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Hi guys! Maya here again. I really feel tired studying for eng maths. Its really time consuming and on top of that I am very slow, I think becoz of the weather here, it’s too hot??? but its ok i am trying my best and also hope to connect with u all again through my ff!! This is a sequel to the OS that i wrote earlier. Hope u all enjoy it.

The backdrop is still in Singapore….
Abhi and Pragya have become best friends since their last meeting and also tried a lot of adventurous activities. It’s been 6 months since they know each other and Pragya wanted to give a surprise to Abhi to celebrate their friendship.

Pragya, what shall I give him as a surprise? I know that he likes music a lot… May be i should bring him to a musical concert without telling him. That would be a surprise to him and after that we can go for a dinner to celebrate our friendship so far. With that thoughts in mind, she bought the tickets for the concert and called Abhi up and said ‘ Are u free on the coming weekend?’ Abhi ‘ Ya nothing much this weekend, why are u asking? ‘ Pragya ‘ Great! then meet me at City Hall station on Saturday at 5 pm and don’t ask! Pls come!’ Abhi ‘ Ok fine but at least tell me where are we gg from there! ‘ Pragya ‘ No way, I am your friend right? Just do as I say!’ Abhi ‘ So much of authority! and btw I love suspense so I am coming!’

Abhi was very excited and was thinking what was Pragya up to. Pragya was equally excited to see Abhi’ s reactions to her surprise. On Saturday, both were so excited and as usual Abhi came late which made Pragya angry.

Abhi ‘ Very Sorry Pragya u know right I am not vry punctual but am I vry late today?’ Pragya controlling her anger and said ‘ Its ok Abhi! Let’s go we are running late!’ Both Pragya and Abhi entered Esplanade ( Its one of the place where musical concerts occur but more of the classical kinds not the rock concert types).

Abhi felt that serenity has engulfed him once he entered Esplanade and the atmosphere there made him more peaceful than usual. Pragya observed Abhi being so calm and composed for the first time. Pragya ‘ So shall we go in and look at my suspense!’ Abhi ‘ Sure! ‘ Pragya didn’t expected a one word answer but still she was very eager to bring him to the auditorium where the concert was happening.

Both entered the auditorium and Abhi looked at ‘ So Pragya u brought me to a musical concert right?’ Pragya ‘ Yes come and enjoy!’

Both of them were mentally relaxed by the soothing music from the well-knowned musicians. It was just a blissful 2 hours of concert to relax themselves.

The concert ended….
Abhi ‘ Thank u so much Pragya! I felt very relaxed. Initially when u brought me to Esplanade, i thought we are just going to look at the art exhibition outside as I know that u like to go for art exhibitions but instead u opted for a musical concert! And u know what its my first time being at this kind of concert! Its really refreshing compared to the rock concerts!’ Pragya ‘ I know that u will like it! But not to this extent that u are still holding on to my hands!’ Abhi then realised that he was still holding on to her hands and he removed his hands from hers.
Pragya ‘ So this is my surprise to celebrate our friendship! Its been 6 months since we met!’ Abhi ‘ Really? Its been that long! Indeed time flies so fast! Thank u again for the surprise!’ Pragya ‘ Yes time flies so fast when u spent time with ur loved ones! Ok shall we go for dinner now?’ Abhi in his mind, did she just mentioned loved ones? Its means am i her loved one? No it can’t be she must be just telling it in general. But what if she is really my loved one.

They had their dinner at a near by restaurant and after that both parted their ways. Still Abhi was thinking about his day with Pragya and now the only thing that was keep on repeating in his mind was she just my friend or more than that?

On the other hand Pragya was confused that Abhi was behaving differently during their dinner. Usually its him who will talk a lot but today it was she who was talking a lot and the most awkward part was he kept on looking at her when she was eating and when she looked up to him and response, he pretended to be looking somewhere else.

Pragya convinced herself may be he was really surprised by her surprise until there are changes in his behaviour.

Abhi texted her the next day…
A: Gd morning and thanks again for the surprise yesterday!?
P: Gd morning too! But this is too much! U have been thanking me so many times as if i have saved ur life!
A: Haha ok no more thanks! So what’s up today?
P: Nothing much! Oh totally forgotten but I am going for a date with me coulleague! Wish me good luck, it’s my first time going for a date!
Abhi was shocked that she was gg for a date but he continued to reply her.
A: Gd luck and if u dont mind can i ask u where are u gg?
P: At Clarke Quay but not sure of the place we are gg. He said he will pick me up from there.
A: Ok have fun!
Abhi was very disappointed and he wanted to stop her but he knew he can’t as he was just a friend to her.

At night…
P: Are u free?
A: Yes of course. Its so late at night i am gg to sleep anyway.
P: Oh i thought of talking to u but its ok may be
nxt time
A: No prob just tell me wht is it? U want me to call u?
P: No need I am just outside ur house.
A: Wht? Are u kidding me?
P: No look out frm ur window
Abhi rushed to his window side and saw Pragya
waving at him. He came out from his house not
making any sound as he did not want his mum
to wake up.

Abhi ‘ Pragya how come u are here? Is anything
serious?’ Pragya ‘ No I just want to talk to u!’
Abhi ‘ Ok come we shall talk at my garden area’ Pragya looked very worried and started to talk ‘ I realised something when I went for the date
with him’ Abhi ‘ What u realised? ‘ Pragya ‘ That
he is not suitable for me and I am love with someone else!’ Abhi felt a huge pain in his heart
hearing Pragya loving some one but didnt show
his pain and with a smile on his face, he asked ‘
So who is the lucky guy?’ Pragya ‘ You!’ Abhi was shocked by her reply and went speechless. Pragya ‘ Yes Abhi the time i spent wit him made me only think about u. I thought so much about u that I kept on mentioning about u… Thats when i realised my feelings towards u was not only as a friend but more than that. My care for
u is not only filled with friendship but its immensely filled with love! I dont know whether u will accept my love but i thought its my responsibility to tell the truth as i dont want to cheat my friend. Sorry if i have disappointed u
as a friend’. Pragya was in tears while telling all these and Abhi was just motionless.

Pragya was about to leave and Abhi pulled her
towards him and said ‘ So when u think that u cant cheat ur friend then its the same for me! I love u too Pragya and i cherish all the moments
that i spent with u! So will u accept my love?’

Pragya ‘ Really? Are u telling this to comfort me?’ Abhi ‘ U think i would just say that I love u
to comfort u? No Pragya! Its my real feelings
towards u’.

Pragya just hugged him and that’s how friendship turned into love..

Sorry if its lame or boring as i was just trying to divert my mind by writing this one. Seriously i have to admit that me and eng maths are poles apart! I still have one more sem to endure the pain of eng maths.?? And hope u all like this sequel! And to zari u asked y only friends, so i made them fall in love…

Credit to: Maya

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  1. I would also like to thank all those who had commented regularly for my ff! I will actually thank again personally once I continue the ff but still thank u all again! ??. Thank u all for ur best wishes for my exam, my first paper is on coming Monday!

  2. U know i opened this website and saw its maya, and i quickly just went through ur ff, and again u made me fall in love with ur ff, u made me fall in love with ur writings, And yeah good luck for ur exams Maya, i would be waiting for ur next update, i love ur writings….. Seriously hats of to u girlyyy girl………..

    1. Thank u so much!? I also like ur writing a lot and so much that i will check whenever I am free whether u have updated ur ff! Pls upload that asap I am also waiting for ur nxt update ?

  3. Amazing Maya I just love your fan fiction a lot and all the best for your exams

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    alll the best for ur xam

  8. Superb Maya. All the best for ur exams

  9. Thank u all for the support and wishes and aarthi thanks for ur suggestion. I will try to find interest in engineering maths! And nothing to misunderstand in this. And also hope u all to visit the places that i have mentioned especially Clarke Quay if u all visit Singapore!

  10. Hi maya it was simply awesome dr I loved it and I read all the episode of ur ff yesterday because I am little bit busy so only I can’t able to read or comment to ur ff seriously it has taken for me 2 hrs to read all the episodes it was soooooooooooo lovely dr the love and concern which u showed between abhigya was soo cute I loved a lot waiting for next episode and all the best for your exams do well?

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