Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 20


Purab wins the vote of the chairman and gets Ranveer kicked out of the company.
Purab : your game is up, Mr Singh, now get out (snaps his finger)
Ranveer : Purab, you will have to pay heavy price for this, because of you all I lost my son, I will make you all punish for this
Purab ; really? you will punish us, keep on dreaming, that day will never come, now will you go out of this office
Purab (calls Tashu) : Tashu, its time for final execution, are you ready
Tashu : yes Purab, I am ready, I am on my way, I called Pragya, she has fitted microphone on my bracelet (reaches Ranveer Singh’s house)
Pragya and Abhi are outside in the van recording the footages in the house.
Abhi : all the best Tashu, and don’t worry if there is any problem press that red button on your bracelet

Tashu goes inside the house where Ranveer is drinking in his bar
Tashu ; dad, what are you doing ?
Ranveer : get off, (pushes her away and grabs revolver) you cheat (grabs her hair and throws on floor)
Ranveer Singh shows his true color and puts revolver around her
Abhi : oh my god, (is about to go but Pragya stops him)
Pragya : no wait, don’t be angry, lets see what he does
Abhi : Pragya, what if he harms Tashu, we cannot take that risk
Pragya : Abhi, calm down, she is a strong girl, she will not get weak
Ranveer : what did you think, you will fool me. by joining hands with my enemies
Tashu : yes I did, because you killed me dad, made me orphan,
Ranveer ; so you understand everything, you have grown up, and what did I lack in my love
Tashu : by bringing up an orphan, you thought you since you raised, you can make me do anything, after brother I am the only who know about all your deeds, and i don’t care if I have to go jail for my mistakes but I will punish you
Ranveer : really? what will you say to law? that I have all the black money hidden, I am lead for that terrorist attack happened, that I forced your dad to sell you to clear his debts, who will believe you but before believing you, how will you tell them

Abhi calls Ranveer Singh and asks him to turn on the TV
Abhi : your funeral is waiting for you, turn on the TV
Ranveer Singh watches TV and sees the footage of him talking Tashu live.
Abhi : your game is up, I told you that there is always an end to evil and your time is here
Tashu : sorry my foster dad, but I had no choice, after all i have to bring justice to my parents
After few days court orders Ranveer Singh for lifetime imprisonment.
Purab ; guys, its cause for some celebrations, cheers to our victory
All of them cheers for their victory. Tashu makes plan to kidnap Bulbul from the party.
Tashu : sorry Bulbul, but next turn is yours, be ready for my war, and then I will start new life with my Purab

In the evening everybody plans for a party in the hotel. Abhi decides to announce Alia and Sameer’s engagement in the party. Pragya wears full red dress which charms Abhi
Abhi : somebody is looking indian women today (teases her)
Pragya ; why doesn’t your day pass without passing taunt on me (fakes anger)
Abhi : okay I am sorry, but my choice cannot be bad, so anything can look good on you
Pragya : whatever (goes at other side)
Alia : what is this bro, stop teasing her now please,
Abhi : okay fine, you come with me
Purab and Bulbul have their slow dance making Tashu more jealous. She signals one of a person in the party. Tashu goes outside and makes a call to Bulbul by private number
Bulbul : hello who is it, Purab there is signal problem here I will go outside
Purab : come back soon
As soon as Bulbul goes outside somebody puts chloroform on her mouth and takes her away. Purab and everybody gets worried when Bulbul does not return.
Pragya ; Abhi, where she might have gone
Abhi : don’t panic Pragya, we will find her, Purab, Sameer lets go
Alia : bhai, I will also come with you
Sameer : no you both stay here, we will go

The trio goes to find Bulbul and asks the guard who is injured outside.
Guard : some goons took the girl this way (to the right side)
Sameer : Abhi, Purab lets go come on
Pragya ; Alia, where is Tashu
Alia ; i don’t know, I saw her going out in the middle of the party,
Pragya doubts on Tashu behind Bulbul’s kidnapping
Tashu : open the cloth
Bulbul opens her eyes and is shocked to see Tashu in front of her
Bulbul : what are you doing here?
Tashu : you still didn’t understand Bulbul that I have kidnapped you, seriously you are so stupid
Bulbul fumes in anger as her doubts were always right about her
Bulbul ; I was right, a snake will always be snake, hie nature will always be same
“Yes I did, because I love Purab a lot” Tashu says angrily
Bulbul : not love, he is your obsession Tashu
Tashu : whatever you call but he is only mine, I love him lot Bulbul, you didn’t understand my love either but from today everything will be changed
The goon fixes time bomb under Bulbul’s chair. Purab slaps Tashu for crossing all limits of shameless
Purab : seriously, Tashu you have embarrassed me a lot, Bulbul was right you can never change
Tashu : Purab, please at least understand me, I did everything for you
Purab ; get off me
While Purab is distracting Abhi and Sameer beats up the goon and tries to untie Bulbul.
Bulbul slaps Tashu on floor causing her to bleed. The four of them starts running outside when they hear bomb blast. Tashu is not able to come out and dies instead in the blast. All of them are bit shaken with the incidence but are thankful to Tashu as she fulfilled her task before dying.

After 6 months
Abhi and Pragya settled down in New York . Pragya has become successful journalist while Bulbul and Purab have moved to London after Purab transferred his business there. Sameer and Alia too have a blissful life in Philadephia.

The scene ends with note
“No matter how big evil can be but always end up in fire”

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      Anything you wish, sis would be good too. Thank you for the feedback, hope you enjoyed the whole story

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