abhigya- pure love (epi 1)


Hello guys….so this is my first episode…..pls support me..
thank you guys for the overwhelming response and ya there is a villain n the story riya;abhi’s girlfriend,always behind abhi for money.hope youlikeit

The story starts in mumbai where a hostel is shown where 3 girls are in a hurry as it is the first day of their college.They are non other than our tanu,bulbul,pragya.All the 3 were dressed up and were wearing jeans and kurtis leaving their hair looking like angels.Tanu was packing her and pragya’s bag as they both are in the same class where pragya was preparing breakfast for all the three of them.Suddenly tanu bumped into pragya & pragya started shouting saying that:can’t you see?Tanu started saying,even i can ask this to you.pragya started saying,chashma mujhe laga hai aur dikhai thume nahi de raha hai(i have specks but u cant see).Tanu again started shouting saying that;aree chashmish,stop shouting nahi tho hostel warden hamme nikhal degi(hostel warden will throw us out).After a while bulbul interrupted and says,oh my dear di’s if u people are fighting like this we will reach collage late.both of them stopped fighting and started going for collage in bus.
After a while they reached collage and the 3 of hem were scared to go.bt then all the three of them started moving holding their hands.but they were called by four boys who were sitting there they wre other than our abhi,purab,raanveer and nikhil.Pranul(pragya,tanu and bulbul)thought that they were seniors but they dont know that even they were juniors an it was their first day of her collage but they played a prank on them.Pranul started moving towards them as they called them.
Tanu and nikhil were seeing each other,purab and bulbul were seeing each other,meanwhile ranveer and abhi both were looking at pragya but pragya was looking at abhi.when pragya was walking there was a peel of banana which pragya did not noticed and she was about to fall.Abhi and ranveer both tried to catch her but abhi caught her (allah wariyan plays in bg).they both share eyelock where all were laughing at him where as ranveer was fuming.Tanu and nikhil coughed and abhigya came back to their senses where abhi asked pragya;is she fine.pragya replied;yes.then the bell rang and all the 3 of them started running.Where abhi called pragya loudly ;chasmish what is ur name.pragya saw him with a stern face but smiled inside and they reached their class.
Pranu went inside their class and started talking with everyone and made new friends.But they received shock of their life when they saw abhi,nikhil and ranveer.All the 5 of them were shocked seeing each other,Pranu saw them with a stern face meanwhile those 3 were thinking we are dead now.
Teacher arrives and introduces herself and start where pragya was concentrating and tanu and nikhil were looking at each other,abhi and ranveer were staring pragya but pragya did not look at them concentrated on that class..the teacher tells about their first project that will be in pairs.All students were shocked thinking about the project and their partners.screen freezes.

pls guys support me?who will be their partners?and ya there is ishani in the story she willbe seen in next episode?hope u guys like it?if u feel bored pls inform me.

Credit to: keerthi

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  1. Superb episode and ranveer jealousy secne is so cute

  2. Superb yaarrrr…. Nice

  3. Wow superb keerthi…but pls give long one yaar…and the epi is super

  4. Not boring dear its awesome?it wil be nice if abhigya are pairs?anyway nice dear keep gng nice ☺

  5. It’s super story I loved it pls do update it regularly keerthi

  6. Wow nice yar waiting for Ishani’s entry pls make her entry fast

  7. Wooow loved it awesome super and etc… I can’t express my feelings but i love ur ff sooooooo… much plz update regularly I am waiting for next episode

  8. really it’s wonderful……..

  9. Nice keerthi

  10. Abhigya & tanu nikhil

  11. very nice I think ranveer is attracted towards pragya but abhi I think he loves her

  12. It’s really nice.. Interesting n also funny…waiting for next update n also I like the name pranul

  13. Nice EPISODE keeks….I’ll call u keeks..ok na??….I guess its Abhigya, Rabul, n Takhil…..donno abt Rv

  14. itz very nice yaar

  15. thanks ….and ya ishani enty will be seen shortly

  16. Hey its different n seems to b interesting

  17. Gud epi 🙂

  18. akshaya kannan

    Awesome keerthi

  19. Nice episode yaar

  20. superb keerthi…go ahead..i luv it..

  21. oi tiz epsd z very short kerti.. i expctd long epsd frm u.. plz update nxt 1 also ..itz very amazing .. make ranveer n pragya aft tat make abhi n pragya realise their love … bt very nyc.. keep rockin lik…

  22. Nice epic yaar but upload long epic…

  23. Nice and soooo cute start……

  24. nice yaar….kep gng .. waitng fr nxt epi…..

  25. no dr…..
    ur story is really awesome…
    plzzz update regular ma………….

  26. superb. soo funny too. waiting for nxt epi. hope abhigya the pair soon ishu comes to cls in late its just my guess. try to reply all dear.
    by the way i’m aastha. actually frm 2,3 days am visiting kkb page n acctracted by ur story. 1st am written ff in swaragini page. there we all reply to others. so im expecting frm u too.

  27. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Good….

  28. super…

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