Abhigya OS : Breakdown


This OS refers to the acid attack and followed kidnapping track. Aliya and Tanu will be exposed while Abhi will be broken and end his relation with Aliya and throw out Tanu in jail. Pragya will know Tabhi’s marriage.

New character
Pia : Tanu’s elder sister, who never got love from her parents because of her working at NGO instead of model, even though the treatment she got from her family she is still concerned about her sister’s better future, college friend of Abhi

Pragya : What? (shocked)

Abhi : I know I should have told you this earlier but I never got a chance

Pragya : Chance or you thought I would have told Dadi about it

Abhi : No its not that

Pragya : I know you more than yourself, but don’t worry I will convince dadi this time

Dadi overhears everything and gets to know the whole truth. She faints.

Pragya : Dadi. are you okay

Dadi : pragya what is this? how can you agree for this marriage

Pragya : Dadi please, don’t say no, you know he lived for your happiness

Dadi : If he did he would have told me the truth before

Pragya : he knew if he told you truth you would be hurt

Dadi : how much justify him but I will not accept this marriage

Pragya : dadi please, for my sake, for your Abhi (cries), you know from childhood you and Aliya are his happiness, I might never be able to make place in his heart but he will never be happy without your blessing

Dadi puts her hand on Pragya’s hand

Dadi : I am sorry, I am not able to do anything for you

Pragya : Please don’t, I want to thank you for bringing me in this house and Abhi’s life, I will never repay for the love you gave me,

Dadi : how will you live alone?

Pragya : I am taking all memories with me and live with it, but please promise me you will stay strong like this and not become weak in front of Abhi

Dadi : I promise you beta, but that girl will never bring happiness in my Abhi’s life nor this family

Pragya : But his happiness is with her, I am sure he will be very happy with her

Pragya goes to her room and controls her tears.

Abhi : did you talk to dadi

Pragya : I did, she agreed for it

Abhi : what are you saying? are you serious

Pragya : you can go and ask dadi,

Abhi : by the way will you miss me after you leave

Pragya : why should I miss you? i know you are joking, you will enjoy with your tanu and not miss me

Abhi : I am serious I will miss you fuggy

Pragya : Instead of missing me, why don’t you focus on your marriage, i have a condition

Abhi : now what is it

Pragya : can we divorce after Bulbul’s marriage

Abhi : Fine, don’t worry about it

Purab and Bulbul gets to know about Abhi and Tanu’s marriage

Tanu : You lost the challenge Bulbul

Bulbul : what do you mean

Tanu : I am getting married to Abhi

Purab : how should we trust you

Tanu : Then go and ask your Pragya di

Bulbul : I don’t believe di hid such a big thing for us

Purab and Bulbul gets angry on Pragya

Pragya : Enough both of you (shouts)

Bulbul : You are shouting at me for no reason

Pragya : I have finalized my decision

Bulbul : You know what I can do

Pragya : Now you both listen to me carefully, if you both back out from this marriage or if you tell anything to Abhi then you will see me dead

Purab and Bulbul gets shocked hearing it

Purab : one second, who are you lying to, yourself

Pragya : I know what I am doing, from now i don’t want to discuss this topic anymore, I will convince ma (leaves)

Bulbul : Purab we have to do something

Purab : No, we will not do anything this time

Bulbul : you mean we should let them separate

Purab : its their life, they are not kids, they are married, it they are destined together then nobody can separate them

Pragya : Its better you focus on your marriage now, get ready we are going out to mall, today is your engagement

Mehra house

Tanu : Aliya, why are you crying

Aliya : Purab is always praising that Bulbul , he thinks she is the most beautiful girl

Tanu : how about if we ruin that beauty

Aliya : what

Tanu : burn that beauty with acid then she will never be able to face anybody

Aliya : what if she gets more sympathy from Purab

Tanu : as far as I know, boys like more outer beauty, and you know your Purab more

Aliya : No we can’t do this

Tanu : Don’t worry nobody will suspect us

Tanu’s parents come to Mehra house. (Roma and Shashank)

Roma : So what have you decided

Abhi : Aunty actually, we can start preparation after Purab’s wedding, till then our divorce procedure can start

Roma signals to go and take blessing from Dadi.

Abhi : Thank you dadi

Tanu : dadi, you agreed to our marriage

Dadi : I agreed for Pragya’s sake and abhi’s happiness not for you, abhi I will give you blessing but she will never be able to win my heart and I will not accept her by heart

Tanu and Aliya gets to know about Pragya and Bulbul going to mall for shopping.

Aliya : There they are

Tanu signals somebody to follow them,

Pragya and Bulbul looks at some dresses and goes out of mall. Pragya sees somebody behind Bulbul, when the goon tries to throw acid Pragya pushes Bulbul away as Pragya’s hands get burned. She shouts out loud,

Bulbul : Di, are you okay

Pragya gets unconscious while Neil comes to their help

Bulbul : You?

Neil ; Don’t worry, i will drop you at hospital

Neil drops both of them to hospital. Bulbul calls Purab at hospital.

Bulbul : Thanks

Neil : Its okay, let me know if you need anything (leaves)

Purab : Bulbul, what happened to di

Bulbul ; doctors are checking

Tanu : Alia, how could this happen

Alia : I don’t believe this, I told you before now if anybody comes to know then

Neil claps seeing the master plan.

Tanu : You ?

Neil : I must say what a plan but so sad that it ruined someone else’s face, I will not spare you both, i have proof against you

Aliya : Are you not happy that your Bulbul got saved

Neil : what do you mean

Alia: I mean you don’t want revenge for your insult Arora family did

Neil : what can i do about it now

Alia : I have a deal for you, today is Bulbul’s engagement ,and we want the same, break it

Neil : but how?

Purab : Acid?

Doctor : her hand is half burnt, she is unconscious because of trauma

Bulbul : but she will get okay na

Doctor : she will be fine, but she needs complete rest, you can take home in few hours

In few hours Pragya regains consciousness. She behaves completely normal as if nothing happened

Bulbul : are you okay

Pragya ; I am fine, why are we here, we need to make arrangement

Purab ; No way you need rest,

Pragya : I am completely okay, lets go

Bulbul shouts at Pragya.

Bulbul : what are you made up of ? you are behaving as if nothing happened, be quiet

Pragya : you are worrying for no reason

Bulbul gets worried seeing her sister’s condition

Mehra house

Pia ; I am ashamed to call you my friend Abhi,

Abhi : what are you saying

Pia : do you know the meaning of breaking this marriage, you will get married and settle down, but this society will never let this girl leave in peace

Abhi : I am leaving her by her consent

Pia : look I don’t know much about her but she might be divorcing for your happiness, if there was another girl like me I would have never let that happen

Abhi : you are saying inspite of being Tanu’s sister

Later in the evening everybody gathers for the engagement. Pragya sees her wound and tears falls from her eyes but decides to stay strong for everybody. She covers the injured part with her sleeve.

Dasi : Purab I know you are not able to take your eyes off from her but control till marriage

Purvi ; By the way jiju, don’t put ring on somebody’s else hand

Bulbul : Shut up he will never do it

After the ring engagement Bulbul goes out for a while suddenly lights go off. Somebody in the dark put chloroform on somebody’s mouth. Lights turn on. Alia and Tanu thinks their plan worked not knowing bulbul was outside. The goon informs them about the kidnapping. Both gets shocked when Bulbul comes in.

Tanu : if she is here then who they took

Aliya : what are you staring, go find who they kidnapped,

Tanu : but who is missing

Bulbul : Ma, where is di

Sarla : I don’t know she might be around

Tanu : did they kidnap Pragya instead of her,

Alia : I think you are right, she is not the one here now

The goons takes Pragya to an old factory. Neil removes the cloth and gets shocked when he sees Pragya.

Neil : who did you bring, I gave you the pictured

Goon : but I was standing behind her, i don’t how suddenly how she changed in the dark

Neil : its okay, I will still have chance to revenge

Mehra house

Bulbul : Jiju, di is not in the whole house

Abhi : are you sure? did you look everywhere

Purab : but where can she go

Purab and Abhi goes outside and finds Pragya’s bracelet.

Guard: I saw the car taking madam this way

Tanu tries to divert Abhi’s mind but does not succeed

Abhi, Purab and Bulbul goes to find Pragya. They gets to know her whereabouts when Neil calls them there.

Neil : Hello Pragya ji

Pragya : You? how dare you brought me here

Neil : I wonder how you always come in your sister’s way, all the plans made for bulbul but you get the benefit, well why wouldn’t you,after all people always chose her instead of you

Pragya : did you kidnap me to say all this nonsense

Neil : You always come in my way

Bulbul comes there and slaps him hardly.

Bulbul : So this is your real face

Neil : No, actually I sent these goons to bring you but your sister always mess my plan, i wonder how her husband tolerate her

Abhi punches him on his face and starts beating him

Abhi : what did you say? I think I lacked in beating you up that day, I should have gave you more reward that day,

Neil hits him but abhi continues to beat him

Abhi : how dare you talk to her like that

Purab : Abhi leaves him, police is here

In process Pragya gets injured when the goon hits her injured part of hand. Police comes and arrests the corporator. Abhi takes Pragya back to home.

Sarla : Beta, are you okay

Abhi : don’t worry she is fine, I will get the first aid box

Alia and Tanu gets furious on Abhi.

Abhi applies the medicine on her hand in room and sees the bandage on her hand.

Abhi : What is it?

Pragya : Nothing, I just got burn in kitchen

Dadi : but the mark does not look like that

Purab tells everything to Abhi

Abhi : this much happened and you all did not bother to tell me

Purab : Pragya di did not want us to tell you

Abhi : And you listen to her

Pragya : what do you mean

Purab : I guess we should leave

Abhi : So you like to be mahaan every time

Pragya : I am not being mahaan, i did for my sister alright

Tanu : what is wrong with you? what was the need to fight for that girl

Abhi : you know what is your problem you can never care for anybody you are selfish, I could have died if something happened to her

Next day Abhi decides to find out the real culprit behind all the attacks.

Pragya : here are the divorce paper

Abhi : divorce?

Pragya : Are you in your senses? how will you marry until you will divorce me

Abhi : What is the hurry sweetheart

Pragya : seems like you did not get over with your hangover

Abhi : have some patience

Alia : bhai, why did you call us here

Abhi : i have some exciting news for some people here

Tanu : what is it abhi? ( says excitedly)

Abhi : Police found out the person who threw acid on Bulbul

Tanu and Alia gets scared

Bulbul : who is it

Pia : Patience bulbul, you will get to know

Police calls Pia and informs about the real culprit

Pia : Time to break the suspense, police called and inform about the attackers

Abhi : Even this time the person was too smart but he did one mistake

Pia : Tanu, I had doubt from beginning when mom and dad came suddenly for this marriage, then I heard you both talking to the corporator

Tanu : Abhi, I did not do this, Pia is trapping me, tell truth Abhi that you did this not me


After everybody left from factory, Pia checks the corporations and finds Tanu number as last recent call

Pia : Abhi, I am sure Tanu is behind this all

Abhi : why would she do this? she is not that type of girl

Pia : She is my sister i know her better

Flashback ends

Tanu : You are doing this because you are jealous of me, that mom dad gave me more love than me

Pia is fuming on anger.

Tanu : I know you loved Abhi from college days but you never got him so you are trying to steal my love

Tanu’s dad tries to slap her but Pia stops her.

Pia : No dad, slapping her will not make her realize her mistake, Tanu you are blinded by fame and money when you will open your eyes it will be too late and you will see nobody near you

Tanu : if you care so much about me then why did you tell abhi everything

Pia : By ruining Pragya’s life you would be never be happy to by marrying Abhi

Tanu : Somebody or you never wanted me to be happy

Pia : You know thats the reason you will never be able to maintain marriage

Abhi : I think it’s high time tanu I should rectify the mistake I did by bringing you in my life

Abhi comes forward to Alia,

Abhi : Do you know dadi, i was so happy but also sad that my sister is suffering from pain, but I was happy seeing that she grown up

Alia looks down

Abhi : But i was wrong (shouts)

Dadi ; Abhi what happened?

Abhi : Dadi, not only tanu but she was the one behind every plan, she pushed Bulbul in pool and then fire, she was the one who made deal with that corporator to kidnap Bulbul but Pragya became the victim

Dadi : Why did you do all this?

Abhi : what if something happened to her? she did it for her own reason, if something happened to Bulbul then not you but we would be responsible

Purab fumes on Alia

Purab : Are you not ashamed of doing this? you never thought about your family

Alia : No I did not and whoever comes in between us I will finish him off

Purab : Shut up (says loudly) what did you get doing all of this

Bulbul : I told you Purab she can never change but you did not listen to me

Dadi : did we raise you so you can make us see this bad day? abhi why don’t you say anything to her

Abhi : what should I tell her? its not her fault her dadi, it is all my mistake I never gave her good education maybe thats why I have to see this day, I will punish today myself not her for

Alia : bhai, please don’t punish yourself for something you did not do

Abhi : I deserve big punishment for this mess, from today i will be dead for you

Alia gets astonished hearing it

Alia : bhai please don’s say that

Abhi : Stay away from you, I wish I could have died in childhood so I could have been not alive to see this

Dadi : Abhi, why are punishing yourself

Abhi : No dadi, I deserve it, tell me Aliya why did you do this (grabs her shoulder)

Alia : bhai you know I love him

Abhi : that’s your obsession not love if you did then you would have sacrificed for Purab, I understand your pain but you did not trust your brother

Abhi breaksdown by Alia’s deeds and goes to his room. Police arrest Tanu for acid attack. Later Tanu is bailed by her mother. Abhi who is totally broken starts breaking things in his room. He starts to burn his pictures with Aliya.
Purab : Abhi, please open the door
Akash : Bhai, please
Purab and Akash try to open the door but was in vain. Dadi tries to tell him but Abhi cries by his heart.
Someone calls Abhi by heart which makes him calm none other than Pragya.
Purab finally opens the door. Everybody is shocked to see Abhi’s state when burn all his memories with Aliya. Pragya tells everybody to let her talk to him. She goes and seat near Abhi who is sitting on floor with on his knees with red eyes and dark circles
Abhi : Pragya, what harm I did to anyone, that I have to see this days
Pragya : You have done nothing
Abhi : I lost my parents but I never let myself become weak so I can take care of my sister
Pragya is silently listening to his plea
Abhi : I worked so hard just for her, I stayed hungry so she can survive . I thought she is my shadow but she proved I did not do enough for her, she thinks I am against her happiness
Pragya : No brother would ever do this much you did for Aliya, I know you always her happiness, thats’ why you married against your wish
Abhi : For first time I feel I have nothing today, after mom dad left us, I made every effort so I can make my sister happy
Pragya : there is nothing big than a love in this world, I know you love Aliya a lot, nobody can take her place,
Abhi : I built this house just for Aliya and Dadi when she asked for luxurious life, she wanted this comfortable life, I made every possible effort so before Aliya can ask anything I could give her, I guess that was my mistake
Pragya gets more emotional hearing it.
Abhi : No brother will be this unlucky that his own sister betrayed him. I never asked for love for me, even though I know my dadi loves me a lot
Pragya : and no girl will be lucky like Aliya who has a brother like you
Abhi : why do have such a big heart? I never gave you a single happiness
Pragya : Because I know you were under a big misunderstanding, you are not a type of person who would do this to any girl,
Abhi : Pragya, why Aliya cannot see your goodness that everybody can see
Pragya : If everybody would be same in this world, we would not be sitting here like this, we have to bring her to right path before it gets too late
Abhi : No, I will never forgive her nor myself
Pragya brings food for Abhi but he refuses to eat
Abhi : I am not hungry
Pragya : Please eat it, for at least dadi’s sake
Pragya makes Abhi eat food, Slowly Pragya makes Abhi rest for a while
Tanu’s dad gets furious on his wife for bailing out Tanu.
Roma : I know what tanu did was wrong but do we let her rot in jail
Shashank : Enough, because of your pamper she is going on this wrong way
Tanu : Dad, you are going against me knowing I love Abhi
Shashank : You know we sent Pia to boarding far from us so you never feel we love her more
Tanu : Why don’t you tell her, she snatched my love
Shashank : You should be thankful to your sister she saved you from this unhappy marriage
Roma : You know why we sent her, because of her mistake
Pia : Mom, i know from childhood you never liked me because I was never good in study and you thought I would ruin my sister’s future so you distanced me from yourself
Roma : Yes I sent you to boarding so Tanu can study peacefully, so she never feels we don’t care for her
Pia : But I feel happy today that you did not raise me, if you did then I would be like her
Roma : Then what are you doing here,
Shashank : what are you saying she is our daughter too
Pia feels bad seeing her mom still against her
Shashank : Pia wait
Pia : Please dad, you can still be quiet just like you were from years (leaves sadly)
Mehra house
Dadi : how is my Abhi dear?
Pragya : He is fine, we should let him stay alone for a while
Dadi : I never thought my Abhi would become weak like this,
Pragya : dadi, its just a bad phase right now, you know I will take care of him
Dadi : Today you proved that my making Abhi marry you was my right decision, nobody can take care of him like you
Pragya : Even he took care of me and my family Dadi every time
Pragya goes to her room and looking Abhi sleeping peacefully after the big storm in his life. She goes near him but move away when Abhi holds her back.
Abhi : Pragya
Pragya pretends not to listen to him first
Abhi : Aye fuggy, I am talking to you
Pragya turns around smilingly
Pragya : I should tell everybody to call me by this name
Abhi : Its my copyright nobody can call that name except me, not fair I gave you that name as reward
Pragya : Then I have condition
Abhi : Yes Princess
Pragya : I want to hear a good song
Abhi : I feel like I lost music today,
Pragya : It is your life, you cannot deny this gift of nature gave. you said destiny did not give you anything but nature gave you this gift of music which made you a rockstar today
Abhi sings Chaun main ya na and plays his guitar. Pragya gets happy as her efforts worked to make Abhi happy.
Part 3
Abhi and Pragya’s life gets full of roses but does not know the evil lurking around them.
Tanu : I will not accept defeat Aliya
Aliya : what are you expecting? bhai will never forgive us
Tanu : not forgive but he will have to accept us
Alia : All your plans gets flop, so don’t use your brain
Tanu : I have a trump card, i know this will never fail
Both smirks when Tanu tells the plan
Roma ; do you know what are you doing Tanu
Tanu ; Mom, I will get Abhi at any cost
Roma ; I am with you but be careful what you are doing
Tanu goes to a hospital and fakes a pregnancy report
Later Pragya goes to her room and find it decorated with roses and candles. She finds a gift on bed and opens it. She finds a white sleeveless dress with a note on it. Abhi insists her to wear it only if she is comfortable. After a bit of hesitant Pragya wears it.
Abhi get stunned to see Pragya wearing his given dress.
Pragya : what is all this?
Abhi : it is a candle light dinner
Pragya ; for me?
Abhi ; No for me, I am in mood to take dinner here alone (says teasingly)
Pragya : okay then have fun, why did you waste my time to get ready
Abhi : you are so unromantic, it is for us
Pragya : couldn’t you say it straightly
Abhi : i thought you don’t understand simple language
When both of them starts their dinner somebody interrupts them. Daasi informs them Tanu came downstairs
Abhi : what are you doing here? do you want me to kick you out of here
Tanu : you will not kick me after you hear the news, you will give me place in this house
Pragya : say clearly what you want to say
Pia and Purvi comes there to meet Pragya. Tanu calls her parents
Tanu : read this report abhi (gives the report )
Abhi gets shocked to read the letter and later Pragya slaps Tanu
Pragya ; what kind of joke is this?
Tanu ; it is not a joke, it is truth, don’t you want to know the name of the father of this child
Pragya ; we don’t care
Tanu ; But I do,
Tanu points the finger on Abhi and tells everybody he is the father.
Pragya : Enough of your nonsense
Tanu ; Abhi why don’t you tell her, that we had a relation before your marriage
Abhi : I don’t remember that we even did something like that
Tanu ; I don’t care if you forgot that but it is the truth
Pragya : what is all this?
Abhi : Trust me I don’t know anything
Purvi signale Pia to come out.
Pia ; whats wrong
Purvi tells how she saw Tanu outside a clinic with Aliya. She shows the video clip of Tanu bribing the doctor.
Pia : lets show it everybody
Purvi : wait, what if they don’t believe it
Both of them goes to clinic to bring the doctor.
Roma (tanu’s mom) : Abhi you have to fulfill this responsibility now and marry Tanu
Tanu ; if you still don’t believe me then you can talk to the doctor, I will call her
Pia ; you don’t have to take trouble, I brought her here
Tanu ; you?
Pia : Me, i thought its not good for you to take stress in this state so I came to your help, after all I am you elder sister
Purvi gives a thumbs to Pia when the doctor comes in
Tanu : Doctor, tell abhi that I am pregnant and you checked me and have my reports
Doctor : She is right, i did her routine check up and she is
A moment of silence
Doctor : Not pregnant
Tanu and Alia gets stunned to hear it
Tanu : what are you saying doctor, I know you are bribed by this two
Purvi : you are right we bribed her but to tell the truth
Abhi : what are you trying to say
Purvi plays the video on live when Tanu and Alia give money to doctor for her fake pregnancy.
Pia : doctor are meant to cure patients not to make problems for people, I am ashamed to call you my sister, Tanu
Abhi is in shocked that Alia still cheated on him.
Roma : Enough Pia, if you would have cared about your sister you would have supported her in getting her love before but you chose to help this middle class girl
Abhi ; I never thought my Alia would be so cruel to me like this (in tears)
Dadi gives a hard slap to Alia
Dadi : for which mistake you are punishing your brother, the one who loves you like nothing, he starved day and night for you, the one who hide his tears so you would stay happy, but you don’t deserve him, get out from this house
Alia : dadi, listen to me
Dadi drage Alia out of the house and closes the door.
Roma ; Now you listen to me Pia, you snatched my daughter’s life today, I am disowning you now from our family
Pia gets in tears
Pia : Mom
Roma ; don’t call me mom, you lost that right , you are dead for us from today, lets go Tanu
Pia ; just because I supported right
Roma : No because you chose this girl over your sister
Pia : Fine, i was not your daughter anyway, I don’t need anybody, I can survive by myself
Roma : All the best then, till today I thought I was wrong for sending you away but you proved you are not worthy of being my daughter
Roma drags Tanu from the house
Pia gets emotional hearing her mother’s words.
Dadi ; No dear, don’t waste your tears for people who don’t care about you
Pia : dadi, what was my fault, why did she hate so much
Abhi : From now this whole family is yours, you are not alone, right dadi
Dadi ; I might have not raise you but you will be the daughter of this house from now
Later Pragya and Abhi continue their dinner and have some light moments

Credit to: Ashini

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