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Hy guys i want to bring the best stories I have read.this is one of my favourite story by Scarlett.if you have to comment please comment about her skills and the story don’t praise me.I don’t want to steal appreciation for others works.I just want you guys to read such beautiful stories.

It was a fine morning in Mehra house and the rockstar of their house was sleeping in his bed burrying his face in his wife’s neck hugging her closer by her waist.After few minutes pragya stirred in his arms opening her eyes and looked down at her sleeping husband.Its been two years since the kiddnapping happened in which she escaped death barely taking a bullet for him.When Abhi came to know its was noneother than his girlfriend and sister planned her kidnapping Abhi broke all the relation with them and decided to give their marriage a chance and accepted his growing feelings towards her.After 3 months when Pragya meet with an accident eventhough it was nothing serious Abhi literally make the driver to leave the city to escape his anger .And when pragya asked why he was over reacting after hearing this Abhi lost his cool and shouted how he can’t live with her as he was in love with her while pragya stood in shock .

After his confession he arranged another honeymoon for them for making up to their last spoiled honeymoon and they become husband and wife completely.Even though they still use to fight even for same issues like before the confession everyone can the love in thses fight which was missing before.Pragya never thougt she would a get a life partner who would love her more than himself and treat her like a princess.She blessed to have Abhi in her life and prayed to keep her husband safe and happy to god everyday.Just then alarm tone rang and she took her mobile and switched off the alarm.Then she carefully moved Abhi’s head from her neck which became his favouriate pillow and place in on the pillow without disturbing his sleep and removed his hands from her waist and covered his nake body properly with the blanket till his chest.Then she placed a kiss on his forehead and took Abhi T-shirt which was lying on the top of her dressed which he romved in their last night love making and wore it.Then she took a towel and a salwar set and entered bathroom to get ready for the day.

Abhi started to wake up after couple of hours and searched for his wife as he was missing her warm body by roaming his hand on the bed with closed eyes .After few seconds he opened his eyes as he can’t find pragya on the bed and looked at the time in his mobile which showed 30 past 9 in the morning and understood the reason for his fuggy’s disappearance from their cuddling.He know pragya will be in daadi’s room making sure she had her medicines and talking about today’s lunch and dinner preparations.Abhi never though he would get a girl like pragya who will love him and his family unconditionally and care about them more than herself.He always though if someone will love him it will be for money and his fame but his fuggy proved that he can be also loved for his heart and love not for money and fame.Even though its been nearly two years since they confessed their love and became two body one soul he still feels like it was the first time he is seeing his wife when he sleep with her in his arms or wakes up in her arms with his face in her neack with became his favouriate pillow.Abhi still didn’t understand what he did to deserve a girl like pragya and many times he thought she deserves someone much better than him.Even though pragya claims that he treats her like a princess Abhi thought this is the leasthe could do to make up for how he treated her like a cruely in the past.Just then Abhi saw pragya entering the room with coffee cup in a green salwar and gave him a smile which lid his whole words.

”Good morning”said Pragya and kept the coffee on the table.
”Good morning chasmish”said Abhi with a smile.

”Abhishekh how many times i said don’t call me chasmish as i am not wearing any chasma now”said Pragya with a fake glare .After the accident Abhi literally dragged her and made her wear lenses as she nearly lost her eye sight as her chasma broke and missed entering her eyes by an inch.
”So what my cute chasmish you still use your chasma while reading right”said Abhi and pragya just shook her head.Then Abhi tried to take the coffee cup but pragya slapped his hands.
”First brush your teeth just come near the coffee.Now get up”said pragya in a stern voice and Abhi pouted.

”And that pout is not going to work today so go”said pragya and Abhi left to the bathroom giving a fake glare to pragya like a child.Pragya just shook her head with a smile seeing his childish antics.Then she started to arrange the bed.After five minutes Abhi came back and sat on the bed drinking his tea while Pragya placed all his necessary thing like dress ,wallet,belt,watch on the bed.
”So fuggy have you bought the gift?”asked Abhi and pragya looked Abhi in confusion.
”Gift?what gift Abhishekh?Is there any party that we have to attend ?”asked pragya and Abhi frowned hearing .

”No fuggy.I asked thinking something else”said Abhi and pragya nodded.As Abhi finished the coffee pragya took the cup.
”Ok Abhishekh i kept all your things on the bed and please get ready as Aman called me this morning and asked me to remain you about your meeting today at 11.so please get ready and come down for breakfast”said pragya and turned to leave the room.
”Hey fuggy”called Abhi and pragya turned back.
”Haan boliye”said pragya .
”Did you forget something”asked Abhi and pragya thought for few seconds .
”Arrey haan”started pragya which bought a smile to Abhi’s face but as she continued .
”I forgot to get daadi medicine yesterday.so please Abhishekh get her medicine when you return home today”said Pragya with a smile.

”Ofcourse.I will ”said Abhi with a fake smile.Then pragya left the room when Abhi stood up from his bed in anger.
”How could fuggy forget my BIRTHDAY.I mean she can remember all the needs of every member of our family,but she forget her own husbands birthday”said Abhi to himself and entered the bathroom to get ready.


Once Abhi got ready and had his breakfast made by her lovely wife Robin came and informed him that daadi called him to her room.
”I know daadi will never forget my birthday.Today daadi will know how her bahu is not so perfect like she claims”said Abhi as he entered daadi’s room.
”Good morning Daadi”said Abhi and hugged his daadi .
”Good morning beta.”said daadi with a smile.

”So why you called me here ?”asked Abhi sitting beside daadi.
”I will tell you.But where is pragya beta”asked daadi and Abhi rolled his eyes.
”Fuggy is playing with Anuj in Akash and Rachana’s room”said Abhi .Anuj was Akash and Rachana’s son who was 1 1/2 years old .After Anuj was born Akash married Rachana after everyone forgave and they are happy now.
”Then ok.wait here i will give you something”said Daadi and got up from the bed and went to her cupboard and returned with a paper in her hand.
”Take this ”said daadi and Abhi got the paper from daadi.
”What is this daadi?”asked Abhi with confusion.
”Actually Abhi i ordered a plantinum with diamond chain for pragya and i want to suprise her when i give it to her.so get the chain from the shop while you are coming home today.Ok”asked daadi .
”Ok”said Abhi and left the room with a huff.

”Daadi cares for Bahu and Bahu cares for Daadi.But noone cares for me”said Abhi and walked down the hall .When he was about to step out of the room he heard pragya shouting his name.This bought a smile on his face.
”I know my fuggy can’t forget my birthday”said Abhi and turned with a smile.
”Abhishekh i am so sorry.I really don’t know how i forget this”said pragya.
”Arrey its ok chasmish.Its happens.”said Abhi with a smile.
”You are not angry?”asked Pragya and Abhi nodded his head in negative.
”Ok then”said pragya and kissed his cheeks.
”Sorry from tomorrow i will not forget our morning kiss”said Pragya and Abhi control himself from dropping his jaws.
”Its okay fuggy”said Abhi and kissed her forehead.Though he was upset with her for forgetting his birthday he can never leave the house without sharing their morning kiss.
”Bye fuggy”said Abhi and pragya nodded her head with a smile.
”Bye Abhishekh and take care”said pragya and Abhi left the house.

Its was 30 past 8 when Abhi entered the gate of his house and parked the car .When Abhi opened the door and entered the house it was engulfed in complete darkness .
”Fuggy,daadi”called Abhi and the next moment the light came suddenly making him blind for few seconds.
”SUPRISE”can a shout and Abhi opened his eyes to see everyone standing in the hall while it was decorated with flowers ,baloons and ribbons.This bought a smile on his face on his face and he walked towards them .
”Happy birthday beta”said Daadi with a smile after everyone wished him.
”Thanks daadi.I thought you forgot my birthday”said Abhi with a smile.

”Meri pagal .How can i forget my grandson’s birthday.It was bahu’s idea to suprise you”said Daadi and Abhi smiled hearing his wife’s name.
”But dadi where is my fuggy .I can’t see her anywhere”said Abhi while his eyes searched his wife.
”Well Jiju i will help you to find it”said Bulbul with a smile.
”Well tell me”said Abhi with a smile.
”If you want to find di go to your room and look on your bed ”said Bulbul and Abhi rushed towards their bedroom and everyone laughed at his egerness to find pragya.
Once Abhi reached his room he saw a letter laying on the bed with a red rose on it.Abhi took the rose with a smile and sat on the bed and opened the letter started reading it.Dear Abhishekh,
I know you are angry and upset this morning when i didn’t wish you.But i wanted to suprise you coz the gift i am going to give you today will be best you received till now.so if you want to know the gift come to the terrace.

Your Fuggy.
Abhi stood up from the bed pocketing the letter and placed the rose inside the vase.
”Well what gift chasmish got me that she is making a great suspense .Hmmm lets see”said Abhi and left the room to terrace.

As Abhi reached the terrace he saw a table which was covered with a blue silk cloth and something covered with a lid was kept on it.But Abhi was stunned by the beauty who was standing next to the table in a white with purple saree with a smile on her face.Abhi saw pragya walking towards him and once she stood infront of him she gave a small kiss on his lips.
”Happy birthday rockstar.so did you like my suprise?”said Pragya with a smile and Abhi smiled back.
”Hmm not bad fuggy .I was impressed.”said Abhi with a smile pulling her closer by her waist.
”I love you pragya”said Abhi and captured her lips in a passionate kiss.Pragya too responded with the same passion running her hands in his hair.After few minutes they broke the kiss and pragya kept her head on his chest while Abhi rested his head on hers placing a kiss.
”I love you too Abhishekh”said Pragya with a smile.Then she broke the hug .
”Come on lets cut the cake”said pragya and took him to the table .Once they stood near the table pragya took the lid to reveal a cake in the shape of a guitar and Abhi looked at pragya with a smile.

”Oyi Fuggy i don’t know you this creative.where did you get this cake from?”asked Abhi .
”I made this myself for you”said Pragya with a smile and she lid the single candle on the cake.
”Really?”asked Abhi suprised to hear his wife made his birthday cake.
”Haan.Now cut the cake”said Pragya and Abhi took the knife and sliced tha cake after blowing the candle.Then she made pragya eat the half of the piece he sliced and in return pragya made him eat the remaining half.
”So do you like the cake?”asked pragya .
”I love it fuggy.Hmmm really you have other talent than black magic too”said Abhi and pragya slapped him playfully on his shoulder.
”Abhishekh atleast today don’t tease me”said pragya with a pout and Abhi smiled.
”Ok meri cutie wife.But i want to have a my gifit now so where is my gift?”asked Abhi like a child.

”Hmmm for that you have to close your eyes first”said Pragya and Abhi rolled his eyes.
”Arrey come on fuggy please don’t create anymore suspence”said Abhi with eager to know his gift.
”No first close your eyes.I i will show you your gift”said Pragya and Abhi made a irritated face.
”Ok i will.But don’t take more time”said Abhi and closed his eyes.But after few seconds when pragya didn’t give him any gift Abhi started to loose loose his cool.
”Fuggy are you going to give my gift or not?”asked Abhi but he didn’t get any response.
”Ok fuggy you made me wait so long so i am opening my eyes”said Abhi and opened his eyes only to see pragya laying unconscious on the floor .

Abhi on seeing his wife laying on the floor unconscious immediately rushed towards her and pulled her into his arms.

”Pragya .Open you eyes pragya come on”said Abhi and gently tapped her face .But pragya didn’t even stir which made Abhi to get more worried.He took her in his arms and rushed downstairs to his room calling daadi and others for help.once he reached his room he placed her on their bed and covered her with a blanket.Just then everyone arrived inside the room and daadi was the first the reach pragya’s side while Akash took his mobile to call the doctor
”Abhi bahu ko kya hogai?”asked daadi with concern.
”Daadi she was fine before few minutes .She asked me to close my eyes to give me the gift and when i opened after few seconds she was laying unconscious.”said Abhi who was now sitting beside pragya with her hand in his while he caressed her forehead with another one as his eyes got moist.Everyone can see how Abhi was worried and the first time there are seeing their rockstar like this.After pragya came home from the hospital after the kidnapping where she took a bullet for him,Abhi got workup and tensed even if pragya got simple headache or normal cold.After 20 minutes the doctor arrived and he requested everyone to leave the room .
”No i am not going .she is my wife daadi why should I leave the room ”asked Abhi like a stubborn child and daadi smiled seeing his care and love for her bahu behind her grandson’s subborness.
”Abhi don’t act like a child and let the doctor do his work.come on lets go outside”said Daadi .
”But daadi…”started Abhi to protest but oon seeing her stern face he left the room with a pout.Daadi too followed him praying the god to make her bahu fine.

After 15 minutes the doctor came out of the room and Abhi rushed to him.
”How is she doctor?.Everything is fine right?”asked Abhi with desperation.
”Mr.Mehra she is perfectly alright.She fainted coz of weakness and i have prescribed some vitamin medicines.Nothing is there to worry about”said the doctor and everyone relaxed hearing this.
”Thank you see much doctor for coming immediate .I will leave you outside”said Raj and the doctor nodded with a smile.Abhi immediately entered the room and saw pragya sitting unconscious on the bed with a smile .He went towards her and pulled her into a hug burrying his face in her neck and pragya too hugged him back.
”You really scared me Fuggy”said Abhi in her neck and pragya caressed his back with one hand and ran her another hand in his soft hair.
”I am fine Abhishekh”said Pragya and Abhi broke the hug and held her by shoulders.
”Can’t you eat properly Fuggy.You are talking care of everyone but when it comes to your health you are so careless Fuggy”scolded Abhi like mother scolding his child.
”I am sorry Abhishekh i promise from now i will take care of myslef”said pragya with a smile.
”you better be”said Abhi and kissed her forehead.Then everyone entered the room and smiled seeing the lovely couple .

”Pragya beta how are you feeling now?”asked daadi.
”I am fine daadi”said pragya with a smile.
”Beta please take care of yourself .You know how much we all love you and we can’t able to tolerate if something happens to you ”said daadi.
”Sorry for worrying you all daadi.But i promise i will take care of myself from from now”said pragya with a smile.

”Ok Fuggy now where is my gift.I really want to know the gift for which you created so much suspense ”said Abhi and pragya smiled and took his hand and placed it on her tummy .
”Here is your gift”said pragya with a smile and a bright smile broke on everyone’s face understanding what her gift is.But Abhi the rockstar being dumb as always didn’t understand it.
”Arrey fuggy i know you are the greatest gift i got in my life but still i want a new gift on my birthday so where is it?”asked Abhi and everyone mentally slapped themselves on his dumbness.
”Meri buddu Abhi.I really don’t know how you are going to handle your child after few months when you are still a child yourself”said Daadi with a smile.Abhi looked at his daadi in shock then looked where his hand was placed by pragya the it finally clicked him.
”Fuggy are you pregnant?”asked Abhi in a soft voice to which pragya nodded her head with a smile.The others seeing this decided to leave the couple to have their private moment and left the room with a smile.

”It means i going to became a papa and you are going to bacame mumma and we are going to become mumma papa?”asked Abhi with a smile as tears rolled down his cheeks.Pragya gently wiped his tears and nodded .
”Haan Abhishekh we are going to become parents and after 9 months we will have our baby with us”said pragya with a smile .The next moment Abhi crushed her in his chest and kept his head on her shoulder while pragya rested her head on his chest.
”Thank you pragya .Thank you so much for gifit the best gift of my life and making this birthday unforgettable”said Abhi as tears continued to roll down while pragya too cried in happiness.
”I love you fuggy”said Abhi and kissed on the top of her head.
”I love you too Abhishekh”said pragya placing a kiss on his chest.Then Abhi broke the hug and placed his hand on her tummy again .
”Hey baby i am your dad and i love you and your mom a lot .I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.”said Abhi and placed a kiss on her tummy.Pragya smiled seeing this and wiped her tears.
”Abhishekh i think we must talk to others too”said Pragya and Abhi nodded.Then both of them left the room to meet the others in the hall.

Once Abhigya reached the reached the Bulbul and Rachana was the first to hug her with happiness.
”Congrats di”said both the girl in union and pragya smiled at her lovely sisters.Then purvi,purab,punnet,sarla ma ,RSD,Akash wished her with a hug.
”So beta did you know before you are preganant”asked Dadi .
”Haan daadi i know before two days but i wanted to suprise Abhishekh today,but what to say his child like create dramatic situation like his father before telling some imporatant news”said pragya and everyone laughed while Abhi glared at his wife though he was smiling to control his smile.
”Hey don’t balme my daughter its not her fault that her mother is so boring who didn’t know to enjoy”said Abhi .
”Abhishekh how did you know it is a girl.I am sure its a boy”said Pragya and nodded his head negatively.

”Fuggy fuggy you may be expert in everything but in this time i know i was right .so its a girl”said Abhi .
”No Abhishek i know its a boy.I mean think about it Abhishekh if a when she grows up what will you do when the boys will propose her”said pragya and Abhi’s blood boiled at the thought of someone even looking at her daughter in the future.
”No no fuggy i am sure its a girl”said Abhishekh
”No its a boy”said pragya.
”No its a girl”said Abhi

And the argument continued and the others shook their heads seeing them aruging like children while they are going to have a child in few months.
Later that night pragya was sitting on the bed resting her back on the bedrest while Abhi was laying on the bed with his head on her lap as pragya ran her hands in his hair .
”you know fuggy when i read your letter,i never thought you will give me an incrediable gift like this.”said Abhi his voice thick with emotions.
”So you like my gift ?”asked pragya with a smile and Abhi pulled her head down and kissed softly on her lips.
”I love it.I am going to cancel all my conserts and my albums i signed and going to take 24/7 care of you .”said Abhi .

”Abhishekh i am just pregnant ok and not sick.Everyone is here to take care of me and i will be fine.so please don’t start acting the protective Rockstar again like you did after the kidnapping.”said pragya .
”Fuggy please i want to spend as much time as possible with my daughter so don’t argue with me in this”said Abhi with a pout.Pragya too stopped arguing as she know she can’t win this argument after seeing his pout.After few minutes Abhi got up from the bed and moved towards his bag and took a rectangular box and gave it to pragya.
”What is this?”asked pragya with a smile.
”Open it daadi’s gift for you”said Abhi and pragya open the box to reveal a beautiful platinum chain with a heart pendant with a blue diamond.
”Abhishekh its so beautiful.I must thank daadi tomorrow”said Pragya and Abhi helped her to wear it and placed a kiss on her neck.

”Its nothing compared to the beautiful gift your are going to give her Fuggy”said Abhi with a smile which pragya returned.
”Ok lets sleep.We have a doctor appoinment tomorrow so sleep well and let my daughter rest”said Abhi and pragya rolled her eyes in annoyance hearing him calliing their baby daughter again.Its not that she didn’t like a girl babay,but she really wished to see a small version of Abhi with his attitude running around the house.
”Ok meri bachi ki papa .I am sleeping”said pragya and laid on the bed followed by Abhi who pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly .
”Good night Fuggy.Good night my babay”said Abhi with a smile.
”Good night Abhishekh”said pragya and both of them drifted to see feeling happy like never before.
The next morning Abhigya was sitting inside the doctor’s cabin after doing all the test while doctor was reading the result.
”Well everything is normal and the baby is healty .Though Mrs.Mehra is little weak we can give some supplement for it.Apart from that nothing is to worry about and have prepared the diet chart already as you request Mr.Mehra .If you guys are ready we can take a ultrasound”said the doctor and Abhigya nodded.
Then entered the ultrasound room and Abhi helped pragya to lay on the bed .Then the doctor applied the gel and placed the device on her tummy and after few seconds lup tup sounds filled the whole room.

”Here is your baby”said the doctor pointing the small bean size figure and Abhi looked at the scree in awe while the heartbeat of his child sounded as the best music in the whole world he held pragya’s hand more tightly as tears fell from his ears.The doctor left the couple to have some privacy .Pragya on the other hand was feeling like a complete woman seeing their symbol of growing inside of her with moist eyes just then she felt something wet falling on her cheeks and looked up to see Abhi looking the screen with many emotions playing in his eyes as tears continue to roll down .Pragya wiped his tears gently and gave him a bright smile.

smile and pragya nodded with a smile and moist eyes.
”Yes Abhishekh our baby.our symbol of love”said pragya as Abhi placed a kiss on her forehead feeling the unexplainable joy of fatherhood.
After 8 months:
Pragya was sitting on the dinning table with Akash ,Purab and Bulbul and taking about Rabul’s marriage preparation as their wedding was in two months.Even Aaliya changed for good after seeing Abhigya coming out of the hospital after their check up before two months and understood how big mistake she did which made Abhi not to inform her about this kind of news and she literally begged for forgivness and they forgive her once she promise on daadi and Abhi she will not do any mistake in future.Now she was dating a bussiness man called Ravi Rathor and they are planning get married years.Ravi is really a great guy who loves Aaliya a lot and treats everyone in their family like his own.

As pragya got up to get some water she felt a sharp pain in her tummy and cluthed her stomach droping the glass in her hands and Rabul and Akash immediately rushed towards her.
”Di what happened?”asked Bulbul seeing her di in so much pain.
”Bulbul we must take her to the hospital ”said Akash and they nodded.
”Bulbul you go and inform other and callbhai i will carry Bhabhi and purab you go and start the car”said Akash lifting Pragya in his arms and rushed outside.
Pragya was in the labour for the past 1 hour and still there is no trace of Abhi who went out coz of an immediate work.Just then the door of the OT opened and Abhi rushed inside with tensed face and immediately took pragya’s hand and caressed his forehead.
”Come on Mrs.Mehra jsut few more pushes”said the door and pragya tried to push as hard as he could.

”Its all coz of you Abhishekh .I am not going to let you touch me again ”said pragya in anger while Abhi continued to caress her face ignoring her rant as he could see how much pain she is in.After few more pushes Abhigya finally heard their baby’s first cry and pragya pain vanishing in thin air hearing the lovely cries.
”Congrats Mr and Mrs.Mehra .Its a boy”said the doctor and pragya got her son in her arms who was wrapped in a soft towel.She softly caressed his face and smiled looking at Abhi who had a same content face with a smile .
”I was right this time too Abhishekh”said Pragya and Abhi smiled .
”I would loved to be wrong if i get this king of gift againg fuggy”said Abhi and kissed her forehead.Then pragya was about to place their son in his arms but Abhi shook his head in negative.
”Fuggy what are you doing .what if i drop him”asked Abhi with innocent which made pragya doubt who is the real child in this room.

”its okay Abhishekh.Nothing will happen just hold him”said pragya and Abhi took his son carefully like a toy made of glass and smiled seeing his son looked at both of them with innocent and curious eyes.
”He has your eyes Fuggy”said Abhishekh with a smile.
”And i wish he has your voice”said pragya with a smile looking at their son.
After 2 hours everyone was present in the room pragya was alloted and looked at their son with happiness and love.Pragya really felt blessed to have a family and husband like this and was happy on thinking how lucky their son is.
”So have you thought of any name for this cute guy”asked Aliya who was now hold the small boy in her arms.

”Samrat””virat ”said Abhigya at the same time and looked at eachother.
”Abhishekh you said i can decide our baby’s name if it was a boy and you will decide if it was a girl.so virat is final”said pragya and Abhi shook his head in negative.
”Nope Fuggy i changed my mind now.so it will be samrat”said Abhi .
They continued their arguing while other slapped their forehead for real this time seeing them fighting again like child.Afterall somethings never change

With Love,

Credit to: akshaya

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