Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 17


Sameer, Purab, Alia and Bulbul heads to airport to drop Pragya and Abhi
Pragya witnesses Bulbul’s sadness and goes to her
“Whats wrong Bulbul” says Pragya touching her sisters cheek
Bulbul : nothing sis, I am fine (removes Pragya’s hand and hugs her) I will miss you
“Take care of yourself and all the best for your show, I know you will rock it as always” says Pragya assuring her sister
Abhi : if your sister love is done, can we move or else we will miss your flight (teases her)
Pragya intentionally hits bag on his feet
“Oouch I will see you later Ms journalist” says Abhi catching his feet
Purab : okay, Abhi we are leaving, take care of your both (hugs his friend)
Alia : bye bro, have a safe journey
Pragya and Abhi heads towards their gate. The fans surround Abhi which makes Pragya jealous to the core. He keeps giving autograph to the girls in their hand. Pragya fakes her annoyance in front of him
Pragya : finally you got time from your fans (folds her shoulder)
“I can’t help it that I am so handsome” praises himself by touching his collar
Pragya : can we please go now if your praising is over (heads to the gate)
Abhi : this girl is so cute
Tashu calls Alia and informs them about the deal being finalized
Alia : thats great, now get ready for next execution Tashu,
Tashu : yea, and this clients are very professional, they will not tolerate anything nonsense
Anu looks at the intimate picture of Abhi and Pragya in big screen remembering the slap she got from Pragya
“ Now just wait and watch how I break your arrogance then you will watch how I make Abhi mine forever “ kisses Abhi’s picture
She calls somebody and tells to publish the pictures in newspaper. Abhi and Pragya goes to their seats. Pragya sits on the window side while Abhi next to her
Pragya : this view is so beautiful, look
Abhi does not respond to her as his reading the magazine which irks her
The flight takes off in a while.
Abhi : okay I am sorry (holds his ears but she is not convinced)
Pragya : only one condition
Abhi : what?
Pragya : lets watch the movie, I am bored (says crossing her arms)
Abhi laughs at her antics and thinks of Pragya’s old behavior
Abhi : Pragya, I feel sometimes that you were better with your old avatar
“Why” asks Pragya with confusion
Abhi : from when you got fond of movies and that too romantic movies
Pragya hits on his shoulder for making fun of her change
Abhi : stop showing me that glare and lets watch movie, and this is plane no violence
Both of their argument continues for a while and dozes while watching the movie. Abhi sees Pragya resting her head on his shoulder. He gets mesmerized by the innocent face and beautiful eyes. He slowly removes the hair troubling her in the sleep and covers with the blanket.
Anu meets Tashu and tells her about the deed she did
Tashu : what? (asks in shock)
Anu : why are you so shocked? I did what that girl deserved, now see how will she get defamed
Tashu gets worried hearing what big shocker it will when news will be published. She gets in into the car and calls Alia immediately
Alia : yea, whats up?
Tashu : Alia, there is a big problem
Alia : what happened (says while eating apple)
Tashu tells her everything which makes Alia astonished
Alia : what are you saying? is this true
Tashu : trust me, that Anu told me by herself and by tomorrow that news will be in headlines
“Oh my god what will we do now” says rubbing her head
Tashu : I don’t even know where she sent those pictures and that tape, we have to stop that
Alia : but how will we find
Tashu ; I will go to Anu’s house tonight and find that address if I can
Alia : okay but be careful nobody should doubt you or else there will be big problem
Tashu : don’t worry
Bulbul welcomes everybody for her exhibition and keeps herself busy in the event. People praises her work and the designs
Bulbul ; avni, go inside and bring another stock from store room
Avni : okay I will, you take care of outside (runs inside)
Abhi and Pragya’s flight lands to Dubai. They check out and get into the car. Pragya gets fascinated to see the view of Dubai with her binocular
Pragya : Abhi, this is such a beautiful city (clicks pictures)
Abhi : Ms photographer, click pictures later, lets check into our hotel (reaches the hotel)
Both of them get checks in the hotel
Bulbul’s exhibition goes well and gets much high profit than she expected. Late at night Tashu sneaks into Anu’s house to find the address she sent the picture. Bulbul decides to inform Purab who does not receive her calls due to his meeting
Alia : Purab, there is a big problem
“Oh my god, it seems like this word is always in our dictionary” says going through the files
Alia : its serious Purab (says sternly)
Purab : what is it
Alia tells him about Anu’s plan to defame Abhi and Pragya in media
Purab ; what the hell are you saying?
Alia : Tashu called me this afternoon that Anu sent some pictures and tomorrow’s headlines would be that
Purab : we have so stop her at any cost
Alia : Tashu went to her house to find that address she sent
Purab : that girl has gone crazy, how can she stoop so low
Alia : I know if she gets successful tomorrow then we will be finished
Tashu is not able to find the address at Anu’s house and gets upset
Purab : its okay Tashu (consoles her) we will find some other way
Alia : but how Purab, that news will be in front of people tomorrow
Tashu : its all because of me, I brought Anu that day to defame Abhi and she is doing all this to revenge on Pragya
Purab : its okay, don’t blame yourself some people are born only to create havoc in other’s life
Bulbul sees Purab consoling Tashu and gets angry leaving the place. Purab checks his phone and sees 15 missed calls of Bulbul
Purab : oh god Alia, 15 miss calls, she might turning into red after this
Alia : we have to tell her everything
Tashu : there is no point now because tomorrow will be a big disaster
Bulbul returns home angrily and starts packing her stuff for Lonavla
Purab : where are you going?
Bulbul : what does it matter? why don’t you spend time with your ex girlfriend (says folding her clothes)
Purab corners her holding her wrist tightly
“Purab leave me what are you doing” says bulbul with trying to get out from his grip
Purab : jealous? why do I sense some possessiveness here? Bulbul you don’t trust me
Bulbul : I trust you but not that girl, in return of her help she might get you back
Purab closes eyes hearing Bulbul’s words
Bulbul : what happened Purab? are you planning to go back to her
Purab : stop it (says bit angrily) why are you talking nonsense
Bulbul ; because I can feel that girl will cheat us in future in return of doing favor
Purab : nothing will happen like that, you don’t trust our love enough Bulbul
Bulbul ; I don’t want to hear anything, my bus is in two hours
Purab : what? are you serious, you didn’t bother to tell us
Bulbul ; I messaged you so many times but you didn’t bother to reply me back
Alia comes and stops their argument
Purab : Alia, look what she is talking
Alia ; Purab, go from here I will talk to her
Purab ; but
“Purab” says Alia staring at him who leaves
Alia : Bulbul, come sit (makes her sit on bed)
Bulbul : Alia, I don’t have have even little bit of trust on that girl
Alia : I know what are you thinking but right now only Tashu is the one who can help us in our motive
Bulbul : I understand what you are saying but I don’t know I still feel something wrong
Alia : Bulbul calm down, and focus on your dream right now okay
Bulbul nods positively after Alia’s assurance and starts preparing for her trip to Lonavla. Later Purab and Alia drops Bulbul to bus station and leaves. They goes back to house and informs Sameer about Anu’s deed
Sameer : you both are telling me right now? unbelievable, if you had told me earlier we would have tapped her phone and listen to her conversation
Pragya is doing something in her laptop when Abhi comes to her room.
Pragya : give me a minute
Abhi : what are you doing, come on we only have today and tomorrow to go around Dubai
Both of them goes out for trip to the city and enjoys their moments. Next day the newspaper headlines shocks the whole city
Alia : Purab (shouts his name) come quickly
Purab comes out running hearing her voice and looks at the news
Alia : this is so disgusting
The news refer to Pragya staying with a celebrity without marriage and enjoying the perks which comes with the celebrity
Purab crushes the paper in rage reading the article
Sameer : Abhi should not come back till few days, let him stay out of country
Alia : but only this newspaper will not stop, the media is crazy about all this, they will definitely make fuss out of this
Bulbul too gets big blow hearing the news and calls Pragya immediately
Pragya : yes Bulbul (says on phone) I can’t hear you I am in flight, I will call you later
Bulbul hangs up the phone and wonders how Pragya is coming back early
Alia : what? but why is Pragya coming alone, where is bhai
Purab : Abhi said his work is still pending and there was no need of Pragya staying there
While coming out of airport Pragya is surrounded by the media people asking her relation with Abhi the Rockstar which leaves her stunned. Sameer and Purab reaches the airport to save Pragya
Pragya : listen you have no right to question my character (tells one of the reporter)
Reporter : Ma’am is it true you are getting all the success due to the Rockstar
Pragya : enough I said, not anymore word
Purab comes forward but Pragya tells him so stay back as she is familiar with the profession.
“Stay back Purab” says Pragya showing her hand to him
She goes forward fearlessly with fire in her eyes. Reporters stop asking seeing her attitude
Pragya : what were you saying (refers to the reporter who was questioning her) that I am enjoying the success from the rockstar
Another Reporter : Ma’am you cannot deny the fact that you both are living together and it is impossible to stay away in same house
“ Wow, I must say this is what India has become where people have such a filthy mentality” said Pragya clapping her hands
The reporter still looks at disgust
Pragya : Even I am a media person I never misused this profession to interfere in somebody’s else’s personal life, I am an independent girl of 21st century, and answer my question till today when Abhi was good you were surrounding him and now when you heard something wrong about him you all are criticizing him, hypocrite thinking
Another group of woman comes abusing Pragya for staying with a guy without marriage which is against their society value
Pragya : Value? where are this values when girls are treated like doormats, they dance on parent’s tune before marriage, then their husband and later their children, where does this society values are when girls like us are humiliated even for doing the right way, when girls are being the victim of rape their culprits are roaming outside, why in the name of values, married woman’s are treated badly they are forced to forgive them why because of this so called society
Bulbul watches the live telecast on TV
Pragya : You all made this profession a joke, we are given this job to show the world the reality of cruel people not decent people, and yea one more thing yes I have relationship with Abhi the rockstar and that should be none of your concern
so does that clear your doubt (smiles sarcastically and starts to walk outside)
“ And yes thanks for the interview, don’t take it personal “ says turning behind before leaving
She hears the claps from behind by the women’s who were talking against her character. She walks out with the dignity and her self respect
Abhi watches her speech on TV and feels proud of himself for choosing Pragya as his life partner
Purab : seriously, this girl will set an example of womanhood
Abhi (on phone) : Purab, one thing I can say this girl does not need anybody’s help
Tashu gets the inspiration from Pragya hearing her speech and gets to know real meaning of being a girl
Pragya comes home with her cool attitude thinking nothing happened. She sees Alia sitting on balcony looking outside
“ Alia” says Pragya putting hand on her shoulder
“Yes Pragya, I was just thinking about you” says wiping her tears
Pragya : really? forget all that it happens in life right
Alia : In all this years I never came across somebody who is willing to stand up against this cruel society
Pragya ; Alia, you know when I was a kid I always thought that why is this society like this and my mom always said one thing
Alia : what?
Pragya : she said that Pragya no matter what happens but don’t bow down in front of anybody because you are a girl, she taught us to live life with dignity and that is my dream (stands up)
Alia : I know
Pragya : every girl has her right to live her own dreams and life but sadly it will not happen till this society change their thinking
Suddenly her phone rings and is Abhi
Abhi : So Ms social service, I heard you had given a great interview on TV, not bad my would be wife is very dangerous
“Of course I am and you should start to get afraid from me Rockstar” says Pragya laughingly
Abhi : Seriously Pragya I am very proud of you, I am sure one day you will become inspiration for all girls
Pragya ; and you are my inspiration Abhi, you brought that courage back which I lost somewhere in this battle, I should be the lucky girl
Abhi : of course you are lucky because very few people get this opportunity
Pragya ignoring his comment asks him about his return
Abhi ; I am almost done with my work, should be back in two days, love you
Pragya : bye love you too (hangs up)

PS : Thanks guys for liking this story; hope you are enjoying the concept. I will try to extend till i can

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