abhigya- pure love (epi 2)

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As the teacher said that the project should be done in pairs.she said that all the students(boys) name are written so the girls should come and pick the chit and the member will be his partner.All are thinking to get a nice and understanding partner.Nikhil thinks that he should get tanu as his partner meanwhile abhi and ranveer were thinking about pragya.The teacher asked all the girls to come and pick up the chits and show it to her so that she could show them their partners.
Tanu and pragya went and pick up their chits.all the 3 boys were tensed.Tanu got the name mr.nikhil arya and showed this to pragya and pragya showed her chit which was written as …Mr abhishek prem mehra pragya thinks nice name and thought he was a nice boy and all the girls showed their chits and the teacher started assigning them their partners.Only tanu and pragya were left,teacher showed nikhil to tanu and they both felt happy and started smiling at each other.teacher showed mr abhi to pragya and they both were shocked but both felt happy knowing each other as their partner meanwhile ranveer felt jealous. And was fuming when he got know ishani as her partner she was looking very beautiful.And when ishani saw ranveer she immediately had a crush on him but ranveer was only seeing pragya and ishani was seeing ranveer and felt happy as he was his partner. .the class was finished and the teacher said that she should get the projects by tomorrow with this the teacher went out.
Pranu were heading towards canteen and saw bulbul and says the entire incident and bulbul started laughing at them and said that she will meet them in hostel.Meanwhile bulbul was walking fastly to meet teacher and clarify her doubts regarding maths as she just hate maths while walking she bumped into purab and they both started shouting on each other and started their nok-jhok and they ended their fight and purab was in a hurry to meet abhi as he had a strange feeling and wanted to tell this to abhi.After a while Nikhil said that he wanted to talk to tanu about project and they both went and started having a casual talk not about project.
Meanwhile abhi and ranveer both wanted to talk to pragya but they were scared to talk and pragya came to abhi and said that she wanted to talk to him.Abhi was extremely happy.Ranveer was about to speak but ishani pulled him and said she wanted to talk something about project.Both were walking and talking about project suddenly ishani saw a cockroach and hugged ranveer tightly(saiyara saiyara plays in bg)and they both hugged each other tightly.Everyone started laughing and ishveer came back to their senses and they were embarrassed and ishani ran from them .Meanwhile ranveer said why did he hug her and thought why he got a strange feeling when he hugged her and smiled.On the other side Pragya started talking she said ;i want our project to be the best and asked abhi to accompany him to library to study about project.Abhi made different faces hearing the word library.Pragya catches his wrist and started to go near library.Abhi was very happy as pragya was holding his hand.
In library(they were doing project work after school hours so no one was there) pragya was talking about but abhi was staring pragya and pragya noticed this and asked hey rockstar why are u staring me like this.Abhi was shocked hearing the word rockstar and asked her about it.she replied that purabh said that your aim is to become a rockstar so i called u like this.Meanwhile pragya tried to take a book which was very high and asked abhi to help her and abhi started walking and pinned her to the wall and came close to her.pragya closes her eyes and abhi suddenly lifts her and she takes the book and abhi loses his balance and both of them fall down(allah waariyan plays )they both share a eyelock and abhis kisses pragya’s cheek suddenly.screen freezes.

precap;Ishani and pragya became friends and ishani says about ranveer to pragya and pragya smiles.

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  1. It was a cool episode….nice n lovely too….wonder if these come true in reality

    1. Thanks…

  2. Abhigya scene was superb … Bt it’s too fast na… By the way it’s superb

    1. Glad u like it and if u feel it is very fast I apologize .

  3. & I have one que …. How purab told to pragya abt tht abhi’s aim … This is frst day of clg na … Can u tell me…

    1. Sry for not specifying about that purab scene I will specify in the next episode

  4. very nice

    1. Thank you very much

  5. Sweet episode dear!! I like Abhigya and Ishveer both a LOT!! I have a question tho.. Is this ff about ishveer too?? Cuz that would make me super happy!

    1. Yes..sry for not specifying in ff name.this story is about all the 3 pairs.i would try to give imp to all the pairs.

  6. Nice epic

  7. Sooperb but update daily long episodes ya

  8. It was really awesome

  9. Superb yaar soooooo sweet n cute abhi….

  10. Wow..its awesome

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  12. Superrrb ya abigaya n ishveer scenes waiting fr nxt epi……..

  13. Awesome dear☺abhigya scene was cute??

  14. Wow… awesome very nice keep more Abhi-Pragya and ishveer scenes of humour loved it waiting for the next

  15. superb epi. i’ve a doubt how prag know abt purab? any way epi is superb. i like ranveer’s jealous.

  16. great episode pa…….really awesome….I just loved the each n every scene….

  17. Nice and luvly abhigya scenes yaar…plzzz continue…..

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  19. Very nice

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