ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 9)

hello friends. all are really excited for today’s episode…. I know that… because we love abhigya very much…
so let’s move on to the story
abhi is driving jeep. purab is sitting near to him. pragya bulbul aliya are sitting back. abhi is adjusting mirror to look pragya. pragya feel uncomfortable while he is looking through mirror all are taking and enjoying trip but pragya and abhi were quite silent. they reached. to get on the top they need to walk they starated to reach up. abhi and pragya are walking like pairs… they started to step tend. purab abhi and pragya are working meanwhile bulbul and aliya are cracking jokes looking at them.
purab: stop it I can’t tolerate you anymore
bulbul: oh purab you are tolerating me. bulbul came to beat him purab rans bulbul and aliya follows him
pragya: this bulbul na…. she is behaving like a child… abhi doesn’t reply her but stares on her.
abhi: fuggi i need to talk to you. abhi noticed pragya as shivering. she make a fire by burning some wooden sticks.
abhi and pragya sit around it
abhi: fuggi I need to talk you…fuggi… I want to confess you something… in my life I always search a girl the girl I am waiting more than 10 years. I have no day without looking her or talking her. she always loves me cares me…
pragya: oh rock star in love… please tell how did you meet her
abhi: I didn’t see her. it was a dairy which connected us. but I don’t know if she remembers me
pragya : hey rock star… why are upset please to her. she will accept your love because your can visible to her by looking to your eyes
abhi :fuggi paka…
pragya : ya rock star…
abhi : if l confess my love at this moment
pragya: ya call her
abhi : there is no need to call. she is here
pragya : where
abhi points his fingers towards her
abhi came towards her
abhi: fungi I love you… ( beegi beegi sadakom ke mai plays background )
pragya : mei… but
abhi: I don’t know you know or remember me. but that note you written on my diary changed my life. when I first see you a spark happened to me. I feel that I knew you…
pragya: in mind oh god he is telling what I feel. but this bulbul kaham gai
abhi stares on her
meanwhile bulbul reached there bulbul: what are you doing here
let’s play game.
aliya : I want to sleep
bulbul: you go we will play. we can play as team. me and purab one team and you both another
pragya : bulbul I am not interested
abhi: please let’s play fuggi
purab : di please k
let’s start game
bulbul calls abhi and tell some thing he must act and pragya must tell
what he conveyed
abhi started to act… but without completing action pragya finds what he need to convey
pargya: kahonaa pyaar he right
bulbul: oh di amazing
next chance is for pragya
by looking to her eyes abhi finds what she needs to tell
abhi: hum appke kon haipragya wonders without my action he finds abhi came tell her in her ears I am your lover.
pragya; I feel sleepy
pragya goes
abhi : I know fuggi you will surely accept my love. I seem love in your eyes. fuggi tomorrow itself I start my mission to make confess your love.
precap; pragya what I will do? I can’ t lose him. I see love in his eyes when I get pain I see pain in him. when he laughs it make me happy. I like all the moments with him. but, … if he knew… no.
sorry i knew it was too short. i don’ t get enough time that’s why

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