Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 5


Next day Pragya while going to her work sees something on the way. She goes near a rural area where people were struggling to stop a bulldozer demolishing their houses. She sees a young girl name Kaya and asks her the problem. But the girl is scared
Pragya : look don’t be scared, consider me your friend
Pragya : what is happening here?
Kaya : they are demolishing our chawl by fraud
Pragya : Fraud?

Kaya : This chawl was built by Mr Mehta, our owner for us but now after his death,his rival is snatching our houses by saying the owner sold it to him to pay his debt I know he can never sell this chawl,
Pragya : But is there any proof that the owner mortgaged it ?
Kaya ; No, they don’t but nobody is ready to listen it, I tried to contact lawyer but he is not in city, I don’t know any other big advocate, these are the papers
Pragya : Wait I will do something
Pragya stops her car in front of bulldozer when it is about to break the chawl
One of the guy was about to slap her but Pragya pushed him down to ground
Guy : How dare you hit Max?
Pragya : Slap? if I would have law in my hand, I would have ruin this face by scratching it so much that you can never recognize your own face
Max : Wait I will show you

Max drags her but a hand stop him and hits him hard. It is none other than Abhi
Abhi : Seems like you did not learnt the lesson from last time
Max : don’t you dare come in between, you cannot foil my plans
Pragya : the chawl you are breaking in not your property
Max : It is my dad’s property now and he can do whatever he want
Pragya : Fine, then go bring the paperwork, I know you are doing this illegally with fake papers right
Max gets scared hearing that he has fake papers

Abhi ; what happened? Mr Politician’s brave son became so scared
Pragya : you took advantage of this people but I won’t let that happen
Abhi : Pay heed to my advise, go away from here before this girl will pull the bulldozer on you instead of this chawl
Pragya gets irritated to see Abhi whispering with Max
Max : You are scaring me ?Abhi , you and this girl will regret for this insult
Max goes to Pragya and threatens her

Pragya : Who are you threatening ? If I did not make your life living hell, my name is not Pragya Arora, and I will make you pay like that you will never able to threaten anybody
Max : I will demolish this chawl at any cost now
Max leaves from the place.
Pragya ; I have to bring stay order as soon as possible
Kaya : I will bring my dad’s lawyer’s number
Pragya ; what are you doing here
Abhi ; Nothing, I was just going from here and
Pragya : And decided to follow me, that guy looks like your friend right
Abhi : I never make friends like this, understood, you don’t know this guy, he is very dangerous
Pragya : I don’t care, I am not scared of anybody (leaves)
Abhi : I have to keep eye on this girl now
Purab meets Bulbul at her work to return her bracelet

Bulbul : You?
Purab : Actually the other day you forgot your bracelet in my car
Bulbul : Oh thats so sweet, you didn’t have to take trouble
Purab : why trouble? it is okay
Bulbul : Then can I ask you for a favor
Purab : Sure
Bulbul : Actually Sufi gave me task to design Tashu’s show stopper dress, can you tell her it is ready, I could have told her but I don’t have her number and Sufi is not here
Purab : thats okay, you can give it to me
Bulbul : Wait, if I give this to you won’t she doubt you
Purab : You don’t worry about it, I will handle her
Bulbul : Here it is
Purab ; Wow, this looks fantastic , I am sure she will look fabulous in this
Bulbul : Thanks
Purab : Okay, I will have to leave now
Bulbul : Bye

Mehra house
Purab : what are you saying
Abhi : I am saying truth , that Max is back to town now
Purab : But do you think he will harm Pragya
Abhi : He will,, I will have to keep eye on Pragya because who knows him better than us
Purab : Do what you want but please be careful
Kaya goes to her lawyer and gets a stay order to stop demolition of the chawl.
Purab : Hey Tashu, this is your show stopper dress
Tashu : did that Bulbul gave it to you
Purab : why are you asking that
Tashu : she is the one who was supposed to do that
Purab : Yes, she gave it, what problem do you have with her, she is not that bad
Tashu : you seem to be very interested in her
Purab : stop behaving like possessive

Tashu :why should I not? that girl is so arrogant, she thinks she is a perfection
Purab : So what? why do you care about her ego
Tashu : you won’t understand and don’t try to double cross me by flirting with her
Purab : do I have guts to do that
Tashu :No, by the way we can go out alone after fashion show tomorrow (comes close)
Purab : you seem to be romantic now
Tashu : I realised I could not give you time and that is not good
Purab : I am sure you will look fabulous in this dress
Tashu : I always look good
Purab removes her hand and leaves smilingly, Tashu notices his uncomfortable behavior
Tashu : Bulbul Arora, you were saved that day in hotel because of Purab but I will teach you lesson you will never forget
Arora house
Sarla : I need to talk to you something

Pragya : what is it ma?
Sarla : It’s high time now you should think you getting settled now
Pragya : you know I don’t believe in marriage
Bulbul : Now ma is saying then why don’t yo find something
Pragya : why don’t you get married then and mom why are you bringing this topic suddenly
Sarla’s POV : how should I tell you the truth to both of you
Dadi spots Pragya somewhere around a shop
Dadi : If I am not wrong you were the one in Ritu’s marriage who saved her from dowry
Pragya : Yes, but I am sorry I did not recognize you
Dadi : I am Abhi’s dadi, the one you met in Vadhapur
Pragya : Oh you are Rockstar Abhi’s dadi

Dadi : that day I could not talk to you
Pragya : about what ?
Dadi : In my whole life I never saw anybody standing up against this ruthless society
Pragya : thats because people care more for their own life
Dadi gets impressed with Pragya’s inspiring nature
Khanna house
Purab : hey Alia, is the presentation ready
Alia : don’t worry, the clients will be here on Sunday
Purab : Oh thats good, because Tashu’s fashion show is tomorrow, you are coming to show right
Alia : Of course I will
After Alia leaves, one of the employ comes inside and shows him the report
Purab : What is this (says angrily) is this why I employ you all
Employ : Sorry Sir

Purab : You know how important are those delegates for me and correct these errors
Employ : Okay Sir
Purab : I need a perfect report for this project and if anything goes wrong then I will fire you, now get out
Alia : Purab, whats wrong? please calm down
Pragya and Abhi meets each other outside their workplace as it close.
Abhi : Now you will say thank you from other day and I will say its okay
Pragya stares at him
Pragya : thank you is not enough (says sarcastically ) I will throw a party for you
Abhi : Really?
Pragya hits him on his foot

Abhi : Is this new way to say thank you
Pragya : Thank you? is interfering in somebody’s matter is your habit
Abhi : Not a habit but my hobby to help and give sense to people like you think social service can change this world
Pragya : I trust my myself and confidence, i don’t need anybody’s advise, those evil people has to burn in fire
Abhi : I can see that fire in your eyes right now
Pragya : Then get ready for action (leaves)
Abhi : All the best Ms Arrogant
Next day Purab attends Tashu’s fashion show. He also meets Bulbul again while the fashion show goes successful
Sufi : great job, congrats Tashu
Tashu : You should also congrats your designer too
Sufi : Of course she is my perfect designer

Purab waits for Tashu but she is not able to as she surrounded by media and other people.
Tashu : I am so sorry Purab, but I had to go with dinner with an important guest
Purab feels bad noticed by Bulbul
Bulbul : Do you mind if I go with dinner with you
Purab : Sure, if you feel comfortable then lets leave
Both goes out for a dinner
Bulbul : I never had such a fantastic dinner,
Purab : It was your offer, thanks for making my mood, wanna dance
Bulbul : Why not

Purab and Bulbul have light moments while dancing. Later both goes near beach
Bulbul : Oh my god, I don’t even remember when I relaxed this much
Purab : I know, I wish I could come at this place everyday
Bulbul : If life would that easy than everybody will be here
Purab : this place is so quiet
Bulbul : whenever I am angry I always come here
Purab : You get angry too?

Bulbul : Of course whenever my employs does not follow my rules, they have to face my wrath
Alia watches both of them from way and gets happy to see her friends enjoying.

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