Abhigya-pure love(epi 9)


Hello guys….thanks for your comments…I am very happy…a small question do you want some more jealousy episodes or confession of AbhigyA…and ya Abhi and pragya were drunk in the last night episode so they don’t remember anything the next day…???enough of taking..so here is the episode 9?

Abhi:movie date hmm now see what will I do(says to himself).Pragya and rv went to rv room.Ishani is standing there with her luggage.Ishu;ok i will go to that room and looks at rv.rv Comes and hugs ishu(sanam re plays in bg).pRagya turns that side and says is your romance completed .promise i did not see anything.RV comes and pulls pragya’s ear.prag;chodo na(leave me na)bhairv;bhai??prag;yes i don’t have any brother so can i call u bhai pls.rv;ok choti and hugs her.Ishu;hello your babhi is also there all of them shared hug.screen shifts to purbul and takhil
They were busy in their home shifting all of them were happy as they can see each other happily.Bulbul was climbing on the ladder to put the pic of pranul.Tanu was catching the ladder.tanu;areey moti kitni der lagayegi(you fatty how much time will u take)..bulb;me moti tanu mein thume nahichodungi(i won’t leave you tanu)Just purab and nikhil enters.Tanu leaves the ladder and bulbul was about to fall when purab caught her(suno na sangmar plays in bg).Bulbul closes her eyes as she thought she would fall but then she felt soe protective arms and opens her eyes purbul shares eyelock.They came back to sense when takhil coughs.screen shifts to abhi in room.

Abhi;movie date hmm what should i do to stop them from going.Then he thought abhi what are u thinking?why are you thinking like this?why do u want to stop their date?do u like pragya but riya.Just then ishani enters and says hi but abhi did not reply as he was lost in pragya.then she waved his hand in front of her and said yes pragya.Ishani felt happy as she heard the word pragya.ishu;it is me abhi ishani not pragya.ABHI;SORRY,ishani.Rv and pragya came to their room.RV puts his around pragya shoulder(like a bro).Abhi feels irritated and then pragya started talkng.prag;abhi we are leaving for a movie.Abhi;of fish they are leaving think abhi think….When they were about to leave abhi wantedly hit his leg to the wall and started shouting.Abhi;ouch my leg…..and was about to fall when pragya caught him.They share an eyyelock(allah waariyan plays in bg).Ishveer seee this and cough they came back to their senses.Abhi;fuggi my leg please help me na.Pragya realised that he was acting as first when he got hurt he showed left leg and now showing right leg and smiles.Abhi;fuggi yaha mujhe chot lagi hai aur thum has rahi hi(i got hurt and u are laughing.Pra;but abhi i should go to the date na.rv;exactly come honey ishu will take care of him.Abhi started shouting louder.Abhi;fuggi i know but see fuggi it is huring me,best friend is more imp than boyfriend na fuggi.Prag;but movie tickets.Abhi;ishveer will go.Ishveer felt happy even pragya was happy but did not show it.RV;honey it is your wish,do u want me to go?pra;ok go.Abhi felt relieved and thought my plan worked.Rv;honey take care of urself and be careful.Abhi;i wont eat your honey.Rv;don’t call her honey only i will call her.abhi;areey bandhar ja yaha se,agar vo honey tho thu honeybee hai mera khoon pi raha hai(you monkey go from here,if she is honey your honey bee drinking my blood).Rv hugged pragya and whisprs in her ear choti be careful.Rv;ok bhai.By saying this ishveer left.
Screen shifts to movie hall.Ishveer were enjoying their movie and were holding each others hand,and ishu put her head on rv shoulder.ishu;rv can we go to dinner after watching pls.Seeing her cute face rv agreed.screen shifts

Abhi and pragya were sitting and watching tv.Prag;shall we study abhi,i think your leg is fine.Abhi;study??ok we will study.Pragya and abhi started studying and after a while bulbul calls pragya.Bulbul;di we are shifting from hostel as there is some problem,i talked with ma she agreed and she even talked to the house owner she is very sweet she said there is no need of paying rent.We can happily stay even maa liked the house owner so me,u,tanu and ya even ishu is staying there it seems pls inform her.pra;ok fine but where is that house.bulbul;i don’t know that di but you know who stay opposite to our house.pra;who??bulbul;abhi,rv,purab.nikhil.pra;shocked(what).bulbul;ya di and when are you coming i am missing u.pra;in 2-3 days.bulb;ok bye di.Pragya said this to abhi and abhi hugged her in excitement,pragya was taken aback for a min but even she hugged him(allah waariyan play.s)Abhi;fuggi we can meet daily u stay near my house.
Abhi broke the hug and said sorry.Pra;it’s ok rockstar.Pragya thought to irritate him for a while.pra;even me and rv can meet daily.abhi feels irritated and says to himself rv my foot.ok fuggy shall we go for a walk.Pra;abhi what about your leg,(in a taunting way)

abhi;it s fine fuggi surprise ,u became a doctor now only..Pragya smiled at his funny antics.Then rv called her.pra;one min abhi rv is calling.abhi;ye bandhar bhi na rv;choti me and ishu are going to dinner after the movie,so we will be late.iS IT ok?pra;common bhai you enjoy i am fine.rv;ok choti take care.pra.bye bhai.pRagya thought to irritate abhi an started acting.Pra;miss u rv,muuah.Abhi feel irritated…Abhi;enough,come lets go.Pra;where?abhi;there is a beach here?pra;we went there yesterday only na.abhi:another one fuggi and started pulling her cheeks.Screen freezes on all the 4 of them happy faces.

Precap:Abhigya’s romance in beach.Ishveer’s romantic dinner.

sry guys if i bored you,pls support me.

Credit to: Keerthi

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