Abhigya OS : Confession


This OS depicts when Abhi realizes he deeply love with Pragya after she leaves him after the pregnancy fiasco. He loses his stardom because of Tanu’s fake pregnancy. Tanu leaves him while his family except dadi also distance from him. But Abhi overcomes with this problem with Pragya’s support and love when he gets a big concert contract. Tanu will wants to return to Abhi including his family after Abhi gains his popularity.

Mahi is Abhi’s college friend who make him realize his love of Pragya.

Abhi : Hey whats up

Mahi : I have a great news for you
Abhi: what is it?

Mahi : Your biggest dream is going to be true ,

Abhi : What?

Mahi : I sent your album to the biggest music album company of India, they loved it and they want to sponsor for the next concert

Abhi : Are you serious ?

Mahi : I am serious, you wanted to be the famous rockstar who wanted everybody to listen your song , you dream will be true

Abhi : This happened because of Pragya, she is my lucky charm, but I am unlucky that I don’t have her in my life

Mahi : This also includes your hard work, don’t worry, I am sure she will be proud of you when you will be successful in this concert, remember this is very big opportunity for you

Abhi : I will make my name again and win my love back

Mahi : Then get ready, your concert will next week

Abhi remembers when Pragya helped him for his previous concert to be successful.

Mahi : Did you find you a good tune?

Abhi makes Mahi hear his new tune making her feel emotional

Abhi : What happened? is it not good?

Mahi : Its fabulous, till now I could only feel that you sing as your profession but now I think you are singing from your heart,

Abhi : You will only sing from heart when you feel some emotion

Abhi invites Pragya for his concert.

Abhi ; If you will come then I will think you forgave, I won’t be angry if you won’t come because I lost that right

After few days, the day comes when Abhi’s concert is held. Purab and Abhi’s family comes to see his concert.

The host announces Abhi’s name and he comes on stage. In the full crowd his eyes are looking for someone who is cheering up for him. He remembers his first meeting with Pragya when he saved her from drowning. He starts singing on dard-e-tanhai with too much emotion. Everybody is stunned to see Abhi singing in such a painful tone. While singing his lyrics depicts the pain he is going through.

Host : That was outstanding . now I would like the judges to announce the winner of the show

The judge announces the winner is none other than Rockstar Abhiskek Mehra. Everybody claps for him.

Abhi ; Hey guys, I want to thank you all for your support, because of your encouragement I reached at this stage again, but I want to say something before I take this award

Pragya is coming to the concert when Abhi is about to say something

Abhi : Today the Abhi who is standing in front of you is not the same who used to like winning, i heard that love can change you and everything around you, it turns to reality

Pragya is in tears hearing it. Tanu thinks Abhi is talking about her.

Abhi : I have everything today except love, I hurt the girl whom I loved the most and she love me selflessly than anybody, I didn’t mind that she left me because I know she deserves better, I know she is here between all of you,

Tanu gets more excited as she thinks Abhi will call her.

Abhi : I know you can hear me, if possible forgive me, I am sorry for everything, only you are the reason because of whom I am here today, friends that beautiful girl is none other than Pragya, the love of my life

Tanu and Aliya are angry with this leaves. Pragya emotionally comes on stage.

Abhi bends on his knees and ask her if she loves him. Pragya does not know what to say. The crowd of people says her to accept him.

Abhi : I know, I will not be able to return that smile which you had before our marriage, and my words will not be enough for your forgiveness, but I promise I will make your life like heaven

Pragya suddenly hugs him in front of everybody. Both of are in full tears.

Pragya : I don’t want any justification from you, I know nobody can keep me happy except you

Both confesses their love in front of everybody. Purab and Bulbul are happy to finally see them unite.

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