HI GUYS ! I am a silent reader of all your fanfiction .while reading through your updates,i thought to create a new story about them….guys please support me… so let’s start our story.first of all i give you the introduction about the characters….as usual
ABHISHEK MEHRA -the rockstar
ALIYA MEHRA -his one and only one sister
PURAB – friend of both of them
PRAGYA ARORA- working asa teacher
SARLA ARORA -mother of pragya running a marraige hole known as kumkum
BULBUL ARORA -sister of pragya
other characters will appear in the story
the story starts with a morning….pragya is getting ready to go to her college.bulbul is teasing her….Di,why are you so tensed today?there is no need for this.you are my brave sister you can done this…..Arey bulbul tu chup na!!! pragya meri sabsi achi betti tum kyun ….maa maa maa i will talk to you later iam very much late. GOD please help me i don’t know what to say? arey auto… pragya reached the college.it had really a different look because today they are celebrating their college day.the inuagration was done by none other than Abhi the rockstar.when pragya reached there she saw posters of abhi all around.it was the first time pragya seen abhi’s pic.she stares at him for along time.At that time one of the student came and said :;MAM,principal is calling you .function is going to begin.it was you who is going to sing song for our guest… the function…pragya started to move towards auditorium .the guest reached there.pragya started to look him behind the curtain..but she can’t see him..only what she seen was his eyes….when ABHI turned around h e sees two pretty eyes looking at him behind the curtain. he gets a strange feeling while looking .he tried to find who is standing behind the curtain.but,.announcement came the guest are requested to move the dice..so he can’t…
.i know it was too small episode.ijust want your reactions about the story because iam a malayalee it was the first time iam writing such a one and iam not comfortable WITH English…


Credit to: ANU

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  1. Super intro n awesome epi……plz continue….

    1. thank u varsha for ur support

  2. Interesting!!!???? Go ahead Anu!!

    1. thank u maya … i will continue my updates…

  3. Nice intro. Interesting one. Continue yaar

    1. thank u tweety for supportimg me…

  4. nice intro dr….plz update regular ma…and big also

    1. Hi tharu… i will give u regular update…and try to make big one….always give me suggetion to improve….

  5. Get one yaar carry on with ur ff yaar

    1. thank u durga

  6. Very nice anu

    1. thank u rithu

  7. nice intro..

    1. thanks darshmi

  8. nice start yaar…continue with ur ff….all the best anu……

  9. Awesome varsha nice intro update soon na pls..

  10. Nice intro Anu… Looking forward to the rest of your ff 🙂

  11. Very nice anu………. Pls continue it

  12. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice Intro Anu…….I am also a Malayali……..

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