Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 10

Pragya and Bulbul rushes Sarla to hospital. Doctors tell them to stay outside while they do check up. Bulbul could not control her tears while Pragya consoles her nothing will happen to their mother.
Pragya : No Bulbul, this is no time to cry, you know I will not let anything happen to her
Doctor informs both girls that Sarla is still under observation
Mehra house
Sameer finds the goon who detonated bomb in Pragya’s car which causes rage to Abhi. He leaves for Max’s house and beats him up.
Abhi : I told you to stay away from Pragya but you did not pay heed to me, now see what I do to you (punches him hardly)
Rajveer: Security, kick him out
Sameer tells the cops to arrest Max and stops Abhi.
Rajveer : you don’t know who you are messing up with
Abhi : I know who you are but you are not familiar with the power of Abhishek Mehra, if you have contacts then I am powerful and famous than you, I have the power of media, do whatever you want but this time your son will not be spared easily and thats my promise
Tashu : dad please do something
Rajveer : don’t worry dear, this guy is very arrogant but soon he will come begging in front of me, you just do a favor for me
Tashu : listen, i have task for you and this time there should be no mistake (talks on phone)
Dadi comes to console Pragya and Bulbul at hospital.

Abhi : I don’t care but this time Max should not come out
Sameer : You don’t worry because this time I will found the solid evidence against Rajveer Singh and then he will be trapped in our game
Alia : but what about Commissioner and government will not allow you to do this easily
Sameer : Alia, police officers job is not only to end injustice but the criminal in each person and thats what I will do, no force can stop me doing my duty, not this time
Abhi : How is Sarla aunty
Alia : I called Bulbul, doctors said she is under observation
Mehra house
Abhi tells Purab to cancel his concert but Alia insists him to do his concert as his fans will be upset due to the cancellation
Alia : Bhai, all tickets are sold and we cannot cancel this time
Abhi : Okay fine
Alia : I will go make arrangements for evening
Abhi goes to visit Pragya and finds her standing at balcony.
Pragya : Hi, I thought you have your concert today
Abhi : It is evening, I wanted you to come but
Pragya : I wish I could come but I can’t leave mom alone here
Abhi : Its okay
Pragya : But I promise I will watch it live

Abhi is overwhelmed to see her strong willpower when she does not even shed a tear seeing her mother’s worst condition. (starts to leave)
Pragya : Rockstar, all the best for your concert
Abhi : Thanks (gives a cute smile)
Bulbul watches everything from corner. Though she is sad that regarding her love for Purab but is happy at the same time is happy seeing her sister started to trust people
Pragya : Bulbul, come here
Bulbul comes hesitantly with little bit fear in her mind from her sister.
Pragya : did you eat anything (asks with concern)
Bulbul : Umm, actually I brought this sandwich for you
Pragya makes her sits on bench and makes her forcefully till she finished eating. Amdist Bulbul also feeds Pragya and hugs her emotionally who is her idol after their mom.
Later in the evening Abhi is getting ready for his concert when Alia gives him a letter Pragya sent for him. He opens to read the letter and also find a friendship belt with it.
Rockstar, I know irritating me was your hobby but today I want you to consider this friendship band as a token from fan of yours who wants to be your best friend for life time. And again wish you all the very best for your concert.
Alia :Wow bhai, seems like she is getting more interested in you
Abhi : shut up Alia, where is Dadi?
Alia : bhai, she left from home should be here soon
Abhi ; but I told you to come with her
Alia : But she told me she will come later with driver
Abhi : okay fine, go check her right now
Alia comes at home to pick Dadi leaves from home when a goon informs somebody to about their departure. Meanwhile Pragya watches Abhi’s concert live on hospital’s TV. All the patients and doctors gets very excited to watch the concert. On the road when Alia and Dadi is sitting in car, an unknown person takes out the gun and target Alia but misses the shoot when she bends down to pick her phone fallen down. Unfortunately the bullet hits Dadi on her chest which horrifies Alia. Panicking by the incident she immediately rushes her Dadi to the hospital where Sarla was admitted a day ago.
Abhi also starts getting worried when his sister and Dadi does not reach venue till the end of concert.

Pragya : doctor, its been 48 hours, why did mom not regain consciousness yet
Doctor ; Look Ms Arora, your mother is in critical state, I feel she has been careless taking her medicines and i clearly told her to not take any stress, and in this type of cases sometimes patient gives up the hope of living, but we are trying our best,
Bulbul is about to faint after hearing the doctor when Pragya holds her making her sit on bench.
Pragya : drink this water (pats her shoulder) are you okay
Bulbul : di, what is doctor saying, mom will be alright na
Pragya : be quiet (says sternly) I told you she will be okay, you sit here I will go get the medicines
Bulbul : everything is because of me
Pragya : shut up! and don’t ever say that or I will slap you if you say that again, now you sit here I will right back
Bulbul nods and calms down a bit when Pragya leaves to go at pharmacy. While Pragya waits at the pharmacy she hears the news on TV about the interruption on Abhi’s concert due to some accident on venue.
Reporter : The country’s only rockstar Abhi who had a big concert today has been saved from a catastrophe today, yes you heard it right, nobody could understand who could how in-spite of tight security somebody came tried to kill Abhi by shooting him.
Pragya tries to call Abhi but cannot reach his phone when she spots Alia sitting putting hands around her head. She immediately goes to console her.
Pragya : Alia, are you okay?
Alia who is cryingly immensely tells her everything.
Abhi : Purab, I am fine, don’t worry, are you able to reach Alia
Purab calls Alia who has no courage to pick his call. Pragya receives the call and informs Purab about Dadi’s accident which breakdown Abhi to the core. He immediately reaches the hospital and finds the biggest shock of his life when doctor informs a terrible news to them.
Doctor : Mr Abhi, your Dadi lost lot of blood and due to her age, her condition is very delicate. if she does not regain consciousness in next 48 hours i am afraid
Abhi : No she is fine, nothing can happen to her (tries to go inside but is stopped by doctor)
Abhi gets furious at doctor but Purab calms him down assuring him Dadi will be fine. Pragya watches all and goes to Abhi who is standing near the balcony. Purab also sees Bulbul in devastated state.
Pragya : don’t worry nothing will happen to your Dadi (puts hands on his shoulders)
Abhi : you don’t know how much she means to me, after our parents only she is our life, I cannot handle anything without her
Pragya : how is your shoulder now, I heard you got shot by bullet (touches his shoulder but he gets hurt) sorry
Abhi : I am fine, I don’t know how come despite all this security it happened, I mean how can they allow guns inside
Pragya : Maybe somebody let the person inside, did they caught him?
Abhi : they managed to escape but I am sure police will find them, by the way thanks for that friendship band
Pragya : no problem (about to leave when he stops her)
Abhi : there is a rule in friendship that friends should tie that band by themselves
Pragya : really ?
Abhi : Yes, now it is not easy to be friend with Abhishek Mehra (gives her the band)
Pragya : Not a big deal and let me warn you that being my friend will not be very easy and you will have to maintain this life long agree
Abhi : Agree
Both of them puts hands on each other for a new friendship
Purab goes to Bulbul who is not in state to talk but still talks to him.
Bulbul : Purab, if today something happens to mom then I would not be able to live (heavy tears flows from her eyes)
Purab : Have faith, nothing will happen alright
Nurse comes to inform doctor that Sarla’s condition is worsening. Doctor gives them time limit. Pragya runs inside the operation room but doctor tells them to stay outside. Abhi and Purab tries to console both girls but in vain. Nurse informs them that Sarla only has little time left and tells them she wants to meet Mr Abhi and meet both of her daughters. The last word strikes very hardly to Pragya and Bulbul who rushes inside without wasting time but nurse tells them to meet one person at a time.
Abhi : Me?
Nurse: I think she wants to meet you
Abhi goes inside the room and asks her about her health
Sarla : I know you and Pragya do not want to be each other, that day your dadi came to meet me and I had no answer to give her
Abhi : Aunty, you know you need rest right now
Sarla : Abhi, my daughters looks strong from outside but they are all alone in this world, I want a favor from you
Abhi : favor?
Sarla : I raised them with too much love, today I don’t want to leave them like alone,
Abhi : what do you want me to do ? you know nobody can take your place
Sarla : My Pragya is very innocent when it comes to marriage and love, I always wanted to show her how beautiful love is but I was never able to make her understand, only you can make her realize the importance, she only saw me struggle whole life and then in this cruel world she only saw bad people
Abhi does not know what to say after when he know how stubborn Pragya is when it comes to trust people
Sarla : I will not force you, I just have one request from you that you will take care of my daughter, will you do that for me? I know I don’t have that right
Abhi : Please don’t say that, you know I always see my mother in you, and how can I refuse to you, I promise you I will take care of Bulbul and Pragya, and always stand with them in every situation
Abhi tells Pragya and Bulbul to go inside the operation room
Pragya : Mom, why are you doing this to us
Bulbul : You know na, how we spent our life since childhood
Sarla : Silly girl, remember what i told you that I will be your shadow forever
Bulbul : we won’t listen to you anymore now, (in tears)
Sarla : I have very little time left, I need to tell you something I hid both of you from long time
Pragya : we will talk later okay, you rest now
Sarla : NO, this is very important, your father was innocent dear, he did not leave me
Pragya is too much stunned to hear it as well as Bulbul since they believed their father cheated them earlier.
Sarla : You both have to each other’s strength like always so I can die peacefully, you both are one soul and have to remain like this
Pragya : for which mistake you are punishing us
Sarla : dear, god is testing you, but you will have to prove you can survive, Pragya you will have to make your all dreams come true the one you always wanted to and now Bulbul is your responsibility, i know you will fulfill it better than me
Sarla gets in pain suddenly while doctors come in and Sarla’s heartbeats stop.
Doctor : I am sorry, she is no more
For a second Pragya and Bulbul could not believe and tries to wake Sarla who closes her eyes leaving both girls alone. Pragya does not show any reaction siting on floor lifelessly,
Bulbul : di (pats her shoulder) nothing happened to mom, you told me that she will be fine,
Sameer tries to console Bulbul but in vain.
Bulbul : Sameer, nothing happened to her, these doctor are lying, she cannot leave us
Sameer : Bulbul, please hold yourself
Bulbul does not stop crying holding Sarla’s hand while Sameer tells Pragya to say something but she does not respond anything except her mother’s last words to not become weak. She goes to Bulbul and tries to take her.
Pragya : Bulbul, lets go (grabs her hand)
Bulbul : I will not go, you can go if you want, I will not leave mom
Pragya : She is tired na, let her rest, come on
Bulbul : I told you na, I don’t want to go anywhere (says angrily)
Though Pragya is broken from inside but knows it is not right time to let Bulbul become weak
Pragya : Try to understand, she went to dad (says with rage)
Bulbul continuously cries holding Pragya who have mustered courage to hold herself.
Other side Abhi and Alia also gets biggest blow of their life when doctor informs them about Dadi slipping into coma.
Doctor : We tried our best but her body is not responding
Alia : Bhai (cries immensely hugging Abhi)
Abhi also goes into depression hearing the condition of his Dadi. Purab consoles Abhi who does not say anything.
Alia : Dadi, please wake up, you cannot do this to us, bhai you tell her na, she will listen to you
Purab : Alia, please hold yourself
Abhi goes out from hospital sitting on a bench remembering how his Dadi always had sleepless nights to make him and Alia sleep. He shouts out aloud and his voice had too much pain and wounds he got from childhood.
Purab comes out searching for Abhi.
Abhi : Purab, what harm I did to anybody that I have to face this day?
Purab : dadi will be fine Abhi, have faith on god
Abhi : faith? (stands up) you want me to have faith when my dadi is fighting between life and death
Purab : we cannot fight with destiny Abhi, everybody has its own fate, for how long will you keep fighting with it
Abhi : you know since childhood I made my own destiny and I always win, first our parents left us but this time I will not let dadi go easily, i trust god still that he will hear me and cure dadi

Arora house
Pragya brings Bulbul at home, There is a silent after a big hurricane hit their family badly destroying everything in their life. Both girls goes onto flashback of their childhood memories.
Flashback (10 years ago during Pragya and Bulbul’s childhood when they lived in chawl)
Pragya (comes running) : look this trophy, I won again the writing competition
Sarla : I knew that you would win it, didn’t i told you that your hard work ill pay off
Bulbul : Hello will you mind seeing me here standing with trophy for winning the best designing competition in whole school
Sarla : you getting very naughty these days (holds Bulbul’s ears)
Bulbul : Ouch it hurts,
Pragya : Mom, remember that day is not far when we will become rich and our dreams come true, you will see how the world respects us,
Sarla : i know one day both of you will make me proud and that day i will feel luckiest mom to have you both
Bulbul : My typical mom, don’t you think we are lucky to have you as our mom,
The trio hugs
Flashback ends
The servant gives Pragya bunch of letter which Sarla wanted her to read. Pragya goes near the temple where she always saw her mother praying everyday.
Pragya : Till today, my mom prayed in front of you but what you gave her, just pain, when I started to believe in you, you took her away from me, I completely realized that there is no god.
Sameer : Pragya, tomorrow we can take Sarla aunty from hospital and perform her last ritual
Pragya ; that fire will cool down in some time but the fire burning inside me is not going to cool down till I fulfill mom’s last wish and that her soul will rest in peace.
Next day Pragya and Bulbul goes to cemetery to perform the last ritual of Sarla.
Priest : Somebody need to light the pyre
Pragya : We will do it
Priest : but this is can be only done if there is a son
Pragya : We have been raised like son in this house, come Bulbul
Both girls lights the pyre completing the last part. Pragya swears to bring justice to her father at any cost.
Abhi and Purab goes to console Pragya and Bulbul but they tell the boys to leave alone.
Pragya : It would be better if you stay away from me, I am grateful for your friendship, but I will not be able to maintain it anymore (returns his band)
Bulbul : Purab, the day mom left us she took all the love with her, I don’t have courage to build anymore relation and lose, better you stay from away from me
Purab : But Bulbul
Bulbul : Please go from here
Arora house
The house is quiet like a deserted place ever since Sarla left her two daughters alone in the world to face everything.
Pragya reads all the letters their mom left and wanted them to read.
Bulbul : Sis, whose letter are those?
Dear, I know till now you both achieved everything you wanted and i am very proud of you for that. I want to tell you the truth which I always want you both to know. Your father was innocent, he never left us. He wanted to do something that would make you proud of him, he was not culprit. His only fault was he trusted wrong people who framed him to save themselves and he got big punishment for that, dear I want you to bring justice to your father and show the world no matter how big evil is but cannot win over good. My blessings are with you always and I will always pray that in every birth they make me your mother.
Bulbul : Sis, what is this?
Pragya : Bulbul, this time I will not let mom’s wish left incomplete
Bulbul : No di, we will fulfill it together (holds hands in front of Sarla’s picture)
Pragya : I promise you mom, we will not rest till we bring justice to dad and punish who poisoned our happy family.
Sameer : you want to dig out those old cases which are not in FIR anymore
Pragya : I don’t care, but I want each and every detail of dad’s case, if you can’t help me then fine I don’t need anyone
Sameer : give me some time, I will do something
Dcotors inform Abhi that his Dadi’s condition is still not improved which shatters him.
Alia : bhai, Sameer is here
Abhi : call him
Sameer : I came to talk something important with you
Arora house
Pragya : Bulbul, I am leaving for work
Servant : Madam, one girl came to see you named Anu
Pragya : Anu
Anu comes inside in a terrible situation with marks on her face worrying both girls
Pragya : Are you okay? look at your face, let me bring first aid
Bulbul : here it is, did someone hit you?
Pragya applies bandage on Anjali’s head and asks her to tell the truth.
Anu : Pragya (cries sobberly and is not able to tell anything)
After some hesitant and silence Anjali reveals how somebody physically assaulted her. Hearing the last word Pragya’s blood starts to boil and decides to teach that person the lesson.
Bulbul : who was that?
Anu ; Max, before he went to jail
This time Pragya turned red into anger and finds it right opportunity to revenge on him.
Pragya decides to take Max’s case back and release him
Bulbul ; di, what are you saying?
Pragya ; Bulbul, to attack enemy first rule is to target his weakness, you just wait and watch, Max’s right place is not in jail
Anjali : but Pragya, you know how dangerous he is
Pragya ; See thats the problem, these people are targeting our weakness and we are letting them do it, but this tables have turned
Sameer gets furious at Pragya for taking her complaint back
Pragya ; I know what am I doing
Sameer ; Listen, I am not your servant that will do anything you want, and by the way even if you bail him out, he will still not come out
Pragya : what do you mean?
Sameer : The goon who attacked Abhi’s dadi was sent by Max and he was behind his attack in concert
Pragya : what?
Sameer : Abhi is not willing to take his complaint back, so just do what you are supposed to and anyway, if he really forced on Anu he should be in jail
Pragya : he should be punished by that girl not law
Abhi warns Pragya not to let Max come out of jail
Pragya : you are not understanding, jail is the easiest punishment for him, I know what you are going through
Abhi : No you are not, if you did then you would not be talking like this, you are really fond of doing social service what did you get at the end,
Pragya : I don’t do it just so I can get something in return, it is my friend’s life question and I will make sure she gets justice
Abhi : Fine, then it is my Dadi this time, I will also make sure her culprit punished , for that I would not care whoever it is in front of me
Pragya : I am challenging you, do whatever you want, you will not be able to stop me
Abhi : Best of luck Ms Journalist, fight your own battle now
Both of them walks on opposite direction angrily vowing to not see each other.
Arora house
Bulbul : Di, think once again if you are doing anything wrong
Pragya : Bulbul, I know what I am doing, you don’t have to worry about anything alright?
Even after Pragya’s assurance Bulbul is still restless about her sister’s plan. Pragya hires a big profile lawyer for Max’s bail meanwhile Abhi also tries to find a big lawyer to deny Max’s bail.
Pragya : I don’t care he should be out at any cost
Lawyer : Listen this case is very complicated but I will try my best
Anu : have you gone crazy? why do you want to bail him out
Pragya ; Anu, you just wait and watch the game
Pragya forces the goon who attacked Dadi change his statement that Max sent him.
Goon : what do you want from me?
Pragya ; I just want you to change your statement (shows him gun)
Abhi get disappointed when Pragya’s lawyer is able to bail out Max. He gets furious on Pragya for foiling his plans.
Abhi : So finally you did what you wanted (tightly grabs her shoulder tightly) without caring about me, do you even realize whom you are helping, nobody knows him better than me
Pragya : Look I know you are angry at me but you will understand me later why I did this
Abhi : No I will not (says angrily) i made a mistake in knowing you, I thought after your mom died you would change your attitude but no you are still that arrogant girl who can never understand other people’s feeling nor respect them,
Pragya gets furious when Abhi mentions her mother and blasts him for dragging her mother in between.
Abhi : why you are feeling bad? I feel bad for your mom, she could not change your arrogance when she was alive even after you did not change yourself
Pragya : ENOUGH ! shouted not anymore word or I will forget that I had any kind of friendship with you
Abhi : it is my mistake that I considered you different type of girl but no girls like you cannot change and cannot see anything beyond their arrogance
Pragya : If you have so much problem with me then why are you here helping me
Abhi : Okay fine, from now fight your own battle but don’t expect help from me, even if you are in serious trouble I won’t come to help you
Pragya : I don’t need anybody in this world, I survived from a wild ocean and nobody is able to break my courage
Abhi : Best of luck and congratulation to your loneliness
Both goes in opposite direction angrily vowing not to see each others’ face again nor seek help from each other
Rajveer is happy to see his son back as well as Tashu.
Max : but who bailed me out?
Tashu : That journalist Pragya made goon change the statement
Max : how did you know?
Tashu : I saw her talking with the goon and threatening him
Max wonders what Pragya is upto for releasing him from jail. He meets Pragya near a old factory and asks her the reason for helping him.
Max : I know whatever you do has a reason behind it and I am sure this time too your mind has something planned right
Pragya tells him she wants to help him and his family for their career too thats why she helped him but Max is not convinced and tells her she needs to prove her words.
Max : Really? what would that beneficial to us
Pragya : I am tired of being doing the social service, people are taunting me for this, after all you are the one who is after me
Max : I will give you one chance that you truly want to support me
Pragya : Don’t worry I will prove to you that I am with you
Max : First thing first, alright then I will see you tomorrow morning, bye sweetheart
Pragya reveals to Anu her real motive behind supporting Max
Anu : what?
Pragya : I will show him the power of insulting a women, he will never be able to do this filthy thing to any girl in his life
Within next few days Pragya wins over Max and convinces him she is perfect for their business.
Tashu : bhai, are you crazy, this girl is misleading us I am telling you she is upto something
Max : Stop it Tashu, you are overreacting, I know Pragya from long time, she will not dare to cheat me, don’t forget she is alone now, and nobody can save her if she will do something wrong
Rajveer: Tashu is right, I will not let anybody ruin this empire I created with so much effort
Max : Fine, I will prove it to you that she is with us
Rajveer: Call her here, I want to meet her
Max calls Pragya to meet Rajveer to which she agrees
Pragya : you called me
Rajveer: My son might be fool but I am not, you said you can do anything for Max, I am sure you might be because bigger lawyer could not get him out and you did it in minutes
Pragya : what do I need to do?
Rajveer : you will have to defame that rockstar Abhi who framed Max, I want to see him ruined and who can be better media person for this task
Pragya : what?
Rajveer: why what happened? is it anything that is impossible for you?
Pragya : Definetly not, I promise you I will do it before 24 hours
Rajveer: If you succeed then I will consider you as my new supporter for my business

PS : Guys as I mentioned there will definitely be happy ending at the end but according to the title this is a struggle, one has to lose something in order to achieve big. Hope you guys enjoy the story because it will be going very intense

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