Abhigya-pure love(epi 3)

hello guys…i hope u liked my ff…if u feel bored please inform me and let me know about it…here is the episode 3 hope u guys like it….
thank u guys for the support.I am extremely sorry for not specifying purab scene.so ya here is the scene.Purab while walking with abhi bumped into pragya and at that time riya abhi’s girlfriend called hm.Abhi went near her then purab called him as rockstar and says him to come sooon.then pragya asked purab about rockstar and then purab told pragya the whole thing.so here is the episode 3.
here it goes…..
Pragya just closes her eyes when abhi kissed her and abhigya were both in shock.Abhi suddenly got up and went from there and pragya got up thinking how could he do this and ya how did i allow him to do?pragya she scolded herself and went to hostel while abhi went to MM.
Tanu and bulbul were having a casual talk and pragya was still in shock.Then bulbul suddenly shouted di and pragya came back to her sense and says haa bulbul,bulbul asks;kaha ko gai ho tum di(where are u lost).pragya thinks to say but then stops herself and said i am here only.Then tanu asked her about project and suddenly pragya started
shouting.Both tanu and bulbul were shocked but then pragya understood and said sorry to tanu and asked shall we go to dinner but both bulbul and tanu felt something fishy and said ok.screen shifts
Abhi just entered thinking about incident and saying abhi why did u do this u wanted her friendship and now she wont even talk or atleast see you.Suddenly a girl comes and hugs abhi from back and says bhaii!!.Yes it was non other than our aaliya.Abhi said i am little frustrated dont talk with me and started moving towards his room.Suddenly abhi’s dad started calling him and asked him how long are your studies?and when will u take control on this business.Abhi did not answer and walked from there and went to his room here abhi was not able to sleep and there pragya..both were thinking but were happy.
bright sun roses.it is morning and all of them start going to collage.
Both abhi and pragya tried to avoid each other but destiny wanted them to meet and they met each other.Abhi came to pragya and said i wanted to talk to you.Abhi started talking saying,i am very sorry for the incident and i feel very guilty and apologised pragya he pragya would not accept his apology but pragya accepted and forwarded her hands saying friends and they became friends.Abhi and pragya both were happy and while walking pragya bumped into ishani and they both started talking.While talking ishani said about and hearing this pragya smiled and says so you are in love.Ishani blushes hearing and the bell rang and they both started leaving for their class.In class everyone started submitting their projects and the teacher said abhigya and ishveer projects were best and all the four felt happy.Teacher announced about the competition which is going to take place in goa and we staff decided four people for that.All were tensed.Pranuni(pragya,tanu and ishani)were holding their hands and the teacher announced abhigya and ishveer as their project was best and they would win on behalf of the college
ALL The four were happy.Abhi and pragya were thinking about each other and ishani about ranveer,ranveer about pragya.the teacher said that they should leave by tomorrow and said them to start making arrangements.Class is over and pragya gets worried about bulbul then suddenly bulbul comes and pragya says everything about goa trip.suddenly abhi and purab also comes and purab holds bulbul’s arms and says i will take care of her.thy have chit chat and all of them become good friends inclding takhil and ishveer.College gets over.All the four of them start packing clothes as they will have to leave by tomorrow morning.All the four of them packed clothes and slept.
BRIGHT sun rose and all the four of them got ready and pragya kissed bulbul on her forehead and hugged and asked them to take care on the other side abhi hugged everyone and took blessing and started to leave to railway station.
Except abhi everyone arrived and all were tensed as the train would depart in 10 min.Suddenly abhi arrived and pragya started to shout at him .Abhi said;arrey stop shouting agar aisi hi bolthi rahogi na tho fuggi ki thara patt ho jaogi fuggi.Pragya was shocked hearing the name fuggi and asked he said when you were shouting you were like balloon so your name is fuugi.Pragya was irritated by that name and ishveer was laughing.Ranveer was mesmurised by ishani’s smile.And the train started to goa.They enjoyed the journey and played games like damsharats,etc.After playing a lot they had dinner and they slept.During midnight pragya had hiccups she went to fill water and abhi came down searching for her and went to restroom to wash his face.Train started leaving and abhigya did not notice that and the train left.Pragya after filling waterbottle noticed that the train left and was scared.She saw that 2 boys were following her(they were drunk)and she started to run.Suddenly she saw abhi standing in front of her and hugged him tightly(allah waariyan plays)screen freezes.

Precap;Ishveer shocked seeing abhigya not there in the train.Abhi and pragya stuck in forest.
HOPE you guys like it…..pls support me..Varsha and everyone can call me keeks and aastha can i know ur fan fiction name.If u have any questions pls ask me and pls comment.Negative comments are also accepted.

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  3. ur ff is going well. 1st i thought takil is negative but now i think riya only the negative. really am appriciating u cardially bcos i know how tough job is to give imp to all pairs. cool epi.
    n abt my ff, i wrote 2 ff called swaragini’s destiny n love marriage life but both r completed dear.
    now i thought to write 3 shot on abhigaya. soon it will publish.
    tc. keep smiling.

    1. by the way i wrote os on kkb. here is the link for that

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