Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 19


Pragya returns to home after resigning from her job.
Alia : Pragya, what is all this happening
Abhi : Alia, Pragya can at least get another job but main problem has occurred with Purab and Bulbul, their both hard work went in vain
Alia : you are right bhai, we should help them overcome this loss, insurance refused to pay the compensation

Pragya does not react to their situation and stays silent.
Abhi : why are you silent, say something at least (tells Pragya holding her shoulder)
Pragya : what do you expect, its like life does snot want us move on without any problems
Alia : Pragya, we all are together, we will face the situation like always
Pragya : it is not that easy Alia, Purab’s all hard work will go in vain if we do not repay the loans for that factory which Bulbul reopened

Abhi : you are right but if that is the case then (gets into thinking) Alia come with me
Pragya senses something wrong when Abhi takes Alia with him
Abhi : remember Alia, we had a land where you wanted to build hotel, we will sell that land and I think that would cover at least half of the amount of loan what do you think
Alia : bhai are you sure you want to do this, I mean I am not refusing it
Abhi : Alia our friend is in big trouble, we can buy that land again but we only have on week to repay that loan, i promise you I will buy you a big hotel that you want
Alia : even if you didn’t wanted I would have sold that land brother, anything for you and Purab (hugs him emotionally) and even if that doesn’t cover we would sell our farm house
Abhi tells Pragya who is standing outside to come in the room
Abhi : you journalist, why were you spying on our conversation

“I am not in mood to listen to your conversation Rockstar” Pragya says ignoring his attitude
Abhi : whatever it is lets keep all that between three of us right now
Alia : but what will we tell Purab and Bulbul, they will get to know today or tomorrow
Abhi : you leave that to me, I will handle it, you go ahead and tell the agent that we want client who can buy our land
Alia : okay bhai but for that I have to go to Cape town today
Abhi : fine, you make all arrangements and if you want Sameer can go with you
Alia : its really okay I will manage it
Abhi : at least listen to me sometime Alia, don’t go alone alright
Alia : fine bhai

Later Tashu is at her home with candles around her looking at Purab’s picture
Tashu : I am sorry Purab, but i didn’t have any choice, you chose to leave me but that Bulbul don’t deserve you, I realized nobody can love you like me
Flashback during get together night
Tashu reaches Bulbul’s factory in the rainy weather. She looks around and hits the guard who does not see her face properly. She finds the spare key from his pocket and goes inside. She turns the main switch on and open the window so water droplets can come in from outside.
Flashback ends

Tashu : Purab, this is the only way I could reach you or else that Bulbul would have never let me stay around you, now see how I solve your problem by paying your debt and bring Bulbul down in front of you that because of her mistake you suffered the big loss
Mehra house
Purab comes home with angry and disturbed face. Bulbul gets scared to face his reaction.
Abhi : Purab, please calm down, everything will be fine
“How bro, here my deal is canceled and Bulbul not one time I warned out thousand times to not reopen this factory, it will give you nothing” goes to Bulbul while talking who moves back seeing his anger

Pragya : Purab please don’t get angry
Purab : how can i not, its not about money but Pragya you have no idea, it not only our loss but all those workers whose life depended on this factory. your sister showed them big dream and in another moment it got all crashed
Pragya : you too think it was Bulbul’s fault for whatever happened
Purab : I am not saying that but one person’s carelessness has ruined everything, I have to sell my every property to pay loans of this factory and losses I had from my deal
Bulbul gets too much disturbed with Purab’s words and goes outside the house while Tashu gets happy to see the rift between love birds.

Abhi : Purab, you won’t have to sell anything because Alia and I had a land for our hotel, we will sell that to pay off your loans
Purab : no way , bhai it was your both dream, I will not take that favor
Abhi : I will punch your face very hardly if you ever call my help as a favor
Purab : bhai but
Abhi : no more discussion Purab, I sent Alia to cape town for the deal, there is one client ready to buy our land
Tashu : Purab I heard Ranveer Singh became the major share holder in your company and he will have to take all decisions

Purab : Tashu you know me very well, I built this company with my hard work and will not let anybody take this empire at any cost (says with determination)
Pragya : then there is one idea, do the voting system, ask everybody’s opinion as who should be the chairman, you gave your life to this company right then trust yourself that you will win this
Abhi : and what if the decision is favored on his side, we will lose everything
Pragya : Abhi, in my whole career I only listened to my mind thats why I have been successful and thats what I am telling to Purab, we cannot let this company go into wrong hands
Purab : Pragya is right, and who knows by this I will insult his popularity in front of people that he will not be able to stand on the next election

Bulbul is consoled by Pragya and Abhi in the room.
Abhi : Bulbul, you know Purab’s temper, then why are you minding him
Bulbul : I am not crying because he scolded me but he has so much stress due to my foolishness,
Pragya : whatever bad was supposed to happened, it did now stop crying, we are not born to lose alright
Abhi : yes Bulbul, you should learn how to be thankless in such situation
Pragya stares at him in red eyes
Abhi : I am getting scared (starts leaving the room but Pragya runs behind him )
Pragya : what do you think of yourself Rockstar, wait i will show you (throws pillow at him)
Purab comes to meet Bulbul who fakes anger at him

Purab : I am sorry Bulbul, I should not have scolded you like that (holds his ears)
Bulbul does not react to his apologies and turns back
Purab : I said sorry na, why so arrogant, even Abhi broke your sister’s all arrogance but look at you, nothing could change you
Bulbul : shut up Purab or else seriously I will kill you (gets up from bed) it is called self confidence and who told you my sister’s arrogance is broke, she is wounded tigress and nobody would dare to mess up
Purab : oh god, you both sisters are so good in scaring but definitely me and Abhi will not be scared from you
Bulbul : whatever (ignores his words)

Next day Purab goes to his office and tells his staff to help him with the situation.
Purab : I know its been very tuff but since I am still half share holder of this company, there will be voting system that who will be the chairman of this empire, right Mr Singh
Ranveer : you are wasting your time Purab, you know that if I go out from here then your so called company will be shut down due to the losses you faced
Purab : we don’t really care for that because I built this empire with my skills and hard work, I will not let it go in wrong hands, definitely not yours so the panel will decide the new chairman

The board meetings gather in the office and asks the staff to put their vote as who they wants to be their boss.
Scene shifts to Alia who is visiting Cape town to meet the client
Alia : Hi I am Alia Mehra (shakes her hand)
Sandy : hello ma’am I am sandy, manager of this agency
Alia : so I have all the documents signed by Abhi Mehra and me, where is the client
Sandy : there he is, Mr Agarwal
Alia : Hello Mr Agarwal, I am Alia Mehra, I am so glad you got ready to mortgage this deal in short notice and took time for it
Mr Agarwal : My pleasure, and thats part of my job Ms Mehra
Alia : thank you so much, let finish the formalities

Mr Agarwal : bank would receive the installment soon when the paper work is done in two days
Alia : thats perfectly fine, it was nice meeting you
Bulbul looks outside the factory which is burnt badly due to fire.
Bulbul : whoever you are (curses the person who ruined her factory) if you did this to shatter my confidence then just watch you, stay wherever you are till the day you come in my hands, I promise If I did not burned your life then my name is not Bulbul Arora

The screen freezes on all six of them’s determination to end the evil forever to start the new life

Precap : Purab takes over his empire again, Tashu kidnaps Bulbul during the party of their success to finally send Ranveer Singh in jail. Towards the end the three couple move to seperate destination to start their new life afresh

PS : Guys only 2-3 parts left. Nothing more to show here so hope everybody enjoyed it

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