Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 1

The story opens with lot of people waiting at a award function. A black car comes there and comes out a gorgeous girl wearing a whites sleeveless dress. It is none other than Bulbul Arora. She greets everybody. The host announces the nominees of best fashion designer award.
Host : The best designer award goes to Bulbul Arora
Everybody claps for Bulbul who comes one stage.
Bulbul : Thank you everybody for this award. I just want to thank my family who supported me too. Sis i know you can hear me wherever you are.
A phone rings in the office. A stunning beauty with a fire in eyes is introduced who is none other than Pragya .She calls Bulbul and congratulates her.
Bulbul : Thank you sis when are you coming back
Pragya : Very soon princess and this time I have good news for you. I am getting promotion
Bulbul : That’s fantastic then come here soon
Pragya : Take care of yourself and mom
Bulbul : Sure bye
Pragya : Mahi, whats the progress
Mahi : You have to go Bombay to capture the things going on there
Pragya : I will surely bring out the change in those rural places
Mahi : I know its only you who can raise the Trp of our channel

The scene shifts to place where a bike racing is going on. A handsome hunk removes the helment after winning the race none other than Purab Khanna.
A helicopter comes on a beautiful place where millions of people are waiting. From the stopper comes out a dashing celebrity called Abhi by his fans. He comes out weaving his fans.
Mehra house
Purab : Welcome back bro
Abhi : Purab, my friend how are you
Purab : I am fine, look at you. I am so happy to see you after so many years
Abhi : You changed more than me
“Bro” a voice came out back with a spunky look and joyous voice.
Abhi ; Aliya my princess
Aliya : I am very angry. you did you inform us that you are coming back
Dadi holds his ear and scolds him.
Abhi : I wanted to give you surprise, dont be angry
Dadi : I want to talk important thing with you
Abhi : Really?
Dadi : I want you to settle down now
Abhi : Dadi, you know I don’t want to get married
Aliya : But why, don’t tell me you have lack of girls
Purab laughs on it
Aliya : Why are you laughing, I did not make a joke, why don’t you make him understand,
Dadi : Aliya is right
Purab : what should I say
Aliya : you already found your soulmate and you should encourage your friend
Abhi : stop scolding him Aliya, I will marry only when I find girl of my type
Aliya : And what type of girl you want, I will find
Abhi : Somebody who is very bold

A girl with fire in eyes is going somewhere in car
Abhi : One who has very caring nature
The girl is feeding a small kid
Abhi : And most important thing, she should be not arrogant but simple and sweet
The girl slaps somebody for behaving with a woman. The girl is revealed to be Pragya
Pragya : Aren’t you ashamed of teasing a woman? because of you shameless people, girls cannot walk safely in their own country
Aliya : Well, the type you want can be tuff
Purab : what is the fun if the girl is not tuff
Abhi : Right, Aliya I know l find a girl of sure one day
Pragya goes to her house in a red car. Bulbul is furious at somebody at one her employee
Bulbul : You call this a show stopper dress
Employee : Sorry ma’am but this is the best show stopper dress
Bulbul : I don’t care, but the clothes I design are called fashionable
Pragya : Mom
Sarla ;Pragya?
Pragya : Who is she shouting at
Sarla : you know na how she is,
Bulbul : Listen, I want to get a perfect show stopper dress before next show. if you make anything wrong then just wait
Employee : don’t worry ma’am you will get a the dress by tomorrow
Bulbul : Better be
Bulbul is happy to see her sister.
Pragya : what is going on here? how many times I told that keep yourself on hold
Bulbul : Di, these people are making me angry, the next fashion show is next week and we don’t have a proper dress for the show stopper
Pragya : Don’t worry, it will be fine
Bulbul : I will be right back
Pragya : Ma, she will definetly mess up one day in her anger
Sarla : I just hope she gets somebody who will control her
Purab meet his fiancee who is a successful supermodel called Tashu.
Tashu ; Hey sweetheart
Purab : Where are you ? you don’t have time for your fiancee
Tashu ; love you know I am a model, but I love you
Somebody calls Tashu and leaves

Aliya : what happened
Purab ; Nothing
Aliya : Are you upset that she does not have time for you
Purab : No, I know she is busy
Abhi : Didn’t you wanted a girl who is simple and very calm
Purab : That was before, it was a fantasy, Tashu is my type too
Aliya : Well its your choice
Pragya goes to her office and meet her friend Anjali.
Anjali : Hey you are back
Pragya : I am back,
Anjali : Boss has a hard task for you
Pragya : And I like a challenging things, what is it
Anjali : You have to go to a Vadhavpu village, I heard it is a beautiful village and capture the stories of their life, I also heard that there lot of problems going on there
Pragya ; Done, I will leave tomorrow

Mehra house
Abhi : You called me Dadi
Dadi : I want you to do something, will you do it?
Abhi : Just say it dadi
Dadi ; I want you to go at Vadhavpur and meet Daasi
Abhi : what happened to her
Dadi : Her health is not good these days, she helped us a lot in our bad days,
Abhi : Okay dadi as you wish (says without hesitation)


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