Abhigya – Obsessive love (Valentine’s Day special) Episode 25-30

Hi guys . Thank you so much for your comments .. So today is Valentine’s Day special episode and my 25th episode too .. I hope you will enjoy it ..Happy reading..

The episode starts with a flight takes off from Australia and reaches India .

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Abhi – Finally we reached India .

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Pragya – Did you inform all that we all are coming ?..
Abhi – I informed everything what all happened i am sure dad will be here in the airport .

Ram waves his hands..

Purab – Bhai see dad is there..

All goes there ..

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Rabul , Raina and Ishveer gets blessings from him . Aditya and Maya hesitates..
Ram – Arreyy beta ! Don’t hesitate .. Let’s forget everything and be happy ..
Aditya and Maya smiles and takes blessings from him ..

Pragya – Uncle where is aunty ?
Ram – She is in home beta . First of all stop calling us uncle and aunty .. call us dad and mom..
Pragya – Ok uncle !..
All smiles..

They all reached Mehra mansion ..

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Priya hugs Abhi and Pragya ..
Sarla was also present there she too hugs them .

Ishani – Aunty uncle i think we have to leave ..
Priya – Arreyy beta don’t hesitate call us mom and dad ..You both are also like my children ..You both should not leave till the marriage gets over..
Ram – And Aditya Maya you too ..
Rv – But..Fine ok dad

Sarla – Priya ji now me and Pragya have to leave our house to complete some rituals in our house .
Priya – Arreyy Sarla ji it’s ok you can do it here .
Sarla – No no ji .. we have to go ..By evening we will be here..
Ishani – Don’t worry mom i am also going with them ..
Priya – Ok be safe..

Sarla , Ishani and Pragya leaves..

Sarla – Ishu beta we have to buy some jewellery for Pragya can you stop the car in a jewellery shop ?
Ishani – Sure mom ..
Ishani stops the car ..

Ishani – Pragya you be inside me and mom will see and come ..
Pragya – Ya ok come soon..

Next scene ..
Abhi can’t wait for his marriage with Pragya ..He tries to call her ..
Pragya attends the call ..

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Abhi – Why you were not calling me and attending my calls ? Itna attitude ?
Pragya – I am with mom how can i pick your calls ?..
Abhi – Don’t say reasons ok ? You know right i can’t stay away from you even a minute ..
Pragya – Why ?
Abhi – Because i love you ..More than myself..
Pragya smiles..mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays..

Abhi – For you i can give my life and ..take someone’s life too
Pragya – Stop joking ..
Abhi – It’s not a joke Pragya .. I am serious ..
Pragya is little scared – Ok i am cutting the call..
Abhi – No.. you were not attending my calls right ? So your punishment is you have to speak to me till i say ..And if you cut the call then i will come there and give your punishment ..
Pragya smiles – Ok baba…
She sees a blind man and woman struggling to cross the road and a car coming to hit them..
Pragya is shocked ..She cuts the call and gets down from car ..Abhi is angry with Pragya .
Pragya gets down from car and goes to the blind couple …The car stops ..A man gets down from car wearing a dashing coat and looking handsome .. He is the great business tycoon..Ranvir Raichand (played by Zayed Khan from Haasil) …

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Pragya helps the blind couple to cross the road .. They both blesses her ..Ranvir starts admiring her and gets mesmerized with her …

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Pragya speaks to Ranvir – Excuse me ..??..
Ranvir is not in his senses..
Pragya – Oh Hello !!..
Ranvir comes to his senses..
Pragya – Please see the road and if someone wants to cross the road .. Stop the car and help them and atleast give way for them ok ?
Ranvir nods..Pragya leaves..Ranvir smiles..

Pragya Ishani and Sarla comes to the house..
Pragya thinks – Abhishek might be angry on me for cutting his calls …
Pragya gets a message from Abhi – ”Come to the terrace”
Pragya – Maa i go to the terrace to get some air you both see the jewellery .
Ishani – Ok come soon ..

Pragya goes to the terrace …
Pragya – Abhishek ok i am sorry .. Please give me my punishment .

Image result for pragya asks sorry

Abhi drags Pragya to a corner – How can i punish my jaan (life) ?
Pragya – Sorry (She holds her ears) ..
Abhi – Don’t know why when i am in full anger with you , you do something and makes up my mind and i forget everything ..

Pragya smiles..

Abhi – I bought you a gift ..

He kneels down and shows her a ring – Happy Valentine’s Day …Will you be with me always ?
Pragya gets tears and nods – Yes !!..

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They both hugs each other .. Allah Waariyaan plays..

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Ishani calls – Pragya !..come down ..
Pragya – Ya ..coming…

Pragya – Ok now go ..See you at the mandap !..
Abhi – I will be waiting ..

They both smiles..

Screen shifts to Ranvir..
Ranvir continuously thinks about Pragya and smiles..

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His PA enters his cabin..
PA – Sir today you have to attend our partner Mr.Abhishek Mehra’s wedding..
Ranvir – Ok fine get my coat and car ready ..
Ranvir smiles..

At the Mandap ..
Priya , Ram , Rabul , Raina and Ranveer and Ishani (not to be confused with Ranvir) welcomes the guests..

Priya and Ram with their guest’s daughter

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Ishani and Ranveer

Related image

Raghav and Naina

Related image

Purab and Bulbul

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Aditya and Maya

Image result for harshad chopra and jennifer winget

Abhi waits for Pragya desperately at the mandap ..
Abhi thinks – Pragya where are you ?? come soon..

Pragya , Sarla and comes to the mandap ..
Pragya is beautifully dressed wearing a red lehenga and a little bridal makeup..
Abhi sees her and gets mesmerized ..Saiyaara plays …

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Abhi and Pragya sits in the mandap ..
Pandit starts saying the mantras .. Abhi and Pragya starts the rituals..
Priya ,Ram ,Aditya , Maya Ishveer , Rabul , Raina and Sarla happily sprinkles flowers on them …
Abhi and Pragya starts taking rounds..
Abhi wears mangalsutra on Pragya’s neck

Image result for abhi and pragya wedding

and fills her maang with sindhoor ..

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Just that time Ranvir arrives and gets shocked ..

Image result for zayed khan

Ranvir thinks – This shouldn’t have happened !!..
Abhigya thinks – Now no one can seperate us ..Allah Waariyaan plays ..

Image result for abhi and pragya wedding

So guys ..I am completing the episode here ..So after this i can update the episode after some days only ..As i am having class tests i need a break .. So let’s see what all twists comes in Abhigya’s life after their marriage..Till then stay tuned..

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