Abhigya-pure love(epi 8)


Hello guys…i am very happy after reading your comments??..thank you for supporting me…enough of bak bak.??.so here is the episode 8

Abhigya and ishveer were dancing happily.After a while they exchanged their partners now abhi-ishani,rv-pragya were dancing.Ranveer and pragya excused themselves and were standing there but they were very angry seeing abi-ishani dance(jealous??).During dance abhi saw rv-pragya there rv was holding her shoulder so he excused himself and went near pragya and pulled her towards him.Pragya was shocked but felt happy.RV and ishani were standing there.
Abhi and rv were drinking and talking.Ishani and pragya were talking something but unknowingly they drank alchohal thinking it as apple juice.After a while they were drunk and started behaving funnily like talking like a kid,crying for a chocolate,they went near a couple and started considering them as bro-sis.Abhi and ranveer were shocked by this and they went near them.Abhi caught pragya,rv caught ishani.As they are acting rv asked abhi that he will catch pragya and pulled pragya near him,abhi was very angry and drank full bottle of alchohal and rv also started behaving like a drunk person.Overall all the four of them were drunk.(guys now lets see the drunk movie…LOL).

After a while they went and sat near the beach,rv was catching pragya by her shoulder and sat.Abi was irritated and went near him.Abhi:ayee chod use(leave her)rv:kyu chodu(why should i leave her)abhi:kyuki vo meri fuggi hai(because she is my fuggi)rv:no she is my honey.Abhi could’nt control his anger and pulled pragya towards him.Pra;chodo,mujhe rv ke pass jana he(leave me i want to go near rv).Abhi was irritated and shouted on pragya chup..By saying this he and pragya started walking and were enjoying each others company.

For a while ishu and rv started behaving funnily like dancing crazily,trying to catch the moon.After a while rv and ishani started behaving normally(now both were normal as they have consumed alcohol a while ago).Ishani asked ranveer;do u love anyone??ranveer;no.ishu;ok rv i think the time has come where i should reveal everything.rv did not understand what was she saying.Ishani caught his hand and brought him to a place it was decorated with flowers,love symbols etc.rv was shocked seeing this.Rv was about to speak but ishani told him not to say anything.Ishu;kuch bhi math bolo,main kuch kaha nahi paunga.Jab mein pehli baar yeh college mein aayi thi tho mujhe bahuth dar laga tha lekin jab meine thume pehli baar dekha tho mujhe bahuth acha laga,lekin jab mein thume dekh rahi thi thab thum pragya ko dekh raha the tho mujhe bahuth bura lag tha.Main ab tak kisi se bhi eisa feel nahi kiya,I LOVE YOU??? rv mein thumse bahuth pyaar karthi hu,mujhe nahi patha ki tum muhse pyaar karthe ho ki nahi agar nahi karthe ho tho mujhe math bathao mein bardash nahi kar paungi.(Don’t say anything or else i wont able to say anything.First time when i came to college i was very scared but when i saw you for the first time i felt very happy,but when i was looking at u you were looking at pragya i was very upset.I never felt like this towards any person,i love u rv,i love u very much i dont know whether u love me or not if u dont love me dont tell me i wont be able to bear.??)

Ishu after saying started walking away from him as she does not want to hear any reply from rv.Suddenly rv caught her hand and started smiling at her,ishu did not understand he started saying mein thumse pyaar nahi kartha hu(i dont love you)ishani started crying
Rv started wiping her tears mein thumse pyaar nahi bahuth pyaar kartha hu.Ishani was very happy and hugged rv(sanam re plays in bg).They both hugged each other tightly and then rv kissed ishani’s forehead.

Abhi and pragya were sitting near the beach.(they were still drunk).ABHI;tum uske pass path jao fuggi mujhe acha nahi lagtha.(dont go near him fuggy,i feel uncomfortable)pra:kiske pass.Abhi;your boyfriend rvpra;meraa kohi boyfriend nahi hai.,abhi:phir rv(then rv)
pragya started laughing loudly he is my best friend.pra;lekin thume kya fark padtha hai?
abhi;fark padtha hai kyuki mein thume kisi aur ke saath dekh nahi saktha(i care,because i cant see you with someoe else)pra:kyu nahi dekhsakhte(why can’t u see)abhi;coz i love u.pragya was overwhelmed and hugged abhi(bolna plays in bg).Then abhi lifts pragya and go their hotel.They had a eye lock and abhi kissed pragya on his cheek (sanam re plays in bg) and they slept.(Note:they did not consummate their relation,just they were normally sleeping)??

In morning pragya woke up she was having headache and she tried to move but strong arms were protecting her.She saw abhi caught her by waist and hugged her tightly and was sleeping like a small kid.Pragya felt happy but shy and she tried to move but he was very strong so she tried to push him.Abhi:let me sleep purab.pra;it is me rockstar.abhi;areey purab your voice is so sweet and your cheeks are so soft kya kiya yaar.pragya was feling very shy rockstar leave me.Abhi;chup kar purab nahi tho thuje mein kiss karunga.pragya was shocked and tried to move but abhi was irritated and kissed pragya on cheek.Pragya was happy but shy.aBHi;i told u not to disturb me see what i did.by saying this he opened his eyes and saw pragya there.Pragya!!!he screamed.i am very sorry.Pragya was happy but thought to trouble him.pra;what is this abhi if my boy friend come to know,he is my darling.Abhi was irritated and left to restroom in anger.She was feeling very happy and was feeling shy.Abhi was also feeling very happy.

On the other side ishu and rv were still sleeping,ishu waked up and recalled their previous night confession and was very happy she was about to kiss rv on cheek but he opened his eyes.She was blushing vry high and went to rest room.Rv thought why did he open his eyes and cursed himself.Pragya came to ishveer room and ishveer told them about their relation.Pragya was very happy and hugged ishani.Rv told them a plan.RV;pragya i have a plan.prani;yes tell us.rv;see i will go and tell abhi that we shift our room and we wll see what will he react.Pragya asked ishveer r u both ok.We are fine with that replied ishveer.They shared hifi and started on their plan.

Abhi and pragya were sitting in his room.Suddenly rv started calling honey honey…..ABHI FELT IRRItated and said that again monkey is coming.Pragya heard that was happy seeing him jealous.rv;honey pack your clothes.pra;why??rv:we are changing your room.abhi:what(he shouted)Rv and pragya were happy seeing his reaction and showed thumbs up to each other.pra;ok.abhi thought what to do.Pragya:come honey lets go.abhi:wait.rv:why???abh:i mean we shuld study naa..rv;come on abhi give some private time to lovers.aBhi made an irritated face which was noticed by them and smiled.abhi:lovers by foot(he said slowly)rv and pragya:ok come.rv:i have a surprise for u honey.pra;what??rv:he showed two movie tickets for her favourite movie.Pragya was excited and hugged rv to make abhi jealous.Abhi now was boiling and asked why there are only two movie tickets.rv:because it is our first movie date..abhi:movie date hmmm.screen freezes??

Precap:Abhi angry seeing rv-pragya’s bond.Rv and ishani come closer.???

guyss i know episode is boring….pls support me…..???

Credit to: keerthi

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