Abhigya – Obsessive love Episode 36-37

Hi guys ! Thank you so much for your comments . Love you guys . I hope you all are liking the track . Ok so now let’s jump onto the episode ?

The episode starts with Pragya saying ”It will never happen Ranvir Raichand”

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Ranvir turns back and sees Pragya and gets shocked .
Ranvir – Pragya ji aap ?
Pragya – Enough !! Enough of your drama !
She sees the pictures of hers in the full room and gets shocked ..

Ranvir tries to hide..
Pragya – Now nothing can’t be hidden Ranvir ..
Ranvir looks on .
Pragya – By the way lots of questions will be running on your mind right ? That how i came to know your truth ? Wait i will tell you everything !

Fb shown
Abhi starts to give his presentation .
Pragya saw an ink mark in Ranvir’s shirt and hand .

Pragya thinks – Ink mark ? Abhishek’s presentation also was spoiled by pouring ink ! So Ranvir..No no ..How Ranvir could ?!..May be these marks could be there accidentally ?! I am just overthinking ..
Abhi completes his presentation and all applauses for him ..

Fb stops back to present .

Pragya to Ranvir – That time i thought that may be those ink marks could be present accidentally..But your eyes..Your fear made my doubt more strong ..
Ranvir looks on..

Fb continues..
Mr.Gupta – Mr.Mehra if you want we can catch that person through CCTV footage !..
Ranvir gets tensed and Pragya sees it and it made her doubt more strong .
Pragya to Mr.Gupta – No Mr.Gupta not necessary ..It’s ok ..
Ranvir gets relieved and Pragya watches it .
Fb ends..

Pragya smiles and says to Ranvir – My doubt became strong but to make it right ..I wantedly said no to Mr.Gupta for CCTV footage viewing as i don’t wanted to anyother see and it became a big humiliation for us all. .

Pragya continues -So after everyone went . I alone went to the CCTV room and personally asked the CCTV room incharge to play the footage . I was so shocked that you spoiled the presentation . So after seeing that my mind were ending up the one question WHY ?

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Pragya says – To find answer for the question i came here..

Ranvir – So i think you found the answer right ?! So it means i don’t need to act in front of you ..

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He holds Pragya’s hands . Pragya is shocked ..
Ranvir – Thank you so much dear !..You made me release from saying lies..
Pragya – Ranvir leave my hand ..It is paining..

Ranvir – Remember when you and me met ?..Remember ?

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Pragya remembers hers and Ranvir’s first meeting ..

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(Ranvir and Pragya’s first meeting : Ranvir was about to hit a blind couple . But Pragya stopped the car and helped the blind couple to cross the road . Pragya comes to Ranvir and asks him to drive carefully . Ranvir gets mesmerized and falls in love with her at first sight )

Ranvir – That moment you were not married . If i got to know that your marriage is going to be held on that day ..I swear definitely that marriage will not be held ever .. You made me so focussed to make you mine Pragya..

Pragya doesn’t know how to react ..and ended up with tears ..

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She forcefully releases her hand..

Ranvir pulls her towards him tightly -Pragya i love you so much ..why can’t you understand ?

Pragya – Ranvir leave me .. Now I am married and i love only him .. And i will be only his wife !..
Ranvir leaves her – Oh so to make you mine i should get him out of my way right ?..I will kill him Pragya .

Pragya gets shocked ..

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Ranvir – This whole Mauritius trip was planned ..Just because to keep you and that Abhi away from each other and finish him ..
Pragya looks on.
Ranvir – But unexpectedly you came with all your group and made this as an honeymoon trip by making my plan flopped !..
And then i made that accident plan to kill Abhi . But you came to save him in between . But i pushed you both and pretended to save Abhi because you was there with him and nothing happens to you ..

Ranvir continues – Now i spoiled his presentation to make bow down before the investors and ruin his career but you came with his spare presentation and saved him ..

Pragya looks with a teary eye .
Ranvir – Every time i put him in difficult situation but you .. you came and saved him everytime .. Why Pragya ? Why ???
Pragya answers with a teary eye – Because i love him ..

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Ranvir is stunned …

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Pragya leaves from his room and goes to Abhi’s room with tears in her eyes..
Abhi – Pragya what happened ??..Why tears in your eyes..
Pragya hugs him tightly – I love you ..Only love you..
Abhi smiles and hugs her – I too love you ..Only you..

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Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays ..

Precap : Pragya was about to fall and Ranvir holds her . Abhi sees them together and gets shocked .

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  1. Priyu

    Nice episode dear. I hope Abhi comes to know about soon so that no confusion happens between Abhi n Pragya. Ranveer is too much. Pragya should have blackmailed him emotionally so that nothing will happen to Abhi. Good episode reji. Keep writing. Good luck

    1. ImRagela

      Akka ?????..Happy for your comment…Happy that you are liking the episodes love u ??

  2. Diya543

    It’s was amazing reji???? waiting for your next post?…….loads of love ❤❤❤

    1. ImRagela

      Thank u so much Diya akka ..Love u too ??

  3. Jasminerahul

    ranvir pragya confrontation n pragya revealing how she came to know of his truth was superb.now his full truth is out.loved pragya telling ranvir that she loves only abhi.ranvir is so cruel to think of killing abhi to get pragya.abhigya scene was short,yet very emotional n beautiful.pragya should tell him the truth about ranvir.precap ….oh…hope abhi doesnt doubt pragya.beautiful pics

    1. ImRagela

      Thank you so much Jasmine for commenting..Keep supporting..love u ??

  4. Medha

    Smart Pragya…. ?
    Loved the update

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    Very nice Sis?.. narration like dialogues!!??

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      1. HarSHaN

        Sure ma??Write more n more?

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    Nice and lovely updt ?

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      Thank you so much di…Thank u for commenting ..Love u di ???

  7. B_Ani

    hey buddy… sry couldnt cmnt in the pre epi… this epi was jus awesome. the confrontation and ranvir’s reaction was great.
    nd finally pragya says ‘because i love him’ i loved that part… it was just so great. but precap… i dont want abhi to doubt pragya unnecessarily…

    1. ImRagela

      Thank u so much akka for conmenting..It’s ok akka..Don’t be sorry..Keep commenting akka..Love u ??

  8. Super n interesting lot dear

  9. Nila_27

    Nice update….Loved it! ??

  10. Again a mindblowing update. No words just fab. Really i am loving this track. And in the precap Abhi so Pragya and Ranvir. He shouldn’t misunderstand them. Anyways waiting for the next update. Take care sis. Love you.

  11. Seyaa

    This is so nice!! Nice cute pics, I really like this! Keep it up buddy! Write more and more

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    Superb chappy.

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    Awesome both epi i jst loved them nw precap iam eagerly waiting fr nxt love u dear????????

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    Pragya is amazing..hope abhi gets to know about ranvir..this is an awesome chappy..will be waiting for the next..

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    Wow…. fabulous update as usual ….Loved it dear ….Pragya is smart ….Waiting eagerly for next episode ….Love u ? ?

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