ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 4)

thank you guys! i know some of them have confusion that vo chashmish pragya hei… but that’s not right naa… k let’s go to the story

when abhi reach pragya left…..he ask one of the person on the road to know about pragya and her house .but the person said that pragya left to college just few second before.abhi says ,oh damn it. i miss her… it all because of that stupid tanu. but… i want to see her then what can i do..if i went to college.. or no college is not safe… i will go to her house. but how ? if i go there what will i say to the? if i say something they will inform dadi too. then what is the way to finda her… ya bulbul… so let’s go office….

at that time some of the persons identified abhi and all croweded around him to get a selfie and photograph…. at that time pragya return to her house because she forget her laptop for seminar. when she reach there , there was a huge crowd .she enters her house and get her laptop on the way she ask one of the neighbour why there is crowd… that person replied that some celebrity is standing there.people are taking selfie with them .she tried to check who is the person but at that time auto whistle loudly.. at that moment abhi feel her presence because there was a small wind which blows over his face. but what he see is a girl entering into auto….he feels that she must be pragya . he tried alot but auto moves.somehow he escape from fans
scene shifted to abhi’s office

purab: hllo, pls come to my cabin
bulbul: ok sir..oh yeah purab na… i don’t like him. he is very bad. why i feel there something fishy in his behaviour.. he don’t know who am i? but actually he was really sweet na looking cute
bulbul reach cabin
purab: bulbul, we wnat to go outside to meet our head
bulbul: your head, actually i think this company is yours that’s why you are behaving rude..oh so you are not the owner… i willnot comwe with you.i have important work
purab: what? you are mmy personal assistant… you must assist me in all matters so plz obey my oders

bulbul(with angry look): k sir
(purab, bulbul reach a restaurant and see a man sitting near a lake side. but they didn’t see who is sitting there. bulbul says oh god who is he ? is he is also like this purab? purab hears : what? )
they reach near the person
purab: hai sir( the person turns towards them. sir hey purab… bulbul really shocks ..abhi abhi the rockstar… you are the owner of the company… oh god …thank you so much. actually sir, iam a great fan of you. yesterday i miss your autograph.my di na she didn’t bring your autograph. she forgot it

abh: di…
bulbul: yes sir, meri di yesterday sing a song for you in college day function .here name is pragya arora.
abhi: oh pragya! bulbul, you don;t call me sir. just call me bhai. because you are my dadi’s best frend ki grand daughter
bulbul: k bhai
abhi: that’s good
purab: abhi, do you forgot me. iam also here

abhi: this purab na
bulbul: yes bhai this purab na naughty boy
purab: kya, all laughs
purab: so aaj se we all are friends .so you don’t call me bad names…
abhi: what bad names
purab: ya abhi bulbul call me bad names when i tell something toher
bulbul: bhai, no bhai. he is so arrogant that’s why. i don’t like this arrogant purab that’s why. sorry bhai iam going iam getting late i want to meet di. today there is a outing with orphanage students. di will wait for me in park
abhi: park…

bulbul : k bye
purab: bye bulbul
bulbul goes
purab: kithana achahe bulbul. she looking very cute yarr.
abhi: purab mujhe jana he. bye. i have an urgent job. bye take care
purab: abhi wait(abhi goes quickly). abhi bi chala ghai.
scene shifted towards park

pragya is playing with children. bulbul reached there
bulbul: di. i reached at eime na.
pragya: bulbul, look at your watch now. you will always come late
di there is an important matter to talk with you
at that time one of the kid asked bulbul: bulbul di, plz come let’s play
pragya: bulbul you go with her we will talk later
bulbul goes. pragya is playing with children at that time one of the kid came there and said : pragya di, all the time when you brought us here you will tell that you will sing for us. but all the time you escaped. but today you must sing a song for us. we see on tv that you are singing a song on inuagration function. di please sing a song for us.
pragya:k . i will sing a song. at that time abhi reached the same place . he dentified with her voice while singing he stares at her.

pragya sing sanam re. he turned to see her at that time when he looks her .her hair is dancing in wind. she loks more pretty. while seeing her there is a cute smile reached at abhis face (at that time our song allah warruyan plays in background)
when pragya stops singing all kids clap. rain comes all ran. but our abhi is still in dilemma and standing like staue. he enjoys rain alot
abhi: is this pragya meri chashmish… i feel so .but how will i confirm.bulbul said that she will come with kids in park. so there s chance.but ican’t directly ask to her. but that’s notgood. so what’s the way. aliya. yes aliya.
he reached house
aliya: bhai, why are you so wet?
abhi: rain
aliya: are you stupid

abhi: aliya, it’s very nice to stand in rain
aliaya: bhai aapko kya hogaya
abhi : aliya tumari priject kaise hai?
aliya: bhai, what happened to you . it was first time you are asking about my studies
abhi: aliaya, how is your guide pragya
aliya: bhai, pragya , acha

abh: what?
aliya: aapko pragya . do you know about pragya di?
abhi: no, i just asked you
abhi: iam getting sleepy bhai
scene shifted towards pragyas house
pragya and bulbul reached house.
bulbul: i want to tell you some thing important
pragya: no bulbul, i have an urgent work
bulbul: di

prgya closed the door
morning. it was a sunday. pragya goes to abhis house for helping aliaya
aliaya: pragya di just wait few minutes i will fresh up and come to you. just read this books
aliya goes.ragya started to go through books
at that time she hears her song sanam re from top of the house

pragya: who is that. what a lovely voice i just go and check
pragya reach upstairs she slowly move towards abhis room
she opened it. abh is singing song . but she sidn’t see him becuse he is facing in opposite side . he has aguitar in his hand. he als don’t see her. she enjoyed his singing. at that moment abhi turns. his singing stops. they have an eyelock. (allah warriyan plays). he move towards her . prgaya steps back word

precap: abhi said to pragya so from today onwards we are friends. he put his hand forward

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