Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 16


Pragya warns Tashu to not against them or else she will face the consequence
Tashu : Pragya I know its hard for you to trust me
Pragya : this people might believe on you but I don’t trust people like you that easily so my eyes will be on you Tashu, remember it (leaves)
Tashu : Pragya, this time I will prove it to you that I am not a traitor and will fulfill the promise I made to my brother
Neetu : what? you knew everything from beginning then why were you quiet

Max calls after escaping from the concert, calls and explains her about the evil intention of their dad and insists Tashu to bring justice to the people they wronged always
Tashu : what are you saying
Max : he wanted to get rid of you but till your brother is alive nobody can harm you
Tashu : no bro, you cannot do this to me
Max : Tashu, for whole life we did wrong and never saw the right way, our dad will not even spare us for his own benefit
Tashu : bro please I cannot do anything without you, I will be helpless
Max : No Tashu, this punishment is nothing in front of what we have been doing to those people
Tashu feel extremely restless and nervous hearing his words

Max : we lost the chance of having good people in our life and I realized that when once Abhi saved my life but fate gave my punishment
Tashu : nothing will happen to you
Max : Promise me, no matter what you will end this injustice happening to them, even if you have to lose your life after that
Tashu : no bro please don’t say anything
Max : Tashu, dad wanted to kill you, he failed the brakes of your car but see even god wants you to do the atone of our mistakes, promise me
Tashu : I promise you that I will punish that person who is bad influence in this society
Max while talking crashes the car which blasts
Flashback ends
Neetu : but? why did you pretend you don’t know anything

Tashu : I wanted to win their trust first thats why I made them know the truth first or else they would have not believed me
Neetu : Tashu, whatever it is but you have to be careful and do the right things now and don’t cheat on this people
Tashu : I know what I am doing mom, but there is always trick to defeat your enemy that you have to defeat them by being their own not by their enemy and thats what I will do
Neetu : all the best dear
Tashu : thanks mom (hugs her mom)
Next day Tashu goes to the office where Ranveer informs her about their new deal.
Ranveer : remember Tashu, I am investing big on this deal, there should not be any problem
Tashu : don’t worry dad after bro, your daughter will handle everything
Ranveer : good (leaves)
Tashu takes the chance and taps the phone of Ranveer.
Alia (on phone) : Tashu, its done, I can hear the recording, now you go ahead
Tashu ; okay

Alia tells Purab about the multinational deal where Ranveer Singh is investing big amount of money
Purab : this is great chance to bring him on streets
Alia : but how, we are not even in that position
Purab :leave that to me, you just follow my instructions and arrange my meeting with those clients
Alia : okay, I will talk to them, by the way i had a talk with your exporter manager, everything is fine after that big brawl
Purab : thats great, take this file and I will see you after meeting
Alia : alright (leaves the cabin)
Purab’s phone ring and gets happy to see its Bulbul

Bulbul : hello Mr workaholic, I hope you remember that I am your permanent client
Purab : how can I forget my regular client, so what makes you remember me
Bulbul :Did you forgot we have our lunch meeting today at 4
Purab : I am so sorry Bulbul, but I forgot to tell you that I have very important delegation coming from Malaysia and we have to discuss everything today
Bulbul gets upset but does not tell Purab and convince him that she will be fine
Bulbul : okay take care, I will see you in the evening (hangs up the phone)
Pragya decides to surprise Abhi with the candle light dinner in the evening. She comes home early and cleans the house
Pragya : today everybody will be busy in their work, Bulbul will be at her factory, Purab and Alia will be late due to their meeting
She sets up the table with Abhi’s favorite food.

Pragya : this is done (lights up the candle) , rockstar today will be the biggest surprise for you, I will make it memorable
In the evening Pragya is desperately waiting for Abhi to come back
Pragya : where are you Abhi? (keeps trying his phone but cannot reach him)
Alia tells Purab and Bulbul to stay at the farm house for the night. Pragya gets worried for Abhi who does not return till 12 am at night. She dozes off on the table when Abhi opens the door.
He looks around the house with decoration and notices Pragya slept on the table.
Abhi : I am so sorry Pragya (says softly holding her hand)
He gently picks her up without disturbing her sleep and takes her to the room. After he places Pragya properly on the bed, he is about to leave but is held by Pragya who is still asleep. He removes the hand and leaves the room turning off the lights. Next day Alia, Purab and Bulbul returns to the home and sees the decoration
Alia : wow, this is so amazing, I must say Bulbul, you might be designer but your sister is double creative in all this
Bulbul ; of course, after all she is my sister

Purab : that means, she does all work and you take the credit not bad, keep it up Bulbul
Bulbul : stop it, (hits hi shoulder)
Alia : by the way it looks like this two might have not woke up, I am sure their night was long
Bulbul : if that is the case then what is that food doing on table
Pragya and Abhi comes out from their room and meets the trio
Abhi : where did you three go
Alia : your girlfriend wanted some privacy from me, your sister (says teasingly)
Bulbul ; by the way, looks like you both didn’t sleep enough yesterday don’t you think Alia
Pragya goes to washroom ignoring Bulbul’s words
Bulbul : what happened to her? is everything okay Abhi
Abhi : actually I came home late yesterday and she dozed off till I came back I am sure she is angry with me
Purab : but why were you late,
Abhi : I had to meet the directors and I got late with the meeting

Bulbul : don’t worry, it happens look at our situation (stares at Purab with taunting reaction)
Pragya overhears their conversation from her room and goes inside
Abhi : Alia, I feel so bad all her hard work went in vain
Alia : bro, its okay she will also understand
Purab tells everybody he will con Ranveer’s deal with the clients
Alia : but how
Purab : once the client fixes the deals with Ranveer Singh, they will finance on his next election but we will make them show that Ranveer is big conman and make him look bad
Abhi goes to Pragya’s room who is looking around for the files
Abhi : I am so sorry for spoiling your surprise yesterday
Pragya : don’t worry about it, I will think at least you appreciated my efforts (says casually)
Abhi is kind of surprised to see Pragya’s cool behavior and does not take it casually
Abhi : Pragya, listen to me (holds her hand tightly)
Pragya : what are you doing? leave my hand I told you I didn’t mind then why you so worried
Abhi : because your eyes says something else, that you are still upset
Pragya (jerks his hand) : I am actually, but not because you didn’t came but you didn’t bother to message me back, I was so worried about you
Abhi : my phone ran out of battery thats why I could not talk to you
Pragya : Abhi, I am getting late for my work let me go (leaves the room)
Bulbul : guys, latest news remember tomorrow is my exhibition so you all will have to come okay
Alia : I will definitely don’t worry about others
Bulbul : so kind of you, I will go or else everybody will go for leave, bye
Tashu : Purab I will keep informing you the details about the deal
Purab : Tashu, you have to make sure that he does not doubt you

Tashu : you don’t worry I am better at acting you know me from years
Purab : of course I know you, nobody can beat you in acting
Bulbul who comes to his office gets jealous when she hears Purab talking to Tashu. She leaves the office immediately to her factory.
Avni : Bulbul, are you okay? (pats her)
Bulbul : yes, sorry what is it?
Avni : do you want to check this designs (hands her the book) I had talk with clients they are happy with our theme proposal
Bulbul : thats great, why don’t you get check the presentations
Avni : is everything okay? Bulbul
Bulbul : yea, I am fine
Avni : sure? I mean can I help you for something
Bulbul ; No its okay, sometimes it get necessary to let out some pain
Avni : everything will be alright
Mehra house
Pragya starts her packing for the trip when Abhi enters the room

Abhi : what are you doing?
Pragya : can’t you see? I am packing, the strike is over so I have to leave tomorrow night
Abhi : and you didn’t feel to tell anybody really, what is wrong with you
Pragya : I told everybody but you might have not heard me, these days you don’t have time for me (fakes her annoyance)
Abhi : Pragya, okay fine I will cancel my all meetings for next week
Pragya : but how will you (pouts) when you are going with me (shows him the ticket)
Abhi (widens his mouth) : Pragya, how did you
Pragya : you forgot you messed with a journalist, I have my eyes everywhere rockstar
Abhi runs after her for foiling his plans
Pragya : rockstar, you are bad at surprising people so try this trick on somebody else
Abhi : I feel you are in wrong field, you should be a detective, you are good at foiling my plans
Both of them end up falling on the bed with too much proximity. Both share passionate kiss but Pragya breaks up the moment after too much intimate
Abhi : you are blushing? are you okay (touches her head)
Pragya : Abhi please, (removes his hand)
Abhi : what happened now
Pragya : I am feeling awkward with all these, lets get married
Abhi : okay fine, we will announce it when we come back (consoles her)

Precap : People taunts Pragya for staying with Abhi without marriage which makes him lose his cool. Purab is successful in making Ranveer Singh loses the election but at the other side Bulbul gets more possessive with Purab and Tashu’s togetherness again

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