Abhigya-pure love(epi 6)


Hello guys…i wanna clear one thing abhi and pragya are studying in college but in the last year abhi is studying degree last year and pragya is doing her last year medicine.Since it is a co education college it has degree and mbbs in the same college.SO there ages are 25 they are not small children

.here is the episode 6
Abhigya and ishveer went to the competition place .The manager of the competition gave them their hotel names and asked them to prepare since the competition would start in a few hours.Abhi and ranveer go to a room and prani to the other room.In the room they start preparing themselves reading gk books.Meanwhile bulbul gives a call to pragya and pragya lifts the phone they both started talking.Pra;hai bulbul kya kar rahi hai(what are u doig).bul;di i wont talk to you u didi not call me even once.pra;she was about to say but stopped her self and says that she and abhi missed the train so we were roaming.bul;(shocked)kya!!are u fine did something happen to you di talk something.pra;areey bulbul bolne tho de we are fine and we reached the competition at the correct time(let me speak bulbul….)pra;bulbul i am getting late to cmpetition i will talk to u later.bul;ok di,all the best.,Abhigya and ishveer get ready and go to the competition place.

Competition starts different colleges come and the host introduces the judges and the teams.First competition is quiz.The host asks some questions and pragya and ranveer give correct answers and their college is in the top position till now.(there are 12 colleges in the competition and they eliminated two collages from the competition eliminated collages are rk college and m collage).Second competition is fashion show between girls.All the girl get ready.The fashion show starts all the collage girls come wearing different styles and abhi and ranveer were eagerly waiting for their heroines.Finally they come ishani comes wearing a black knee lenggth frock with earings and light make up ranveer was mesmurised seeing her and a smile came on his face.Then our pragya came wearing a white long frock with jewelery and make up abhi was just looking at her opening his mouth.Ranveer comes near him and closes his mouth.He says;close ur mouth or else mosquitos will die.abhi’gandha majak(bad joke).The competition ends and the host announces tha three teams are going to be eliminated.Abhigya’s team was scared and they were holding their hands.The judges announces that mai college,ram college,and fre college are eliminated.Abhigya and ishveer were elated and hugged each other.

AGAIN THe competition starts after having a small break.The third competition is dance between any two members of the group.Abhigya’s group decided abhi and pragya as the dancers.Both were very happy.All the colleges came and danced one by one.the judges were not happy with their performences.NOw abhigya dance came and they started dancing romantically on sanam re..Ishani imagines her and ranveer dancing and felt happy.The dance competition ended but they refused to disclose the results and now only 5 teams were left in the competition.The fourth round was debate competion between the groups only two members need to be participated as pragya and ranveer were good in studies so they both went and participated in the competition and in excitement they both hugged each other.abhi and ishuu were fuming ??.now only two teams were left in the competition and the last round was adzap(performing an advertisement on the given topic).

AbhigyA team got love potion.They performed an excellent advertisement and at last AbhigyA and ishver hugged each other.Judges gave them a stand-in ovation and all the audience clapped for them.??Now they are going to announce the results . everyone were tensed.The judges announced AbhigyA team as the winner ..???all were very happy.in happiness ranveer lifted pragya.screen freezes

Guys I know it is a small episode but I will update the next episode long .please support me and if u feel bored please tell ..please support please .???

No precap ????

Credit to: Keerthi

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  1. Wow…..iam remembering my old mem of doin adzapp which was an total flop……it was an add abt shampoo n they started to demonstrate with my hair during d whole assembly…..I was embarrassed….d dance of Abhigya with sanam re was really a gr8 idea….also….pragya dress in dat ramp walk also cool…..Jealousy of Abhi n Ishu was really cute n adorable….totally enjoyed a lloott….keep updating cool episodes lyk this…..

  2. big applause………….

  3. Superb dear nice ending waiting fr nxt part☺

  4. superb kirthi but one question I have that from which place u r ???

  5. Wow super! epi yaar.abhi n ranveer’s open mouth n also abhi n ishani’s jealous was so so sooo cute.

  6. Superbbbbb epi……alllr awesome…..

  7. keeks really fabulous epi. they won i’m happy for that. but i cant digest last part. i’m fuming anger n jealousy more than abhi n ishu. eagerly waiting for nxt epi.

  8. Really sooooooooo cute love sooooooooo cute jealousy all r soooooooo cute eagerly waiting for next part

  9. really super…

  10. Hey superb epic, but update it regularly….
    Waiting for next update…

  11. It’s awesome yaar

  12. Hey where u gone update the next part i am waiting so long

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