Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 2


Arora house
Sarla : You are leaving
Pragya : Mom, you know I have a dream in my life, we have seen poverty in our life too, today this world is full of injustice, where a woman is trapped in a bad situation but the society and her own family leaves their sides
Sarla : You want to change this state? everybody has its own destiny
Pragya : You taught me fight for justice, I will bring change in this society and make you proud
Sarla : My blessings are with you always, may god give you success
Bulbul : Mom, our Pragya di is not less than a boy, right di
Pragya : Yes my little princess, and you take care of mom
Bulbul : Promise

Mehra house
Abhi : Okay dadi, I will leave now
Dadi : Take care and call me when you reach there
Abhi : Okay dadi, you too take care
Both Abhi and Pragya leaves from their respective home. On the way to somewhere Purab accidentally hits Bulbul’s car. She gets furious on Purab for hitting her car.
Bulbul : Come out, I want to see which idiot gave you the license
Purab : Excuse me, I have a perfect driving,
Bulbul : Perfect? even bullock cart ride better than you
Purab : How dare you? listen I am sorry
Bulbul : Saying sorry, you would do something like that to other people,
Purab ; I am not getting rude to you does not mean you can say whatever you want
Bulbul : I know guys like you very well, who have no manners and takes advantage of people
Purab : I don’t like to argue with insolent girls like you
Bulbul : If I am insolent then you are spoiled brat, pray that you will never cross my way
Purab : I don’t have any interest to see your face either or cross your way
Both leaves in their car in opposite way. Abhi and Pragya’s car are broken in their way.
Pragya : Excuse me, is there any bus to Vadhavpur
Person : There will be another bus at 8, you can wait at the stand if you want
Pragya : Thank you
Abhi : I wonder when will the bus come, he sees Pragya first time as a mesmerized beauty like a beautiful flower

A goon eyes on Pragya who is alone sitting on the stand.
Goon : Sweetheart, alone at this time? wanna company?
Pragya ignores him but he continues to tease her. She finally slaps twice to the goon.
Pragya : What do you people think of yourself? Just saw a girl at this time and you thought she is ready, blo*dy shameless, people, I am not a weak girl who is scared of people, you can scare everybody but not girls like us who can fight with you
Goon : You slapped me? you will have to pay for this
Pragya : Who are you threatening coward? if you are that brave come fight
The goon tries to force her but Pragya hits him on feet.
Goon : You don’t know who you have messed up with, (runs)
Pragya : Where are you running, coward?
Abhi is amazed to witness the courage of a young girl. He goes to Pragya,
Pragya : Have you come to do the deed again
Abhi : Hello, I am not the type you think okay
Pragya : You all are same, nobody is different (says wearing her sandal)
Abhi : Fine, think whatever you want, but did you ever thought why does this happen
Pragya : Do you want that because of people like you we don’t roam freely
Abhi : I did not mean this
Pragya : I am not a uneducated girl understand
Abhi : Listen I don’t wanna argue with you
Somebody informs them that bus of Vadhavpur is here. Both of goes in the bus but unfortunately has to sit on the same seat. While Pragya is trying to put her bag but falls on Abhi.
Abhi : Millions of girls does not have this opportunity
Pragya : I am not from them, and I don’t have any interest on people like you
Late at night Abhi is awake and finds Pragya sleeping peacefully.

Arora house
Sarla : Why are always angry
Bulbul : I don’t know what happens to me, why I cannot control my anger but I just don’t want to see that guy’s face again
In the morning Pragya finds herself sleeping on Abhi’s shoulder and gets irritated.
Abhi : I told you last night million of girls has this opportunity to sit near me
Pragya : You are disgusting, I don’t have any interest in guys like you understand, better pray that you never cross my way again
Abhi : We don’t know what is our destiny
Pragya and Abhi goes on the opposite ways and thinking to not meet each other again. Pragya reaches the place she is supposed to go where villagers sees her in bad light because she wears modern dress.
Pragya meets a village girl named Sandhya who is getting married soon.
Sandhya : Hi, I am sorry I did not recognize you
Pragya : My name is Pragya Arora, I am a journalist , I came to capture the life of the village
Sandhya : All the best then
Some girls come to take Sandhya for the Mehndi function. Pragya notices a scar in her hand before she leaves. Meanwhile Abhi meets his Daasi who is ill.
Abhi : How are you Daasi? I heard you are ill
Daasi : Doctors say anything, I am perfectly fine,
Abhi : You have to take care of yourself, if you want I can take you in city with us
Daasi : No Abhi, I have peace in this place, if you want to do something for me then find a girl for you
Abhi : Gosh not again, I told same thing to Dadi, I will only get married the girl who is my choice
Daasi : Well looking at situation I think I will not be able to see your bride
Abhi : I promise you, I will get married in one year
Later Pragya sees a guy is threatening Sandhya. She goes to talk to her friend Nili.
Nili : Yes? do you need something
Pragya : There is something going on in this place which is not okay
Nili : What do you mean
Pragya : I know you all are hiding something, I saw Sandhya’s fiancee was troubling her
Nili is getting scared to tell anything.
Pragya : Look, your honesty can bring new light in this village or your silence can destroy everything here, you decide

Purab : Hey Tashu, lets go for dinner today
Tashu : Alright, I am free today
Both of them goes to a five star hotel for dinner. Eventually Bulbul with her friend goes at the same hotel.
Tashu : After a long time we had time together
Purab : I know our work does not give us enough time
Tashu : Don’t worry, we can still manage
Purab : I wonder how we will manage after marriage
Tashu : Look, now when you raised this topic, I want to make it clear that I am not ready for marriage now, not at least for 3 years
Purab : Tashu, I respect your feeling
Tashu : Thank you for understanding
Bulbul crosses from Purab’s table and sits behind him. While Tashu goes to washroom, Bulbul accidentally drops water on Tashu’s dress when she is about to get up.
Bulbul : I am so sorry
Tashu : Sorry my foot, are you blind or what
Bulbul : I am apologizing, why are you so rude
Tashu : You know how expensive this dress is
Purab : What happened Tashu?
Tashu : Nothing, these days people don’t care about decency
Bulbul : Excuse me, from your face you don’t look decent either
Purab : You? Oh so now today you are misbehaving again
Tashu : Seems like you are a drama queen everywhere
Bulbul : Drama queens are models like you who show their attitudes everywhere
Purab : Lets go Tashu, instead of fighting with her
Tashu : How dare you insult my profession
Bulbul : I did not insulted but girls like you insult it for your sake
Purab take Tashu out from the place before things blow out.

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