Abhigya-pure love(epi 5)


Hello guys..thank you for ur valuable comments..and ya i know there are many ishvver fans and i am trying my level best to give imp to all the 3 couples..pls support me and understand….here is the episode 5.
Abhi and pragya were shocked and slowly came out of the car and started walking.The place is ……..mandhir.They started heading towards the old couple and abhigya asked the old couple what is all this?the old couple replied areey abhi u only said na that’s why we decided to get u both married.Pragya gives a angry look to abhi and abhi is seeing down.screen shifts
Ishveer are worried as they were about to reach goa and the competition will start after 2 days and they would have to prepare themselves to win.Ishani was getting worried about them and thinking about competition.While walking she was thinking about all these and was not in her senses and was about to fall down from the train(guys she was heading .Atowards exit and exit door was open).Ranveer pulled her and they both fell down(sanam re plays in bg).Both ishveer came back to senses and ranveer started questioning him what she was doing?she apologises and leaves from there.Ranveer thinks why is he able to feel her pain?

he never felt this towards any girl?am i in lo..and stops there and he thinks stop it what are u thinking and goes near ishu.screen shifts

The old couple asked them to sit down abhigya were about to say but the old couple did not listen.They made pragya look like a marriage girl and abhi as a groom.Pragya was about to say everything but they did not listen and took near abhi.Abhi and pragya were about to do rituals and looked at each other helplessly.Abhi and pragya started taking pheras and the old couple explained them the meaning of each phera and their responsibility towards each other.
On the other side bulbl felt something strange is going to happen and thnks to call pragya di but her is showing not reachable.Suddenly purabh and bulbul huuged him tightly.(sunona sangmarmar plays in bg).purab was shocked but he felt happy and hugged her.soon bulbul starts saying she feels something strange is going to happen and hopes abhigya are safe.

screen shifts to abhigya.Pheras are completed and now the main ritual is going to happen.The old couple asked abhi to fill pragya’s maang with sindhoor and wear her mangalsuthra.Abhi and pragya were tensed but they dont have any other option.Abhi makes her wear mangalsutra(marriage tune plays in bg)abhi fills pragya’s maang with sindhoor and pragya closes her eyes.pandit ji announces that their marriage is completed .Abhigya comes and takes blessings from the old couple.The oldcouple blesses them and asked arnav to take them to their guest house so tha abhigya can spend one night there and leave goa tomorrow morning.Pragya and abhi were tensed as the competition is going to take place a day after tomorrow.Abhigya left there with arnav.On their way abhigya requested arnav he agreed and said that he will only show guest house and will drop them in bus stop.they were happy.

They reach guest house and arnav started showing them.suddenly arnav left and locked the house and told them that he will come tomorrow morning and asked them to enjoy their night.By saying this he left.Pragya was sitting angrily and started questioning abhiwhy did u do this.i said u we fill say them the truth but u did not listen now say what happen?abhi ;i know that i did a mistake but say what can i do if i did not marry you the would get a doubt on us.and why are u worried we are not married really just take off those and wear it tomorrow when arnav comes.Abhi thinks in his mind anyways i am the one who will do this in future.pragya;that is not easy abhi we are married and these are rituals and started throwing pillows on him.I am talking to you and you are throwing they both started a pillow fight and fall on the bed(janam janam plays in bg).They have a eyelock and pragya hair starts coming on her face abhi tugs her hair behind ear and pragya closes her eyes.Both come into sense and see the bed the room is fully decorated with flowers and the bed they both were shocked.pragya immeaditly ran into restroom and sees herself with mirror and smiles and wonders why is she feeling happy?do i love him?pragya stop thinkng ya your loving him but he cant love you he already has a girlfriend.

Abhi shouts her name fuggi kya kar rahi ho jaldi bahar aaon(what are u dong inside come fast).she comes out but does not remove sindoor and mangalsutra and abhi feels happy seeing that and asks her about it.pragya says just lke that and asks can i ask u something?Abhi;ya.pra;do u love anyone.abhi;ya u ;pragya;what??abhi;ur chashma(abhi realises what he said and says somethingg else.pra;then riya?abhi;fuggy who said i love her she is just my friend.pragya smiles hearing this and abhi notices this.Abhi asks so now i am ur husband na so so he starts coming closer to pragya.Pragya moves back and she hits the wall she was about to move but abhi pinned her to the wall and came closer to her pragya’s heartbeat increases and he said in pragya’s ear fuggy i am feeling hungry pls cook something for ur husband and leaves.pragya smiles and takes a sigh of relief.

Both started cooking and abhi loved pragya’s food and they were about to sleep.But it was raining outside pragya went near the balcony started enjoying the rain.ABHI SAW HER AND WAS MESMERISEd and went near her and ask what is she doing here.she says i love rain whenever it used to rain me and bulbul used to dance but now.Abhi forwards his hand and asks for dance pragya hesitantly gives hand and they both dance romantically on gerua song and went inside both were completely wet and abhi had a bottle of alcohol and drinks it and unknowingly pragya drank it.

It is morning both get ready and they ask each other what happened yesterday?pragya says;we danced and then i drank some juice i remember till that only even abhi says the same thing.abhi says nothing happened and dont worry.Suddenly arnav comes and asks abhi about their first night.Abhi tells some story and pragya smiles hearing that and all the three of them go to goa.hey reach goa and arnav leaves from there and pragya immediately took off the mangalsutra and sindhoor and went into the railway station.Ishveer train reached and they saw abhigya standing there and ishu hugs pragya and ranveer hugs abhi,ranveer even hugs pragya and asks is she ok?abhi and ishani were fuming and in jealous abhi hugged ranveer and said they are ok and said it is a big story and pragya signalled him not to say anything.screen freezes

Precap;competition started…….different different tasks..

guys pls support me and if u feel bored pls inform me…..plssssssss

Credit to: keerthi

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