Abhigya – Obsessive Love Episode 32-35

Hi guys . Thank you so much for your likes and comments in the previous episode . Very happy that you are liking the story . So let’s quickly jump onto the next episode ??

In Mauritius
Abhigya and all the other jodis were cutely chatting and talking with each other . Ranvir can’t bear to see Abhigya together . While they all were walking a big vehicle was coming at a higher speed and was coming to hit at Abhi .
Pragya – Abhishek !!!


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All gets shocked ..
Abhi is stunned . The truck was about to hit Abhi .Pragya comes to save him but Ranvir doesn’t let that happen..He comes in between and pushes Abhi and saves him .
Ranvir – Abhi are you fine ?
Abhi – Ya i am ok !

Pragya comes from there and cries – Abhishek you are fine na ?
Abhi – I am fine Pragya ,please don’t cry .
Pragya hugs Abhi. Ranvir can’t see them together . He falsely makes his hand bleed and shouts as it is paining .
Ranvir – Aaahh..
Pragya goes to Ranvir – Ji you are fine na ?
Ranvir – Yes..yes i am fine .

Pragya – Oh no it is bleeding ..Maya bring the first aid box..
Maya – Ya ok !
Maya brings the first aid box and Pragya starts to apply oinment on his hand . Abhi is little unhappy with this .

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Ranvir gets happy when Pragya touches his hand but doesn’t show it out .

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Pragya – Now you will feel better .
Ranvir – Thank you .

Abhi comes to Pragya ..
Pragya – Thank you so much for saving my husband’s life .
Ranvir – It’s ok .

Aditya – Guys it is getting late , let’s move .
Abhi – Ya come let’s move..

They all reached the hotel room .
Abhi reminisces Pragya first aiding Ranvir’s hands and little uncomfortable .
Pragya – Hey what’s up you are sitting like a statue ?
Abhi – Nothing..just..
Pragya – you didn’t get ready for the meeting ?
Abhi – No mood !..
He stands up and pulls Pragya towards him .
Pragya – Hey i said you to get ready for your meeting not to romance ?!
Abhi – Let me na ?
Pragya – No !

Abhi – Hey Pragya tell me one thing !..
Pragya – Hmm..Ask ?
Abhi – Will you ever leave me and go ?
Pragya closes his mouth with her hand and nods No..
They both share an eyelock . Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays …

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Pragya – How can you ever think like that ? I am very angry with you .

Abhi – Ok i am sorry na ?
Pragya turns back .
Abhi holds his ears – Okeey .. I am sorry !!
Pragya tightly hugs him . Abhi too hugs..Saiyaara plays ..

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Pragya – Ok go now get ready ..
Abhi – Ok madam !..
They both smiles ..

Abhi gets ready – Pragya how much time you will take ?

Related image

Pragya – You go first i will come behind you ..
Abhi – Pakka ?
Pragya – Haan haan ..pakka..
Abhi leaves..

(Note – Meeting is held on party hall of the hotel )

At the meeting
Ishveer ,

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Rabul ,

Related image



Related image


and Adiya

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are waiting for Abhigya
Ranvir – Hey guys where is Pragya ….And Abhi ?
Ishani is little suspicious of him.
Ranveer – Don’t know why still they both are not here ?

Abhi comes ..
Naina – Bhai where is Pragya ?
Abhi – Pragya said she will come and join us later ..so let’s begin
Raghav – Ok let’s all move..

Mr.Gupta – Ok gentlemen . Now let’s begin with the presentation .
Ranvir presents his presentation . All claps for him ..
Soon Raghav , Aditya , Ranveer and Purab complete their presentation …
Now a break has been taken by the investors ..Naina , Maya , Ishani and Bulbul hugs their couple and congratulates each other .

Abhi thinks – Why Pragya has not yet come ?
Ranvir thinks to spoil his presentation..As everybody were busy with their break . He went to Abhi’s table and pour ink on his presentation and stood between them as though he doesn’t know anything ..

So the break gets over ..
Mr.Gupta – Ok Now Mr.Abhishek Mehra will present his presentation ..
Abhi – Yes ..

He goes to his table and sees his presentation spoiled by Ink ..He gets shocked ..
Ranvir – What is this ? These ink ?..How these came on the presentation ?

Mr.Gupta – What is this Mr.Abhi ?..Can’t you even submit your presentation ?
Abhi is standing shocked..

“Excuse me Mr.Gupta !!” a voice came from behind .. All turns and sees it is Pragya ..Ranvir is hell shocked..

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Pragya to Abhi – Here is your spare presentation..See i told to have it na ..

Abhi remembers (A fb shown)
Abhi is about to move out
Pragya – Hey wait ! wait !! one min ..
Abhi – Now what ?
Pragya – Take your spare presentation copy it is in the luggage bag !!
Abhi – There will be no use for it .. Already it is getting late .. You come fast .. I am going bye ..
Pragya was about to stop him ..Abhi leaves..

Fb ends..

Pragya – Suniye !..
Abhi comes to his senses..
Pragya – Where have you been lost ?..Ok..Now take this presentation and submit it ..Go !!
Abhi smiles ..and gives his presentation ..All gives great applause for him .

Mr.Gupta – I am sorry Mr.Mehra . I shouldn’t have spoke like that ..
Abhi – It’s ok Mr.Gupta ..
Mr.Gupta – Now only i remember onething ..If you want to find the person who spoiled this presentation . You can by CCTV camera ..
Ranvir gets nervous – Oh shit !

Abhi was about to say yes . But Pragya stops
Pragya – No Mr.Gupta ..It’s ok ..Now presentation is also over so we don’t need to expand this problem..
Ranvir – Ya i think she is right ..
Mr.Gupta – Fine ..The Mehras , Oberois , Khannas , Mehtas and Raichands have given a fabulous presentation . So this deal is completely finalished .
All claps hands and celebrate …

The Meeting gets over ..
Ranvir goes to his room and breaks all the things and goes to a place filled full of Pragya’s photos ..

He shouts – Why Pragya ??..Why ??.. I loved you so much but why you are giving your love to that Abhi ???

Ranvir- If i put him in tough situation ..Why you are coming between and standing with him .. Why you are saving him from all the difficulties ?

Ranvir – No Pragya .. You can’t be his wife..You are only mine Pragya ..Only mine ..First you was my love but now you are My goal , My junoon (obsession) , my life and my everything . You are mine and i will make you mine ..

A voice came from behind ” It will never happen Ranvir Raichand !! ” .. Ranvir turns and he gets shocked . It is none other than Pragya !!..

Precap : Ranvir says Pragya i loved you so much ..why can’t you understand ? Pragya says I am married and i love only him .. And i will be only his wife..Ranvir says Oh so to make you mine i should kill me right ?..I will kill him Pragya . Pragya gets shocked..

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  1. It was nice but a bit short for 3 episodes
    Need some more rabul and abhigya moments
    Pragya got to know about ranvir…
    Hopefully everyone else gets to know ASAP
    Waiting for next
    Post soon dear

    1. ImRagela

      Hi Cindy thank you so much for your comment .Actually it is two episodes only i mistakenly i typed the episode no ..And i will try to add some Rabul and Abhigya scenes .. Keep supporting ????

  2. Amazing episode!!! Now pragya knows the evil intensions of ranvir raichand lets see what she will do…waiting for next!!! ??

    1. ImRagela

      Hey Vidhushi ..How r u ?..Thank u so much for ur comemnt ..keep reading ??

  3. Priyu

    Finally Pragya knows abhi’s intentions . She’ll do something. Abhi should have watched the CCTV footage. And Bulbul looks beautiful. Pragya too. Abhi loves Pragya so much.. waiting for the next part dear . Good luck keep writing.

    1. Priyu

      It’s not Abhi , it’s Ranvir

    2. ImRagela

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    Nice one . – Ayesha Malhotra

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    It was fantastic!!
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    Good luck Ragila!!

    1. ImRagela

      Thank u so much di..Very happy for ur comment..Soon i will post the next part .Love u di ????

  6. Deeyaana

    Ranvir is a dangerous guy. Finally Pragya came to know about him but it was a short episode. I like your way of managing to write about many people and couple. 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 Love you reji….

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    Finally , Pragya get to know about Ranveer’s evil plotting . Awesome update . Loved it to the core . Update soon & love u ? ?

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    This is interesting swara

  9. Awesome dear. Nice twist. How did pragya get to know? Eagerly waiting for the next one. Take care Sis.

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  12. Jasminerahul

    This ranvir is such a big dramabaaz.he himself caused abhi’s accident n he himself saved him to be a mahan b4 them.abhi is so worried abt pragya giving 1st aid to ranvir.hope his obsession doesnt create more probs 4 pragya.abhigya conversation was very emotional.their scene was very romantic.perfect songs 4 them.was sad when ranvir spoiled ranvir’s presentaton.pragya’s arrival bringing d spare copy saving abhi’s reputation was superb.pragya came to know of ranvir’s intention.superb.waiting 2 know how pragya realized his true colour.loved d pics,perfect.
    when u update the chapters can u plz put the episode no before u start a new chapter?so that v can know when a new chapter starts n ends

    1. ImRagela

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    Hey Rejiiii….Wonderful update ?? ?
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      chapter 33 starts at the meeting..Sorry yaar..Next time I will try to mention ..Thank u for explaining ?

  16. Hemi

    Diii! It was awesome but quite short… I mean for 3 chapters… But, I am actually liking… no loving this story. Honestly, I don’t watch serials… But I know abhigya! You are going so well! Just??? Now, hope the truth comes in front of all soon. Love you my reji di…?????

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    again it was superb Abhigya update…and again i hate Ranvir

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    sorry i was busy so i couldn’t read your ff on 31st march itself. once again i’m sorry. this episode is awesome. yippy finally pragya get to know about ranvir richard.

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    It is interesting .
    Problem solver saved Abhi .
    Wa was very nice episode.

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