ABHIGYA – A NEW LIFE (Episode 3)


thank you guys… i will continue my writting.. by i don’t know whether iam doing right? actually it was anu’s story. i hope she will enjoy it…
let”s continue our story
( in purab’s house)

abhi: what is this yaar?
Purab: actaually abhi i thought i must get permision from you before giving job to bulbul in our company..but dadi said so i do that
abhi: purab.. what bulbul in our companny ?
purab: ya abhi . i don’t know which ppost i will give to her then i appointed her as my personal assistant..
abhi: tumara personal assistant wihout informing me.. what’s this purab..all are hiding many things from me

purab: actually abhi… idon’t know why i feel somrthing different when i see her in your house… i feel that sshe is familiar to me… i know her in my previous birth.. when she look towards me there is something glitter in her eyes…i feel there is no body between us . i fel the world stop for a moment.. when hr hair dancing in air i feel…
abhi: wow purab… so you are in love…mera purab in love
purab: actually abhi idon’t know whether is it love or not?
abhi: what?
purab: ya i don’t know what she feels for me
abhi: oh that;s the problem .you are waiting for her reaction. i will tell this to aliya and dadi. meri purab or bulbul is in love…..
purab: abhi wait…. i will first decide is it love or just infatuation
abhi: love

purab: abhi please stop… arey abhi -you came here to talk about pragya di na?
abhi: no purab i just came to see you. i am going i want to compose a song
purab:k abhi
abhi: gudni8 tc
(abhi reach his house and go to room)
he is lying in bed and thinking
abhi: purab… ya what purab shared to me is what i wanted to tell him is it love..no way abhi the rockstar will not love a girl other than my chashmish… he takes his diary under the pillow and look at the picture
abh: chashmish tu kaham ho ? i was waiting for you more than 10 years.. i love you alot… it is because of you i became to this status. on all monday iwill go to park with this diary t meet you … i know you will come .. but why i feel vo pragya hai meri chasmish… no pragya is not my chasmish… chasmish gudni8… abhi hug his black pillow tightly believing it will be chashmish

scene shifted towards pragyas house
pragya and bulbul are sleeping at bed. while pragya is thinking about the incidents happen today
pragya: shame pragya… shame… why are you so tensed today… why do you behave so?.. no but why i feel something different towards him.. why i feel so. why my heart says to look him more … don’t get away from him
bulbul: di, to whom you are talking… who is that guy
pragya: bulbul, you have seen some dream .don’t disturb me. i want to sleep
bulbul: di you are hiding something from me…
pragya: shut up

in morning
abhi’s house
abhi is getting ready to go out to see pragya and check whether she is chasmish or not
when abhi opens door he is aliya along with tanu
aliya: bhai ppls open door. tanu came to mmet you. she wants to go on a date with you. bhai
abhi hide in the dresng room
aliya and tanu enters room and check abhi
aliya: oh tanu.. bhai has gone. i think he has some recording soory yaar
tanu: oh aliya, your bhai is hiding from me
aliya: no tanu. i will arrang a day for both of you
tanu: sweet aliya

tanu goes
aliya; bhai avo. tanu had gone
abhi: wow aliya.iam escaped from her. this is all because of you. idon’t like your friend .she is not good. she is behaving in a bad way
aliya: bhai, tanu is not so bad. i know you don’t like her. you are waiting for your chashmish .but she is in love with you what i willl do
abhi: i have no time iam going
abhi started to drive car and saying pragya iam coming
pragya’s house
pragya: maa, iam going. there is a seminar today. bulbul bye see u in evening
sarala: pragya
p[ragya: bye maa

pragya calls for an auto arey auto when she trying to enter in auto abhi reach there and get down from the car.. auto moves

precap: abhi sees pragya in park with children. he smiles

Credit to: HARITHA

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  1. Wow it was really super haritha and precap was super.I am waiting for ur next episode

    1. thank u monesha.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh sema episode yaar really I’m eagerly waiting whether thy know tat pragya s abhi’s chashmiss n pragya know that she only wrote tat note to abhi really I’m too excited I’m eagerly waiting for next part yaar

    1. wait and see

  3. Good episode…..I really love this track….

    1. thank u varsha

  4. Haritha di dont worry the ff is awsum i really do think u should continue it!! Good luck n all the best ?? m already a big fan of ur ff!!!!?

    1. thank u shanaya… thanks for your inspiring thought

  5. Nice episode yaar… I’m eagerly waiting for next one

    1. thank u priyanka

  6. Nice epi but it is too short make it long one yar

    1. thank u sweety i will try to make a long one

  7. lovely……….. don’t end……….
    interesting…………conit…………pls yaaaaaaaa

    1. i will continue di

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow……its Awesome yaar…..loved it…..

    1. thank u reshma

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