Abhigya (OS)

Abhi n pragya—college student
Both study in the same college

It was first day of there college.
As both were new to college they were searching their class they coming from opposite side.

Abhi was now getting irk as he was not able to find his class
While searching class They collided with each other prags was carrying some books in her hand ..the books fell down.
Abhi in irk tone: oye r u blind can’t u walk properly
P: this thing I too can say
A: don’t try to act smart in front of me
P: I’m not acting
A: don’t show me ur attitude
P: I’m not showing u attitude Mr.
A: having four eyes bt also not able to walk properly if u r not able to c with four eyes wear one more spec then may u don’t collided with any one
P: Mr. Don’t talk anything about my specs
A: u n ur specs… Jst wasting my time
Saying this he left from that place

At last abhi found his class he get in he was searching for a seat finally he saw an empty place n sat there after sometime prags too came to same class abhi saw her n said to himself: this chashmish came here too
Prags start search seat for herself she found a place bt then she saw abhi sitting so she again started to search
Suddenly one student shouted SIR IS COMING
No option was left for prags so she went n sat near abhi

Lectures was going on prags started to
Take note bt abhi was not at all interest so he took out his mobile n started to listen songs
@break time
A: oye chashmish how much u were writing seeing u writing that much my hand started to pain
P: I was writing how come ur hand started to pain
A: arey leave it. By the way what is ur name
P: pragya arora n wat about u what’s ur name
A: Abhiskek Mehra
I’m sorry
P: for what
A: for reacting like that in morning actually I was not able to find class n I got irritated
P: u didn’t react bt over reacted
A: arey I said sry na… Can we become frnds
P: yah we can

Days passed abhigya had become bestie. They help each other in every situation bt this all doesn’t means that they had stopped fighting with each other. Whenever they got time start to irritate the other one

One day prags was sitting in the class. She was looking sad. Abhi came to class n saw her sad bt thought that may be she is pranking on him. So he thought smthg n started to irritate her. Prags was now like she ll cry so she left the class. Abhi saw her like that n thought to ask her . he started to search her at last he found her in college’s garden. He went near her n asked for sry . she immediately hugged him he was shock bt when he saw her crying he hugged her back to console her. She broke the hug n said sry
A: it’s OK what happen prags y r u crying
P: nothing yrrr
A: acha so its a fashion that were crying
Prags was about to say smthg abhi cuts off n says won’t u share ur problem with ur frnd
P: nothing like that abhi
A; then say what happened
P: yesterday I was very happy as mom n dad were coming bt then I saw a news that the flight got crashed it was the same flight in which mom n dad were coming ( in crying tone) she continued I was not even ready to come clg bt I thought that if I’ll stay alone it ll make me more sad so thought of coming clg
A: so all this day where was u living
P: hostel
A: bt u never mention about this to me
And u was not sharing this with me yesterday when call u. U didn’t say anything to me at that time too
P: i’m sry abhi
A: acha now don’t be sad after completing studies u can go back to ur house na
P: bt now y I’ll go no one ll be there na
A: y
P: in my house mom dad n I use to live now mom dad r not there then y I’ll go
A: arey yarrr prags u r a brave girl then y r u like this n u don’t worry about u jst concentrate on ur studies so that I can pass
P: what do u mean by u can pass
A: arey if u ll study then u ll help me in exam n I can pass
P: y don’t u study yaar
A: I want to become a rockstar n I had joined clg jst for dadi
P: jst for dadi???
A: actually my parents too died in an accident
P: sry I didn’t know that
A: so now we can go
P: yah we can
Prags started to move bt abhi was there thinking smthg
A(in his mind): I thought of proposing u bt then u said me a bad news if I propose u now what if u say no
His thought got disturbed by prags
P: arey u was the one saying to go n now u r not come yaar
A: yah coming

Days passed there exams too got over now it’s the last day of there clg abhi thought of proposing her
he called her n ask her to come to xyz place. After sometime she came to the place it was dark there
P: abhi Yarr where r u I’m scared of dark u know na then
Suddenly someone came from behind n blind folded her when the person was blind folding she started to shout
Person: how much u shout prags
P: abhi u then y did u did this
A: arey Yarr how much question u ll ask me
Prags was about to say smthg abhi carried her in arms n started to walk
P: abhi wat r u doing???
A: arey jst keep quiet for sometime
Abhi stopped after walking few distance he make prags stand then he leaves prags started to search she didn’t found him
P: abhi now where u gone Yarr plz come na yarr u know na I’m scared of dark then y r u doing like this plz come..okk whatever u ll say I’ll do bt plz come
A: whatever I’ll say u ll do
P: pakka
A: so promise me u ll never leave me
P: I’ll never leave u alone now plzz come na Yarr ( she was continuously searching him jst his voice was heard by her)
Abhi came near her n unfolded
When prags open her eyes she found abhi in his knees
A: pragya I really don’t know when I started to love. How when n where I really don’t know bt jst one thing I know that I LOVE U I love u more than anything in this world when I realize that I love u that moment itself I thought of proposing u bt then u said about ur parents accident so I drop my idea. So do you love me
Prags was in tears she hugged him tightly tears were rolling down
P: yahh abhi I love u
( both r in standing position)
A: u never said that u love me
P: u said about this to me n this is love not clg that it ll give notice about this
It jst happen
Love u pragya
Love u too abhi
Both again hug

Screen freezes

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