Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 15


Abhi is sitting in the balcony late at night when Pragya comes from back and hugs him
Abhi : hey, you didn’t sleep at night
Pragya : No I came to tell you something
Abhi : what is it (says with concern)
Pragya : my company wants to promote me and send me for consignment in Dubai for couple months
Abhi : Dubai? well congratulations
Pragya : I refused the offer
Abhi : but why, it is such a good opportunity for you, then whats the reason
Pragya ; I don’t want to leave you all alone, I don’t feel like going
Abhi : Pragya (turns back) remember what I told you our lives are connected now our success is also same
Pragya : But Abhi
Abhi : so its final you will go there, tomorrow tell your manger that you will go to your consignment alright
Pragya nods positively and hugs him. Next day Abhi tells Purab to book his ticket to Dubai with Pragya without telling her.
Purab : but Abhi, she is living in the same house, she will doubt
Abhi : Purab, can you do as I say please
Purab : okay fine
Abhi gets excited to travel with Pragya without telling her.
Bulbul : but sis is it necessary to go (pouts)
Alia : Bulbul are you okay, you are telling to miss this opportunity
Bulbul : I will be alone here, (sits on sofa)
Pragya : Bulbul, can you please stop being emotional, even you are going for exhibition (shows her the package)
Bulbul : sis, give me that package (runs after her) you cannot spoil my surprise
Pragya : very smart, here you are showing me those crocodile tears and other side you were planning to go out
Purab : sis, don’t spare her, she is planning to fool us and being sympathetic
Bulbul : you guys, I wanted to surprise you all about this good news
Pragya : then why you were not letting me go
Bulbul : because I wanted you to come with me to my exhibition
Pragya : Bulbul, Alia will go with you alright, so you will not be alone
Bulbul : when are you leaving
Pragya : within few weeks, I have to finish the quotation first and then go for meeting
Bulbul : okay you go to your tour
Pragya gets a call from somebody and goes out of room while talking
Pragya : okay I will talk to them (hangs up the phone with distress)
Abhi : what happened? is everything alright
Pragya : yea all good (says with seriousness)
Abhi : your face does not say that, whats wrong
Pragya : my trip is postponed for couple months because there is a strike for airport and all flights are cancelled
Abhi : what?
Pragya : yea, sir called me to talk with the clients on web and send them the proposal
Abhi : then what is so bad about it
Pragya : I am getting late for work, I will see you in the evening, bye (kisses him on cheek)
Abhi : take care and drive safely
Pragya : yea (shouts from outside)
Purab tells Pragya about Rajveer Singh trying frame Tashu for Max’s murder
Pragya : what? are you serious
Purab : look at this, (shows video of Rajveer giving money to a mechanic to frame Tashu for Max’s murder)
Pragya : but do you think she will agree to this
Purab : it is very helpful, she can be important link to us, we can turn against her dad
Pragya : have you lost it Purab? and what if she refused to our deal
Purab : I know how to handle her, Purab khanna can make impossible to possible, you leave that to me,
Pragya : fine, if she agrees it would our luck, all the best Mr Khanna
Purab : but first I have to find out why would Ranveer Singh wants to frame his own daughter
Bulbul prepares for her first exhibition very happily
Bulbul : Purab just wait, how I make this brand successful and fulfill your dream, Avni did you put everything proper in the store room, there should not be any problem tomorrow
Avni : don’t worry, I just hope customers like our designs tomorrow, if it goes according to our plan then we can finance for our boutique
Bulbul : I know, and you all come early tomorrow at 8, so we can set up the tables
Avni : okay I will, now you go home and relax
Bulbul : I am leaving, and before you leave check the doors and windows
Avni : yea sure

Sameer and Purab goes to Tashu and shows her the reality of her dad.
Tashu : you are lying Purab, I know my dad is bad for others, even my brother but they cannot cheat on me
Purab : Tashu, do you want to know what is the reality behind Max’s accident
Tashu : I don’t want to hear anything
Purab : you have to, Max bribed to tamper Abhi’s car break but we fixed it on time
Tashu is amazed to hear it
Purab : the car your brother took was not Abhi’s but yours which he drove to concert
Tashu recalls Max taking her car to Abhi’s concert
Purab : I hope you remember that your and Abhi’s car have same model so your brother took your car when he was escaping
Tashu : then what about that accident
Purab : Tashu, accidents happen unintentionally and breaks are given to control the car
Sameer : and the breaks were failed in your car after your brother reached the concert
Tashu : this does not prove my dad did all this, you might have failed the break
Sameer : Purab, can you please give some sense in her mind
Purab : shows her the footage Ranveer asking somebody on his phone if the breaks are failed in Tashu’s car
Sameer : your dad started to consider you threat since you are the link to all his illegal activities. so he failed your car breaks but unfortunately his own son became the victim
Tashu could not believe her own father has cheated on her. The person whom she considered her idol whole life
Sameer : now the most important truth that you are not his own daughter
This news comes a huge blow on Tashu as she never expected that
Purab : he brought you from his rival, your real father sold you to Ranveer Singh to clear all this debt and
Tashu who is not able to accept the truth shock gets unconscious
Purab : Tashu (takes her to room)
Sameer : doctor how is she
Doctor : she is fine right now but she is in trauma, so she needs rest
Sameer : thank you doctor
Purab : Sam, she has to regain conscious for our benefit
Sameer : I know but before that we have to tell this truth to everybody
Mehra house
Everybody is dumbfounded after hearing the reality from Purab
Bulbul : Purab, are you sure? is this true
Pragya : it is true Bulbul, that creep can do anything for money and fame,
Abhi : whatever Tashu and Max did with us, they did due to their helplessness
Alia ; but bhai after this will Tashu help us
Sameer : we have to wait till she regains consciousness
Tashu comes to her senses and goes out of her room. She passes from Ranveer’s room and hears him talking to somebody
Lady : Sir please now all your debts are clear, give me my daughter back
Ranveer : not now, your daughter will have to pay the price for my son’s death
Lady : please Sir, you got what you wanted but please return my daughter
Ranveer : its too late, because of her my son died and anyway your daughter is always been a burden on me
Tashu curses herself for doing bad things to other people and karma is bitting her in bad way. She is still relieved to see her own mother
Ranveer : stop wasting my time and get out of here (tells security to throw the lady out)
Tashu hides in her room and follows the lady on road later after escaping from the room.
Tashu : you were looking for me?
Lady : who are you?
Tashu : You came to Ranveer Singh’s house to ask for his daughter, I am the one (in tears for the first time)
Neetu (Tashu’s mom) : you are my daughter? (gets delighted )
Tashu : yes, I am the one mom please tell me what is going on
Neetu : come with me (takes her to somewhere)
Tashu : yes mom
Neetu : your dad and I were in huge debt, we didn’t have money for to pay this Ranveer,
Tashu : so you sold your daughter? how could you mom
Neetu ; no dear, we did not sold you, we mortgaged our everything but still could not pay him back, your dad begged him so much but that cruel man did not agree, he forcefully took you and captured your dad, I had no choice
Ranveer : I will release your husband and daughter the day you return my money back
Neetu ; please don’t do this, return my daughter, don’t do this
Ranveer : your daughter is traded off, till you don’t pay me back she will stay with me
Neetu : he only raised you for his own benefit, later he killed your dad by accident but look at the fate his own son died the same way
Tashu ; mom I promise you the person who snatched our peace, I will take away his pride
Neetu : no dear, please you will not do anything wrong, lets go from here
Tashu :mom your daughter is not afraid of anyone, till today I used my brain to do wrong things now I will use it to do right things
Neetu : but you cannot alone defeat him, he is very powerful
Tashu : there is somebody who will help me out in this mission
Mehra house
Everybody is pacing around the room.
Alia : guys what are you all thikning
Abhi : I am thinking if we can find a person who can help us get all information, we can use not let Ranveer Singh get into election this year
“Replacement is ready” a voice comes from back by Tashu
Tashu : I am with you all, and don’t worry I will not double cross you, what say, we will make good team (forwards her hand)
Pragya : who is this with you
Tashu : thats my mom, its long story
Neetu : you are Pragya Arora?
Pragya : yes, how do you know (asks confusingly)
Neetu : I know you are the daughter right of Mr Arora who was framed for my husbands’ accident
Bulbul : what? (shocks to the core)
Neetu : RS framed your dad in my husband’s accident, he killed my husband
Pragya : That creep, I won’t spare him (grabs her gun in anger)
Abhi : Pragya what are you doing ? calm down
Pragya : He dared to harm my family, I will not spare him today
Bulbul : sis please, we cannot mess up anything due to our anger
Tashu : Pragya now, I am here so you all will get the information you want, in all this years I learned enough from that person

Precap : Tashu taps Ranveer’s phone so Alia can hear all the phone conversation. Pragya sets up the trap to publicly humiliate him

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