Abhigya – Obsessive love Episode 21-24

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The episode starts with Aditya saying to Maya
Aditya – Pragya will only be mine forever
A voice comes saying – I will never be yours ..
It is none other than Pragya . Abhi , Rabul , Ishveer , Raina all were standing there .
Aditya and Maya gets shocked .

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Abhi – Pragya is only mine and if anyone comes between our love I will kill them .

Aditya sees him with anger .

Abhi – What ? You got shocked by seeing us . It was so unexpected right ?.. Wait let me explain ..

Abhi explains him the plan and drama and fake marriage they made ..Maya is stunned .

Abhi – I didn’t even expect that you will cheat on me .
Maya – No Abhi .. I didn’t..
Abhi shouts – Just shut up ! I don’t want to listen anything from you .
Maya gets scared .
Abhi – And ya you also didn’t know right that how we both came to know that you both were talking in this room . Wait I will explain .
Aditya and Maya were clueless.

A fb shown

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Abhi and Pragya hugs each other ..
Pragya – Sorry Abhishek I can’t expose them .
Abhi – Don’t worry now they will get exposed .
Pragya – How ?
Abhi – Actually you will be thinking that why I suddenly changed mind to expose them in 2 days and now today itself .
Pragya nods..
Abhi – I acted like that ..
Pragya – why ?
Abhi – Because our job is done
Pragya – How ?
Abhi explains his plan – Actually after speaking to you that you have to expose Maya within 2 days . I was thinking that how you will expose her .. Then I remember about one thing.
In my mobile phone , whatever messages emails comes to my official Sim Ranveer also will get notified in his phone . It is like a Message hack in software . So now I fixed the same software in Maya’s phone . From now one whatever calls messages she gets we will be notified .

Pragya hugs him – You are genius !..
Abhi – What do you think that I will not care about your happiness to expose her .
Pragya smiles ..
Abhi gets a notification in his phone
Pragya – Open and see it
Abhi reads the message – Room 101 Holiday inn.
Pragya – I am sure that she and that person is in the room .
Abhi – Let’s move .
Pragya – We have to take Rabul , Raina and Ishveer also with us. They have the right to know the truth .
Abhi – Ya you are right . Let’s move .

Rabul , Raina and Ishveer
Ishani – I am getting confused about what is going on here ?
Bulbul – Where is di and jiju ?
Raghav – Hope that they both are fine .
Abhigya comes there .
Rv – Abhi where were you ? What happened ?
Abhi – Now I can’t say anything now you all please come with us .
Naina – Bhaiyya something is there .
Pragya – Naina you all will get to know everything . Please come ..
Ishani – Ok Pragya fine..Relax we are coming .

Fb ends…

Ishani – Aditya I didn’t expect that you will reach this much extent to separate Pragya from her love . In college you helped us a lot .. Why Aditya ? Why?

Aditya is left with no answer

Pragya – Abhishek I want to speak with Aditya alone .
Abhi – No Pragya .. I will not leave you alone with him .
Pragya – Please understand .
Abhi leaves but with desperation .
They all left..

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Pragya to Aditya – I didn’t even expect in my life that you will be the reason for the separation from my love . Why Adi ? We both were friends na ?
Aditya – I hate the word “friend” from your mouth Pragya . I loved you a lot .
Pragya is shocked .

Pragya – But I didn’t love you . I loved only Abhishek .
Aditya holds Pragya – Just shut up Pragya . Don’t say his name from your mouth . Now I am going to take you with me and marry you .

Pragya was about to shout but Aditya closed her mouth with his hands .. And lifts her and escapes from the backside of the hotel exit .

Abhi and all were waiting outside.
Abhi is waiting for Pragya desperately .

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Abhi – I can’t wait outside anymore I am going to break the door .
Naina – Bhaiyya just chill. It is hardly only 2 mins over .
Abhi – No I can’t leave her alone ..
Rv – ok open the door ..
Abhi tries to open the door but it is locked .
Abhi – The door is locked from inside .
Abhi shouts – Pragya open the door .. Pragya !! Pragya..
Abhi in anger breaks the door and see Pragya and Aditya were missing .
Abhi angrily asks Maya – Maya please tell me what plan you both made where is Pragya ?
Maya – Abhi I seriously don’t know where he took Pragya . Please believe me .
Purab – Bhai it’s waste of time talking with her .
Ishani – Why can’t we check the CCTV footage ?
Raghav – That’s a good idea .
Abhi – Yes let’s move .

Abhi holds the manager’s collars – Now if you didn’t show me the CCTV footage you will lose your job .

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Manager – Ok sir .. I..I will ssshoww yyou the ff….foootage .
He show the CCTV footage .
Raghav notices Aditya with Pragya getting out from backside exit.
Raghav – Abhi see there he is taking Dusky from backside exit .
All notices that screen .
Rv – Show the parking footage.
In the parking footage they see Aditya is turning left side of the road
Abhi – He is turning left ..

Purab – Which means he is going to poolside godown !
They all rushes .. Maya follows them

In the car .

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Pragya gets scared and worries that Abhi should come and save her .
Aditya – Why you are so sad darling ?
Pragya – Stop the car .. I said stop it
Aditya – No no..Pragya Now this car will stop only after reaching the place in which we are going to get married .

Pragya cries..
Aditya – You know what Pragya that when I saw you the 1st time . In college culturals..

Pragya remembers the day
Aditya completed his performance all the girls cheered him up .
Aditya – Now see who will perform next to challenge .
One girl – I think it is a girl named Pragya Arora
Aditya – I don’t even want to see that girl’s face .
Aditya was turning back to the stage . All were showing thumbs down as her CD was not working.
A girl – Adi I spoiled that girl’s music CD .
Aditya – That’s all we are the winner ..

Pragya starts to sing beautifully … The song Sun raha hai na tu ..

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Aditya was mesmerized and turns back sees Pragya . He was struck by her voice and beauty ..

All cheered Pragya shouting Pragya !! Pragya !!..
Pragya is happy ..

Fb ends..

Aditya – That day ..At the first sight itself .. I became your deewana ..

Pragya looks on..

Aditya – Now you are going to become mine .. Hey we reached the place ..

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Aditya stops the car ..He gets down from car .
Aditya – Pragya get down from car ..
Pragya sits in the car and doesn’t move
Aditya – Pragya get down
Pragya remains the same.
Aditya shouts – Pragya I said Get down ..
Pragya gets scared and gets down from car ..

Aditya – That’s good ..

He takes her inside . Pragya gets shocked that everything is prepared and mandap is decorated .
Aditya – What happened Pragya ? How is this decoration ? I already made this plan without saying anything to Maya .

Pragya – You clicked her photos , blackmailed her and used her for your own purpose .

Aditya – Now we will do these talks later come on now let’s sit in the mandap and get married ..
Pragya – No..nno..
Aditya makes Pragya forcibly sit in the mandap and holds her hands tightly ..
He lifts Pragya and took six rounds ..
A voice shouts – STOP THE MARRIAGE .

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It is none other than Abhi . Everybody rushes there to the mandap .
Aditya gets shocked . Pragya gets happy .
Abhi – Aditya leave her otherwise i’ll kill you .

Aditya takes a nice and keeps it near Pragya’s neck .
Abhi shouts – No !..
Aditya shouts – Go back ..
Abhi – Yes yes .. keep the knife down .

Aditya – I am sorry Pragya . But i have to do this .
Pragya cries – Aditya please let me go .

Aditya – No..
Pragya shouts – If i marry you i will never be happy .
Aditya takes the knife down.
Pragya – You know what if you love someone you will always wish only for your loved ones happiness . My happiness , love and my everything is Abhishek only .
Aditya – Why Pragya ?
She sees Abhi – Because i love him .
Abhigya gets tears ..mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays..

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Aditya was about to cut his hands with knife . Pragya gets shocked and was about to stop but Maya stops him and mistakenly the knife cuts her hand and it bleeds.

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Aditya – Why you came in between ?
Maya – Please don’t ask me anything i did what my heart told to me . I forgot what all you did to me , blackmailings , photos , plans , everything . I don’t know why ?
Pragya – Because you loved him .
Aditya and Maya sees each other.

Pragya continues – Because this love na .. It is a strange feeling .. Why it happens ? When it happens ? How it happens ? No one knows .. But once it happens you will do anything for your love and their happiness..
Aditya – I am sorry Pragya . I completely gone mad in my love and i didn’t even thought about your happiness . I always thought about my love . I made a big mistake .
Aditya leaves Pragya’s hands and says – Go Pragya now i wish only your happiness . Go !..
Pragya gets tears and she rushes towards him ..
Abhigya hugs each other tightly . Allah Waariyan plays …

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All sees them and gets happy ..

Aditya goes to Maya – Maya i want to ask sorry to you also . Now i want to correct my mistake .
He kneels down – Will you marry me ? now ?
Maya gets tears – Yes !!..

Maya and Aditya sat in the Mandap .
They perform the rituals . Aditya made Maya to wear mangalsutra on her neck and filled her maang with sindhoor .
All sprinkled flowers on them .


Abhi to Pragya – Why can’t we also marry now ?

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Pragya – No today we are leaving to India and tomorrow is our marriage
Abhi – Why?
Pragya – Feb 14 Valentines Day special .
Abhi – oh !..

Aditya , Maya , Rabul , Raina and Ishveer – We are waiting ..

Aditya and Maya

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Purab and Bulbul

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Raghav and Naina

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Ishani and Ranveer

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Abhigya smiles…

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Precap : Abhigya’s marriage and Valentine’s day special .. Full Dhamaka

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    loved how aditya Maya truth came in front of abhigya.fb of adi pragya singing was nice.but in the pic abhi is also there.wish you had removed abhi from the pic.shocking that aditya forcefully tried to get married to pragya.happy that abhi reached there on time. shocking that just like abhi due to obsession aditya tried to hurt himself.Maya stopping him from doing it…pragya making her realize her love for aditya…aditya realizing his mistake and correcting his mistake by proposing Maya …aditya Maya wedding were lovely.can’t wait for abhigya wedding and valentine’s day celebration .please show Valentine’s celebration of all the couples because all pairs are lovely.pics in the update were beautiful. really enjoyed it.I guess this is the first ff where harshad Jennifer are a pair.so special congrats to you for that

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