Abhigya-pure love(epi 7)

Hello guys ..long time..actually i thought u guys were bored so i did not write but after reading your comments i am writing once again..so ya plz support me..here is the episode….
Ranveer lifts pragya and starts saying we won pragya ..we won. pragya was laughing.On the other side abhi was boiling in anger and ishani was very upset.Abhi was not able to control himself and started saying..results announce hokar bahuth der ho gaya ab tho neeche uthar de mere biwi ko.Ishveer was shocked listening the word biwi and shouted biwi.Pragya looked wit an angry face towards abhi.Abhi realised what he said and started saying if he continue to lift her everyone will think pragya as your wife.Ishveer felt something fishy and abhi say come on lets move or else we will again miss the train saying this abhi and pragya went but ishveer felt something and went from there.
Pragya started shouting on abhi;tum kya bakwaas kar rahe the(what were you speaking?)abhi;maine kuch galat kaha kya,maine tho sirf sach kaha tha(DId i SAY SOMETHING wrong i only said the truth)pra;pls ab dont repeat this if anyone come to know about this,we know that our marriage is not serious.abhi;then why did u allow ranveer to lift you.pragya realised that he was feeling jealous and asked him in a teasing way why what will happen if he lifts me.Abhi went without saying anything but tells himelf because i love you.Pragya says i know you love me now see what will i do to make you confess yor feelings.By saying this she went near ranveer and asked him to do a favour.Ranveer;what do you want.pra;i need a help from you.ran;what???pra;we both should act as if we love each other.ran;what are u saying pragya??pra:pls i want to make abhi realise his feelings plss help me.Seeing pragya requesting ranveer accepted.Meanwhile bulbul calls pragya and informs her that the college is closed for 10 days because of some problem in college.pra;ok bulbul and ya we won the competition.bul;oh congrats di.pra;thanks bulbul i will call you after sometime.bul;ok di but call me or else i will not talk to you.Pragya says ok and goes ot she sees all the three of them talking.Pra;hello guys i want to say something.ishu;bol pragya.pra;our college is closed for 10 days due to some problem.abhi;oh wow so we can enjoy here for a few days.ran;ya lets have fun.Ishu and pragya start thinking.pRagya calls her mother and asks her she says ok but asked her to take care of herself.
All the 4 of them decide to stay in goa for few more days and go after the college opens.Pragya thinks some plan and tells it to ranveer.Ranveer accepts it.So they started their plan of making abhi jealous.So as per their plan pragya went near abhi and started talking with him.Pra;abhi i am feeling very happy today(she started dancing).While dancing pragya was about to slip but caught her(bolna plays in bg)they have eyelock for a few minutes.They both came back to their senses.Abhi;why are you so happy pragya?pra;i will say you but you should not say to anyone else.abh;ok.Pra;i am in a relation abhi for the first time.abhi;what???(shocked)??. pragya:yes Abhi I am very happy are you not happy for me.Pragya sees him and laughs seeing him jealous and thinks my plan is working.Abhi;who is that?pra;ranveer.abhi;ranveer(shouted his name in anger).PRA;YES ABHI he proposed me and i accepted it.
In the other room ranveer explains his plan to ishani and ishani was happy as abhigya love each other.As pragya is her best friend ishani hugged ranveer and started saying i am very happy.Ranveer was taken aback but even he hugged her.They both broke their hug and looked into each other eyes(sanam re plays in bg).They were about to kiss but pragya came and interruped.SHE saw they were close to each other and started teasing,sorry guys i interruped your romantic moment looks like another couple is in love.ishveer was blushing.But ranveer changed the topic and started asking what is the plan.pra;you have to act close to me so that he feels jealous.but dont act too close or else your girlfriend will feel bad.Pragya was laughing while ishveer wa blushing.Ran;chup kar.
Pragya went to abhi,s room and she sees him abhi sitting in anger.She laughs seeing him.Meanwhile ranveer comes calling honey where are you..Abhi was irritated by this name.Ranveer came to abhigya’s room and started talking.Ran:honey what are you doing here??abhi was now fuming.Ranveer noticed this and was happy.pra;nothing rv just sitting.abhi;rv??pra;yes rockstar i will call him like this.abhi;no don’t call him like this.Pragya and ranveer was shocked.abhi;i mean it is your wish.Ran;honey come lets go to beach we will spent some time together.pra;ok come.??Abhi said no all will go we all are here to enjoy not only you two i know u both are in a relation but fuggi don’t forget your old friends.All the four of them went to beach.
In beach ranveer and pragya were catching their hands all the while abhi was fuming.ran;come pragya lets dance.pra;i dont know how to dance.ran;it is ok.abhi;why are yo forcing her.pragya was happy seeing abhi’s concern towards her.Pragya thought to make abhi more jealous.Pra;ok honey come.RANVEEr and pragya went to the dance floor??.Abhi was irritated.Ranveer and pragya were dancing.Both were uncomfortable dancing.During dancing they have to exchange their partners.Now abhigya and ishveer were dancing.bOTH were dancing romantically.screen freezes on their happy faces.??

precap:All the 4 are drunk.they start behaving funnily. ???

Guys please support me..???

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