Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 12


Sameer raids the place where Pragya recorded the place of smuggling. The news goes viral and the person who mixed chemical in Coke at Purab’s factory is also caught. Pragya also becomes popular for leaking the news of smuggling. Police starts their investigation more strictly on the black money.
Bulbul : Wow, di you did amazing
Pragya : This is just beginning Bulbul, you just wait and watch my next move, I did not take Rajveer Singh’s name yet because I want him to live in fear
Bulbul : whatever you do but do it carefully
Abhi comes in clapping Pragya for her work and saving million people from disaster.
Pragya : thank you very much
Abhi : I must say you are too dangerous for everything, but I am happy you payed heed to my advise
Pragya : You deserve a treat from me, I want to have candle light dinner with you
Abhi : millions of girls look for this opportunity to have dinner with me, and you should be lucky enough that I am accepting it
Pragya : You will never stop praising yourself would you
“Because I am Abhi the rockstar” says Abhi touching his collar
Ranveer : what are you saying Tashu?
Tashu : Till now we were thinking like them and thats why these both sisters are foiling all our plans
Max : Tashu is right dad, we have to think ten steps ahead of them, we thought after burning their house, that Pragya would become weak but no her courage is increasing everyday
Tashu : The sole reason for all this is Abhi, he is the one who pushed back Pragya to her work and she started foiling our plans
Max : I have a brilliant idea now and that would separate this love birds (smirks)
Bulbul goes to hunt new job for her when she witnesses an old scrapped cloth factory. She finds one girl named Maya who was an old employer of the factory.
Bulbul : Hi my name is Bulbul Arora (shakes her hand with Maya)
Maya : Yes, how can I help you
Bulbul : If I am not wrong this is the same factory which was closed 5 years ago due to some accident right?
Maya : Yeah, and the owner suffered big loss and he had to shut down this business
Bulbul ; Can I ask you the name of this owner?
Maya ; Purab Khanna
” What?” Bulbul widnes her eyes hearing his name
Maya : I still remember he told me this factory was his mom’s dream and he wanted it to be successful but destiny does not favor good people.
Bulbul : I want to get the keys to go inside
Maya : But why do you want to waste time old scrapped things, and I don’t have the keys, maybe Purab Sir might have the keys, anyway I gotta go now, nice meeting you
Purab ; who told you about the factory?
Bulbul : your old employee Maya, and I found her record from that previous burnt factory
Purab : what do you want though?
Bulbul : I want to reopen that factory and make it world’s largest designing boutique, it is my dream and I think even your wanted that right ?
Purab denies Bulbul’s idea of reopening the factory but she argues him back for being weak.
Bulbul : what is the problem?
Purab : You don’t know how risky it is to open? and what if it does not run, we will suffer big loss this time
Bulbul : Think positively, we will import the clothes to ordinary people first and I trust my talent and instinct
Purab : i know you want to open your own boutique and I can help you invest at another good place so you can make it popular but don’t expect this factory to be successful
Bulbul : Even if all doors are closed there is always a small ray of hope and that ray is enough to remove darkness
Purab ; I have never seen you so stubborn
Bulbul ; But now I will show you the extent I can to achieve my goal, I will open boutique on that place only
Purab : how will you invest money on it?
Bulbul ; Purab, I told you once fate can cheat us but not talent, we both sisters are achievers. we don’t like to lose
Later at night Pragya and Abhi goes for their dinner at five star hotel.
Pragya : by the way, I did my work now when will I see your next concert
Abhi : Very soon and its a surprise, the next one will be memorable for the whole world
Pragya : your talks says that you are already ready for your next hit album, all the best
Suddenly in the hotel enters a charming hunk wearing black blazer and white shirt inside. He witnesses Pragya and Abhi sitting on the table and goes to them.
Guy ; Hello Miss journalist beauty (says looking at Pragya)
Pragya : Excuse me? (stands up with angry face)
Guy ; You are still the same red chili
Pragya goes into thinking and remembers somebody. Abhi is about the hit the guy but is stopped by Pragya.
Abhi : who are you?
Pragya : Aditya Diwan?
Aditya : Wow, so you did not forget me (kisses her hand)
Abhi’s blood boil seeing Pragya hugging him happily
Pragya : how can I forget you? Abhi this is Sam’s younger brother Aditya
Aditya : Pleasure
Abhi nods negatively and suspiciously look at Aditya. The trio spends quality time together.
Aditya : You didn’t told me you found a boyfriend
Abhi mistakenly splits his drink from his mouth
Pragya : idiot, not boyfriend, he is just my friend or I would say best friend
Aditya : That means I still have chance
Pragya : Shut up! you know that we are good friends nothing more than that
Aditya ; But still if you find nobody then I will marry you later
Abhi holds the glass tightly and it breaks making his hand bleed severely. Pragya freaks out seeing the scene and tears piece of her scarf to tie on his hand. Abhi looks on when Pragya applies medicine on his hand.
Aditya : are you okay?
Abhi : i am fine, sorry I disturbed both of your conversation
Pragya : don’t be fool, I think we should go its quite late
Aditya : by the way, congratulation on your success
Pragya : Thanks
After Pragya and Abhi leaves Aditya talks with somebody saying informing the accomplishment of task and smirks. Abhi gets in dilemma about his concern for Pragya.
Purab : you are crazy Abhi, what was the need to break the glass that time
Abhi : I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I could not tolerate that guy with Pragya,
Purab : but he is Sameer’s brother
Abhi : It is not necessary that younger sibling can be in the shoes of his elder one
Purab ; You mean?
Abhi : I need to find his detail soon before he traps Pragya Next day Bulbul get the keys of the old factory and goes inside it finding everything covered with cloth.
Bulbul : Finally my dream will come true
Pragya : Are you sure you will be able to do this ?
Bulbul : Di, don’t worry, I want to do something to make you and mom proud one day
Pragya : You know mom’s blessing is with us, all the best Bulbul
“Thank you di” says Bulbul hugging Pragya
Abhi goes for his music rehearsal and remembers Pragya’s closeness with Aditya. He plays drums very intensely and fast noticed by Purab and Alia.
Purab : do you know what is wrong with him today?
Alia : Jealous what else?
Purab : what?
Alia : I feel he is getting possessive for Ms Journalist
Purab ; I don’t think so
” Because you don’t have eyes Purab” says Alia annoyingly to Purab
Purab : It is waste to talk to you
Abhi does not stop to play till Purab stops him asking him the reason of his anger.
Abhi : Leave me alone for a while and I told you to get details of that Aditya Diwan
Purab : Yeah I got it
Abhi : what does it say?
Purab : You were right Abhi, this guy is poles apart from his brother, he has been a wrecker for Sameer from childhood and was involved in illegal works but stopped for some reason I don’t know
Abhi : I can judge person by his talk, one thing is for sure he is here for some motive but I will not let anybody harm Pragya at any cost (leaves)
Alia : whatever you say Purab, bhai has strong feelings for Pragya but being stubborn he will not confess easily
Aditya goes to meet somebody at house and later is revealed to be Max and Tashu. Max hugs him evilly.
Max : how are you my friend?
Aditya : I missed you Max, till now I am fine but somebody else will be in trouble
Tashu : Our decision was right to bring you here Aditya, I hope you won’t disappoint us after all you have the blood of an honest officer
Aditya : You are forgetting being blood does not matter in this world, and I hate him to the core, he always got everything from mom dad, their favorite son (says breaking glass)
Tashu : But why did you agree to ruin Pragya?
Aditya : she is the sole reason for our rift, I wanted to marry her but she rejected me now she will have to pay for her deed, by hook or crook
Max : what I could not you will complete the task?
Aditya : She is my obsession and I want her at any cost but I promise I will bring her to your feet one day and she will beg for her life
Tashu : thats why we called you
Aditya : She will have to come back to me
Tashu : whats the plan
Max : right now our thorn is only Abhi and you will have to get rid of him
Aditya shows them flyer of Abhi’s next concert and explains everything to them.
Aditya : After that concert I will make Pragya mine forever and she will never be able to think of anybody else
The trio puts their hand together smiling smirkily.
Bulbul convinces some of her designer friends to start design with all old clothes from the factory.
Purab : Do you even realize what big risk you are taking?
Bulbul : You don’t have to help me if you do not want but I want to do something big
Purab : Really? and will you tell me what do you want to do
Bulbul is standing near the lake and shows Purab the poster of best designer in world.
Purab : Ambitious
Bulbul : I want to be the best and world would remember me in future
Pragya meets Aditya outside her office and invites her to join him for a drive.
Pragya : I forgot my purse inside I will be right back
Aditya mixes sleeping pill in Pragya’s water bottle while she goes back to get grab her purse.
Pragya : I am so sorry Aditya but Abhi want to talk something important
Aditya is angry on Abhi for foiling his plan again.
Pragya : Bye
Aditya : Damn
Pragya drives car while talking to Abhi on phone.
Abhi : where are you?
Pragya : I am com… (starts feeling dizzy)
Abhi : hello Pragya?
Suddenly there is noise of car crash due to which Pragya gets unconscious.
Abhi : Are you there?
Somebody tells Abhi about Pragya’s accident. Aditya who was following Pragya brings her to hospital. Abhi rushes to hospital but his blood boils seeing Aditya hold Pragya’s hand.
Abhi : what are you doing here?
Aditya : i saw her car on road and brought her to hospital, she is fine
Abhi : I am here, you can go
Later in evening doctor informs Abhi about sleeping found in Pragya’s blood.
Abhi : what?
Doctor : You have to tell her to be careful next time and not drive taking this much pills, I recommend you to keep her safe from it because overdose of it can harm her
Abhi : Thank you doctor
Purab and Bulbul comes to hospital to see Pragya. Abhi tells everything to Purab.
Abhi : Pragya taking sleeping pills is not possible, somebody might have mixed it
Purab : You are right
Abhi gets emotional seeing Pragya’s condition and asks her to open eyes for his sake. Pragya regains consciousness and finds Abhi next to her holding her hand.
Abhi : Are you okay ?
Pragya : I am feeling dizzy I don’t know how did I..
Abhi : Its okay, you need rest now, by the way did you meet today anybody before you left office
Pragya : Aditya came to meet me but I had to rush when you called me
Abhi : Aditya?
Pragya : Yeah, he wanted to go out with me but I could not go
Abhi (in his mind) : I feel I am getting close to truth, Aditya Diwan I am sure you mixed pills in Pragya’s water but I will not let your intentions fullfill at any cost
Pragya tells Abhi about Aditya being involved in illegal activities earlier which caused fight between both brothers.

Abhi : Really?

Pragya : Yeah, Sameer did not forgive him yet

Abhi : Obviously who would forgive such brother who can cause harm to his own brother

Pragya : I feel he might be changed

Abhi : I don’t believe are you same Pragya who knew each person by only one meeting

Pragya : I don’t know but I think he is changed for better

Abhi hires a private detective behind Aditya to catch him red handed.

Abhi : I want each and every detail of him, where he goes and whom he meets everything got it

Detective : don’t worry Mr Abhi, very soon you will know everything about this guy, trust me

Abhi : Good, you can leave

Purab : what is this Abhi?

Abhi : Purab, my instincts are always right in judging people, Aditya Diwan is here for motive and Pragya is getting trapped in his game

Bulbul starts working with her new employers to start the factory.

Kaya : Bulbul, I have an idea to sell our clothes

Bulbul : go ahead

Kaya : There is a big fashion show league, we can sell this clothes to ordinary people and they can take part in fashion show

Avni : But for that we have to find those kind of people and Kaya for your kind information no league would hire those ordinary people

Bulbul : Kaya is right, this is the only way we can show people that God made every person beautiful in its own way and with that money we can open this factory soon.

Aditya secretly goes to meet Max and tells him about their next plan to get rid of Abhi.

Tashu : Abhi’s concert is next week, we can hit two target with one arrow, I heard it is very big concert for him, we just have to make it semi hit

Max : what do you mean Tashu?

Aditya : During Abhi’s concert we will mess up his guitar strings and we will set up an explosion over there

Max : what about that Pragya?

Aditya : I will handle her, she will not be able to reach his concert and Abhi will not save her thats my challenge to you

Max : how will be set up the explosions ?

Aditya : I will make such arrangements that Abhi will not be saved by this explosion and this will be his last concert and till that time i will make Pragya mine forever

The trio smirks about their new plan but are not aware of the detective hearing their conversation.

Abhi is completely shocked with the truth including Purab.

Sameer: I will not leave him today (goes out but is stopped )

Abhi : we have to be careful with at every step, our one wrong step can harm Pragya

Purab : Abhi is right, Sameer, we have to think something

Abhi : We will go ahead with the concert

Sameer: Are you crazy Abhi?

Abhi : I said we will go ahead with the concert but we will turn the tables at the end, you leave everything to me

Sameer gets the call from doctor who tells him about the cctv footage of the day Abhi’s dadi was admitted.

Sameer: I will be there soon, thank you doctor

Alia helps Bulbul finding some street people who are in need of work. Some of them are servants working in rich houses but are abused daily due to their status.

Bulbul : It is my responsibility to make you all look beautiful

Alia : God has made everybody a beautiful person and everybody can look good with good clothes, trust us

Bulbul : Don’t you all want your children to study in good school and get education, this is the time to prove your worth to those people who treats you all like doormats

Alia : we will not be able to open that factory without all your support

All the people supports Bulbul and Alia in they task. Pragya captures some picture of people are mixing drug powder in food products which is exported to foreign countries.

Pragya : I have to stop the process soon before it gets too late (calls somebody)

Voiceover : Hello

Pragya : Tani, listen to me very carefully

Tani (works in import export company): tell me

Pragya : I am sending you some pictures, you have to lodge complaint against this company and start investigating quickly

Tani : Don’t worry I will handle it

Somebody puts hand on Pragya’s mouth and blindfold her. The goon brings her to a farm house and pushes her to floor.

Pragya : Who are you?

She sees an shadow and gets astonished to see the person standing in front of her.Abhi : Alia, did you have any talk with Pragya today?
Alia : No bhai, I haven’t seen her after evening
Purab : where is Bulbul?
Alia : She said she have some work in office and will be back soon
Purab: Alia, its late and it is going to rain, how could you let her stay alone at this time, I will go see her (leaves)
Pragya is not able to believe the person standing in front of her is none other than Aditya Diwan.
Aditya : Hi sweetheart, how are you
Pragya : You? (says shockingly)
Aditya : Lets see, the question is what are you doing here
Pragya moves back but ends up being clash on the wall.
Aditya : don’t be scared I will not do anything to you but you know I have a problem
Pragya : Sameer was right, you can never change
Aditya in rage grabs her shoulder and shows his immense hatred towards Sameer.
Pragya : what?
Aditya : he is not my brother, he is my enemy, my parents always favored him, why just because he is elder and I am younger in house
Pragya : Selfish person like you can never understand the meaning of love, and worst part is I made a mistake in knowing you
Aditya slaps her across the face causing her hand to bleed when she is about to raise her hand.
Pragya hears the noise of thunderstorm and is dragged upstairs by Aditya.
Abhi drives to Aditya’s farm house but the weather condition worsens causing him to slow down. He calls Sameer and asks him to reach the farm house immediately.
Aditya : I promised Max that I will bring you to his feet and now please don’t make me down
Pragya loses her patience to fight after losing the battle. Aditya who called Max throws her down on his feet.
Aditya : I fulfilled my promise Max, now she is all yours
Pragya looks at Aditya on what how heinous he has become being the brother of an honest man.
Aditya : Oh, did you get scared? what did you think I would do this dirty deed and make myself look bad, I had to do this so you can understand how it feels when somebody dishonors you in public
Max : I am so proud of your loyalty
Aditya : remember the slapped you placed on my cheeks when I just wanted to harm my brother but you had to ruin my plan
Max : this girl has the habit of poking nose in everybody’s matter but today I will break all her pride and arrogance
Pragya remains on floor lifelessly seeing her confidence getting shattered. Max grabs her hair tightly throwing her down into basement from stairs.
Aditya : Here (gives her the matchstick)
Max pours the kerosene around injured Pragya and puts fire in the room. She remembers her promise to protect her sister but feels guilty to not able to fulfill her promise. Abhi reaches the place and is horrified to witness the scene.
Abhi : Pragya (tries to wake up but she does not respond)

He immediately takes her to hospital gets call from Purab who tells him about Bulbul being missing.
Abhi : What?
Purab : Avni said she left work couple hours ago
Alia : she might be stuck in rain
The news channel shows the forecast of weather. Purab sees a car behind the reporter and suspects it to be Bulbul’s car.
Alia : Bhai, what did the doctor saId?
Abhi : Doctor said she is under observation and her senses has stopped working due to trauma, why is god punishing this both girls, and for what
Alia : You know what Dadi always used to tell us, god always test the people with good heart but at the end evil always loses
Abhi : I don’t know how will Pragya face herself after this event
Alia notices scars on Pragya’s hand and tells Abhi about it.
Abhi : what is that ?
Doctor tells that scars are somebody trying to harass her.
Alia : what (shocked)
Doctor : These are clear marks of self defending
Purab rushes at the road where Bulbul is stuck inside the car. Her car is in the midway of road.
Purab : Bulbul (knocks on the door)
Bulbul pleads to Purab for rescue and starts getting suffocated in the car making her unconscious. Purab breaks the window class and take her out of car. Abhi shakes up with Pragya’s condition and feeling guilty for letting Pragya go alone.
Max, Tashu and Aditya celebrate their victory for getting rid of Pragya.
Max : Now it is time for real celebration
Tashu : Not yet bhai because, you both defeated your enemy, mine is still on track
Aditya : what do you mean? You know our plan for Abhi’s concert right
Tashu : Bulbul and Purab, I tried to ruin Purab’s factory but it did not work because of Pragya, now it is her sister’s turn
Max : what do you mean?
Tashu : You did not heard that Bulbul is going to reopen Purab’s old factory which his mom made, and I do not want to let that dream come true
Aditya : it is not reopened yet
Tashu : I will wait till its inauguration and then make my next move to it, cheers

Alia goes to dargah for Pragya and Bulbul’s safety.

Abhi does namaz in hospital remembering Pragya and Bulbul’s childhood antics with him.

La fatah illa ali
La saife illa zulfiqar
La fatah illa ali
La saife illa zulfiqar
Ali, ali, ali, ali…
Himmatein ataa karo
O madadgaar maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Aap hi ho quwwate
Parwardigaar maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
O shahe mardaan, shere yazdaan
Jaan fida tumpe maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Himmatein ataa karo
O madadgaar maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Aap hi ho quwwate
Parwardigaar maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
O shahe mardaan, shere yazdaan
Jaan fida tumpe maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
(Ali maula, ali maula, ali maula…)
Ya ali…
Jazbaat kya hain maula
Haalat kya hain maula
Ke shaatir iske
Saare vaar hain
Har saanse khwahish sile
Saazish hai kuch hain gile
Ke mushkilaatein
Beshumaar hain
O shahe mardaan, shere yazdaan
Jaan fida tumpe maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Abhi looks outside the ICU where Pragya is shifted. He consoles Purab who weeps and hugs him emotionally.
Himmatein ataa karo
O madadgaar maula ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Aap hi ho quwwate
Parwardigaar maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
O shahe mardaan, shere yazdaan
Jaan fida tumpe maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Oh maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Ali maula Ali maula
Abhi sees Bulbul sitting outside on balcony looking at stars and goes to talk with her. Even though she was Pragya’s sister but he always considered like his own sister Alia.
Abhi : you did not sleep yet?
Bulbul : i was not sleepy so just wanted fresh air, come sit
Abhi : What are you looking at ?
Bulbul : those stars, I read somewhere that whenever somebody dies you can see their face, I am looking at my mom
Abhi : what about your dad?
Bulbul : I never saw him, he left us just I was born but I never saw his picture either
Abhi : I never got chance to talk with you, I cannot ask your sister anything you know
Bulbul (smiles) : I know but situation made her so cruel and hard that she does not trust anybody, we both sisters are one soul nobody can separate us
Abhi : You are right, did you never wished that your sister would lead a normal life like others
Bulbul : I always prayed for her but she never listened to me, I wanted somebody for her who can show her how beautiful life can be, can I ask you for something?
Abhi : what?
Bulbul : You know I always realized that only you can handle her temper, I want you to protect her from everything, I never asked for a brother because my sister fulfilled it but I see brother in you
Abhi : Promise, and you will not need me because you have Purab with you and this locked it the symbol for you that I will be with you like brother
Flashback ends
Bulbul regains consciousness and asks for Pragya.
Purab : Bulbul, doctor said she is under observation (holds her hand) but don’t worry she will be fine
Bulbul : My di is suffering for no mistake Purab, why (shouts loud), just because she wants to do good
Purab : In this world, it is mistake to do justice to anybody
Pragya comes to senses and looks at Abhi who is holding her hand tearfully.
Abhi : I am sorry, I could not save you
Pragya does not respond to his talk and looks at him reactless which scares Abh.
Abhi : why are you so quiet?
Pragya : I want to stay alone for a while Abhi, please go from here right now
Abhi is guilty for Pragya’s condition and leaves the room.
Alia : what happened Abhi?
Abhi : She is broken Alia, nobody can bring back the old fierce Pragya we knew, she lost everything like us I guess more than us, she lost her dignity and self respect
Alia : No bhai, she cannot be weak like this, she has rise from fire and nobody can capture her
After few days
Pragya is dishacged from hospital but decides to leave India forever and settle in Bangkok. Abhi is shaken up by her decision including Purab.
Abhi : Pragya (pins her to wall) you cannot leave me like this
Pragya : I don’t have courage lose anybody, I have only my sister who is my life
Abhi : And me? Am I not your friend?
Pragya : thats why I am telling you to stay away from me or else you will die staying with me
Abhi is shattered with Pragya’s words and tries to convince her to stay back but in vain.
Purab tells Bulbul to stay back but she refuses to go against her sister’s decision.
Bulbul : I am sorry Purab but I cannot stay without my sister and she cannot stay here
Purab : I will not let anything happen to you but you cannot go away from me taking my life
Bulbul : I am taking both of us life with me (touches his cheeks) and our heart are inseparable
Pragya overhears their talks and promises Purab to bring Bulbul back and get them married after few years.
Bulbul : really di?
Pragya : i cannot see my sister suffering daily like this so I will send you back after few years
Sameer slaps Aditya for doing a heinous crime and play with a young girls’ feelings
Aditya : and what you did Bhai? mom dad always neglected me but you never told them about me
Sameer: I can’t believe you were holding this much hate for me, but don’t worry today i will do what we should have done earlier, disown you right now
Aditya leaves the house angrily vowing to never look back. Late at night Pragya looks at Abhi’s picture and apologizes for leaving him in midway.
Abhi : you?
Pragya : i came to give you this back (friendship band) I don’t want to have any memories from this country
Abhi : I can’t believe you are saying this, you swore to do good for this society and leave your task midway
Pragya : I realized that in this world good deeds never work out
Abhi convinces Pragya to take the band as toke of his friendship. Abhi shares his feeling to Alia who tells him to confess his love to Pragya before its late.
Alia : bhai, you have to tell her
Abhi : I know it is not easy to love her but I never understood it
Alia : You understood it today but we knew it from long time ago
Abhi : Today for first time I am feeling restless with her leaving, I don’t know how will I live without her Alia
Alia : She is your soulmate you cannot let her go like this, you have to be strength at this time when she needs you the most
Abhi : I don’t know if she loves me or not, you know hard she is when it comes to love somebody
Alia : She does, I have seen in her eyes, I know her before you thats why I am saying it
Abhi : No, I cannot be selfish to force her to love me
Next day Pragya and Bulbul gets ready to leave for airport. Both bid farewell to everybody. Purab decides to drop off Pragya and Bulbul to airport. Before leaving Pragya goes to meet Abhi in his room.
Pragya : Won’t you come to see me off?
Abhi : I thought you considered me your friend but you are also leaving me like this, go
Pragya hugs him from back emotionally while he turns back and reciprocates it back.
Abhi : Please don’t go Pragya, we will face everything together like today
Pragya : don’t make me weak (caresses his cheek) I want to forget the past on move on but I cannot forget you
Abhi is not willing to let Pragya go but she jerks his hand off leaving him behind. She gives him a cd before leaving.
Purab and Sameer put the luggage in the trunk while Pragya looks up at Abhi who is looking at her with too much intensity and pain in his eyes.
Pyaar Hai Ya Saja, Aai Mere Dil Bata
Tootata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila
Is Pyaar Mein Hon Kaise Kaise Imntihaan
Ye Pyaar Likhe Kaisi Kaisi Dastaan
Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar
( Ho Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar )… (2)
Pyaar Hai Ya Saja, Aai Mere Dil Bata
Tootata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila

Kaisa Hai Safar Wafa Ki Manjil Ka
Na Hai Koi Hal Dilon Ki Mushkil Ka
Dhadkan Dhadkan Bikhri Ranjishein
Saansein Saansein Tooti Bandishein
Kahi To Har Lamha Honton Pe Fariyaad Hai
Kisi Ki Duniya Chaahat Mein Barbaad Hai
( Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar )… (2)

Pragya and Bulbul sits in car and heads off to airport. Abhi puts on the cd in the computer where Pragya shares her inner feeling for him.

Koi Na Sune Sisakati Aanhon Ko
Koi Na Dhare Tadapati Baahon Ko
Aadhi Aadhi Puri Khwaishein
Tooti Footi Sab Farmaaishein
Kahin Shak Hain Kahin Nafrat Ki Deewaar Hai
Kahin Jeet Mein Bhi Shamil Palpal Haar Hain
Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar
Ho Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar
Ho O O Pyaar Hai Ya Saja, Aai Mere Dil Bata
Tootata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila
Ho O O O Ho O O O
Na Poocho Dard Bandon Se
Hansi Kaisi Khushi Kaisi
Musibat Sar Pe Rehati Hain
Kabhi Kaisi Kabhi Kaisi
Ho O O O… Rabba, Rabba Ho O O Ho
Rabba Ho O O, Ho O Ho Rabba

Pragya : Abhi, till now I never understood what life is. For me life is always about struggles and make big. When I met you I realized I was so wrong, it is not about us but how beautiful our life can be. Today I want to tell what I always felt about you.
Abhi who is in tears hears it emotionally.
Pragya : I don’t know what you feel about me but my feelings changed for you ever since I realized how lucky I am to have you in my life, Any girl would be lucky to have you but I am not that lucky. If I learnt to love you then I will learn to live away from you. Abhi I really love you but I am sorry I could not confess this to you when I was here.
Abhi breaks down hearing her confession. Alia urges him to stop Pragya from leaving.
Alia : bhai, how much more proof you need? you promised her mom that you will never leave Pragya alone
Abhi grabs the keys of his car and leaves to airport.
Purab : here is your boarding pass Bulbul (sits next to her)
Bulbul : Purab, my heart is not willing to leave this country, Purab : You are not going forever, don’t worry everything will be fine, your sister needs you right now (kisses her hand)
Sameer talks to Pragya while standing near the gate
Pragya : I have thought a lot and I feel this is right
” You have lot of memories here, you are leaving everything behind” said Sameer sipping his coffee
Abhi gets stuck in traffic but he leaves his car near a parking lot and starts running from traffic.
At airport there is announcement of the flight. Bulbul and Pragya heads towards their gate and check in. Abhi reaches airport and realizes the flight is getting ready to take off. He shouts out loud Pragya’s name who is ready to get inside turns back hearing her name.
Abhi breaks security and starts running inside the gate. Police starts to run behind him while Purab and Sameer are surprised to see him running. Abhi gets happy seeing her and tries to go to her but is held by security.
Abhi :Pragya, we will be the best partners please don’t leave me, our partnership will be incomplete
Pragya tearfully looks at him and hugs him happily. Both of them confesses their love.
Abhi : Ms journalist, you are really typical girl, could have not tell me it earlier
Pragya : And you are really fool, I am a girl I don’t have to tell you that, you are rockstar
Abhi kneels down and ask Pragya if she will marry to which she agrees happily. Purab and Bulbul are overjoyed with Abhi and Pragya’s union. The crowd cheers for them. Sameer taunts them for breaking the rules for their love.

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