Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 6

Bulbul : I am so happy today because I got relieved from my work today
Purab senses an innocence heart behind the arrogant personality.
Bulbul : Hello I am saying something
Purab ; I am sorry,
Bulbul : So when do you think you would marry with your girlfriend
Purab : Right now she does not have time for ma and you talk about marriage
Bulbul : I understand she seems like career oriented women, but it is not wrong if you ask me from girl’s perspective but I know how you are feeling. I am sorry I am going overboard
Purab : No its okay, don’t worry, I know what you are trying to say
Suddenly Bulbul gets a call from Pragya
Bulbul ; Okay, I need to leave its too late and I have work tomorrow early morning and I hate going late
Purab felt like after ages he got someone who can understand
Bulbul : where are you lost
Purab: Nothing, I will see you later
Bulbul : Bye, take care
Purab : Bulbul?
Bulbul : Yes,
Purab : thank you
Tashu sees Purab and Bulbul together from the hotel where they went together and gets angry on Bulbul.
Bulbul leaves smilingly
Mehra house
Purab sees Alia laughing at him
Purab : I did not know people has to laugh without reason
Alia : I heard you are going to some kind of beach
Purab : what?
Alia : don’t try to fool me, I know you from childhood
Purab : were you following me
Alia : As if I don’t have any work other than spying on you
Purab : why would you not after all I am Purab Khanna, millions of girls runs around me
Alia :Oh I forgot, but I am warning you, you will not be able to woo Bulbul Arora
Purab :why would I woo her
Alia :I am just telling, don’t try to go too close to her because if you do something wrong she will not spare you
Purab : I am not scared of any Bulbul
Alia : well not Bulbul I know you are scared of Tashu (teases)
Purab : Alia wait I will not spare you today (runs after her)
Next day Tashu apologies to Purab for being not with him other day
Tashu : I am so sorry, I wanted to go with you but you know how this glamour world is
Purab : its okay,
Purab in his mind thanks Tashu as he got chance to spend quality time with Bulbul
Later Pragya goes back to the chawl which was supposed to be demolished
Pragya : Mr Lawyer this is the stay order for this chawl and nobody can break it
Max : from where did you get this stay order
Pragya : I am Pragya Arora, nothing can escape from my eyes and it says that the signature of owner is fake
Max is shocked to hear it, he tries to run but is stopped by somebody
Abhi : how can you go like this? you worked so hard, you should get an award what say people
All the people in chawl agrees.
Abhi : Actually we will give you a good farewell bid for prison
Max : you don’t know who you are messing up with
Pragya : Even if you were son of President we don’t care,
Police arrests Max for faking the signature in the paper and demolishing the chawl on fake papers.
Max : I will come back
Abhi : Promise me you will come back, hopefully I will remember you when you come out from jail, bye
Pragya stares at him
Abhi : why are you staring me like this as if you want to thank me for helping you
Pragya : I don’t thank people who poke nose into other’s matter
Abhi : Such arrogance and overconfidence (whispers)
Pragya : I heard it
Abhi : Oh I did not knew you had good ears
Pragya : I know you don’t have good ears, I just mentioned that nothing can escape from my eyes and ears (leaves)
Abhi : what a girl
Purab : what happened bhai
Abhi : this girl will seriously land herself in a big trouble one day because of her arrogance
Purab : but you are there na to protect her
Bulbul while working in her office remembers the time she spent with Purab the other day
Alia : hey where are you lost, are you thinking about your boyfriend
Bulbul : shut up Alia
Alia : I know you are thinking about Purab
Bulbul is surprised
Alia : don’t be so shocked, i know you both went to dinner yesterday
Bulbul : Alia, i don’t know but I feel he is not that bad
Alia : Oh, then do you like him
Bulbul : not like you are saying and anyway he is already engaged to Tashu
Alia : Now I understood the problem
Bulbul : you know me from years I don’t believe in this love and all
Alia : well we will see (teases)
Max is soon bailed out by his father Rajveer Singh
Rajveer : Calm down
Max : dad, I will not spare that girl at any cost and that Abhi, nobody can save them from me
Rajveer: don’t take any step which can harm our reputation and my political party
Max : you are concerned only for your image not mine
Rajveer : you are not in your senses right now, we will talk later
Max gets furious and remembers Pragya’s slap
Tashu : Bro, don’t worry I am with you, we both have to settle score with same family
Max : what do you mean?
Tashu : you want to settle score with that journalist and I want to teach lesson to her sister
Max : sister?
Tashu : Yes, she is trying to take my Purab away from me and I will not let that happen, I have a plan by which we will target both of those sister and dad’s image will not be ruined
Max : what is it
Tashu explains her plan to Max
Max : wow thats a brilliant plan
Purab texts Bulbul to for a lunch with him to which she agrees. Pragya goes near hotel for some work, while Abhi who is passing by sees somebody under Pragya’s car and doubts on it but before that person runs Abhi catches him.
Abhi : what were you doing? (hits him)
Person : nothing sir
Abhi : I am asking you last time, tell me or you will never be able to open your mouth
Person : I was fitting a bomb in the car
Abhi gets shocked when Pragya comes out of hotel and goes near her car not knowing about the bomb. Abhi runs and takes Pragya away in the nick of time when suddenly the car blasts. Pragya gets scared and gets unconscious. The person runs when Abhi rushes Pragya to hospital
Abhi : doctor how is she
Doctor : don’t worry she is fine, she is just in shock, she will be okay
Abhi : thank you doctor
Doctor ; its okay
Abhi goes to meet Pragya
Pragya : thank you for saving me
Abhi ; finally I made you say thank you (teases)
Pragya : I only thank people who helps other by heart not to someone who wants to be in other people’s good books
Abhi : well who knows even you are from those people too
Pragya : how did you know that there was a bomb in the car
Abhi : Actually, I saw somebody tampering under your car and I caught, he told me he was fixing bomb in your car
Pragya : I don’t believe this, who can do this, where did that goon go
Abhi : he ran away because you got unconscious and i had to bring you here
Pragya : how will we find hime when I didn’t even see him
Abhi : don’t worry he will caught soon
Abhi suspects Max to be behind the blasting
Bulbul and Sarla gets to know about Pragya’s car blasted
Pragya : Ma, don’t worry I am fine
Bulbul : Di, why didn’t you tell me, it was good that Alia was at the same place and she told me about it, did that guy got caught
Pragya : No police is trying to find him
Max : what are you saying
Goon : if that guy did not saw me then today was the last day of the girl
Tashu : you cannot do a work properly, get out from here
Max : don’t worry tashu we will have to do something really big
Arora house
Bulbul : thank god you are safe
Sarla : Abhi, I don’t know how should I thank you for saving my Pragya’s life
Abhi : don’t thank me, It is my duty to save people
Bulbul : thats so sweet of you
Abhi : I wish your sister also know how to thank people
Pragya : you.. (points finger)
Sarla : Pragya, be quiet, he came first time to our house, why don’t you eat dinner with us and go
Abhi : No not today, maybe some other day, I have some work
Bulbul : But promise you will come
Abhi : It’s a rockstar’s promise
Pragya : who never fulfill it
Abhi : only journalists like you say that, even the media craves to take interview from me
Pragya : because they only need publicity and TRP for their channels
Bulbul : Di, what are you saying, you should be thankful to him
Pragya : do you think I am that cruel
Abhi : why think you are what you are
Pragya : did you just call me cruel
Sarla and Bulbul gets surprised seeing their fights
Bulbul : I think nobody will win this argument so lets end it here
Abhi : thank you Bulbul, now I will take leave
Bulbul : bye
Sarla : Come next time with your family
Abhi : Sure (leaves)
Bulbul goes to her work
Sufi : Hey Bulbul, there is very good news for you
Bulbul : really what is it?
Sufi : Yesterday we got a order from an international company, they chose our company to design the best fashionable dresses for their shows
Bulbul : Thats fantastic
Sufi : So I decided that you will go to Malaysia and personally meet them and finish the work
Bulbul : Malaysia?
Sufi ; Yes, this is very good opportunity for you , will you go for it
Bulbul : Of course I will go, when do I have to go
Sufi : you have to leave by Saturday because their shows start next week and you have to be there few days before so you can help them
Bulbul : Okay, I will leave by thursday
Sufi : Best of luck, I am sure you will rock it this
Bulbul : Definetly
Mehra house
Purab : what are you saying Abhi? there was a bomb in her car
Abhi : I am sure that Max’s is behind this, I will not spare him
Purab : wait Abhi, don’t forget that we do not have any proof against him
Abhi : do you want to keep quiet and let him harm us and Pragya
Purab : I am not saying that, but first we have to find that goon and find about the real culprit
Abhi : you are right, but till now he would have escaped till now
Alia : we should put his posters all around the city
Purab : No way, he would get alert and then he will run away, we can do one thing
Alia : what?
Purab : we can give the sketch to all police stations and tell them to keep eye on that goon
Abhi : thats better idea
Alia : Bhai, but how will we give them sketch when you only saw him for one time
Purab : I am sure that parking lot of the hotel will have CCTV camera in the lot
Abhi : Lets go
Arora house
Pragya : what Malaysia?
Bulbul : yes di, should I go Ma
Sarla : I don’t know why I am feeling nervous that you
Pragya : I think we should let her go
Sarla : but Pragya
Bulbul : I promise you I will never do something that will embarrass this family
Pragya : Bulbul, you know how protective ma is
Sarla : Okay fine, go ahead
Bulbul : Really? (says excitedly)
Sarla : But you will take care of yourself
Bulbul : I promise, I will be back in a week
Pragya : I will get ticket for you, when are you leaving
Bulbul : I have to leave by thursday
Khanna office
Anu : there is something important to tell you
Purab : what is it
Anu : the company in Malaysia called us yesterday, they want to finalize the deal with us
Purab : thats great
Anu : you have to leave soon,
Purab : Book my tickets for thursday night
Anu : okay
Tashu : what? you are going to Malaysia for one week
Purab : I have to go sweetheart
Tashu : If I did not had fashion shows I would have come with you
Purab : Work is important for both of us, so don’t worry I will be back to you
Tashu : Okay listen, come back soon and I will give you big surprise
Purab : I love surprises
Arora house
Pragya : Ms designer, there is a big problem
Bulbul ; what happened
Pragya : the flights are full for Malaysia on Thursday
Bulbul : Now what
Pragya : I got a cruise ticket
Bulbul ; what?
Pragya : This is was the last one sold, the cruise takes Malaysia every year for tour
Bulbul : but di
Pragya : You can take flight later on from there
Bulbul ; Okay then I will book the return tickets
Rajveer : Tashu, I am thinking about your engagement
Tashu : really?
Rajveer : why don’t you talk to him?
Tashu ;I will give him surprise when he comes back
Mehra house
Purab : the whole flight is full for thursday
Alia : don’t worry, this cruise ticket will help you go to Malaysia
Abhi : what are you saying
Alia ; Bhai, this luxury cruise goes to Malaysia every year
Purab : Okay then I will start preparing to go
Later both families drop off Purab and Bulbul to the cruise. While coming back Abhi bumps on Pragya and falls on her
Pragya : you?
Abhi : Now don’t ask me what am I doing here because this is a public property
Pragya : do you think I would ask you that
Abhi : I know you will not
Pragya : Anyway, I am not interested in you
Abhi : But now when my life is connected to you, I need to tell you something important
Pragya : Don’t be in that illusion that our life can ever be connected, anyway what do you need to tell
Abhi : That goon who planted bomb in your car, I doubt he was sent by Max
Pragya : how can you be sure
Abhi : because I know him very well, he is shrewd and he will not sit quiet till he ruin us
Pragya : did you find that goon
Abhi : Police is trying to find him
Pragya while leaving a thorn gets in her foot and she is not able to take it out. Abhi sees this and goes to help her
Abhi : Let me help you
Pragya : Its okay, I don’t need your help
Abhi : Stop being arrogant for one second, there is nothing wrong in taking help sometimes
Pragya listens to him from her heart first time. She gets in pain when he takes the thorn out but her leg still bleeds.
Abhi : wait here, I will get the first aid box
Abhi puts bandage on her leg and offers her to drop at home
Pragya : thank you, its okay I will manage
Abhi : I don’t want to argue with you, but how will you drive with this injured leg
Pragya : Its okay I called driver, he will be here soon
Abhi : Take care bye
Bulbul goes to find her room on the ship while at the same time Purab also finds his room which is across Bulbul’s room but he does not see her.
Pragya : Hey Bulbul, did you got settle properly
Bulbul : Yes di, don’t worry I am fine
Pragya : you like it there na
Bulbul : It is very beautiful here, but I am missing you both so much (says sadly)
Pragya : Bulbul, don’t be sad, you are going for your job and concentrate on your work, remember your do’s best wishes are always with you
Bulbul : thank you di
Pragya : If destiny sent you on this ship then there will be a good reason for it
Bulbul ; Okay, you take care
Pragya : Bye
The ship starts moving like a small wave. Bulbul goes up to the deck for some fresh air. She sees the stars clearly and the beautiful moon in the sky. There was no noise around and silent around the deck. She hears somebody talking about shooting star tomorrow and get happy about it.
Anjali : do you know there is a shooting star tomorrow
Pragya : So?
Anjali : Oh god, behave like a girl sometime, if you ask for anything it will be fulfilled
Pragya : It is just saying, nothing like that can happen (leaves)
Anjali ; I don’t know when will this girl learn to love and who will make her live life fully
Next day at Mehra house
Abhi : how are you Purab, when will you reach Malaysia
Purab : Don’t worry I am fine, we will reach there by Sunday morning
Abhi : okay take care
Purab while talking notices Bulbul from far and get surprised to see her.
Purab : Excuse me Ms Designer, did you come here to design the ship too
Bulbul turns around and is shocked to see Purab
Bulbul : Purab?
Purab : Yes, so I did not knew you are going to Malaysia
Bulbul : I am going there for work
Purab : Now that you are here, lets go for lunch together
Bulbul : Sure
Purab : this food is so delicious
Bulbul : I wonder why we don’t get such food in our city
Purab : It feels so good to come here and relax
Tashu instigates Sufi against Bulbul
Sufi : what are you saying
Tashu : I am not saying she is bad designer , but just think that you and her both design clothes but why always her designed clothes are always sold more
Sufi : So what? she works in our company and she is beneficial to us
Tashu : You are not getting my point, I am just warning you that girl is very shrewd
Sufi : what do you mean?
Tashu : I am telling you maybe in future if that girl put her tags in your clothes and take all credits
Sufi : Thats not possible, I know her from years
Tashu : do you think if she don’t work here your company will not work, trust me you are a better designer than her, just remember my words
Sufi goes into thoughts hearing Tashu’s words but ignores it later.
Sufi talks to Alia about Tashu’s words
Alia : how could even think that Bulbul can ever betray you
Sufi : I did not mean that
Alia : Then trust me Bulbul can never betray anyone
Sufi ; I hope you are true
Late at night Purab watches Bulbul standing on the deck
Purab : what are you watching
Bulbul ; nothing, I heard somebody saying there is shooting star today
Purab : Oh yeah, I forgot about that
Bulbul ; do you believe in all this?
Purab : Yeah why you don’t?
Bulbul ; No way, me and my sister never believed stuff like this because we know reality is something else
Purab : why don’t you try to ask something then
Bulbul : No way,
Purab : Okay close your eyes
Bulbul : why
Purab : please close your eyes and take a deep breath
Bulbul closes her eyes
Purab : Now ask for something from heart that you want to fulfill
Bulbul : I do not want too much for me but I want my family to stay like this and all sadness stay away from us, I don’t know if I will get love or not but I want my partner to be very caring, sweet and control my anger, whoever it is should be only mine
Purab : I don’t know why I never got attached to Tashu, maybe I was just attracted to her, you know na I always asked for a simple girl but I don’t understand what is so special in this girl that I got fond of her even though she is big headed, I just like to be around her
Both of the open their eyes when shooting star passes in front of them
Pragya goes out with her friends who notices Abhi and goes to them. Abhi is surrounded by all the female fanbase except Pragya.
Abhi : Did you see how much famous I am, you from those 1% who is not my fan
Pragya : they are hovering around you because they cannot see other good looking guys in the city
Abhi : Somebody is jealous
Pragya : Listen I am not interested about who is your fan who is not
Everybody watches them arguing and laughs
Abhi : Such proud of yourself
Pragya : why should I not, I am proud of myself for what I am doing
Abhi : I wish god gives you somebody who can straighten your mind, break your arrogance and make you realize how beautiful life can be
Pragya : And I wish you get a girl who uses her own brain, who is bold and does not take anybody’s help and is self-respected
Both angrily walks on other direction when shooting star passes by
Alia looks at sky and asks something for her
Alia : I just want my family be together like this, for me I don’t mind what type of life partner but he should be honest and only belong to me
Purab : did you wish anything
Bulbul : I did but we are not supposed to tell that na
Purab : Its okay if you don’t
Tashu accidentally hits somebody with her car and she is taken to police station
Constable : Sir, this girl was driving recklessly again
Sameer :You? seems like you enjoy the tour to police stations
Tashu ; Just shut up and in the crowd of million people why do you always have to catch me for breaking rules
Sameer : because people like you cannot escape from my eyes
Tashu : Really?
Sameer : Last time you were escaped because it was just speeding, this time you will not escape
Tashu : Seems like you forgot law, you should know that unless that vendor does not file complain against me you cannot file FIR
Sameer : Constable, bring the madam to reality and tell her that I never do something against law
The constable brings that vendor to the station
Sameer ; I hope you got your misunderstanding clear
Tashu : Look I am willing to pay the compensation
Vendor : But I don’t want compensation, I want to punish the culprit
Tashu : thats disgusting
Sameer : Constable, file an FIR against her
Purab and Bulbul sees a band playing drum and the crowd tells them to dance.
Purab : do you want to dance
Bulbul : why not
Both of them dance on solo song “Pyar ki yeh Kahanni suno”
The crowd applauds for them. Late at night both goes to their room. Bulbul holds Purab back before he leaves
Purab ; what happened
Bulbul : Purab, thank you for everything (whispers), good night (leaves)
Abhi meets Sameer in police station regarding the goon
Abhi : I don’t believe this why that goon is not caught yet
Sameer : Abhi, I am more concerned about Pragya but we are trying our best, that goon was really smart
Abhi : I don’t care, he should be caught, because till then that Max will not be arrested
Sameer: I will arrest him one day, I just need one proof against him
Abhi : Because I know his eyes are on Pragya
Tashu gets bail. Next day Max makes plan to kidnap Pragya and bring her to farmhouse. When Pragya leaves from some place when a goon tries to kidnap her but Pragya fight with them when a goon hits her on head making her unconscious. Anu watches and follows them
Max : did you bring her
Goon : she is unconscious
Max : Alright now go from here
Anu informs police and Abhi . Pragya regain consciousness and finds herself in a room
Max : hello Ms journalist, did you recognize me
Pragya : You?
Max : you did not forget me, that made me so happy
Pragya : Shut up (holds his collar) how dare you bring me here
Max : This is what I liked about when I saw you first time (holds her hands)
Pragya : I said leave me, or you will regret it
Max : don’t worry nobody knows about this place
Pragya slaps him hardly but that does not stop him
Abhi and Police are on the way to reach the house
Sameer : please drive faster
Abhi : I am also in hurry, I am driving car not aeroplane
Pragya : I said leave me
Max : Do you know, during college you used to perform on stage, I was your fan from then till now but when you sent me to jail I tried to kill you but see destiny saved you and brought it to me back
Pragya gets shocked to hear
Max : don’t be scared, I will not kill you
Pragya : You are disgusting
Max forces Pragya who is trying hard to escape but gets scared. Abhi and Police reaches there in nick of time.
Sameer : Take him away
Max : Pragya, I will come back to take you
Abhi : Are you okay?
Pragya nods with scared face
Abhi covers Pragya with his jacket
Bulbul remembers her moments with Purab but remembers about Tashu. Bulbul goes to the deck in the early morning
Purab : what are you doing so early morning here
Bulbul : Nothing, I am looking at this beautiful sea, tomorrow we will reach Malaysia and part ways
Purab feels sad hearing about parting
Bulbul : we will only meet in Bombay after tomorrow
Purab : who knows we might meet in Malaysia again
Abhi tries to console Pragya who is scared for the whole incident
Sameer : Pragya, don’t worry everything will be fine, I will make sure that Max does not get bail easily
Pragya : I want to go home for a while
Abhi : I will drop you home
While there is a silent moment in the car, Abhi drops her at home and looks at her while she goes inside
Alia : what are you saying bhai
Abhi : I never saw her this much quiet
Alia : just give her some time, she will be fine
Later Pragya calls Abhi on his phone
Abhi : hello
Pragya : Hello (says softly)
Abhi : what happened? is everything okay?
Pragya : Yes, I just felt like talking to you
Abhi : get some rest, we will talk tomorrow, good night
Pragya : good night (hangs up the phone)

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