ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 5)


hello everyone. I think my story is going bad that’s why I am getting very less comments. if you have any suggestions pls comment it. I have no problem in it.

so let’s start our story

Abhi move towards pragya by looking into her eyes. at that time pragya step backwards. at last she was stopped by a wall. abhi is approaching towards her. she get tensed. there is only one step gap between them. pragya closed her eyes. a small breeze touch her face. her hair fall on her face. abhi raised his hands and remove the hair. pragya stands like a statue. at that time a sound came di. it was aliya.
aliya; di , what’s going on her? (when abhi hear her voice he moves and take his guitar )
Aliya: pragyadi., this is my brother Abhishek prem mehra. oh I know you both already knew each other. I was searching you everywhere. I knew you are in shock because you don’t knew this is my brother
Prague and a hi are not giving any answer. they are looking around. at that time Dadi calls aliya to come there

aliya: di one second Dadi is calling. you both just talk each other (aliya goes)
they both look each other.both are looking so tensed too
Abhi: hai pragya
pragya: hai
Abhi: you have really a sweet voice.
Pragya : thank you
Abhi: I actually don’t know that you have written the song. when you sing that one I was really surprised. actually beautiful lyrics
pragya: thank you. I don’t knew you are the brother of aliya. that’s why it happen otherwise I will not sing that song
Abhi: why actually it was your song na

pragya doesn’t reply
Abhi: do you sign song with me. I think you have a better career in it
Pragya:I am going. I think Dadi is calling me.
Abhi: ok
pragya go down
Abhi itself looking into mirror

abhi: abhi why do you behave like this? what will she think about you? do you have any sense? you ask her do you sign with me really you are stupid did you sing any duetsong. you rock star na. stupid stupid abhi
aliya: di we can sit here. this is my project you just check it I have some doubt also. pragya and aliya are busy in work. abhi is looking pragya form top. she also feels his presence. she look at abhi’s side. but he hide behind the pillar. Prague in mind why I feel he is standing there. abhi continue to looks at her. when she tried to see him he hide.
at that time purab and bulbul comes there
bulbul: di aap
pragya : bulbul

abhi enters. bulbul, purab surprise
bulbul: bhai
pragya : bhai. how do you know him.
bulbul: actually di I am working in his company. I tried to tell you but yesterday you are very busy na
purab: actually abhi there is an important matter. our new concert discussion Is going on. our New producers are from ooty. they wanted to meet and sign the agreement and our construction work also going to be finished. so you must come to check it
aliya: purab, you both going to ooty

purab : bulbul bi hamara sath. but she is not willing

aliaya: I will also come with you
Dadi enters and tell acha, you were going to ooty without my permission
aliya: Dadi plz
dadi: permission granted. but bulbul you must go with them
bulbul: maa will not permit. I will talk to her but one condition you must go with pragya
pragya : dadi, I am not going. they are going for businesses. I have class
dadi: there is no excuses. you must obey

a small smile raise in abhi’s face.
bulbul and aliya hug dadi
purab: so we are going to ooty for 5 days
all hifi each other. bulbul and pragya goes. purab drop both of them at home
aliaya: Bhai I think we can call tanu also
abhi : aliya, tanu plz don’t call her.
aliya : I am just joking. Bhai I am going to pak all the things
abhi; k alia
abhi : this is the good chance to find whether pragya is my chashmish. but my heart tell that is true. I like to spend time with her. when I see her, I feel very nice and my heart tell to see her whole life
scene shifted to pragyas house
bubbly is packing things. pragya is sitting very tensed
sarala entered. sarala : is your packing over. pragya why are you sitting like this. go and enjoy the trip there is nothing to get tensed
pragya in mind. maa you don’t know my feelings how will I tell you. I can’t stand before him. I don’t know what I feel. when he stares at me I feel very happy. I think nothingin this world can make me such a feel. my heart tells to go with him

bulbul: if your dream get over we can sleep
pragay: bulbul
bulbul; gudni8 di tomorrow we need to get up early purab and Bhai will come to pick up
pragya: Bhai he is my problem
bulbul : di Bhai na.. so nice handsome. smart and lovely. I need such a jiju
pragya : what
bulbul : you are actually made for each other
pragya;: bulbul I need to sleep so shut up
bulbul : ufff. this di naa.

precap: bulbul purab and aliaya are in one car. and they goes. pragya stand out looking tensed while abhi opens the door and ask her to sit

Credit to: Haritha

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