Abhigya – Obsessive love Episode 11, 12, 13 (Combo Episode)

Hi guys . Thank you so much for your comments . So finally I got time to post the next episode with a new beginning. I am back with a combo of 3 episodes hope you all will like it .And Tamil readers HAPPY PONGAL !..

New characters :-
Jennifer Winget as Maya Malhotra – Adapted this character from the serial Beyhadh. (She is a model and owner of a fashion house .Madly in love with Abhi)

Harshad Chopra as Aditya Oberoi (soon you will know his character)

Episode 11,12,13 (Combo episode)
The episodes starts with all the preparations for Abhigya’s marriage .All were rushing here and there .
Abhi’s eyes were searching for Pragya .
Naina – Bhaiyya wait a little more na ?..Chill..
Bulbul – Ya jiju ..Di will come ..
Abhi – Shut up u girls !..Your marriages are over now so now u all r little cool right ?..
Naina and Bulbul smiles …

Pragya in Bride’s room ..
Pragya gets ready and she is wearing Ravishing Red lehenga , Beautiful bridal makeup and stunning ornaments .

She gets happy tears in her eyes. She prays to God ..
Hey Bhagwan !..Now I am getting into a new relationship . Which I should take care till the end of my life . Please help me
and no one should come between us .
Scene shifts to Malhotra mansion .
A lady gets ready and comes to her office . She is looking in a professional look . It is none other Maya.
All the staffs rushes and wished her Good morning mam.
Maya raised her hand . All the staffs stopped wishing her . She goes to her cabin .

She switches on the TV ..
And she gets shocked ..
News – Hello people welcome to TellyUpdates news . This is your Ragela (Reji) . Today the greatest business tycoon Abhishek Mehra is getting married with a simple lucky girl Pragya Arora . For more updates Stay tuned !..

Maya shouts Nooo!!..In anger she breaks the TV with remote .

Maya – I will not let this marriage happen . Abhi is mine and only be mine .

Scene shifts to Pragya .
Sarla comes there and sees Pragya and gets emotional .
Pragya – Mom please don’t cry . Otherwise I will also ..
Sarla – No ..No beta ..This is the most important day of your life .
Pragya – I will miss you mom ..
Sarla kisses on her forehead – Miss you beta .
Priya enters the room and sees them crying .
Priya – Sarla ji Don’t worry I will take care of her as my daughter .
Pragya and Sarla smiles .

Abhi desperately waits for his bride to come .
Pragya comes down . Abhi is stunned to see her . Saiyaara plays..

Ishveer , Rabul and Raina gets happy seeing them sitting in the mandap .

Ram – Pandit ji start saying the mantras .

Pandit ji asks Abhigya to stand up for the seven rounds .
Abhi thinks that he is won while taking the rounds .
Pragya sincerely promises ..

While that time Maya entered the mandap .
Maya shouts – STOP THE MARRIAGE !
Everyone gets shocked ..
Abhi gets too much shocked . Pragya is confused .
Maya – Abhi how can you marry someone if I am alive ?..
Pragya – Mind your words otherwise ?..
Maya – What ?..Otherwise what you will do ?..Abhi you didn’t tell her about me ?..
Pragya – Abhishek please tell me who is she ?..Why she is speaking like this ?..

Pragya cries ..Abhi can’t see her like that ..
Priya says Abhi !!..Who is she ?..

Abhi in a stunned condition says Maya is my girlfriend .

Pragya is hell shocked .Everyone sees him .

Priya – What ?….

Maya – Aunty don’t get too shocked It’s not good for your health .

Priya gets tears .Ram , Naina , Ishani Bulbul controls her .
Pragya goes near Abhi . Abhi too gets tears and can’t face her .
Pragya slaps Abhi .
All gets shocked .
Pragya holds Abhi’s collar and bursts out with tears – Why you cheated me ? You said that you love me right ? Please say something . Your silence is killing me .

Abhi – Pragya please listen to me .I was in a relationship with her. But now ..

Maya – But now I am pregnant Abhi . Abhigya and eveyone gets shocked .

Abhi holds Maya’s arms – Stop this non-sense .
Maya – This is the truth . And you are the father of this child .

Priya slaps Abhi – Abhi how can you be sp disgusting !..You will marry a girl and be the father to the child of another girl..
Ram controls her

Pragya can’t bear Maya’s words and says It’s over !..I don’t want to marry you .
Abhi is shocked .

Abhi holds Pragya’s hands – Pragya please . Don’t go away from me .

Pragya – Leave my hand ..Abhi holds tightly .
Pragya gets her hands free from Abhi .She leaves the mandap with tears . Everyone leaves . Abhi cries hard . Maya smiles .

Screen shifts to Pragya’s house .
Pragya cries hard and angrily removes all her ornaments .

Sarla and Ishani can’t see her like this .Ishani says Aunty I will be with her . Sarla nods and leaves .

Ishani – Pragya control yourself .
Pragya hugs Ishani emotionally . Ishani too cries .
Pragya – Why Ishu ? Why Abhishek cheated me ?..He too loved me right ?
Ishani – Pragya forget about that ..Relax ..Calm down..
Pragya – Can you stay in my house for some days please ?
Ishani – Sure Pragya I will inform Ranveer
Pragya – Ishani I want to go out alone for sometime .Can I change and leave ?..
Ishani – Pragya I will not stop you . Go and come back as my old Pragya .
Pragya smiles and leaves ..

Screen shifts to Abhi’s room
Abhi cries hard and recalls the moments with Pragya .
Abhi thinks How can I lose her if she is mine ?..No I will not let her go away from me .
Raghav , Naina , Purab and Rv enters his room . And controls him .

Rv – Abhi I think I should leave . Take care .
Abhi – Wait !..Can you and your wife stay here itself forever .
Rv is shocked – But Abhi ..?
Abhi – The one I loved more than myself left me , So I wish that the person who is in the next place should stay with me please ?..Otherwise I will be alone with that Maya !..

Rv – I can understand but..Ok fine I will inform Ishani ..
Abhi thanks him .
Abhi – Guys I wish to go out for sometime and be relaxed .
Naina – Bhaiyya we will not stop you . You go .
All motivates him and leaves .

Abhi gets up to go but Maya enters there and hugs him from behind .
Abhi gets angry if she touches him and releases her hug .
Abhi holds her – Don’t touch me !..Only Pragya has the right to touch me and I only have the right to touch her .

Abhi continues – If u marry me also I will not be yours . My heart is only for Pragya and her’s is only mine . If anyone tries to come between us . I will make their situation worse .

Abhi says this and leaves ..
Maya says to herself – It’s ok Abhi . Soon I will marry you and make you mine and forget that Pragya !

Abhi drives the car very fast thinking about Pragya with a wine bottle in his hand and drinks hard .

Pragya thereby walks sadly thinking about Abhi .
Abhi sees her and stops the car . Pragya sees him and gets shocked .
Abhi gets out of the car .
She ignores him and leaves .
Abhi holds her hand ..
Pragya says Leave my hand ..
Abhi forcibly makes her sit in his car and leaves ..

Pragya – Stop the car right now !..
Abhi – No I will not . I am taking you far from our family and will marry you right now !..
Abhi drinks hard .
Pragya – You promised me that you will not drink .
Abhi – Now you are not in my life and what’s the use of these promises ?.You also promised me that you will not leave me .
Pragya remains mum . She gets the wine bottle from his hands and throws it away .
Abhi stops the car ..
Pragya gets down and starts to walk ..
Abhi holds her ..
Pragya – Leave me why are you doing like this ?..
Abhi – Tell me why you are doing like this ?..Pragya I need you ..You are my life .
Pragya – Now your life will be your child only .
Forget me and move on ..

Abhi – No I can’t ..Please understand .
Pragya – No you have to . Marry Maya and lead a happy life .
Abhi – Teek hai ! I will marry Maya but I will be the husband only for you . I will feel that I am marrying you . I will keep up all the seven woes only with you . Night I will come to your room only !
Pragya – Stop it .
Abhi – No I will not . Because for me you are my wife and I am having the right of your husband .

Pragya leaves with tears filled in her eyes..
Abhi says Go Pragya but you will be only mine .
Pragya turns and wishes to hug Abhi . But Abhi goes and hugs her ..Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays …Pragya leaves from there..Abhi cries ..

Pragya goes to her home and calls Raghav , Naina , Purab , Bulbul and Ranveer .
Ishani and Sarla asks Whom are you calling ?..
Pragya says I will tell you both .
The four comes …
Raghav – Why you called us ?..
Naina – Ya ..
Bulbul – Di any problem ?..
Pragya – Tomorrow I should not be here in Mumbai and not in this country itself..I have to go away from Abhishek ..
They all gets shocked .
Ishani – Pragya why are you saying like this ?..
Rv – Ya Pragya !..
Pragya said everything what Abhi told him !..But she cuts the last line what Abhi told her ..
Raina , Ishveer and Rabul is shocked to hear this ..
Pragya – What was about to happen it happened !..Now he has to take care of Maya and his child …So for that I should not be here . He shouldn’t get to know where I am going !.

Raghav – Dusky I am with you in this .!..
Naina and Purab is worried for Abhi and she is silent ..
Pragya – Tomorrow I am going to Australia ..
Ishani – What will you say to Sarla maa ?
Pragya – I will convince her and she will definitely agree !
Rv – But Pragya Australia is too far ..
Pragya – If I am in this country definitely he will find me and marry me that moment itself .
Ishani – But Pragya we can’t leave you alone . I am coming with you .
Rv – But Abhi asked we both to stay in his house itself .
Ishani – But Ranveer i can’t leave Pragya alone .
Rv – Fine we both will go with Pragya .
Rabul – We are also coming .
Raghav – We both are also coming .
Naina remains silent but she nods .
Pragya – No guys . I called you all here to inform that i am going and not to say this to Abhi . I am going alone and now you all will be in India .
Ishani – No Pragya . We are coming that’s final .
Pragya at first refuses but finally she agrees .
Naina is worried for Abhi .

Raina , Rabul and Ishveer goes to Abhi’s house .
Abhi comes there and says Where you guys went ?..Everything ok ?
Raghav – Ya Abhi ..And Abhi tomorrow me and Naina are leaving to Delhi for an official work of our company . I can’t leave Naina alone so we both are leaving after your marriage .
Naina remains silent .
Abhi says Ok ..
Raina is relieved and they leaves .

Ishani – Bhaiyya actually tomorrow i am going to Bangalore after your marriage as my mom is little unwell and she wants to see Rv so i have to take him too with me..
Abhi – Ya Ishani take care of your mom .
Ishveer is also relieved and left .

Rabul doesn’t get any reason .
Purab – Bhai tomorrow i am leaving to our college in Lucknow as they have called us for a final procedure because we had completed our final year exams also so just for a final procedure .After your marriage only bro !..
Abhi – Ok be careful .
Rabul too leaves ..

Abhi finds something fishy ..

Naina goes to Abhi’s room – Bhaiyya shall i come in?
Abhi – Ya sure
Naina – I can understand your situation ..But bhaiyya tomorrow Pragya bhabhi is leaving to Australia .
Abhi gets shocked.
Naina – So me , Raghav , Ishani , Rv , Bulbul , Purab all are going with her .
Abhi – That’s why you all said me some variety of reasons
Naina – Ya . She told us not to tell you but i trust you bhai .I know that Maya is lying . That’s why i am saying to you . Please don’t let her to go away from you .
Abhi – Thank you Naina .
Naina – Your welcome bhaiyya !..
She left .

Abhi thinks Pragya i will come to Australia and come back with you only to India .

The next day morning ..Abhi and Maya sit in the mandap .
Ram and Priya are not willing to attend this marriage . But they stood hesitantly .
Abhi imagines Pragya is in the place of Maya and ties the mangalsutra . Rabul , Raina and Ishveer are sad for him .
They all leaves to the airport .
Naina turns back and shows Abhi thumbs up . Abhi smiles ..

Pragya is waiting for them in the airport . The 3 couples comes . Pragya gives them their boarding passes . Pragya says Marriage over ?..
They all nods yes . Pragya gets tears .
Raghav – Thank God in we are having mine and Abhi’s partnership company branch in Sydney city in Australia .
Rv – Ya Raghav Abhi gave me the pass to take care of Australia branch too ..
Pragya – Ya but if i work there he may get to know so i am not going to be a part of his company . I already mailed him my resignation letter too .
Ishani – But there is no need for you to work in anybody’s company .
Pragya – I am going to work in a person’s company in Australia who is known to you !
Ishani – Known to me ?
Pragya – Our college mate Aditya Oberoi .
Ishani is stunned to hear his name . Others are clueless .

Screen shifts to Australia ..
A man wears his coat suit and finalises all his deal and gets applauses from the investers and share holders . It is none other than Aditya .He gets a call and says What Pragya’s marriage is stopped ?..He cuts the call and gets happy ..

Precap : Abhi and Maya land in Australia for honeymoon trip . Abhi thinks Pragya i am here to get you back in my life . Adi says to Pragya Can we be friends again ?..Pragya smiles and shake hands with him .

So guys this is a bit large episode . Hope you all will like it with a new beginning in Abhigya’s story . I will try to update the next episode soon stay tuned !..And to all the Tamil readers HAPPY PONGAL !..

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  1. Firstly tq for ur pongal wishes it’s nyc episode but i was waiting for abhigya marriage but u made a big twist by Abhi-maya marriage & i am eagerly waiting for ur next episode

    1. ImRagela

      Thank you so much dear for your comment .I hope you like this twist . Ya I understand your willness to be Abhigya together . Soon all will be good . Let ‘s see whose obsessive love wins

  2. Jasminerahul

    shocking that abhigya marr got stopped bcz of abhi’s obsessed ex gf maya.i’m sure that she is lying abt her pregnancy.wish pragya had listened to abhi b4 breaking up with him.very sad.plz show abhi maya past.y did they break up?Though Maya is -ve i’m excited abt her entry asi like Jennifer.In kasauti Shabbir Jennifer were a married couple.Abhigya encounter n hug with main phir bhi were very emotional.Abhi requesting RV to stay with him as d person he loved left was touchy.They all know that Maya is lying.Then y did’nt they stop Abhi Maya wedding?Very sad n shocking that abhi maya got married.Seems that Aditya loves Pragya.He is so happy that Abhigya marr didnt happen.
    First i thought Aditya is 4 Maya as Harshad Jennifer a r pair in Bepanah.Hope either Aditya or Arjun comes n Maya leaves from Abhigya life

    1. ImRagela

      Jasmine thank you so much for your comment . There is a twist in this story . Soon you will get to know ..Keep reading

  3. Saranya24

    Wow man tat was such an awesome twist loved it nw waitng fr nxt love u?????HAPPY PONGAL

    1. ImRagela

      Thank you so much for your comment ..Love you too akka ???..Same to you akka ?

  4. Hey reji your ff is awesome . Sorry for not commenting as mostly I didn’t get time to comment . I got shocked by seeing Abhi and Maya’s marriage . But I like this twist . Waiting for more episodes. And a Happy Pongal ??

  5. Nice . Keep going ?

  6. Vineesha

    I like this episode but pls don’t make fun of mrg rituals n relation y u did abhi n Maya mrg n again in future u r going to break Maya abhi mrg n unite abhigya in mean while that oberoi vl fall in love with pragya n he too gets hurt stop this routine story bring such twists as u already married both Maya and abhi change their thinking n let them love each other n make this new love story of pragya n oberoi love successful n end this love story cutely don’t spoil the value of mrgs I’m a big fan of abhigya it doesn’t mean even after they got married to someone they shld do all this n I love ur writings pls keep going don’t disappoint me love u loads

    1. ImRagela

      Vineesha I understand your point . Even i don’t like to make fun of marriage rituals i respect it as most precious but an obsessive person don’t keep values of these things . For them they have to get their love at any cost . So if marriage is the way of getting their love means definitely they will . This is the difference between a lovable person and an obsessive person which i wanted to show . But i am very much thankful for commenting here and asking about me your opinion . Thank you so much Vineesha . More twist are waiting . Keep reading keep commenting stay tuned

  7. Vineesha

    By the way I love harshadh n shrithi pair too pls make this story more lovely n kntresting all pairs r awesome n all characters r my fav actors m very much excited ??

    1. ImRagela

      Ya even i love their pair , but my motive for writing this ff is on Abhigya . I thought that Harshad will be perfect for the character of my role and Maya too in her role .So i adapted him . But sure u can see some scenes of them together ??

  8. Awesome reji ?? ?? Happy Pongal . Waiting for next episode

    1. ImRagela

      Thank u Priya same to u keep reading ?? ??

  9. Nice update dear. But not happy that abhi married that evil maya. Anyways waiting for the next. I know you will do the best. Update the next part soon. I am very curious to know about aditya. Take care sis.

  10. I hate Maya dam sooooo much

  11. Reshma_Pradeep


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