ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 6)

Hello friends. I had read all your comments. I don’t get time to reply for that. I want to tell you one thing. I will not stop writing… I have no problem with getting less comments but I just mentioned it that all. I know there so many silent readers before writing ff I am also one among them in this category. and I express my heart felt gratitude to all of you who support me. don’t think I will stop writing. Durga don’t feel bad. I like your comment It will not make me sad it make me happy because how much love you give to me as a friend. now let’s go to the story. but I want to tell one more thing. I have mentioned that they are going to ooty. while describing some places you must feel that there no such destinations there. because I don’t travel there. so pleads keep it in mind while reading

let’s move on to the story

purab reached abhi’s house. aliya is not completed her packing. but there is a big surprise. abhi for the first time get ready at time
Abhi : why are you so late? I am waiting you here more than an hour
purab : oh abhi! it was first time you are on time. what happened to you
Abhi: purab don’t waste time by telling stupid talks
purab; oh abhi. then where is your pyari sister
aliya : I am coming purab. she came there with 3 bags.
abhi : aliya what this are going to stay there permanently
aliya : don’t question me
abhi; k Baan
purab and aliya in one car and abhi in another one
they reached on pragya’s house
sarla: bulbul pragya vo log aagayi
bulbul: we are coming
abhi purab aliya enters home and take blessings
aliya : aunty where is di and bulbul
bulbul : aagayi, purab please keep our luggage on car
aliya : bulbul purab is not your servant
bulbul: meri purab na. she smiles
purab: k baba we will do. abhi is looking for pragya
bulbul purab and aliya enters car.
abhi also wait looking sad. at that time enters house with Beji take blessing give instructions to maa and Beji
bulbul; purab lets go. di will come with Bhai. purab takes car
pragya: purab wait I am coming. but they go away
abhi is looking all these and tell. this is what I want
abhi opened the door
abhi : please get in. but pragya looks tensed
sarla : pragya why are you waiting get in the car
pragya enters and sit in front seat they start journey
both of them are quite silent
abhi : in mind. oh god why is not speaking I can’ t wait for long
pragya: in mind. oh god it’s better to move with them he is quite silent
abhi: pragya why are you so silent. I don’t like to be sit silent
prgaya: me too
abhi: then speak up
pragya : what
abhi: pragya I think first we need to knew each other so first we can make a friendship
abhi moves his hand forward
abhi: friends
pragya moves her hand and placed on his hand and friends
abhi: first we share our likes and dislikes
pragya: k
abhi: which is your favorite song
pragya: your songs
abhi: really
pragya: what are your hobbies
abhi: music
purab calls them
abhi: purab where you have reached
bulbul : bhai let’s start a game who will reach first in hotel @ ooty
pragya: bulbul what game is this
aliya: di please
abhi: k deal
purab: k abhi let’s start I knew you will fail
abhi: me no way call ends
abhi: pragya there shot cut we can move on that way
pragya: k
abhi: I call you pragya then what will you call me
pragya: abhi
abhi: all call me abhi. but there is a difference you and them.
pragya : what difference
abhi: looking to her eyes ya there is a difference you are not like others background songs Allah wariyan plays there
after some time
pragya: rock star please drive looking on road
abhi: pragya I can drive by looking you without any fault my car will obey what I say
night comes
they both are driving car and talking each other they both became close as friends that knew more than 10 years
suddenly car break downs
pragya: then now what will we do. because of you this all happened
abhi: pragya me
pragya :@ ya you told it was short cut you knew we are travelling a root and I think nobody pass through
abhi: pragya I think that we are on wrong way
pragya: what I will kill you
abhi: I will call purab. oh no. no ranges
pragya : oh god what will we do
abhi: wait I will check. I will lock car. we can move forward if we see anybody
pragya : k
while moving some distance forward they see a light there
abhi : look there is light it means somebody there
pragya : may be
they reach near that light. actually it was a small hut made up. of bamboo. they rang bell
a old man and wife come there
abhi: actually I need to know there is a workshop near by
oldman: no for that you want to travel 28 kms
abhi : oh god, is there any taxi
oldman: there is no taxi now because this way is traveling root of animals at night that’s why
pragya : oh
old woman: you both can stay at night morning you both can get car repaired
oldman: no I think you both are not married. I will permit them
Abhi: we both get married today. actually we both escaped from her parents. they don’t permit us for marriages
old woman : newly married couples come get in
prgaya look a hi in anger
oldman: you both can stay in this room
abhi and pragya enters room and shut the door
prgaya: abhi why do you tell so
abhi : sorry ma there is no way that’s why
precap: abhi filling kumkum @ pragyas mang (forehead)

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