ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 8)

hello friends sorry for the late update actually I have update it yesterday but some technical problem it doesn’t work. sorry once again.
lets move on to the story
pragya open her eyes and looks abhi
old woman: now you look like a married woman. pragya this kumkum has a power to keep both couples together in any misery so don’t forget to do it
oldman: abhi don’t waste time. sometimes pragyas parents will reach here.
abhi and pragya take their blessings and start their journey.
both are so silent. abhi is looking here but there is no change in her expression
abhi: fuggi why are you so silent.
pragya started to cry.
abhi: fuggi I know what I did was so wrong but what will I do.I can’ t break their trust that’s why. wait a minute I will remove that mark. he takes water and move forward. pragya restrict him from this
pragya : I will do it. she continued to cry

abhi : your tear drops are like arrows a which are coming on my heart. please don’t do this to me
pragya: I know I even don’t want to break their trust otherwise I will restrict you
abhi: actually pragya you are so lucky. because you got me as your husband… but it was In drama
pragya : this is my main problem if purab did this I will be happy
abhi : purab
pragya: ya I don’t like you. your are an idiot I don’t like my husband as an idiot
abhi : you call me as an idiot mogambo
pragya: mogambo

abhi: actually you are looking like mogambo
pragya look into mirror. abhi started to laugh
mogambo… mogambo
pragya,: idiot idiot
abhi : fuggi you don’t know how many girls are crazy about I get more than 100 love letters daily
prgayas face change to dull and jealous
abhi: in mind. oh my sweet fuggi, If you are with me like this I am the most luckiest man. and you don’t worry fuggi I am the person who has only right to fill your hairline in future.
pragya: hey idiot… where are you
.. but you are a sweet idiot???
abhi: wow, now I am your sweet idiot after some time
pragya :after some time kya hua?

abhi: I will become your husband???? just joking yaar
scene shifted towards hotel @ ooty
purab : oh, where is this abhi and pragya di
bulbul: their mobiles are still at out of coverage areas..
aliya : why are you getting tensed meri Bhai he na di i.e. sath
bulbul: that is my tension
purab me too
aliya :purab you are taking her side.
abhi and pragya reached there
abhi: purab meri Bhai he hugged him
pragya hugged bulbul and aliya

purab : kabse tumara inthisar karna
pragya :this is all because of your friends. he moved through the shortest way to reach here meanwhile car break down
abhi: fuggi stop it
purab: what fuggi
abhi : purab we will tell you in detail. first we want to take rest
purab: k abhi these are your keys.. both go and fresh up
abhi in pragyas ear: actually this purab is an idiot we are husband and wife na there is no need to have 2 rooms. Pragya beat abhi.
pragya : purab we will meet after sometime. pragya started to move
abhi :fuggi please wait. I am also with you. abhi and pragya started to move towards room together they continue their cute fight
purab aliya bulbul are watching them
bulbul: they are so cute hei na purab made for each other

purab : ya bulbul perfect couple
aliya : no bulbul they’re not perfect
bulbul: kyum. you don’t like meri di
aliya: no bulbul meri bhai ek ladki ki enthisar kartha hum he is waiting for a girl. a girl who changed his life. aliya tells about the flashback
bulbul: kithana aacha hai na bhai. if I get a chance to marry him I Will not miss it
purab: your prefect Jodi tumara pass he na bulbul
bulbul: tum che… she moves away. purab follow her. aliya laughs looking at them
abhi after fresh up looking into mirror
on mirror he sees pragya

pragya : oh rock star this dress will not match you. he takes all dress and select one from it
abhi now look fuggi he didn’t see her. oh… fuggi today I will tell you my love for you. but if tum mera chashmish nahi he tho
aliya : bhai, today we planned to go outing we spend night at the top of the hill did you have any objections
abhi : no. aliya goes. fuggi today Iwill find chashmish in you
prgaya is pressing hand on forehead and remembering their moment on that time he sees abhi on her bed. she turns… abhi came towards her… Allah warriyan plays. he make her to sit and wear jewellery..
abhi : you are looking good fuggi… ek dulhan ki tharah
pragya: she rubs his hair and tell sweet idiot
bulbul: di what are you doing you destroy my hair and calling me idiot..
pragya :sorry bulbul.
he sees abhi standing near door. this is all because of you
bulbul: Tum kissse bath kartha hum di I came here to tell that we are going for outing and get ready for that but what happened to you..

bulbul goes..
pragaya:oh god why I am seeing him all the places
abhi came in front of her
abhi: because I am standing in front of you
pragya: I knew you are not there trying to fool me
abhi laughs… fuggi what happened to you..
pragya;: no please go away. I know it was my imagination. abhi touches her on both shoulders
abhi: now do you believe actually it was me. Pragya moves from there
abhi: what happened to this fuggi she is really impossible
bulbul get ready and meet abhi
abhi look her in surprise
bulbul : oh Bhai kya hua
abhi :this dress
bulbul: ya Merri hai
abhi: but this pic. I have seen it earlier
bulbul: no way
abhi: no bulbul

bulbul: this pic is painted by di
abhi: in loud yes I found it
bulbul: what? kuch nahi bulbul
bulbul : yeh donom ko Kay hua?

precap: abhi and pragya are sitting around fire and abhi says I love you. screen freezes on both their expression

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