Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 11

Later at night Purab calls Bulbil but she keeps cutting his call. He later goes at her house and texts Bulbul to look downstairs. The heavy storm occurs while she tells him to leave.
Bulbul : Purab, have you gone crazy, go from here before anything happens
Purab : I will not go till you come downstairs
Luckily Pragya is not at home, Bulbul goes down immediately and takes him behind the garden.
Bulbul : what are you doing here?
Purab : why are you not picking my phone?
Bulbul : I told you to stay away from me, go from here
Purab : did I made any mistake that you are avoiding me (says painfully)
Bulbul : No Purab, you did not make any mistake but now when my life has no more love left I don’t have strength to build anymore relations and lose it (cries looking down)
Purab : Fine, but I will still wait for you till you not realize that nobody can love you like me
Mehra house

Alia : what are you saying bhai?
Abhi : that girl has gone crazy, mark my words she will land up in huge trouble
Alia : Bhai, I know her very well she never waste her time for doing something useless
Abhi gets in thought hearing Alia’s words but avoids thinking about Pragya’s deed.
Arora house

Pragya decides to defame Abhi by blaming him for Anu’s rape
Anu : i told you to not mess up but you never listen to me
Pragya : Anu, we will do what we Rajveer Singh said but tables will turn at the end, you just do what I say
Anu : You want to defame Abhi, who stood up with you all the time and you want to ruin him, have you gone crazy?
Pragya : You just do what I tell you and rest leave it to me
Anu leaves while Bulbul asks Pragya the reason to defame Abhi for no reason just to bring justice
Pragya : Bulbul, this time I will target two things at one time, I will bring Ranveer Singh’s career down but the real cause for that would be his son, he made my job easy by trusting me
Bulbul : why do you want to drag Abhi in this?

Pragya : He is a celebrity but at the same time is an idol to his fans, I am sure this will create chaos in the media and his fans will not sit quiet after hearing this news
Bulbul : But are you really gonna publish the news from your channel
Pragya : No, the news will go from the news office which works for Ranveer Singh’s party, I will leak the news to them before
Bulbul : how can you be so sure that his fans will not blame for this disgusting deed
Pragya : I have a plan for that, listen to me very carefully (explains her plan to Bulbul)
Bulbul calls Purab and explains him everything but rejects idea initially for playing with Abhi’s career.
Pragya : Purab, I promise I will not let Abhi’s career down at the cost of my life
Purab : But why do you want him to get involve his career in this?

Pragya : If I don’t do this, that Max will make somebody else do it, at least by staying with them I can know their plans against Abhi, trust me they are on the verge of ruining Abhi more than me
Purab : Fine (agrees reluctantly), what do you want me to do
Pragya : you just have to make sure that his fans does not lose faith on him, if they did you will convince them their rockstar can never do this to any girl
Purab : Di, I hope you remember that you and Abhi are not in good terms right now and if anything goes wrong then
Pragya : Purab, believe me this time the culprit will get punished your friend will not lose his popularity
Bulbul : But if they ask Anu, will she testify
Pragya : No, the news will only be that Anu was harassed by Abhi but she will testify against Max and my instinct says that Max will definitely reach Anu, we will catch him red handed that time
Purab : don’t we have any other choice? what is the need for Abhi’s defamation in this
Pragya : Because Max is not gonna confess easily, we will have to trick him other way and distract them by bringing Abhi in between
Bulbul : At the end Abhi will also get justice right?
Purab : Bulbul, you don’t know Abhi’s fans, they will tear up Max for playing with their rockstar’s image
Pragya : Are you both with me? (forwards her hands)
Purab and Bulbul also put their hand on it while another person also put their hand with them is none other than Alia
Alia: You all will not seek justice for Anu and my brother, I will support you all and save my brother
Pragya : lets discuss the plan again so everybody is clear with it
Alia : Yes please

Pragya ; So first of all we will leak the news to the channel which runs through RS (Ranveer Singh’s) party that Anu was being harassed by Abhi, then Anu will testify against Max in front of whole media not Abhi and then she will confess that Max told her to say this and the proof will the leak from their channel and one of my friend works there, she will do this task
Alia : I think till then the fans will calm down
Pragya : Thats what you and Purab have to do, you both have to convince them that it is a lie and we have to do this because we have to bring Max in front of Anu
Alia : After that?

Pragya ; When he will go to Anu, we will follow him and then Bulbul will capture their whole conversation and at the same time the whole world will watch it live
Purab ; But what if he does something wrong with Anu?
Pragya: You leave that to me, I will make sure there a bodyguard with Anu and Bulbul though she will be hiding there
Purab : What will I and Alia do?
Pragya explain Alia and Purab their task but Alia is still worried regarding Abhi’s career
Alia : we could published Max being culprit instead of Bhai and then he would still go to meet Anu and then we would record it
Pragya : Alia, even if we do that Max will not be proven guilty unless he confesses just like your brothers’ fans will not believe that he can do this deed, and then I don’t want Max to go at jail and come out from bail, don’t you want your Dadi’s culprit punished in front of everybody
Alia : you are right, jail is very easy for him, not the whole society will teach him lesson and I will watch his humiliation live (angry tone)
Pragya : Don’t worry Alia, this time we will succeed and your brother will get his stardom back with dignitySufi tells Tashu about their design exhibition for their company in which ordinary people will buy their designed clothes.
Tashu : bulbul Arora, get ready for action, now Sufi will herself kick you out and I will see how you will further your career after that
Pragya calls one of her friend Ruby who works in the reporter office of Rajveer
Ruby : Oh my god

Pragya : Ruby, this is very important to us, you understood everything clearly right
Ruby : don’t worry I will handle it, I am hoping this time that father’s spoiled brat get punished in such a way he never forget
Next day the biggest shocker come to everybody when people read about their favorite rockstar’s news about harassing a journalist named Anu. Alia prays to God for protecting her brother from the whole mess.

Alia : God, please help my brother, I hope Pragya’s plan succeed without any complications
Alia : Purab I am too scared, I have a bad feeling something will go wrong
Purab : Alia, we have to be strong, don’t be weak we are doing this for Abhi, please stay strong
Doctor informs Abhi that his Dadi regains consciousness which makes him happy. He is about to leave when media people throws stones at his home.
Alia : Bhai, are you okay? guards stop that crowd from coming inside go quickly
The security tries to stop the media from getting inside but they all tries to break the gate. The crowd is protesting outside the house but Abhi comes out to face the reporters but only gets humiliated. One of the reporter calls him impostor in form of rockstar and throws newspaper on his face. Abhi reads the paper and is completely shocked after seeing it.
Purab : what are you all doing?

Reporter : he is not worthy to be a celebrity, beat him up
Purab : Really? and you all are worthy of calling humans, your job is to publish news not decide people’s punishment
The media and reporters come forward to hit him with stones but another crowd of Abhi’s fans comes with sticks to protest the reporters. His fans bashes the media and calls Abhi their idol. Abhi stands speechless and does not understand what is going on. He tells Alia to leave for the hospital but she denies
Abhi : Alia, you go Dadi needs somebody right now, please makes sure she does not get to see this news or it will be a big problem
Alia : how can I leave you alone here?

Abhi : Purab is here and all my fans, they will not let anything happen to me and Alia if I am innocent the truth will come out by hook or crook
Purab : Abhi is right, you go to hospital
“He is our idol and cannot do anything like this to anybody, if anybody tries to hit then we will not spare anybody ” says the crowd of fans
Reporter : If that is the case we want to hear that same thing from the girl, call her right now
Pragya explains Anu everything and tells her to be brave enough to face the situation.
Anu nods positively but Pragya senses her nervousness
Pragya : what is the matter Anu?

Anu : Nothing, i am just scared what if anything goes wrong
Pragya : Anu, I am behind you, I promise as long as I am alive nobody will be able to harm you or I will let anybody play with Abhi’s image
Anu starts to leave and turns around to see Pragya who gives her a thumbs up with a smile.
Max informs his father and Tashu about the recent gossip about Abhi harassing Anu.
Rajveer : I must say this girl is very shrewd, cunning lioness
Max: You are right dad, it is time to reward for her sharp mind (smirks looking at Tashu)
The news becomes live in whole country and people watch it on TV. Abhi’s fan does not allow police to let him take in remand.
Bulbul : Di, you were right Abhi’s fan are not letting anybody come little bit harm him
Pragya : I just hope everything goes as per our plan
Later Anu reaches the media office. The public gathers outside the office and people also watch it in public places. Alia goes to hospital where doctor tells her informing Dadi’s condtion worsens hearing the news of Abhi beaten by stones
Alia : doctor please do something

Doctor : we are trying our best, she got a big shock if this time she goes back to come, it will be very hard for us to bring out of coma
Reporter : Miss Anu tell everybody what is the truth of this celebrity who has played with your honor, the whole world is waiting for your one answer
Anu stays silent for a long time but the media urges her to speak honestly if Abhi is behind her harassment.
After long brawl Anu confessed truth which stuns everybody to the core and unexpected to everybody. Anu gives the testimony blaming Abhi for her harassment which shocks everybody to the core including Pragya. Purab seems puzzled seeing Abhi standing quietly.
Purab : What is going on? how did Anu changed her statement
Media Person : Now it is confirmed that Abhi is the rockstar is bad image of celebrity, he should be punished
Abhi’s fan protest claiming Anu to be the liar. The new become viral on every other channel of the protest. The reporters tells the audience to not support Abhi. Purab takes the mike and encourages Abhi’s fans to support him.

Purab : We will not move guys, our Rockstar is innocent and we will not let anybody take him, are you all with me
” We are with you” shouts the crowd loudly
Reporters : The public will not tolerate this kind of deed, be it anybody
Abhi who does not lose his confidence is overwhelmed with his fan’s support. Pragya tries Anu’s phone but it gets switched off
Bulbul : Di, what will we do now, everything went wrong, this girl turned the tables
Pragya : First I have to find out what made her do this, I am sure somebody has forced her to do this
Bulbul : But who can force her

Pragya calls somebody and asks to trace Anu’s last location. Alia follows Anu after she leaves from press office but is stuck in the traffic and loses the Anu’s follow.
Alia : Damn it, (calls somebody) I lost her location
Person : do anything but follow her, quick I need results
Alia : Okay, I will let you know once I follow her
Pragya : this girl switched her phone off, Bulbul you stay here I will go and find her
Bulbul : how will you find her
Pragya : her car has tracking device, I will find location
Bulbul : Di, please go carefully
Pragya drives to an old factory where her friend traced the location of Anu from her car’s tracking device.
Bulbul : Yes di
Pragya : bulbul, just do me a favor
Bulbul : What is it di

Scene shifts to Anu who is talking to an unknown person in dark.
Anu : Look I did what you told me, (talks to person standing in dark) now let me go
Person : what is the hurry? let me give you your reward
The person is none other than Max smirking after being successful with his plan of defaming Abhi . Anu smirks too and is revealed she was along with Max all along the plan.
“How was my performance” says Anu in husky voice
Max : Brilliant, you should be an actress in Bollywood.
Anu : but there is one problem, that Abhi’s stupid fans will not let him go to jail easily
Max : for how long they will protect him, today or tomorrow he will go to jail
Anu : And that Pragya? she will think all along who forced me and nobody would ever find out we planned all this to revenge on that Pragya and Abhi.
Max : Now I will show that Pragya her real status of messing with me
Pragya reaches the factory only to find Max standing in front of her which rages her in anger
Max : Welcome to my region Ms master planner

Pragya : I was right, you forced her right, where is Anu?
Max : You are so eager to see your friend, but what happened, she cheated you
Pragya : I know you did something, I don’t know what but I will find out and watch I will do to your image
Max : Okay then I will not let you wait that much and call your dear friend, sweetheart look who is here to meet you
Pragya is confused seeing Anu in a fit condition.
Anu : Pragya? you ?
Pragya : what is all this? are you okay?
Anu pretends fake sympathetically and nods positively. Pragya get shocked when see Anu walking towards Max and standing closely.
Pragya : Anu? (shocked)
Anu : Sorry Pragya, I did not had any choice after what you did
Pragya goes to raise hand on Anu but Max slaps her hardly on floor, She bleeds little bit on head. Max puts her at a gun point but Anu tells him to let her reveal her the truth.
Anu : Pragya, I don’t want you to die without knowing your best friend’s secret right ? (touches Pragya’s cheek but she jerks it off)
Pragya : I don’t care
Anu angrily shows her the immense jealous for Pragya shocking her. She also reveals her about attack which were set up by her.
Pragya : This much hate?
” Yes I hate you from the bottom of my heart, I always wanted to be the best but you snatched every chance from me, from school, studies, job, sports everything,” said Anu in a wrathful voice
Pragya : What had Abhi harmed you?
Max : I think you need to know our plan from beginning, and anyway you will not be able to tell it to anybody after this
Anu : I loved Abhi very much in college but he rejected me for his ego, and you again came in between (grabs Pragya’s hair tightly). when I saw Abhi’s concern for you my jealousy turned to hatred and i decided to ruin you forever

Pragya : I don’t believe this and you made joke of such sensitive matter
Max : I made the plan to make you and Abhi pay for our insults I sent Anu to fake her harassment by me because I know you would definitely help he by releasing me by hook or crook, so Anu took my name and then your master mind gave us the big idea to trap Abhi and now nobody will save Abhi
Anu : Now even Abhi will realize how much wrong he did by rejecting me, I will see for how long his fans will protect him, and nobody would even suspect us
Max : You know you are very lucky Pragya, because our plan was to trap you by saying you forced Anu in blaming Abhi but we will send you straight to heaven
Anu : don’t worry nobody will be able to reach here because this place is far from city and till police will come you be in heaven, good bye Pragya
Pragya looks on bit terrified but instead holds Anu’s gunpoint telling her to shoot which scares Anu initially
Pragya : Shoot come on , I would rather prefer dying than having friend like you
Anu starts sweating seeing fire in Pragya’s eyes. Pragya : what are you thinking, come on shoot
Anu : Pragya (sweats saying her name)

Max grabs the gun from Anu’s hand and gunpoints at Pragya angrily but somebody shoots at his hand causing the gun to fall down. Abhi comes inside clapping with smiling smirkily.
Abhi : Wow, what a brilliant move I must say
Max : Prey came by himself go get hunted
“Did you hear that phrase, if you did not let me tell you, enemy’s enemy is friend” says Abhi looking at Anu
Anu : So finally you realized your mistake
Abhi : Of course sweetheart, now can I have the gun please (snatches gun from Max)
Max : what time it has come, why don’t you kill her by your own hands because she cheated you
Abhi : You are right
Pragya : you liar (grabs Abhi’s collar), you will kill me, I did all this to save you and you will kill me
“You are dangerous ” says Abhi by showing scared eyes to her
Pragya : Then learn to get scared from me
Max : but what are you doing here, how did you get released
Abhi : Pragya before this suspense kills him let me reveal it please
Anu : You both? (shocks)
Abhi : why, did you get shocked hearing it?

Pragya : Anu, game is only fun when two players play together, what is the fun where players use their move and not let their opponent use it
Max goes to smack Pragya but Abhi punches him hard on face causing him to fall down hardly on ground.
Abhi : You both revealed your own stories now hear our story
Pragya : Anu, what did you thought I would never get to know about your deceit, you will fool Pragya Arora that easily
Anu : what do you mean
Pragya : That day when you came to my house with your so called plea, I hired a detective behind to see if Max harms you and very strange that after coming after out of jail he never bothered you
Anu : you hired detective behind me? how dare you
Abhi : learn some manners, let her finish her story
Pragya : I told the detective to only spy on you but to know where you go and meet, and I am glad I never let you knew because I did not wanted you to be scared,
Max and Anu stand numb hearing somebody defeated their moves
Abhi : Pragya, look at their faces, what will happen when we will tell them real twist in this story
Pragya : This is called “Sher par shava sher” my dear friend
Abhi :Wait wait, let me them how we planned this, Pragya told me everything about their lie and the master planner she told you was my idea so you can realize that you are ahead in this game
Anu : how did you find about Max and me, that we are here
Pragya : you know what is your problem, you overact a lot and then you make mistakes, did you forgot your own car has tracking device
Max hits Abhi with rod but he fights back. Both of them urges in a huge fight but Pragya picks up the gun.
Pragya : Your both game is over now, go out and your funeral is waiting for you
Anu gets frightened hearing her words.

Pragya shows the camera she fitted on Anu’s bracelet and the conversation of Max and Anu are recorded. The whole city watches the live of the incidence.
Ranveer : Tashu, call your brother quickly,
Tashu : His phone is switched off
Pragya : You made a joke of this horrible incidence, I am ashamed to call you my friend, I could have forgive you for betraying me but not for this creating joke of this serious matter which any girl becomes victim off
Abhi : Just for some money, you sold your conscience
“Yes I did it for money and i don’t care ” shouts Anu without regretting her mistake
Max runs outside the factory but he is surrounded by Abhi’s fans and media people. People starts beating him mercilessly between whole crowd. Pragya feels bad seeing her friend going wrong way.
Anu : I don’t need your sympathy Pragya, I promise I will come back to revenge on both of you and you will regret it big time
Bulbul and Purab arrives at the spot.
Purab : Bhai, are you okay?
Abhi ; i am fine, look this is what you get from social service, at least now realize how cruel this world has become, nobody is your own
Pragya leaves the place with a bad mood while Abhi follows her
Abhi : why are you upsetting your mood for someone heartless
Pragya : Just leave me alone for a while
Abhi ; Okay

Pragya has flashbacks on how her father used to catch and throw her in air. She gets teary eyed looking at her mom’s picture
Bulbul : Di, are you okay
Pragya : For the first time I feel why is our life so stuck up, why can’t we have normal life having parents with us
Bulbul : Remember what mom said, nobody knows when destiny takes U turn and gives you something unexpected
Suddenly both of them smell of smoke coming from somewhere in there house.
Bulbul ; Can you smell something?
Pragya : Go check the kitchen quickly
The girls run into the kitchen and see the kitchen is full of smoke.Both of smell poisonous gas immediately and have trouble breathing properly.
Bulbul : Di, (says coughingly)
Pragya goes out of kitchen finding the poisonous gas is leaked in the whole house. She is able to find a scarf for Bulbul from drawing room but is not able to reach upstairs due to leaked gas. She ties it to Bulbul’s mouth and tries to send her at safe place.
Mehra house

Purab : Abhi, what happened?
Abhi : I am thinking to go at Pragya’s house right now
Purab : but why
Abhi : I know that Max and his father will not sit quiet, I am sure they will harm both girls
Purab ; I am coming with you
Abhi ; lets go (leaves for Pragya’s house)
Tashu calls somebody and ask about the task being done.
Goon : Don’t worry ma’am, the gas is too poisonous that they will not be able to breath and till then we will set house at fire
Tashu : good, you know what to do, leave right now and switch off your phone for safety
Goon : what about my money
Tashu : it will reach to you anyhow just do the work properly
Bulbul is trying hard to breath sees the fire at the back side of her porch even after having cloth on her mouth tries to wake Pragya up who became unconscious due to the gas. She tries to find phone to call Purab but finds that her phone ran out of battery. Bulbul has tears in her eyes seeing her sister in pain and with no help.
Tashu calls Purab and informs him about her deed.
Purab : what nonsense are you talking
Tashu : what your friend did with my brother, this is his punishment and even your for cheating on me, that poor sister will suffer for your mistakes
Abhi : Shut up Tashu

Tashu : Okay fine, when you will reach Arora house you will see ashes left and after all you both have to perform their final rituals
Abhi cuts off the call in anger and drives faster while Alia gets a call from hospital when doctor informs her the disastrous news she could ever imagined about her Dadi being no more. Abhi gets stuck in the traffic on the other side Bulbul finds a back door and tries to take unconscious Pragya by putting her hand on shoulder.
Alia : Bhai (cries sobberly)
Abhi : Alia speak up, I don’t have time
Alia : Dadi (shouts more louder)
Abhi stops the car immediately hearing Dadi’s name and it torn when Alia tells him about Dadi.
Purab ; Abhi what happened?
Anu : what? but how did you do this?
Tashu ; Anu, what they all did with us, they have to bear this punishment, now that both sisters will reach heaven and then after Abhi’s dadi will follow them
Tashu reaches the hospital where Abhi’s Dadi is admitted. She puts on nurse’s uniform and sneaks in Dadi’s room. She removes the oxygen mask and gives a wrong injection deteriorating Dadi’s health.

Flashback ends
Anu : So there are three funerals ready
Tashu : this will be tomorrow’s headlines Anu, wait and watch
Bulbul on reaching the back door realizes the fire has surrounded the whole door. Purab and Sameer reaches Arora house and gets shocked seeing the house on fire. After lot of effort both of them are able to get inside finding the sisters unconscious.
Purab : Bulbul, wake up (tries to pat her face)
Sameer and Purab takes the sisters to hospital where Dadi was admitted. Abhi and Alia are totally shattered after the sad demise of their Dadi, Abhi who is in shock does not believe and tells Dadi to wake up. Doctor informs Sameer about Pragya in critical condition due to the gas entering Pragya’s lungs for long time.
Abhi : Alia, tell Dadi to wake (cries more immensely )
Alia : Bhai, please hold yourself (put hand on his shoulder)
Abhi : Alia, what happened? she also left us (hugs Alia in pain)
Doctor informs Sameer about the reason of Dadi’s death.
Sameer : what?

Doctor : I am telling you the truth, when we came to check on her, the oxygen mask was removed
Sameer: are you sure?
Doctor : In the morning after that news shock, her health was still okay and later in afternoon her condition improved a lot
Sameer : thank you so much doctor
Purab : what happened Sameer?
Sameer : Surely there is something wrong Purab
Rajveer slaps Tashu for doing foolish deed of killing Dadi
Tashu : Dad?
Rajveer ; do you even realize what you did? what if somebody doubts you
Tashu : don’t worry nobody would doubt me, now they will know of hurting somebody else
One of the employer informs Rajveer about Pragya being the daughter of his old enemy
Rajveer : what?
Employeer : That both girls are the daughter of your old enemy whom you trapped in a false case and was hanged to death
Rajveer : if that is the case then the game will fun to watch because that girl is more wilder than her dad
Next day Abhi perform the final rituals of Dadi (Majboor tu bhi Kahi playing in bg) Alia is consoled by Purab. Next day Abhi gets to know about Pragya being in a critical condition due to the poisonous gas.

Sameer : Doctor, did the reports come ?
Doctor : No not yet but it should be there within few days
Sameer: okay, if there is anything then let me know, thank you so much for information
Doctor : My pleasure
Purab informs Abhi about the Arora house being burnt completely and both sisters have nowhere to go
Abhi : what? but Pragya said that they have farm house in Borivali area
Purab : That Rajveer Singh got their farm house by crook and bribed insurance company to stop the compensation process
Abhi looks at Pragya who is surrounded with the oxygen mask and other wires from the blinds of room.
Alia : bhai, Bulbul regained consciousness
All of them visits Bulbul’s room who comes to senses and asks about her sister.
Purab : Bulbul, are you okay?

Bulbul : I am fine, where is di
Purab : You need rest now, we will talk later
Bulbul : i asked where is my sister, is she okay?
Purab : she is fine but please take rest
Bulbul insists on meeting her sister but Alia informs her about Pragya’s critical condition.
Purab : she will be fine, she is just under observation
Bulbul runs to Pragya’s OT immediately and insists her to wake up but she does show any movement.
Alia : Bulbul, please hold yourself
Pragya opens her eyes and finds herself in hospital.
Abhi : Purab, take Bulbul away, she needs bed rest now, I will stay with Pragya
Bulbul : No I will stay with my sister, she needs me
Pragya insists Bulbul to go and take rest to which she agrees. Abhi goes near Pragya and sit with her.
Abhi : how are you now?

Pragya : I am fine, how is Dadi?
Abhi does not answer to her question and start to leave but she holds him back asking him again
Pragya : are you hiding something?
Abhi after lot of hesitant tells her about Dadi’s death which shocks her to the core as did she did not expected that.
Pragya : I am sorry
Abhi : Its okay, but there is bad news for you
Pragya : what bad is bound to happen with us anymore (says painly and sad tone)
Abhi : Your house is burnt completely and insurance company is not willing compensation
Pragya gets tensed thinking her mom’s memories got burnt with the whole house. Abhi realizes her disturbed mood.
Abhi : what happened?
Pragya : Nothing is left now, I made that house with our hard work but I lost that too
Abhi : there is no point of regretting , it would be better to think about your future now
Doctor gives discharge to both Arora sisters. Alia suggests Pragya and Bulbul to stay with them till they find new house but Pragya refuse initially to avoid being burden on anybody.
Abhi : don’t be stubborn, till you find new house, stay here
Pragya : okay fine
Both girls move to Abhi’s house next day.
Abhi : show them their room
Alia : Yeah bhai, come

Bulbul goes at her work when Sufi informs her about the exhibition of the clothes for ordinary people.
Sufi : I am sure the workload will help you with stress, now focus on your work, I know you will rock this
Bulbul : Thanks sufi
Pragya reigns from her work and decides to teach violin to small children. Abhi asks her the reason for quitting the work.
Pragya : I don’t feel like doing this anymore, I will teach violin and piano to kids for livelihood
Alia : bhai what happened?
Abhi ; Alia, I could never imagined Pragya would become this weak after all this
Purab and Bulbul meet in a cafe and discuss about their work.
Bulbul : I hope this exhibition goes it like every other show, this is very important
Purab : Ms perfection don’t worry, it will all fine
Bulbul : This will be benefit to our company, I have to leave now
Purab : Bulbul, do you want to go for dinner if your exhibition is successful
Bulbul : Well then I will give you the treat if my exhibition is successful, okay
Purab gets happy hearing Bulbul is more frank to him.
Abhi sees Pragya standing near the window with sad face and looks at her tears. She looks up at him and tries to wipe her tear but is stopped by Abhi who softly wipes her tears.
Abhi : this are too worthy, don’t lose it
Pragya emotionally hugs him and snobs softly in his arms.
Abhi : everything will be fine
Pragya : I am tired of everything, i am all alone now (says cryingly) Pragya feels solace in Abhi’s arms like never felt before. He removes her ears and tug behind her ears.
Abhi : don’t worry, life is testing us and our victory is in favoring our destiny and everything will be fine
Pragya looke up on him and wipes her tears. Abhi makes her sit on chair and holds her hand.
Abhi : as far as I understand, you always listen to your brains rather than your heart thats why you are successful
Pragya : I never harmed anybody then why me
Abhi : Listen your heart once for life and just see how beautiful life is, where you can live your dreams
Pragya : what do you mean?

Abhi : Come with me (takes her to unknown place blindfolding her eyes)
Both of them reaches to a beautiful sunset hill and the whole city from the top. Pragya is contended to see fascinated place.
Abhi : This is life (shows her the whole city), life is just like seven colors of rainbow
Pragya : this place is so beautiful, I feel like settling here forever
Abhi : We have to do so much in our life, did you hear what that priest said, we cannot run from destiny
Pragya musters the courage and confidence hearing Abhi’s words and asks him how did he manage to be so strong
Abhi : As I said life teaches everything, you know what is common between both of us, we both have survived from wild ocean and made of rock, I am quite surprised you accepted defeat this early
Pragya : I just got weak for some moments (looks down)
Abhi cups her face and tells her to start their life with afresh and requesting her to rejoin her work
Pragya : Are you sure I should go back ?
Abhi : Yes, do you know what we say before our performance
Pragya : what

Abhi : Rock on the stage and for you, go rock on this world
Both of them shake hands and sunset on the background
Abhi : This sunset is witness for our new life
Bulbul works on her designing at night and everybody praises her for the natural work.
Alia : This is fantastic, unbelievable
Pragya rejoins her journalist job and decides to fulfill her dream
Next day Bulbul gets ready for her exhibition and brings her product to the venue.
Sufi: Bulbul is everything ready?
Bulbul : Yes, I really hope this get successful, I put everything at the back store, I will bring it once people come in
Tashu sneaks in the back store and changes the tag of Sufi’s collection and puts Bulbul’s tag on the collections. People praises the designing of Bulbul but Sufi gets furious when she sees her collection has Bulbul’s tag.
Bulbul ; I swear Sufi, I did not do this
Sufi ; who else other than you had the store room key, you brought it right, don’t change the topic
Tashu ; You are right Sufi, this girl is always taking your credit, you did not listen to me
Sufi : you were right, I did not listen to you, this girl is jealous of my success, I trusted you so much Bulbul
Bulbul : I don’t believe this, you are trusting this few days ago girl and not your old employer
Tashu : She is naive thats why you are taking advantage of her success, she is way designer than you
Bulbul : You stay out of this, we will solve this problem (shouts)
Sufi ; Enough Bulbul, I am asking to you resign right now, clear
Bulbul : Fine, even I don’t want to work with somebody who does not trust her employer and is instigated by an outsider, and I am not an uneducated girl who would die without your favor, good bye
Tashu : we will also see how far can you go
Bulbul ; I don’t need to prove anything to you, it was great working with you Ms Sufi, goodbye (leaves taking her stuff)
Tashu : did you see her arrogance?

Sufi ; I don’t care but I will not trust her anymore
Tashu smirks seeing her plan working of sacking Bulbul from work. Sameer witnesses Tashu on the road and remembers her visit previous day in hospital.
Sameer : I saw you the other day in hospital when Abhis’ dadi died, can I ask you what were you doing there
Tashu ; thats my personal matter, I don’t need to answer that to low inspector like you
Sameer : You are very arrogant due to your dad’s politics but remember the day when I find proof against you, not even God will be able to save and all your arrogance will break
Tashu : i love challenges
Sameer : Just one evidence against you and your dad, then it will be fun to watch both daughter and father in prison forever (leaves)
Pragya takes her camera and spots a old truck carrying drugs on the pretext on some vegetables She follows the truck reaching an unknown building. The driver of the truck unloads all the drugs inside the building. She climbs the pipe and takes pictures of all black money hidden in the sacks. She hear Rajveer’s name from one of the goon and realizes his involvement in the smuggling of drugs and black money.
Khanna Office
Purab is furious at his employees for being careless as one of his factories is suffering the loss of exporting the coca cola.
Alia : purab whats wrong
Purab : Alia, I think there is something wrong with the cola and we are hearing come complains from the small towns we send our cola
Alia : Complains?
Purab : Kids are getting sick and people are vomiting after drinking our cokes
Alia : thats impossible
Purab : i am afraid it that coke is exported in this city then it will be disaster
Alia ; we will have to stop the process immediately before it gets too late Purab
Pragya reveals everything to Sameer and shows him the picture
Sameer ; it is unbelievable, no wonder why that place is never raided
Pragya : I am telling you that money is from a charitable fund and he uses it for smuggling

Precap : Reunion of both couple

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