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Hi guys Maya here! I am taking a short break from studying for my exam so that’s when I thought of writing an One short! My inspirations are queen and veronica but this may not be as good as theirs. Hope u all like it…The story happens in Singapore; don’t worry guys I will be giving explanation to the terms used.

Friendship from help
It was an usual morning but Pragya was tensed in getting ready to work. It was her first day at work so she woke up earlier and was all set by 7 am. She walked to the MRT station (It’s the train station) and was trying to calm herself down and told herself to be confident. Unfortunately, the train’s arrival was delayed so she had no choice but to take a taxi to work. She was just hoping that there was no traffic jam on the highways. She reached her workplace about 20 minutes earlier. She thanked the god that luckily she was on time. After paying the uncle she left the taxi and walked swiftly towards her office building.

Abhi now took the same taxi that Pragya took and found something on the seat when he was about to sit down. It was Pragya’s IC (Identification Card – it’s a very important thing here guys! If u lost it then anybody can misuse it to get loans from your account. It has an equal level of importance to passport). Abhi looked at it and noticed the photo of Pragya in it. He was mesmerised by the simple look of Pragya but then realised it was taken a few years back as the date of issue stated in the card was 2008. He asked the Taxi uncle was there any girl before him but since he had a couple of rides before him, he was unable to figure out which girl would have missed her IC.

Abhi decided to send the card to Pragya as there was her address behind the card. On the other hand Pragya has started her work. She was happy that her first day of work was manageable and she also performed with full of enthusiasm. The time was 6 pm and she realised how time flies fast when she was doing a job that she is really passionate about. She had told her mum that she would go to the shopping mall after her work as she had some stuff to buy. After buying what she wanted she went to the cashier to pay. The cashier asked ‘Do you want to apply for membership? We are having a promotion period and it’s free membership now’. Pragya ‘Ok sure!’ Cashier ‘Your IC mam?’ Pragya took out her wallet to take her IC but it was nowhere to found. She was confused on how could she have missed it? It was always in her wallet. The cashier understood that Pragya was not having her IC now and asked her ‘ It’s ok if u are not having your IC, U can tell me your IC number so that I can key it in my system’. Pragya was still confused but had managed to calm herself down and told her IC number. Within a few minutes she got the membership card and Pragya left the place.

Pragya on her way to home was recalling where she could have placed her IC and nothing came to her mind. She called her mum and asked her to check whether her IC was in the house. However her mum said she have checked everywhere in the house but it’s nowhere to be found. Pragya was so tensed as what if someone misuses it and she reached home. Again she checked her bag to see whether there are any chances of it to be found. It was just hopeless and she decided to wait for a few days if there was any kind person who can return it to her, if she missed it outside her house. Few days passed, still there was no sign of anybody sending her IC to her home, and she decided to report to the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) for the loss of her IC. She just felt so bad as she had to waste her money too. She needs to pay money to make a new IC.
She left the house and was on the way to ICA, that’s when her mum called ‘Pragya! Somebody has sent your IC through post. U no need to go ICA now!’ Pragya ‘Really ma? Thank god! Ok I am coming back to home now’. She was on cloud nine that she got her IC back and most importantly she no need to waste her money.

Pragya reached her house and her mum said the cover is on dining table. Pragya opened the cover and saw her IC together with a letter.
In the letter….

Hi Pragya! Don’t be careless next time. Few days ago, I found your IC in the taxi and hope u get this post soon!

Pragya thought in her mind, so it’s an Indian guy who had found my IC. So nice of him, nowadays people just ignore and won’t even help their own friends but he is such a helpful person to help a stranger like me. She checked whether the cover had his address but it was not stated. She was little disappointed as she can’t even thank him for his kind gesture.

A few months later…..Pragya was now very adapted to her work and there was party arranged for the freshers who had joined the company. She had no choice but to attend it although she is not interested in parties and all. Luckily the venue was at one of her superior’s house instead of a club. Pragya had dressed up well in a long red gown and reached the venue. Abhi was also there as he was Pragya’s superior’s son.
Abhi noticed Pragya entering and was dumbstruck with her beauty and elegance. He felt that he have noticed her before but was unable to recall. Abhi’s mom introduced Pragya to Abhi. Abhi’ Pragya, U were born on May right?’ Pragya was shocked as how does he know birthday month? She asked ‘Yes…But how do u know that?’ Abhi ‘Face reading! I know how to read people’s face so from there I can know their history’. Abhi’s mom ‘Abhi u have started ur nok jhoks again! But don’t try to do it with Pragya. She is such a sweetheart’. Abhi smirked and he was confirmed that this Pragya was the same one whom he had sent the IC to. He was also smiling at Pragya’s perplexed look.

Everyone were having a great time at the party with dancing to songs but Pragya felt alone as she was not used to this atmosphere so she was sitting at the buffet area and that’s when Abhi came and offered her a drink. Pragya ‘No thanks I already had it’. Abhi ‘Ok can I sit beside u?’ Pragya ‘Sure! anyway it’s your house right? U can sit wherever u want to!’ Abhi grinned at her quirky reply and sat beside her.
Abhi ‘So u don’t like all these?’ Pragya ‘Not like that but it’s just that I am not used to it’. Abhi ‘ So what are u used to?’ Pragya ‘Why should I tell u?’ Abhi’ Just for time pass!’ Pragya ‘Ok I like to read books and watch movies with family and friends!’. Abhi ‘That was quite a short one! Nothing adventurous?’ Pragya ‘I am scared of adventures so never really tried that’. Abhi ‘Oh i see! U should try something like trekking for a start!’ They continued to talk about how to be adventurous and Pragya didn’t felt alone anymore with his company.

The party ended and everyone was leaving… Abhi ‘So bye Pragya and Goodnight! Hope to see u soon!’. Pragya ‘Me too! Gd night!’ Abhi ‘Pragya u are not familiar with my name as my mom introduced me to u as Abhishek but everyone calls me as Abhi’. Pragya was familiar with the name Abhi but couldn’t recall where she heard this name before…Abhi smiled again at Pragya’s perplexed look and Abhi ‘Few months ago I had sent u a letter. Hope u remember now!’

Pragya so this is that Abhi, Oh my god! How could I not understand this simple thing, that’s y he knew my birthday month. Pragya ‘Thank u Abhi for your help that day and today too!’ Abhi ‘ It’ ok! So can we be friends?’ Pragya ‘Sure! It’s my pleasure’
That’s how Abhi and Pragya became friends and had a great time together in trying out adventurous activities in their lives!!!!

Sorry guys if its boring and will be back with my ff after exam!

Credit to: Maya

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