Abhigya- Nothing is impossible (OS)

Hi guys it’s Monesha came with another OS. You can say both positive and negative. Ok now coming to the story,

This os was dedicating to my TINA(SUHA) di who gave another father, mother and bhai to me. Who shower love to me. Confirm your SPIDY will never forget you. Love you my dear Tina di ????

And i am dedicating this os to tina princess di because she will always say that nothing is impossible. She only gave me strength to write os. So this os for Tina di.

One marriage hall was shown. One boy and one girl was sitting with fake happy face. But their eyes saying that they both are not happy. Finally that boy tied mangal sutra around her neck. All the one was happy expect that boy and girl. Another boy came to that girl. It was vijay. He says choti don’t forget your bhai. Girl nodded no and hugs him. She broke the hug. Sarla came and hugs her. Sarla says pragya don’t worry about anything. She came to boy and says abhi beta i am giving my eyes to you. Plz take care of her. Abhi nodded with unhappy.

Pragya and abhi went inside the car. All the one waves their hand with tears. After a travel they both reached the house. They make pragya to sit in Abhi’s room. Abhi came to the room and locked the door. Pragya saw him with tears. He threw his watch, purse. He came to her and pulled her hand forcibly which makes her hand pain. He pressed her cheeks by his fingers. Pragya got tears. Abhi says your bhai separate my choti now i separate you from him. Pragya was shocked to hear and looks him with tears. Abhi says welcome to hell you are going to suffer a lot. He left her cheeks and took the glass bottle and started to drink.

She went and sat on sofa with tears. Soon Abhi slept slowly. She saw him sleeping. She went near the door and sat on floor. She holds his leg towards her chest and started to cry. She thinks why you done this to me god. What I done wrong. My bhai married Alia because they both love each other but he is making me to marry him to take revenge. There is no meaning for this marriage. It is impossible to live with him. I don’t know what i have to do. This is my destiny? There will be no happiness in my life? Now I am missing my ma, dadi, bhai. I want to go back to my home. Plz save me from this hell. She cried bitterly.

She dozed off by that position. Abhi got up in midnight. His head started to pain. He went to rest room. He washed his face. He took the lemon juice which is placed on his table and drank it. He saw sofa but he couldn’t find pragya. He saw around and found pragya sleeping in sitting position by holding her leg towards her chest and her head placed on her lap. He went and holds her face. He saw her eyes with tears. Her cheek and nose was in red due to crying. He took her in his arm and placed her on the bed. He placed his hand on her cheeks and thinks why I am feeling that i am doing wrong . Is i am doing anything wrong.? Is i am ruining one innocent girl life? No, Abhi the rock star will never do anything wrong. I have to take revenge. He took his hand from her cheeks and went.

In morning, pragya got up and was surprised to see she was on bed. She stood up suddenly she heard a song with full of sound. She saw abhi was doing exercise with his inner vast. She gave a stern look to him for ruining her life. Pragya thinks what man is he. Ruined my life but enjoying with his dummbles. He should marriage that dummbles mistakenly he married me. I never going to face him. She turned. Abhi says hello rest room is this side. Pragya looks him and took her dress and went inside. She got fresh up and came. She applied light make up and putted her contact lens. She weard blue chudi. Soon Abhi too got fresh up and went to office. Days passed. It was like regular schedule. they both didn’t look each other. But when pragya get hurts Abhi shoe his concerns for her unknowingly. Pragya too developed some feelings for him.

One fine day came. They both didn’t even fight. He was busy in doing exercise His body was fully wet due to exercise. His vast also become wet. He searched for his towel but he couldn’t find that. Abhi says omg… Pragya pragya. Pragya came and ask what happened? Abhi says When you enter in my house i couldn’t find my stuffs. Pragya says i didn’t take anything. Abhi says then where it went. Pragya started to search. Abhi removed her duppata from her neck and wipe his wet body. Pragya was shocked. She says what are you doing give me that. Abhi says shut up idiot. Pragya came to Abhi and tried to take her duppata. But unfortunately they both falls on bed. They shares an eyelock. She broke the eyelock by turning her face. He came to reality and stood up from her. Pragya too stood up. Without looking her he went to fresh up.

Pragya went to mirror and smiles looking her with shy. Finally Abhi and pragya came down. They both fall in dadi leg. Dadi blessed them. Abhi says ok i will come soon bye saying this he went. In office abhi thinks what you are doing abhi. Why you are behaving like this with her. It is impossible to live with her so start your torcher abhi. Time passed. It was 12 ‘o’ clock but abhi didn’t come still. She heard bell. She rushed to abhi and was shocked to see abhi in drunk state. Her eyes got tears. She closed the door and then took abhi with her without disturbing to anyone. She make him to sit on the bed and closed the door. Abhi says hey what you want why you are showing affection towards me. Pragya says you first sleep tomorrow we can talk. She opened the cupboard to take her blanket. Abhi came to her and pinned her and ask you have to say me. Pragya says i am saying right we can talk tomorrow. He says i am telling right you have to say me. Pragya says bcoz i am your wife so as my duty i am doing this and.. Abhi says stop it you are telling lies bcoz i am seeing some feelings in your eyes. Pragya says nothing. Abhi says really. He lost his balance and falls on her shoulder. His hairs are touching her neck which makes her nervous. Pragya says suniya. Abhi stood up and says nothing happened i am very steady….. He again falls on her this time pragya managed to balance. She holds abhi. Abhi holds pragya’s waist to balance. Pragya shivered by his touch. She makes him to sleep. Abhi slept peacefully.

She thinks why he is saying that i am showing affection.. And today am i giving affection? No way. Then why I smiled by looking mirror that time. It is very complicate to me. She thinks about her and abhi behavior. Pragya ask to herself is i am missing him for a short time, yes. Is my heart beat is raising when I am thinking about him? Yes. Is i am emotionally connected to him? Yes. Is i am feeling don’t want need words to communicate with him?yes. Is i am in love with him? Yes. Wait a minute what I told yes that means i am in love with him. Is he will accept me? Is my life will be happy? Thinking this soon In tiredness she started to doze off.

Next day she woke up first and arranged the room. He too got up with head ache. He called robin but pragya came and gave lime juice. Abhi says why you came now. Pragya says to give this juice. Abhi says just stop this pragya. Why you are doing this. Pragya says you first stop thinking and just drink this. She came to make him to drink. But he pushed that glass and started to shout what you want idiot? Why you are behaving like this? Pragya was shocked by his behavior and tears rolled from her eyes. Abhi shouts you know right why I married you i want to take revenge so only. Don’t dare to come near to me. Suddenly they both hear one sound. They both saw and was shocked to see vijay. Vijay holds pragya’s hand and started to drag her. Abhi don’t know what to do. Pragya while walking say bhai… Bhai …. Listen to me plz bhai… Listen to me. Dadi came by the sound.

Dadi says beta…beta… What happened listen to me. Vijay stopped and turned to dadi. He says what to say dadi they both didn’t start their life. He is saying that he married my choti to take revenge on me by her.Dadi was hell shocked. You know how much my choti important to me. In small age onwards i am with her and taking care then how can I leave her like this. Pragya got teary eyes. Abhi came down. Dadi saw him and gave a tight slap to him. Pragya tried to stop dadi but vijay pulled her. Dadi says what you done see. In-between Vijay says come we can go. Dadi says beta beta beta listen to me. I am sorry for what happened.

Vijay didn’t listen. He dragged pragya but she removed her hand by seeing dadi. Pragya says i can’t come, this is my house. Vijay was shocked and says choti you agree this marriage bcoz of me so I am itself saying come we can go. Dadi nodded no to Pragya. She saw that and made her as confident girl. Pragya says that time i am your choti. Vijay ask then now with confusing face. Pragya with tears now i am his wife. Vijay was shocked. He gave a tight slap to her. Abhi and dadi was shocked. Vijay ask you are grown up right? I thought you are my same choti but you proved that i was wrong. Pragya got tears and says in low voice bhai….. Vijay says just stop it.. stop it…. Pragya was feared. Vijay says today onwards you are not my choti and i am not your bhai. Saying this he went. Pragya sat on floor and started to cry. Dadi came and consoled her.

Abhi don’t know what to do. He went to room. Dadi saw that and her angry become more. In room, Abhi thinks what you done abhi. I couldn’t see her tears. Something happening in my heart. What feeling is this. No Abhi don’t confuse yourself. You done correctly now vijay will be in great pain. He took the absinthe and started to drink. Pragya came to the room with tears. He kept that absinthe and started to sleep.pragya closed the door. Again she sat on the floor and started to cry about thinking about her bhai, family and Abhi. She dozed off soon.

It was 2.00 am. Abhi got up and thinks i think again she done the same. He stood up and went to Pragya. Abhi thinks My guess was correct. Why she is always doing like this. He took her in his arm. He placed her on the bed and about to move but he saw pragya was holding his dress. He saw her and was mesmerized to see her face. He don’t want to disturb her. He lay down with her on bed. He leaned towards pragya. He saw her face lovely. He touched her cheeks. He rubbed her cheeks with his thumb. And he brushed her lips with hand. He was admired by her beauty. He came to her lips. Suddenly he came to sense by sound of message from his cell phone. Immediately he got up and saw pragya. Abhi thinks is i am loving her? Why I have behaved like this? If it is love then…… No Abhi, love ? It is impossible….. But then why her eyes are killing me. I just want her. Wait a minute i want her? That means i.. He smiled and says that means i love her. He smiles widely and turned to see her. He went and jumped on bed which makes pragya to disturb. He gave oops reaction and caressed her face which makes pragya to sleep again with calm. He smiles by seeing her and kissed her forehead.

In morning, pragya got up and was surprised to see her on bed. Pragya remembered her fight with bhai. Without wasting time she got fresh up and went to her house. Here abhi came to one place and talking to someone. Here pragya reached her house and came inside. Suddenly she heard one voice who are you? Pragya looks him it wa her bhai. She got teary eyes. Vijay says what you want? Pragya says bhai…. Vijay says don’t dare to call me like this. He shouts ma someone came to see you. Saying this he went. Pragya followed him. Pragya says bhai plz listen to me. But he didn’t listen to her. Pragya shouts bhai i love Abhi. Vijay was shocked and turned to her. Vijay you love him? Then say this to him why you are hiding this. Pragya says i want to change him bhai. Vijay says change? It is impossible. Pragya says no bhai nothing is impossible.

Vijay says choti…. Listen to me. Suddenly his phone started to vibrate. He took his phone and went to balcony. After 20 minutes he came back with smile. Pragya ask what happened? Vijay says nothing now you can go. Pragya ask bhai are you angry with me. Vijay says not at all choti. Pragya smiles and went. She reached MM. And came to her room. Abhi says thank God you came go and change this dress. Pragya ask why? Abhi says we have to go to party. Pragya nodded and weard the dress which abhi gave to her.s he wears a pink ( guys exactly she were like that picture which i gave in front) and Abhi weard white shirt. she came out. Abhi was stunned to see her. His eyes started to roam top to bottom. Abhi came to her. Pragya got nervous and went back. He stopped her by holding her wrist and pulled her. Pragya hits abhi. He holds around her waist. Pragya was shocked. Abhi came near to her ear. His warm cheek touched her smooth cheek. Pragya closed her eyes. Abhi says you are looking beautiful and hot. She opened her eyes. Abhi left her and says come fast. Saying this he went. Pragya thinks is this true or i am dreaming. Anything now i should go with him. She went. They both travelled and reached one place.

It was full of dark. Pragya clutched Abhi’s hand. Abhi ask what happened? Pragya says i am afraid of dark. Abhi says that’s good ok come pragya thinks good? What happened to him? They both came inside. Suddenly the light turned on. It was beautiful entering place with candle light table. Two trees are side of the table and back side it was beautiful house. Pragya says It looking beautiful. Abhi smiles. Both came and sat on chair. Pragya says nobody is there. Abhi says this party is only for us. Pragya looks him surprise and ask why? Abhi says for that you should come inside the house. Pragya says ok. both went inside the room. pragya says now say me. Abhi says it is because we are going to be freedom by giving divorce to each other. Pragya was shocked and stood up. Abhi stood up and ask what happened? Pragya says with shock div… div..orce? Abhi says yes that is my plan. Why what happened? Pragya turned to another side. Tears rolled from her eyes. Abhi smiles. Abhi took the divorce papers. He placed it on the table and smiles. Abhi says Pragya? She wipes her tears and turned and shocked to see divorce papers. Abhi says come on sign it. Pragya came with a lifeless body. He gave pen to her. She went to sign. Abhi thinks what is this? She is going to sign? Omg.. suddenly pragya put the pen. Abhi smiles and came and holds her shoulder. Pragya pushed him and started to shout don’t touch me. When you gave divorce papers to me that time itself our relationship off. Don’t event to me. You know how much i loves you but you… My bhai told it is impossible to live with him now i understood and now i am saying it is impossible to live with you. Good bye. She about to move but abhi holds her hand and pulled her towards him . Pragya was hell shocked.

Abhi says do you think that i will leave you, never pragya. I can’t live without you. You are my life, you are my love and you are my everything pragya. Pragya looks him with her emotional eyes. Abhi says hey don’t kill me by looking like this. I have to be alive to live with you. Pragya couldn’t talk. She don’t know what to say. She couldn’t realise it is true or her dream. He loosen his grip. Pragya stood straight. He holds her face and says i done this to propose you. He came near to her.

Pragya pushed him and says proposing? Is this is the way of proposing? Abhi says why it is not Nice. Pragya says see if you opened your mouth then i will….. Abhi says kiss me right. Pragya says i am talking seriously with stern voice. Abhi says i am too talking seriously baby. Pragya says just shut up i hate you to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee… Suddenly abhi came near and pinned her towards wall. Pragya was shocked and says ke..ep keep dis..tance. Abhi says why should i? Saying this he holds her lips. Pragya was hell shock she don’t know what to say or do.

He stretched her lips softly and left it. He was continuously looking her lips. He pressed her waist which makes pragya to shiver to the death. She closed her eyes. Abhi says i want to feel you. He kissed her lips softly. He removed his shirt without breaking his kiss. He kissed her cheeks and neck. Pragya clutched his shoulder. He kissed her shoulder. Pragya couldn’t bear that. She hugs him. His kiss become very hard. They both falls on bed. Abhi undressed Pragya. They consummated their marriage.

Finally Abhi landed beside pragya after a war. Pragya covered her with blanket up to her chest. She says suniya i felt very protective. Abhi smiles and kissed her forehead. Pragya says now we have to say to dadi and bhai. Abhi says i already told. Pragya was shocked and ask how? Abhi says in phone to bhai and to dadi in house. Pragya says cheater why you didn’t told me. Abhi says for simply. Pragya says you will never change and i want to say one thing you know first i thought it is impossible to live with you but now I understood nothing is impossible. Abhi smiles and says me too. Pragya smiles. Abhi came top of Pragya. She says hey what… Before she could complete abhi started to kiss her neck. Pragya clutched the pillow. Screen went up

???????THE END??????

Thank you so much guys for reading this with patient. I am going to give current track OS Soon as abhi feels pain. But I am not going to separate abhigya. I thought to give before itself but I want abhi behavior. So only i waited.

DURGA DI- i am really angry on you what you said i am forgot you? You only forget me. I have replied you in my previous Os go and see that di.

Sorry guys if i dome some mistake.

Love you all my dear sweety di, choti, friends and bro??????

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  1. Wow..wow..moni dear asusual u rocking dear..no words to say…awesome…amazing …super..semma da chellam…lots of love you dear…ummmmmmma???…pls update ur ff dear…eagerly waiting for your nxt rocking os…

    1. Monesha

      Omg….. You know I am flying on sky. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Glad that you liked it. Love you… Love you… Love you….. a lotttttttttttttttttttt…… ?????? Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you. Ummmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa??????

  2. Hey monesha as usual ur rocked ?…superb concept….

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much varsha for your lovely comment ??? love you ???

  3. Sabeenia

    Ohooooo…….sweetheart. ….again u rocked…….really sm also missing suha….same lik u she was also a sweet choti….its hard to digest….

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much my dear sweetie di for your lovely comment. ??? without suha di i am incomplete bcoz she is the one who gave me more love and same as her family. But now her family was unhappy. That too bhai he feels more sad. He never talk to me with emotion but now he is talking very emotionally di. She is lucky to have you as her di. Don’t worry about that di bcoz she said that she hates sad face of her loved ones.

  4. Vaishali

    awesome awesome awesome mone dii it was beyond that.. wow… no words dii superbbb u know what u r the best dii love u loadzz keep uploading like this dii love u take care too

    1. Monesha

      Thank you soooooo…….. Much my dear sweet heart for your lovely comment. I am really happy to see your comment. Take care too sweety. Love you a lot loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you. ???

  5. Omg super, super super os queen dear, i love u chellam.,.,.,. Lot of hugs & kiss 4 u

    1. Monesha

      Thank you soooooo……… Much dear for your lovely……. Comment. Love you love you love you sooooooooo much…. ??? Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ?????

  6. Saranya24

    Lovely os darlu thank u fr makng me feel tina dii again love u loads muuaaahh missed u?????

    1. Monesha

      Oh my dear pyaari di. I know you will be sad don’t worry di. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Love you a lot loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa……. ???????????????

  7. Wow moni di awesome awesome awesome to the core dhi..i also miss tina di so much.i’m a silent reader of hers ff.i feel very sad y i didn’t comment her ff.love u alot dhi.lots of hugs & kisses to u dhi.pls update ur ff also na

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much dear for your lovely comment. Don’t worry sweet heart. Tina di will always be there. Lo you a lottttttt….. Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa……?????????

  8. Awesome choti really superb one… Thn soooooooooooooooooo sry 4 using tat word oops now again I break our rules na by saying sry n all soooooo 4 making my Pyari choti to worry n cry n also without giving any prior notification n leave as it is ur di need a punishment yaa even I too HV heart n need to thk 4m my choti pt of view na bt sry s the only word I can say choti wat to do some little heath issue 4 tat tat doctor gv a long advice to my mom to take care of me n especially my eyes actually he SD me to take rest for days coz of some problems in eyes due to continue usage of lap r mobile n TV n by free time reading those boring books na sooooo no time to give brk to my eyes soooo v went to eyes specialist he SD no problem coz of no rest to my eyes to hapen lk tat coz my eyes lids r sometime pain while reading so just to chk I went bt mom Tk it serious n u know my mom strictly banned all my source to read ff choti even I dint went to clg complete rest( etho oru ketathulum nallathu) soooo only I can’t say my condition…. Sooooo plzzzzz accept my apology n forgive n I know my choti vl forgive me hey na….. Thn after tat doctor completely say I’m fit n no problem only my mom allowed me to use my mobile tat too u know in late night uts not allowed u won’t HV notice r not till 7.30 r 9 only I vl cmt in other ff if any ff commented after 9 na tat time may b my mom not in home r by thief I vl read I’m sooooo pavam la… Wat to do if I say anything my mom vl start lk serial mom lm emotional blackmail… Tats y baby sry plzzzz forgive me darling… Thn @ leat 4 my choti I vl register in tu n in future if I’m going to take any gap I vl sure by any terms I vl inform u dr confirm u can keep tz as my promise… Pakka promise thn I’m sooooooo bad ok I vl accept tat I shd not use tat word tat u may forgot I vl take back my words bt don’t thk tat I may thk ur love 4 me s fake u know no love in the world s fake especially my choti n I know u r lk me I already SD tat ur thinking n all sometimes no no more times match with me soooo I don’t thk lk tat coz once I vl ask a question tat ur love s fake ah? To my hrt it says durga u r stupid how can u thk abt lk tat abt ur choti nu my hrt gives answer soooo I thk u may get how I thk abt if love 4 me nu bt 1 thg s sure I shd not use tat forget word soooo plzzzz accept my apology for tat too n forgive me… On the whole plzzzzz forgive me n give any punishment to make u worry n cry… Today u know I’m soooooo much happy not even to describe my happiness in words tat I got tz limitless love 4m a person tat too by comment im sooooooo luckiest person in the world to get u as my choti really I’m the LUCKIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD…a big thank u to TU to give thz Pyari choti to me…love u darling????????????????? ummaaaaaaaa…. Tones n tones of hugs n kisses?????????…. Love u choti…. Tata…. take care…. Always be blessed n be happy…. Ummaaaaaaaa….???

    1. Monesha

      OMG…….. You got eye problem. So you hide that from me right. You know I was feared to the death. I told to my mother that durga di is not even coming and started to cry. Mother only consoled me. Take care di. And i don’t want your sorry. Bcoz there is no sorry and thanks between us. This rule was said by you only. And i don’t know what to do to make you to feel you are special to me. I don’t know to express my love but I love you sooooooooo…… Much. Don’t dare to think again like this. And i am very happy that you realize my love. My love is immeasurable to you. And take care my dear akka. Imagine that i am kissing in your soft eyes. I want this relationship life long. Don’t dare to go away from me. Register your no. Soon di then only if i replied you it will reach you. Is i got more angry or is am i i made you to feel sad. I really didn’t mean to do that actually i got angry when I saw the word forget. I hope you will not angry om me. Confirm i will make you to realise my immeasurable love for me. Then you are going to stunned by my love. Di plz register your no fast. Bcoz i can’t be without talking to you. You already gave me punishment by not talking to me this much time. And my punishment for you is eating food made by me. I think it will be the night punishment in the world. Di you know one boy hits me with his bike and today one idiot hits me and father. Actually i think he is thief bcoz he puts mask on his face and after hitting me he didn’t even stop. Dad followed him but he missed. If i saw him confirm i will kill him for hurting my leg. Di promise me that you will be there with me for life long. I don’t want lose you for any sake. Even after my dead i will love you. Don’t try to escape from my love. And truth is i am the luckiest person in the world to get a di like you. Really di i don’t know why I am loving you this much. You made me like this by your love. I prayed to god so confirm next birth we can be a good di and choti. I am 100% sure that whole world will get jealous by seeing us. We both can rock the world. I am really very excited about this. I want to be with you. And di i am really very very very happy bcoz you came back. Let’s do party ?????????? bcoz one choti and di got unite again by their true love. Love you ? love you ? love you ? love you ? love you ? love you ? love you ? a lottttttt. Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa……. ???????

      1. Ohhhhh god u got hurt in ur legs did u went to doctor ahhhh choti n tat person will get a well deserved punishment u don’t worry Dr bt take care of ur health n did u consult the doctor abt it ah… Thn take rest choti n how s appa s he fine take care of ur health…. Thn I vl accept ur punishment n also medicine 4 my eyes got it u know now it’s completely cured no problem in my eye coz my choti gcmv medicine na no doctor can stand in front of my choti’s care… Thn I’m sure really by next birth v vl b take birth by di n choti only v vl rock tz whorl n make the others to cry n their life to worst by our crazy pranks I’m just pray to God really if I HV next birth I want to take birth as ur di really tz s my wish if he ask me thn u don’t want to prove ur love choti already u proved n I don’t hv any doubt in tat the word doubt s not in our relationship dictionary got it…. Sooooo don’t want to prove coz I also feel fat one person’s love shd b felt by our heart not by proving tat person loves u soooooooo much nu…coz if a relationship to b proved na thr s noooo trust nu meaning no trust na it’s fake relation bt ours s not lk tat cox I felt ur love by heart soooo I HV trust in u sooooo ur love n our relationship r real sooooo no need of any proof 4 tat… Thn whatever u say I’m the luckiest person in the world my choti s the best to get a best choti obviously I’m the luckiest one na….take care of ur leg with loads n loads of hugs n kisses ummaaa… ??? love u..

      2. C I forgot a important thing coming to the punishment it’s not a punishment for me u know every do wish to HV food made by their choti so how it vl becum a punishment 4 me choti… U trapped ahhhhh????… I love to HV it…. So I’m ready r u ready my darling .. Tata… Take care n go to doctor n take rest… Thn onceci register i vl in4m u dr… Actually sterday itself i tried bt already thr s a name durga registered ah soool it make me difficult can u suggest any user name ahhh choti bt start with durga Ummaaaaaaaa ???… Love u ???…

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much dear for your support

  9. CuteVanshu

    Awesome di…plz update ur ff too

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much sweet heart. Confirm i will update it soon.

  10. Awesome????? loved it❤️❤️ Keep rocking moni?? love u??

    1. Monesha

      Thank you soooooo….. Much dear. I am really very happy. Love you soooooo….. Mich. Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa…….. ????????????

    1. Monesha

      Thank you so much my dear bro for your support.

  11. Sandy

    Hey Monesha ?
    See what you have did u moved my fav OS ”Abhigya- love is painful or happiness (OS)” to second position by giving such a sweeett, cute, episode.
    As u said in ur previous comment u have come up with a excellent abhigya OS.
    All scenes were sooo good specifically abhi’s surprise. #cantwait4ur #nextos #excited #loadsoflove ????????

    One help can u share/ will you be able to share list the os and ff ur have written I tried to filter but couldn’t. I wanna read all once again but couldn’t recollect its name

    1. Monesha

      Omg you know by seeing your comment. I was flying on sky. Thank you so so so sooooooooo…….. Much for your lovely comment. I am really very happy. You made my day sweet heart. My os are,
      1) kumkum bhagya- love is trust (TS) two shot
      2) Abhigya- love can do anything.
      3) Abhigya- without pain there is no love.
      4) Abhigya – love is painful or happiness.
      5) Abhigya- love and pain can’t hide.
      6) Abhigya- love is magic.
      7) Abhigya- uniting of true love.
      8) Abhigya- hatred towards love.
      9) Abhigya- Nothing is impossible.
      I think you don’t like my ff bcoz i only wrote mixed story bcoz of my di and choti.
      1) Abhigya and ishveer life
      This was story about bhai (ranveer) and choti (pragya) uniting after separate in childhood by their parents and then destroying the evils by Police Abhi and police rv & Advocate pragya and journalist ishani. Now i finished this.

      2) Abhigya and Ishveer Vs Nature
      This was some what different story based on Nature. Now only i started. i wrote only intro and episode 1. In this also rv and pragya is playing the role as bhai and choti. Rv and Abhi are close friends. Ishani and pragya was also close friends. Rishi is Abhi’s bhai and tanu shree (not kkb tanu) is Rv and pragya’s di.

      This only i wrote. Ok bye sweet heart. Take care. Love you a lottttttt??????
      Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmaaaaaaa……… ??????

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    Wow.. my chottu.. it was really a surprise for me.. really you don’t knew when I see this.. how much happy am I.. really loved it to the core dear… always you come up with some different ideas just like this.. always stay happy my pyaari princess Chotu… love you lot… ???❤❤❤

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    i saw u in kkb WU page. u were so frustrated right. even i felt the same.

    1. Monesha

      Hey dear don’t say sorry. I am really happy to see your comment. Thank you soooooo…….. Much for your lovely comment. Yes I was really angry on kkb bcoz i love Abhi and pragya madly. Now they making Abhi as comedian and pragya as crying girl. And in between sorry I couldn’t comment any ff bcoz of my work in my school. Forgive me dear. Love you a lottttttt…… ?????????? Take care sweety.

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    Anyway Love it.. it’s cuteeee…
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    This OS was absolutely rocking! Great job…
    One question…is Vijay the same guy who tried to kill Pragya in real kkb? And now u have made him into a positive character? Or is this a totally new character? Just wondering…
    Anyway great job choti…it was fantastic! Love you?????
    P.S. sorry for late comment

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