’s words
Pragya : If Tashu will do anything to my Bulbul then what will I do
A truck comes from back when Abhi saves her and bring her to senses
Abhi : what do you thing you are doing
Pragya : Can I share something with you (says with seriousness which worries Abhi)
Abhi : what is it
Pragya tells Abhi everything making him confused
Pragya : I swear if that girl harm my sister I will not spare her, how dare she accuse Bulbul of stealing Purab from her
Abhi decides to talk to Purab when he comes back and does not tell her about Purab being engaged to Tashu
Pragya finds out about her mother’s cancer
Sarla : I wanted to tell you both
Pragya : why did you not inform us, you know nobody is with us except you
Sarla : please forgive me beta
Pragya : do you know when Bulbul will come to know, she will die with shock before you
Sarla : No, promise me you will take care of her and never let her miss me
Pragya : You cannot leave us and go in the mid of our life
Sarla : It is time for me to go to your dad
Pragya : No, ma you cannot leave us like this
Sarla : You have to be strong just like you are now for yourself and Bulbul
Pragya burst into tears thinking how will she tell Bulbul everything
Bulbul runs into the hotel room and starts packing her clothes and talks to travel agency for return ticket to India
Bulbul : I don’t care how much money it costs but I want an immediate ticket to India (says angrily)
Purab overhears the conversation and goes to talk to her
Bulbul : Please go from here, I don’t want to talk anything about it
Purab : At least listen to me once, if I did anything wrong please forgive me but don’t get me wrong for anything
Bulbul grabs his collar in anger

Bulbul : Listen Mr Purab Khanna, till now I never let any feelings grow for any person other than my family because I know giving somebody your heart is nothing except but a disaster, I saw and experienced how true love can always give pain and it should better be away from my life and I don’t to be cause of anybody’s heartbreak and you should stay away from me because only Tashu has that right
Purab is overwhelmed by hearing her words and stops her when starts to leave
Purab : Before you leave I want to just tell you that moments we spent together will be the best memories I had, believe me even I never knew the meaning of love and relation because I have nobody in this world but one thing I learnt by spending time with you that relation which are always connected by heart does not let you feel pain and overcomes everything,
Bulbul jerks off the hand and leaves for airport leaving Purab tensed.
Alia : what are you saying Bhai
Abhi : I have to talk to Purab before situation gets out of control
Alia : you are right because that Tashu is very dangerous and she go to any extent to harm Bulbul
Abhi : Both brother and sister are after Pragya and Bulbul, though Max is in jail but I know he will bailed out soon enough
Alia : But Purab never told us about his liking of Bulbul
Max is bailed out by Rajveer
Rajveer: you have done enough harm to my reputation now listen, I don’t want any kind of trouble in my political career
Max looks at Pragya’s picture
Max ; you did not do this right, now I will show you the result of messing with me, if I cannot get you I will make sure nobody would, you are my obsession and I will get you by hook or crook, just wait and watch
Bulbul checks in at the airport unaware Purab also boards on the same flight but does not go in front of her.
Both of them remembers their intimate moments together in cruise and Malaysia
Bulbul : No Purab, I will have to keep distance from you because you belong to somebody else
After couple hours their flights take off to Singapore airport.

Pragya gets call from Max which makes her scared
Pragya ; who is it?
Max : hello sweetheart, not fair you forgot my voice so quickly, you will have to remember me forever
Pragya : listen, I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense
Max : I am the one who is your crazy lover from college time
Pragya : Max? you
Max ; Amazing, you still know my voice, in case you are wondering how did I got out let me tell you that no jail can keep me for long
Pragya : what do you want from me?
Max : relax, I will let you know that also when time comes but just be ready for action (cuts the call)
Later Bulbul and Purab’s flight lands at Singapore airport. After 3 hours of waiting both of them boards on the flight of Mumbai. During the mid flight everybody gets panic when three terrorists hijack the flight. Everybody shouts in fears including Bulbul. Purab starts to worry about the situation and mostly about Bulbul.
Terrorist : we have no enmity with you all but you all have to cooperate with us till government listen to our demands
The news reach out to Mumbai about the flight being hijacked which causes fear among the people in the city. Pragya still unaware about Bulbul on the flight as she think Bulbul will be coming next day but still decides to talk to her.
Abhi : whats wrong

Pragya : I don’t know why I cannot reach Bulbul’s phone, she is not picking up my phone
Abhi : why don’t you call the hotel she is staying in
Pragya searches the number of the hotel which Bulbul booked and call them
Receptionist : hello how can I help you
Pragya : Actually there is a booking in your hotel about girl named Bulbul Arora
Receptionist informs her that Bulbul checked out yesterday night making her worried
Pragya : Bulbul left yesterday and did not inform me that she is coming back
Abhi : don’t worry she will be fine (consoles Pragya who is about to breakdown)

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