Abhigya os back pain


“fuggy..fuggy where are you” abhi collapsed in the bed and pragya came to their room

“suniye kya hua why are so dull” pragya asked

“my back is Paining a lot fuggy” abhi said

“shall I massage you” pragya asked and took the olive oil

“please do that fuggy” abhi said and removed his shirt and turned towards the bed.

pragya pressed her hands in his back and started massaging his back “fuggy what are doing please give more pressure” and pragya pressed her fingers “arrey fuggy you have magic in your hands” abhi said

“accha is your back pain okay now” pragya asked

“it’s paining still fuggy” abhi said

“I already told you not have continuous practice but you won’t listen to my words na” pragya said pressing her fingers over his back

“don’t scold me fuggy already my back is Paining a lot” abhi said

“acha wait a minute I will be back” pragya said and got up from the bed

“arrey fuggy where are you going” abhi asked

“just a minute” pragya said and moved.

“Aarav…Arnav where are you both ?” pragya called them

“mumma we are here ?” arnav shouted from the hall.

“both of you come down” pragya said “okay mumma” both said and came down

“Kya hau mumma kuch chaiye” Arnav asked

“mumma why did you called us I was about to win my game but you spoiled it” aarav yelled

“you the best mumma because of you I won” Arnav hugged his mumma while aarav turned his face

“acha acha both of are winners only now come with me” pragya said and aarav was still in anger.pragya got down in knees and kissed aarav’s forehead

“chintu tum mumma pe nazar thi” pragya asked

“haan always he is only winning and I am losing today I must have won in the carrom game but you called me and I lost the concentration” aarav said

“okay I am sorry bacho I won’t do It again” pragya said and aarav hugged her and pragya kissed his cheeks and she hugged Arnav and kissed his cheeks too

“okay now you should help mumma okay” Pragya asked

“okay” both said in chorus

“papa is having back pain so you should help him” pragya said

“what help we can do mumma” aarav asked

“come with me i will tell and he took aarav and Arnav to the room and abhi lying in the bed in the same position pragya took Arnav in her hands and made him to stand in abhi’s back and abhi looked up.

“fuggy you are a magician it feels very good” abhi said

“mumma I also want to stand on papa’s back” Aarav said and raised his small hands showing to his mumma

“arrey chintu you too come up” abhi said and pragya took Arnav in her arms and placed him in abhi’s back soon aarav and Arnav started enjoying and the walked on their papa’s back while pragya held their hand.

“bittu this game is nice than that carrom so we will play this game daily” Aarav said to Arnav

“hey chintu do think my body is a play ground okay fine both get down my back pain is alright” abhi Said and pragya lifted arnav

“mumma we want do this leave me” Arnav said moving his hands to stop pragya

“haan mumma leave bittu we both want to play” said aarav

“arrey stop your dramas go and play your carroms” pragya said keeping Arnav in the floor and lifted aarav and kept him the floor.abhi got up and stretched his body

“thank God,I got rid of this back pain” abhi said wearing is shirt and bent down and kissed his kids head

“thank you my boys” he said and then kissed his fuggy’s forehead and hugged her while aarav and Arnav were staring them.

“arrey kya hau why you both are watching us like this” abhi asked while putting his hands over pragya’s shoulder

“papa you again lie down in the bed we have to play ” Aarav said

“haan papa go and lie down in the bed we have to walk over your back” Arnav said

“oye Satans it’s not a stage for you both to do cat walk” abhi said and pragya laughed

“papa we don’t I want to play” aarav said

“if you want go and play somewhere chintu” abhi said and pragya laughed

“Aarav I have one idea” Arnav said

“what” aarav asked

“mumma you said na God will give whatever kids want” Arnav asked

“haan” pragya replied and arnav pulled the chair towards the small mandhir and tried to get over the chair and finally got up.

“God God please give back pain to papa so that we can walk in his back” Arnav asked closing his eyes and pragya laughed seeing his innocence

“Arnav I will also ask him so that he will give double pain” aarav said and he to climbed in the chair and played and pragya brusted into laughter and abhi was staring them

“good mother good sons this both sauthans will freak me out” abhi said hitting his forehead but even abhi couldn’t stop from laughing seeing his sons cuteness.both aarav and Arnav got down from the chair and came to pragya and hugged her.

“okay now come and sleep tomorrow have to go and see Bulbul maasi na ” pragya said them.

“mumma I don’t won’t sleep let us watch movie” Arnav said

“no go and sleep” pragya said strictly

“papa please we will see movie” aarav asked

“fuggy come on we will watch some movie please” abhi asked

“suniye aap bhi” pragya started and abhi tapped her nose and pragya stopped talking and agreed and aarav went and inserted the CD and the movie was conjuring 2 everybody say on the bed abhi and pragya was on the bed while aarav was with his mumma and arnav was with his papa the movie was going and all the 3 boys were scared seeing the movie.aarav kept his head in pragya’s chest and she caressed his hair while Arnav slept in abhi’s lap and he too was caressing his hair.pragya put her head in abhi’s shoulder and interlocked her fingers with him and abhi kissed her head.

the movie got over abhi took Aarav and arnav in his arms and laid them in there small cots near there bed and finally he came and collaped in the bed and pragya kept her head in his chest and he held her waist and they drifted to sleep.

life was beautiful ❤❤

happy father’s day daddy I wish to be your daughter forever I love dad and thank u to all my friends hope akshaya(my new friend) you will see this.

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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  1. Krishnani

    I am feeling very happy after reading this

  2. Just superb Di…I’m so glad..u r back with OS…U just rocked as usual Di…but missing ur ff very badly..if u r health is fine..plz continue ur ff…plz remember”If u r health is fine”then only…..

  3. Riyashri

    Cute OS ….Akshu !! Love it !! Waiting for your other FF !! Please do update it !!

  4. awesome ??????????
    but very very much angry on u u r not updating my favourite ff love two poles yaar if u not update tomorrow otherwise……?????????????????

  5. Superb.. Amazing.. U rocked it.. Pls continue yaar… ☺☺☺

  6. Sooooooooo cute OS n cute family yaar…

  7. thank u suprrr

  8. Ohh akshaya dear feeling really happy aftr readng it missed u a lot tis much days???waiting fr love of two poles da come back soon☺

  9. Awesome os. Missing ur love of two poles pls update soon

  10. wow super…. small concept back pain…u create beautiful story…. super akshaya…

  11. Krish

    its just aweeesomeeeee akshya…… i loved it……….. soooooooooo cute os…………………..missng ur ff nd u……get well sooon…

  12. Pls di update ur ff…love at poles….i am mad on that…badly missing it…and ur os is superb……

  13. Awesome os… Waiting for ur ff….

  14. Vaishali

    super akshaya dear loved it no words to say yaar loved each and eery line dear thank u so much fr posting this and say belated happy fathers day to uncle like a sis fr u

  15. So cute ff arnav aarav and abhigaya are so sweet i felt excited to read tis story i read it many times i and my bro used to do tis to my dad when we r small u remembered me of my childhood days chidren r god’s gift i and my bro used to play with our father daily Happy Fathers Day ur ff is lovely i love it very much have a nice day God bless u

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