ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 7)

Hello guys I read through comments thanks for all your support I know all are waiting for this episode. so let’s move on to the story
pragya: but there is no need to tell so
abhi : then what will we do. they told na there so many animals on that way. If some lion would see it will come and eat you but they will not eat your chashma
pragya: abhi
abhi: you are calling me abhi. why are you looking too tensed. now we both are in one room. ( he started to move towards. she reached near her she walk backward and hit on the bed) I feel very cold so I think…he removes his coat and come near her. pragya says so you think
abhi: so I think suddenly he take the blanket from the bed. at that time pragya feels he is going to touch her suddenly she falls on bed
abhi: he laughs and said I think I will lay her and you on bed

Prague laughs
abhi: pragya actually what you think
pragya: I feel sleepy gudni8
abhi lay on ground looking on
abhi : pragya you are looking like fungi. I Will call you fungi
pragya: fuggiI don’t like that name
abhi : please pragya I will call you if we are alone.
pragya: k.
scene shifted towards purab,’s car
purab: we will reach with in an hour. but where abhi and pragyadi we don’t saw their car on the way
bulbul: we will reach first there but diI will just call her. oh purab she is in out of coverage area

purab: where is aliya
bulbul: yeh Budhus sogayi
purab: really
bulbul: why are smiling
purab: bulbul I want to tell you some thing. I want to…
bulbul: purab
purab: actually I love you…
bulbul shocked
aliya : what?
purab: I think you slept
aliya: if I slept I will miss this
purab: what
aliaya: your romance
bulbul: actually purab is joking he na put an
purab; ya
aliya : joking ok I will find the truth
next morning
oldwoman: knocking door. beti… beti

pragya is going to open door
abhi: fuggi wait. she jumped into bed and open the door
pragya opened door. get ready fast I preparing breakfast for both of you after that you can leave
pragya: abhi get up.
pragya goes to take a bath when she came she saw abhi is still sleeping. while she getting ready water from her hair falls on abhi’s face. abhi laying on bed stares on pragya. she didn’t noticed it. she goes from there
abhi: my fuggi is very beautiful…
pragya enters their kitchen
oldwoman: don’t worry. everything will be fine your parents will accept your relationship. you both are looking made for each other
abhi hears this and smile
oldman: beta your car is ready
abhi: how
oldman: I looked it. it was not a serious issue

abho: grandpa you knew mechanics
oldman: ha beta come let’s have break fast
Prague is serving food for all. abhi just looking her and smile
oldwoman: beti, sit we can ate together
wait abhi first you feed your wife
abhi: wife
oldman: yes
pragyaget tensed
oldman: why are you waiting there is no need to shy to feed your wife it’s your duty to look after
abhi feed Pragya
oldman: now you feed your husband.
pragya feed him. she get shy and go away
they both are preparing to go
oldman: beta please look after your wife you are so lucky we see how much both of you love each other by looking into your eyes
abhi and pragya look each other

olwoman: now both of you are going. when you come this way please come and meet us. old woman noticed that pragyas forehead
oldwoman: beti why didn’t you fill your hairline it is very important wait. she takes kumkum
oldwoman: abhi fill her hairline
they both look each other
abhi: no dadi there is no need for this I don’t believe these rituals
oldman: abhi please do this for us
abhi move forward take kumkum move towards pragya and fill her hairline ( marriage time mathrasplay on back ground) pragyaclose her eyes

no precap

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  5. hai frnds what happen to adithi,arjun,lola,anisha,sharanya,abhigya….
    they dont post her own wonderfull ff…plz guys its my kind request…plz continue urs ff dr….update regular…i really miss ur ff guys….once again plzzz……continue…

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