Abhigya-pure love (epi 10)

Hello guys..successfully 10 episode thank u so much…i know it is a bit boring but pls support me…here is the episode 10..as you guys want abhigya confession ..today is the last jealous episode…so the next episode is confession..
The episode starts with ishveer.The movie is completed and they were on their way to dinner.Ishu;rv where are we going?rv;surprise baby.They were going in car how many times ishani asked the question rv said it as surprise.Finally they reached the place.Ishu was about to get down when rv called her.rv;ishu.Ishu;yes.Rv closed her eyes with a cloth and lifted her in her arms.Ishu was surprised and wondered what he is upto.Finally they reached and rv asked ishu to open eye.ishu was surprised.It was a romantic place near the beach(the same beach where abhigya came,but they did not notice each other)It was nicely decorated with music and a candle light dinner as it was a full moon day this was a erfect romantic dinner and the sea waves were touching their legs.Ishu was very happy and asked rv.Ishu;rv what is this?rv;why u did nt like it/ishu:like it i loved it and she kissed rv’s cheek in excitement.Rv was surprised by this and he said if u will give this type of gifts i will arrange this everyday.Ishu was blushing hard and hid her face in rv’s chest.screen shifts
Abhigya came to the beach by holding their hands.ABHI;fuggi shall we sit there.pragya;sure.i have decided to not call you by rockstar.Abhi;then what will you call me??honey.Pra;how can i call u honey i already have my honey(to irritate abhi)Abhi was very irritated and asked her in anger what will u call me then?pra;buddhu..Abhi:buddhu nahiii why??pra was laughing and seeing her laugh automatically a smile came on abhi’s face.There were some children playing in the beach they pulled pragya into the water.CHILDREN;come didi play with us please.pra;no pls.But the children did not listen nd pulled pragya into the water.Now pragya was playing in water like a small kid and abhi was looking at her with a smile in his face.the children came near abhi and pushed abhi into the water.Pragya was laughing seeing this and after playing the kids left the place as it was already night.Now only abhi and pragya were left.pRagya was playing like a small kid and abhi started moving towards her with a smirk on his face.Screen shifts to ishveer.
Rv asked ishu’s hand for dancing.And they both started dancing very romantically (janam janam plays in bg).After dancing ishu was very hungry so she asked rv to join her in having dinner.ishu was surprised to see all her favourites on the table and started having like a small kid.Rv was smiling on her kiddish behaviour and was watching her with a smile.Ishu noticed that rv was not eating and was staring her.Ishu asked him by raising her eyebrows.Rv was lost in her so he did not reply.Ishu pinched him and then rv came back to his senses.Rv;arrey pagal why did u pinch me??ishu;i am calling from 10 min you’re not replying.why are u not eating u don;t like this.By saying this ishu tarted feeding him with her own hands and rv was feeding her.they both had a eyelock(janam janam plays in bg)screen shifts
Abhi was walking towards pragya with a smirk on his face.Pragya was playing so she did not notice that abhi was walking towards them.Both were fully drenched.Abhi came near pragya and pulled her towards him.They both had a long eyelock.(bolna plays in bg)Then abhi suddenly pulled pragya and started dancing with her very closely.At lart he lifts pragya and twirls her.They were close to each other.They both came back to their senses and pragya started walking.Abhi pulled her by waist and asked her.Abhi;fuggi shall i ask u something(he was catching hr waist tightly)Pragya tried to relieve herself but realised that it was not possible and stayed therepra;yes buddhu.abhi;does my presence effect you?pragya was shocked by this question ofcourse it does because she loves him but she could not say this.Pra;buddhu what happend why are you asking this question??abhi;answer me.pra;no.Abhi;ok can i test you?pra;test is this a exam.??abhi;just say yes or no fuggi(in anger tone)Pragya was shocked listening this but could not say anything and said yes as if she said no then abhi would know that it effects her.pra;yes ok test me(in worried tone).Abhi;fine.by saying this he started walking towards pragya.Pragya was scared and thought oh god sve me.I thought to mak him jealous but pls god save me.Now he was closed to her he asked the same question.pra;no.He came more closer.Abhi;now.pra;no.Now he was more closer there was only a inch gap between their faces.Pragya;no.Abhi made pragya stand on her toes and put his arms around her waist.Abhi;now.Now pragya could not control and kissed abhi.Abhi was shocke but later he too responded.They both broke the kiss because of oxygen.Pragya was feeling very awkward and said sorry.but abi got his answer his presence effect her and was very happy.TEN he watched rv with ishani doing a candle light dinner.He was shocked seeing this and though what is happening.Then he heard pragya talking with rv.bhai were are u??rv:in fred beach(imaginary name)pra;what??even me and abhi are here.Abhi heard the word bhai….bhai why is she calling bhai what is happening.That means pragya and rv don’t love each other and started jumping in happiness and she did all this to make me feel jealous so i will propose her tomorrow itself.tHEN pragya saw abhi jumping and went near him.Abhi thought to make her feel jealous and his plan started.Abhi;fuggi i am very happy and he started twirling her.pra;buddhu put me down.He put her down and pragya asked.Prag;what happened buddhu.Abhi;fuugi my honey is coming tomorrow.PRAG;honey..what are you talking.abhi;ya fuggy my girlfriend is coming tomorrow to goa so i am going to propose her tomorrow.Pra;what????Abhi was happy seeing pragya’s reaction and tears started coming in her eyes.Abhi;fuggi help me to propose her tomorrow,i have made all the arrangement tomorrow she is going to come and i will propose her.pragya started to cry and ran from there.Abhi;(to himself)i think i overreacted but tomorrow will be the happiest day in your life fuggi.screen shifts
Pragya went to the room and started crying loud.Suddenly ishveer came and saw her crying.Pragya hugged rv and started sobbing in his chest.Ishveer were worried seeing pragya like this.rv;choti what happened why are you crying??pra;bhai he is going to propose her tomorrow??rv;who?pra;abhi.Ishveer was shocked and asked pragya pragya said everything.She was crying and rv hugged her to comfort her.After a while she slept like thAT only rv lifted her in her arms and placed her on the bed.Ishu;what is happening?rv;we will talk about it later.u go and sleep.On the other side abhi asked someone to decorate the place with her photos etc.abhi;fuggi sorry for hurting you,but you will be the happiest person tomorrow.screen freezes on ishveer worried face,pragya’s sleeping face and abhi’s smiling face.
sry guys if i bored u.pls support me.

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    Superb Keerthu !! Keep Writing !! And Congrats for successfully completing 10 episodes of your FF !!

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