Abhigya OS “She is my Fuggi”


This os is on current situation.According to todays segments pragya has drunk and in drunken state she beats champak.

It starts when pragya is unconcious on bed.And champuk tries to come near her then she starts shouting at him and says i am married,i only love my husband.And starts shouting suniye suniye ap kaha hai (where are u).While saying this she falls down the bed and takes rod.And starts beating him.While she was beating abhi enters the room and immediately rushes towards pragya and stops her and takes rod from her hand and asks her what she was doing as champuk already left from window.She just hugs him and he was asking her when he saw a camera.He feels pragya was getting heavier.She fainted in his arms.He picks her and lay her on bed.While she was blabering that she loves her husband.And says i know that u r sent by tanu and nikhil.

On hearing abhi was shocked.He just ran towards tanu’s room.When he was entering he listens her shouting on champuk that he didn’t complete his work and didn’t even bring the recording.And champuk replies that even in drunken state she was saying that she is married and she loves abhi.Abhi just bang the door and went inside and slsps tanu so hard that she falls in nikhil arms.Then abhi calls everyone.Everyone comes there.And he said to akash and rachana to keep an eye on tanu and nikhil so that they can’t run away.Then he slaps chumpuk and said Didn’t u even feel shamed that u r blaming an innocent girl.Then calls police.Champuk says all the truth and just then mitali says the truth of the baby and abhi was shocked and he reminds all the moments of tanu and nikhil and he just goes to tanu and says to her that she is my fuggy.She was mine,she is mine and she will be mine.And u ……….

Just then policey enters and asks abhi.Abhi says to aresst tanu,nikhil and champuk.And starts saying that she is my fuggi.

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Well I m not a KKB fan but when I saw the title I decided to read as I like the part whenever Abhi says fuggi to pragya I used to watch KKB that time so I love the part and ur one shot is funny

  2. It was awesome I loved it

  3. It was nice

  4. Nice yaar…

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice one……

  6. Nice…

  7. Superb yaar???

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