Abhigya-pure love(epi 4)

Hello guys…sorry for the late update..pls support me..here is the episode 4
Pragya breaks the hug and goes and hides behind abhi.Abhi understands the situation and lay his arm around her shoulder and she feels like some protective hand is protecting her.Abhi ask pragya what is she doing here and she says the entire situation.After a while both abhi and pragya go to the railway office.The incharge there tells them that the next train is after two days .Abhigya thought to go by road as they have to reach goa asap.They started walking and unknowingly they reach into a forest.After a while they start hearing different sounds and realised that they both were in forest.Boh were very scared and started shouting on each other.abhi,yeh kaha agaye ham(where are we now)p;mujhe kya pata num hi leke aye(what do i know u brought me here)they both started blaming each other and suddenly heard the sound of a lion and starts running from there.
On the other side ishani gets up from her sleep as she was thirsty and was shocked seeing abhigya not in train.She went near ranveer and tried to wake him up and he started blabbering stop it ishani..everyone is seeing us.Ishani was shocked up but was happy and waked ranveer.Ranveer woke up and asked she said that both abhigya were not in train and ishani started saying i am very scared about pragya.Ranveer hold s ishani’s hand and says nothing will happen to them .But how will we know about them.
Here abhigya both were tired and thought to rest and they saw a hut athy thought to rest there.Then a old couple came out and asked who are they?what are they doing here?Pragya was about to say but abhi interrupted and started saying we both love each other,but our parents did not agree and we ran from our homes to get married but we lost our way and came in this forest.pragya was shocked hearing this.The old couple was completely satisfied by their answer.The old couple said her to sleep inside and they will sleep outside.but abhigya did not agree as they were old but the old couple insisted that they feel comfortable sleeping outside.After a lot of talk abhigya agreed.Then pragya closed the door and abhi was sitting by seeing down like a innocent kid and pragya was looking at him with a stern look.pragya started to shout.Abhi came and closed her mouth with his hands.they had a eyelock(allah waariyan plays in bg)Pragya asked abhi why did he lie to old couple.Abhi said then what will we say about that project will they believe us say.If they believe us ok or we would be food for animals.Pragya was convinced and said sorry rockstar.Abhi said oh dont be formal fuggy.
In mumbai the hostel was going to turned as a five star resort and takhil,rabul were tensed about their stay.Suddenly nikhil told that there is a room near their room if u are ok u can come there.there is already someone living there but she is non other than ishani.Tanu and bulbul were happening as they can stay with their friends and nikhil and bulbul were happy as they can see tanu and bulbul everyday.tanu and bulbul said we have to leave hostel by a week before di comes everything should be done ok everyone .ya ok.screen shifts.
They were about to sleep but noticed only one bed was there so they divided into halves one half for abhi,another one for pragya.It was morning abhi was hugging pragya and sleeping thinking she is purab.pragya waked up and realised that he was hugging her and sleeping.Suddenly the old couple came and noticed them and smiled.pragya was about to move but abhi said dont disturb yaae purab.pragya started saying it is me rockstar and was shocked and said sorry to pragya.Abhigya came out and noticd the old couple talking with a boy.pragya asked this the old couple replied he is their son he stays near by and comes everyda to see us.Pragya asked arnav(old couple’s son)why he dont take his parents with him?arnav replied i asked them to come but they will Always refuse waht tO DO.Abhi interrupted and asked how did u come here?Abhi;by car.abhigya asked him can he drop her near the bustop.he agreed.The old couple said something in his ear and he agreed.the old couple gave someclothes to abhigya.Pragya wore a red elegant sarree with light make up and looked beautiful abhi was not able to take his eyes off from pragya .Pragya took blessings from old couple and the old couple said that abhi is very caring,he loves u a lotls dont leave me he is only ur true love we can see love in both of your eyes.pragya was suprprised by this comments and thinks if really abh is my soul mate.they both went into the car and pragya was thinking about their woreds.Suddenly car stopped and abhigya were both shocked and looked at each other.

What is that place?why are they shocked?
guys pls support me.ur comments are the only source of encouragement plspls guys i know my ff is a little boring but pls support me.This may be a smaller one but next episode will be a longer one i promise.take care and stay blessed

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  1. Super epic but pls long one…

  2. may b Mandir…….as she don’t have sindoor n mangalsuthara……

  3. Nice episode yaar

  4. Not boring dear its awesome?and i think he might hve taken them to marry?oly a guess but waiting fr nxt part☺

  5. its awesome dr….
    plz continue ma…

  6. May be Arnav is a thief…super di..awesome epi..

  7. super dr….

  8. Nice episode. May be it’s mandir

  9. More ISHVEER scenes plc plc plc dr

  10. its so nice
    dnt care for cmmt dr
    ur ff is so gud and nice

  11. Guess its a temple…….loved todays part

  12. Nice epi…they r gng to get marry??…..

  13. ur ff is not boring ur ff is really superb. when i read ur ff then smile comes on my face without my permission. i know less cmnts gives how much pain. dont wry bcos of u i’m smiling. bcos of u smile comes to many faces. keep rocking.

  14. Wow really awesome

  15. Reshma Pradeep


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